Saturday, March 31, 2012

Got this one from Facebook. I thought it was great!

Isn't that the truth! This is a year when if it was not clear that the past was truly gone then it is about to become clear.

So now, in this new space of openness, what is it we want to create?

You are not your past. Your past is but the tool of your consciousness for awareness and expansion. The true value lies in what is ahead. But do not forget the incredible value that is this moment. There are no better moments than this one if we learn to appreciate and open to the infinite that is right in front of us. There are miracles happening all around you right now.

Can you see them? Are you willing the witness the beauty and fullness that is life right now?

In this moment can be perfect peace and devotion. In this moment can be clarity and trust. In this moment is life and love. Are you big enough to feel all that is present in your life?

Let us all join together and find out right now.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekly Frequency-By Ralfee Finn, March 28-April 3, 2012

Weekly Frequency-By Ralfee Finn
March 28-April 3, 2012

Past, present, and future merge in frequent déjà vus, this week, so frequent, in fact, that you’re sure to feel as if you’ve been “here” as well as “there” before. And chances are you have – just not in this dimension. Pay attention: It’s hard to know where memory, imagination, and prognostication meet this week. The planets are moving along diverse pathways, and while some of the planetary interactions display their power directly, others are subtle with nuance.

Riding these different currents will require skill. Some of us are likely to feel as if history is repeating itself – and it is. Others could lose their balance, as routine reality morphs into the Dreamtime, causing psychological or emotional vertigo and dislocation. But for most of us, the challenge lies in figuring out how to hold onto a strong sense of personal direction as we simultaneously find the heart to be patient with our fellow travelers and with ourselves.

The dual Mercury and Mars Retrogrades are at the core of this dimensional convergence.

Mercury ends its retrograde on April 4, and oddly, it goes direct exactly at the degree that Mars began its retrograde on January 23. This shared position is likely to have many of us revisiting events related to that specific time, particularly when it comes to travel, communication, contracts, and negotiations – all categories within Mercury’s vast domain. Don’t be surprised if you receive emails, text messages, or even packages sent to you or by you long before Mercury began its retrograde on March 12.

As Mercury starts to slow down this week in preparation for its “turn-around,” daily life is certain to slow to a crawl. And while that’s “normal” for the end of any Mercury Retrograde, this particular course correction could feel even more frustrating, because Mars is also slowing down in preparation for its turn-around on April 14. (Technically, it’s April 13, but so late in the day, it might as well be the next day. All of the sticklers about details please forgive my latitude.) By next week we will start to feel the undertow of Mars finally ending its review.
But Mars still plays a distinctive role in creating the multidimensional currents of the week: It opposes Neptune, in Pisces, an interaction that tends toward hypersensitivity. Be prepared to feel out of sorts, and anticipate a strong desire to self-medicate. This opposition has the potential to open up psychic channels, but that potential also carries the possibility of getting lost in assumptions, imaginary or actual.

It’s yet another week of learning to live comfortably in uncertainty, but don’t be surprised if it’s an opportunity you’d rather not take advantage of. Not only are we dealing with flashbacks and/or flash-forwards, we are also dealing with power issues, as the ongoing Sun/Pluto square turns exact and separating on March 29. Be prepared for everyone to want to be in control of everything. Also anticipate politics turning even more vitriolic—if that’s possible. The best way through these waves is to find your center of gravity and to hold on to it. So do whatever it is you do to stay centered, and then help those around you to do the same.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

YOGA in BALI - with Julie Tindall

October 13th – 23rd, 2012
With Julia Tindall

This is Julia’s 15th trip to this magical island. See why people repeat year after year.

Treat yourself to the trip of a lifetime! This is an adventure-filled vacation exploring the exotic island of Bali. We’ll stay in great hotels both on the beach and inland and explore the island by private minivan.

Tour Features:

• 3 days in Sanur and 3 days in Pemutaran on the coast and 4 days in Ubud, the inland cultural center
• Round-the-island touring in private van, visiting the volcano, temples and palaces.
• Daily yoga class
• Balinese temple dance experience
• Unbelievably great shopping – bring almost empty suitcases!
• Walk through the monkey forest of Ubud
• Massages available at about $6 an hour! Seriously!
• Optional white-water rafting and elephant ride through the jungle tour. Highly recommended!

Price: $1,995

Includes: Hotel accommodations (2 people sharing but private rooms are available for extra charge), daily breakfasts, yoga instruction, island touring, Balinese dance performance, 2 snorkeling trips to the reef.

What’s not included: Flight – runs about $950 with Air China or Cathay Pacific. Most food – but food is very inexpensive in Bali.

To reserve your space:
Mail a $250 deposit to Julia Tindall, PO Box 60101, Sacramento, CA 95860

Oct 13th Arrive Denpasar, Bali. Transfer to hotel on Sanur beach. Enjoy a swim before dinner. We’ll have an orientation meeting and introductions.
Oct 14th: Morning yoga. Trip out to the reef for snorkeling. Leisurely beach stroll and time for a massage and shopping.
Oct 15th: Morning yoga. Free day in Sanur. Maybe take the boat to Lembongan Island for snorkeling, go to the Safari park, go diving.
Oct 16th: Morning yoga. 1.00 pm Departure to Ubud by private minivan. Afternoon stroll around Ubud and the monkey forest. Visit one of Ubud’s health resorts for possible mud bath or massage treatment! Enjoy a Balinese dance performance with dinner.
Oct 17th: Morning yoga. Tour visiting 2 famous Balinese temples, Goga Gajah and Holy Springs temples. See woodcarver village.
Oct 18th: Morning yoga. Hiking day through the rice terraces and villages with our wonderful local guide, Dartar. Visit his family compound.
Oct 19th: Morning yoga. Free day. Chose between rafting, elephant rides or 4 wheeler tours (optional)! Or relax and get pampered!
Oct 20th: Morning yoga. Depart for the north coast in our private minivan. Picnic lunch at the temple on the lake. Time for swimming before dinner. Stay at north coast resort.
Oct 21st: Morning yoga. Boat trip to Bali’s premier snorkel site, Menjangan Island.
Oct 22nd: Morning yoga. Free day for scuba diving, swimming or just relaxing.
Oct 23rd: Depart for airport.

What to bring: Passport, light tropical clothing, lots of space in your bag for all the clothes you are going to buy! $100 bills get the best exchange rate.

I highly recommend buying travel insurance from your travel agent to protect against illness and loss.

Cancellation policy: Deposit is non-refundable after August 1st 2012. After August 1st, 80% of monies paid are non-refundable. After August 15th, 2012 no refunds can be made for cancellations.

Total cost: $1,995. Includes lodging (based on 2 people sharing), all breakfasts, afternoon tea in Ubud, all featured tours, and yoga classes. Does not include air.

Deposit: $250. Balance due by August 1st 2012.
Single room surcharge: $395

If you have questions e-mail:


Monday, March 26, 2012

Musings about April 2012

Just like everyone I am counting the days until I get past the Mars retrograde on April 13th. It is amazing how these astrological aspects are really affecting everyone right now. What is great about it is that everyone seems to be making big shifts in their lives. Change is good but I know how hard change can be. The consensus seems to be that so much is in flux that everyone is not really sure which way they are going in this complex dance.

We simply are not where we have ever been before. For many there are often not even words to describe what is happening internally or externally. Whatever picture or pattern you thought could be the backbone of your life seems to be disintegrating right in front of your eyes. It is making us understand (on a new level) the illusions of life and the illusions that we have created in our lives to make us feel as if we are in control.

These patterns are pointing out that we do not have the control we once thought and now we need to find a new and more expanded place to flow and move from in order to find peace inside and out.

I find that the easiest place for me to stand is to just be in the present moment. Now, I know the guru’s have been saying this forever and I do not pretend to be enlightened and understand the concept on the highest level but I do know that the global patterns unfolding are so huge and vast that no one really knows what life is going to look like our combined energies will allow this expansion to manifest.

Clearly we are all working on multiple levels. We are working on dealing with our own personal crises and also contributing to the larger planetary patterns that are opening up right now.

I can feel how my own personal releases and expansions of awareness somehow vibrate into the larger matrix of life and contribute to a global awakening of sorts.

I do not pretend to be doing this alone. I am feeling that as I let go of my illusions and cherished perceptions then more of my authentic self comes fully into my body. Because I am more aligned and more congruent I can feel that I am wasting less energy and therefore I feel energized and more awake to the situations all around me. I have found that as I admit my anger, frustration, and resentment to myself about my life, my past, and my past lives, then I suddenly have less fear.

When I have less fear, I become less concerned about what others think of me or if I am doing it right. Instead I find myself in a place of innocent curiosity about everyone and everything. I look at the emotions and stresses being expressed by others around me and see them in the light of where this person is encountering their own resistance to becoming their authentic self also. There is no judgment, just an amazing curiosity and wonder as I look at the soul yearning to open.

It is interesting to note that my holding onto to old hurts and anger has actually been an avoidance pattern. When I did not admit my anger then the energy manifested as fear for others, fear of others, fear of loss, fear for the planet, fear for the country, fear of not enough money, etc.

I can now see the excellent game my ego was playing to stay in control of my consciousness. My ego had me running around and around, between: “Deny your anger and stay stuck in fear so you will be unable to move and see who you really are!”

I share this insight to hopefully assist others in disintegrating the illusions that your own ego might be creating to keep you in the same old place and awareness.

Everyone I talk to seems to want to move forward, open to the new and emerging self. And yet, the ego stubbornly wants to keep us in the past complaints, problems, and grievances so we do not risk finding out the magnificence of who we really are.

What would happen if you just stepped out of the story for a moment? What would happen right now if you couldn’t remember your past? What would you want to do? What direction would you go in?

These are the questions to ask. You are not your past. You are not your DNA. You are a constantly evolving wonder. Make yourself into the best and happiest self you could possibly be. The universe always protects you when you choose a path that opens you to your magnificence. There are always ways to change the external circumstances. But first you must change your internal states of fear, anguish, grief, suffering, upset, frustration, anger, and resentment.

Do not let anyone, anything, or any past circumstance hold you back from your perfection. Besides you are already perfect. You just forgot when you held on to the upsets and hurts. When you forgive and let go of your past, then you will remember and uncover the truth of who you really are.

Enjoy April and spring forth with the season

Friday, March 23, 2012

Question posed from one of my clients. And my answer. I thought it might help others.

This was a question I got from one of my clients. It is a great reflection of what I am hearing from lots of clients right now. So I thought I would put it out for everyone. I hope it helps others in similar circumstances.

My Client said:

"What is going on? my whole life is Up , Down, Down , Up. I am in tears, I cant make anything go right, I cant keep a job, I cant raise this child, I have to move I am broke, I can't even decide where to move to and everyday the dynamics of my life are different. I'm so sick of doing everything on my own. I have never felt this way. I keep thinking if I just hold on a little longer it will get better but it doesn't, then it does for a few days, then it doesn't. And as usual I look around and I feel like everything else is fine, and everyone else is fine. So what the hell Is my problem. Why am I such a mess."

My Answer:

Well, first of all, no one is fine! I got 40 voice mails the other day with everyone in a panic. I tried to warn everyone in 2007 that no one has seen this pattern astrologically in 300 years. I had people screaming at me and telling me the good times will always roll.

I told them the good times never always roll. But no one would believe me and projected all over me because I was not telling them what they wanted to hear. It was so hard it made me sick on and off for over a year. As you know, I am the optimist, so being the bearer of challenging news is not what I like either.

Then the downturn hit and **** hit the fan for 3+ years. And I have watched practically everyone I know loose most or everything. My clients are coming back and apologizing for dumping all over me and saying, "I should have listened more closely to you."

At least now I do not feel like I was completely crazy.

I listen to the news and the announcers say, "Oh, we are coming out of this recession."

My question is, "Really! Do they actually believe what they are saying?"

Most of the people I know in their 50's have lost so much that they will never be able to retire. Most people are so down that they are getting sick from the stress.

It has been an intense for most.

So you are not alone.

Right now is particularly challenging because we are having 6 retrogrades in 6 months. If you think people are grumpy now, just wait till the eclipse hits on May 20th. Then you will see revolutions or revelations. Things will start to crop up globally as everyone has really had enough.

Right now we have Mars retrograde in Virgo. That translates to that we have no energy, drive, vitality, or gumption in the areas of our body, work, or our desire to serve others. That will change April 13th and trust me everyone is counting the days. At least we will feel as if our energy gets back into a more normal motivational flow.

We also have a Saturn retrograde until June 25th. Saturn represents father figures, bosses, and authority figures. When Saturn is retrograde it feels as if timing is off. So no matter what you try to get going it is difficult at best and at worst it will just not work at all. Sometimes with a Saturn retrograde, the delay will end up helping because right now you cannot see clearly anyway. You might miss a critical piece and only later will you be happy that you waited to get all the information before you jumped.

I remind myself right now with this aspect, "If you don't know, then don't go!"

Then we have a Mercury retrograde and that creates miscommunications and delays. Now there are other aspects that indicate that things are being kicked forward but that is not because of Mercury.

In April we are going to have Pluto go retrograde for months but a Pluto retrograde will not be as bad as the rest of all this right now. But we do need to watch out for those eclipses on May 20th and June 4th, those are really going to take a hit for some folks. Particularly the Gemini's, Virgo's, and the Sagittarius's.

In our own lives, an eclipse may point to an area of imbalance and raise our consciousness to this so that we may respond, resulting in more satisfying conditions. Eclipses are the universes great course correctors. So if you are off course you will feel an eclipse move you into new directions. How forceful that eclipse hits depends on how direct it hits your chart personally and in what location of your chart it is impacting. But also you have a choice to resist or to go with the flow of the change being initiated. If you resist the change then it can be a painful process. If you allow the flow to just take you over and surrender into the current that life is taking you, it will hurt less.

Here are the eclipse dates for the remainder of 2012:

Solar Eclipse, May 20, 2012 at 0° Gemini

Lunar Eclipse, June 4, 2012 at 14° Sagittarius

Solar Eclipse, November 13, 2012 at 21° Scorpio

Lunar Eclipse, November 28, 2012 at 6° Gemini

We are also having the beginnings of some nasty squares between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. The last time we had these aspects was the great Depression. I expect no matter what happens that there will be some big global events that will effect all of us in some sort of way.

Here are the squares and the dates to be aware of:

This global square aspect that lasts overall from the years 2012 to 2018 – has an amazing seven (7) exact squares that form between 2012 and the year 2015:

1. June 24, 2012 – first global square at 8-degrees Aries/Capricorn

2. September 19, 2012 – second square at 6-degrees Aries/Capricorn

3. May 20, 2013 – third square at 11-degrees Aries/Capricorn

4. November 1, 2013 – fourth square at 9-degrees Aries/Capricorn

5. April 21, 2014 – fifth square at 13-degrees Aries/Capricorn

6. December 15, 2014 – sixth square at 12-degrees Aries/Capricorn

7. March 16/17, 2015 – seventh square at 15-degrees Aries/Capricorn

Uranus/Pluto square to one another from Aries to Capricorn features radical and sometimes dramatic changes in how society functions, putting pressure on the basic objectives, desires, objectives, or goals of all groups, organizations, and countries.

Sometimes things have to get this bad before we make the hard choices and take a brutally honest look at our life, our self, and our choices. Misery is a way we finally tell our self the truth about what is working or not working. It can be a hard wake up call.

2011 was the worst for me. I do not think I have ever had a year like 2011. It never seemed to want to end. Thank the stars that I know about astrology and the unfolding of patterns. It helps to know when some pattern will end. I always say, "I can do anything as long as I know for how long."

So I did what I know to do in such situations. I sat in the misery of it. I know that sounds horrible but sometimes that is the only thing to do.

I sat and observed the misery of what I was feeling and I kept reminding myself that I am not this misery. I am have a feeling of misery but it is only a feeling. I reminded myself that I am not what I feel, I am not what I think, and I am not this body, that my soul is bigger and vaster than this narrow representation of DNA and circumstances that I am presently experiencing.

I asked myself the question, "What is the value of going through this pattern right now?"

The answer for me was to see the resentment and anger that I had buried for a long time. Perhaps lifetimes. Only because of the circumstances in that moment in time, was I able to see what was really going on internally. I could not be my high self. I got to see my negative human self. And she was not happy and she was not pretty to see. But I knew that what I was feeling was very old. Past life old and I needed to see it to shift it.

I started looking at all the times in my life when I had avoided this anger and resentment. And I chose to accept my anger and resentment and love myself anyway.

It took me over a year to do it. But then it finally cleared.

These patterns we are in are astrological. They are cycles of time. They always shift. You just sometimes need to know when they are going to shift. That is when I fall back to my astrology. It clearly shows when doorways open and close.

So, what do you need to tell yourself the truth about? What is the misery you have been avoiding feeling? Remember you are not this emotion. You are just experiencing this emotion temporarily. What is the value of it? What ego pattern needs to be broken down in this way?

Then stop fighting. Surrender into the larger flow of your soul essence. Say to the universe, "Okay, you win? Show me the truth and then show me the doorway through and I will jump, no matter how scared I am. I will trust in something bigger than my ego or mind."

Then wait and listen for an answer.

There is always a way through that you often cannot see because you are so close to the door.

My favorite phrase through this time was, "I do not need to see the door to feel the doorknob."

Right now you cannot see because you are in the dark. But the more afraid you are, then the closer to the door you are. Obviously the door must be right in front of you.

Take a breath, slow down, feel into your heart, trust that the universe is actually trying to give you a life that is a better reflection of your authentic self.

You know the way but you are just afraid of change. Who isn't? Perhaps a Guru, but none of us pretend to be there.



Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ralfee Finn's Weekly Frequency, March 21-27 2012

Here is Ralfee's Latest Astrological Forecast. I hope you all enjoy it.


Suzanne Wagner

Don’t be surprised if you or those around you are speaking in harsher tones. Planetary patterns strike a strident chord this week. Gone is the soothing, throaty voice of Venus, who “speaks low when she speaks love.” She’s pulled away from her perfect union with Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto, and as she separates, her dulcet tones lessen (yes, I really miss her presence), causing hearts to grow less fond and interactions to turn more aggressive. Also be prepared for increasingly jarring interruptions and intrusions that fray nervous systems already overloaded from the intensity of the dual retrograde of Mercury and Mars. But that’s not all. Nervous systems are also challenged by unpredictable shifts of circumstance, some of which manifest as complete reversals of fortune (some for better, some for worse), and some that are simply breathtakingly senseless. It’s not an easy week. But it’s still possible to skillfully navigate the days and nights, especially if you’re willing to be kind, first.

Not only is Venus ending her brief and powerful participation in the Grand Trine between Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto, but Mars, still retrograde until April 14, is also pulling away, and as a result, the vim and vigor of the last few weeks–the “I can do anything” attitude–is dissipating. Remember, Mars has been retrograde in Virgo since January 23. (I know—who could forget?) And since that time we have been reviewing the details of things set in motion since mid-November, 2011. Don’t be surprised if you start to experience retrograde fatigue during these final weeks. Mars thrives on motion, and three months of Mars moving behind instead of ahead is taking a toll on even the most patient among us.

Mercury Retrograde is also upon us, but the good news is that this retrograde continues to be anything but normal. While the snafus associated with a retrograde are still likely to occur, the stagnant “why won’t anything move?” signature is missing. Lots of things are moving–even things you wish would hold still. And that’s because Uranus dominates how the retrograde plays out–at least for this week. Uranus is conjunct Mercury, in Aries, and on March 20, the Sun joined forces with both Mercury and Uranus, as it moved into Aries, signaling the start of spring.

Mercury symbolizes all things related to communication. Uranus represents innovation and invention. The Sun signifies the fire of life. And when all three combine in an astro mélange a trois, nobody and nothing is moving backward. Period. Especially not in Aries, the fiery Sign of forward motion and irrepressible action. This powerful alliance is sure to stir strong desires for reform and revolution of all sorts, not just political, although protests for freedom are likely to surge in frequency and intensity. Also expect personal protests, in the form of divorce or defiance. This triple conjunction inspires the need to break free from whatever enslaves, whether the shackles that bind are real or imaginary.

As you work your way through the week, do your best to make kindness your first response. It’s easy to forget, especially when the air is charged with revolution, that we are all in this caldron of change together.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Ralfee Finn's Weekly Astrological Report for March 7-13, 2012

Here is Ralfee's Latest and Greatest. Enjoy!

It’s a wacky week, here on Planet Earth, with so many ups and downs and back-and-forths that simply surviving the multidimensional psychic flux requires surrendering any notion of “normal.” The planets are challenging the status quo, and as a result, many situations as well as states of mind regularly taken for granted simply evaporate at the touch (a condition that continues for the next several weeks). The good news is that life is exciting. But it’s also exhausting, especially as the constantly changing terrain makes it feel as if nothing is “for sure.” Learning to live comfortably in a state of uncertainty is always a huge challenge to hearts as well as minds. And for the next several weeks (really, several months) many of us will be facing just such a challenge as we work our way through an elaborate maze of personal and planetary transformation.

The epicenter of the wackiness is Uranus, in Aries, conjunct Mercury, also in Aries, as Mercury prepares to go retrograde on March 12. Uranus, the planet of sudden shifts, is infamous for catalyzing stagnant patterns. Mercury, the planet of all things mental, includes within its vast domain language, communication, commerce, and travel. During a retrograde phase, as Mercury seemingly retraces its path, regular routines go slightly screwy, especially this retrograde which runs currently with the ongoing Mars Retrograde. Mercury’s retro-review process is often experienced as interference, tangible and intangible, which poses problems in the invisible realms, as well as the actual day-to-day reality. Be prepared for everything from hardware to software, cell phones to landlines, Twitter to parcel post to experience snafus. Back up everything. Then, back it up again.

But also be prepared for Uranus to turn this retrograde into something completely different. First, we haven’t had to wait for the exact start of Mercury Retrograde to feel its effect – some people think it started last week. What’s more, Uranus is such a powerful force for innovation that even expecting the unexpected won’t be enough preparation for what we are likely to witness during the coming week, as many of us experience complete reversals of attitudes and goals. Don’t be dismayed if you’re tempted to ignore the Mercury Retrograde warning not to start anything new, and instead, feel the desire and passion to simply follow your bliss. Aries is the Sign of the pioneer, after all, and when Uranus stimulates that already adventurous spirit, the impulse to act is likely to override any warning to stay put.

The urge to move is also motivated by a unique grand trine between a Venus/Jupiter conjunction, in Taurus, Mars (and just for today, the Moon conjunct Mars, in Virgo), and Pluto, in Capricorn, all in Earth Signs, and all working together to help support extraordinary accomplishments, individual and collective. This grand trine is quite brilliant – literally, you can already see the Venus/Jupiter conjunction in the night sky. The power of this radiant configuration cannot be stifled, controlled, or curtailed. It symbolizes the power of the heart and the fundamental joy of love. Use it to manifest your heart’s desire, and to stand strong on the ground of what really matters most to you.

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of April 2012

We are coming into the home stretch of the Mars retrograde. Yea! It leaves on April 13, 2012 and we will feel as if things are moving forward once again. This particular Mars has been very challenging for many and all of us should feel grateful that at least we had the softening watery effect of Neptune in Pisces helping us through it all.
Regardless is has been a lot to handle. We are not remotely done but sometimes you have to celebrate the small breakthroughs along the way to get the energy and joy back into alignment with your soul.
This month there is a lot of love available if you remember to nurture yourself and others along the way. Just pay attention to what shows up in your space and do what is necessary to keep going. Try not to plan too far into the future as there is monumental flux going on until the middle of the year that it is a waste of energy to try to figure out what the universe has planned totally.
My joke to myself is, “The angels and guides do not always let me in on the plan. Probably because my awareness is limited and I would not believe them even if I was told what the pathway ahead looked like.”
April is a fiery flow of energetic shifts and emotional upheavals. You may feel moments of intense sorrow and then in the next moment you will be able to see more clearly. Sometimes our old emotional baggage blocks us from seeing what is right in front of us. Only by releasing and experiencing our emotions do we create enough internal space that our perception is finally able to become aware of other things. It takes huge amounts of energy to hold down past emotional traumas. This month we need all our energies for conscious constructive forward movement.
The energies of April allow you to let go and to find a new flow. But sometimes releasing emotion looks like a volcano erupting. When energy has been held back and denied expression it builds up to a breaking point. It is important to be very responsible for what you are expressing and to whom.
Remember it is not about what others do but how you respond to others in those situations that make the greatest difference. Sometimes people know that they are lashing out at us and other times they are so caught in their own drama and pain that they are mindlessly spewing the muck out to anyone around them.
That is never pleasant to be around but it again is about taking responsibility for our personal experience.
I remind myself that no matter what, I am going to have to live with myself later. So do I want to feel horrible at my negative over-reaction to situations or would it be wiser to observe and let the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune pass around me rather than through me.
Almost always someone’s reaction is about him or her. Rarely is it about you. You might be the unknowing trigger. Your request might be the straw that broke the camels back but from your perception you just thought that you had a piece of straw to hand the person. Nothing more.
From this place of newfound clarity and internal space find ways to create more intimacy with those you love. Let go of the old co-dependant neediness. Just choose to have fun in sacred and deep ways.
I find life is about learning how to create containers of energy for particular life patterns and circumstances. Containers are the structures that we need to address our wants, insecurities, and boundaries. It is important that you know what you want and need to feel safe enough to move into uncharted territories.
Now you do not always get what you want. But by expressing your truth you begin to weave a web upon which you can have safety for when you take that leap off the trapeze.
Because you know life will make you jump at some point. So if you are jumping let’s create as much support and safety as we can before we go.
That is what consciousness is about. Having the awareness of your needs for this moment. And then sometimes even when you do not get what you want to have the courage to move anyway.
It is not about manipulating others to get your childish/narcissistic needs met. You do not grow from always getting what you want. But you can grow when you express to others that you want to shift even if you are afraid.
When you request certain structures, this will allow your mind to stop fighting. Then others will be able to give feedback about those requests and support the emerging you.

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of March 2012

Welcome to being deeply in the Mars retrograde for the month of March. Each of you will respond differently to the burden of details that this pattern confers. So remember to take breaths and to do one thing at a time. Do not expect much progress or to have anyone notice how hard you are working. Try to not panic about the financial situation and plan ahead if at all possible.
Have a financial reserve or a back up plan and you will navigate this energy better. The value you will get from holding firm and not getting caught up in the drama unfolding around you will come later after this astrological pattern releases in April and May.
We do have a windfall from March 12-18, as there will be a grand trine in earth between Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn. This gives a much needed financial boost to the earth signs and a bit of help to some other signs if we know what to do when the opportunity presents itself. Every bit helps in these moments of intense stress. So keep an eye peeled for doorways when you least expect them.
Just remember that what goes around does come back around eventually. Since that is the case it is best to watch what you say and my motto is, “Don’t let 85% of the stuff in my mind get out my mouth!”. Everyone is feeling at his or her personal edge and it is not nice to push anyone beyond the point of no return.
This is the moment to turn inward and to find the source that is within you. You can focus on the fact that you feel dragged down and feel as if you are stuck in a pattern that you may never get out of or you can calm down and begin to analyze the situation with a calm mind and heart.
If you just look within, you would realize that you are a whole, beautiful, and amazing being. That in of it self might be just what you need to have the courage to keep on going when the going gets tough.
Do not let your mind drag you into the hopelessness of past situations and challenges. You were in that pit all last year and where did it get you? So let’s try something different.
This month is about moving forward, perhaps an inch at a time. Pay attention to what you choose to focus on. Whatever you focus on, your mind will magnify that thing, pattern, or perspective. It is important to not let your mind make you into a wasteland just when we are so close to an internal and external shift that will allow a calmed and more powerful expression of you in the world.
The key word for March is “gentleness”. In order to be gentle you need to find a place of stability internally. When you are loving and gentle with the monumental shifts you have done over the past few years and have come to a place of acceptance then you can allow others the luxury experiencing your gentleness in the face of their upset and chaos. The greatest gift you can give anyone is the reflection of love and acceptance. Be the face of someone who understands and has walked through the fire also. Now here you are in front of them and you are showing them that there is a way through and you are the reflection of wholeness and peace. If you can do it so can they. Your presence can give them the courage and reference point to keep going when they believe that they can’t go another step.
I remember many years ago when I had a friend dying. When I entered the hospital room he was so frightened. He was panicking and acting out in ways that had the staff and nurses exhausted and frustrated.
I walked in and took a deep breath and dropped into the place of compassion and understanding of the circumstances in which he was. I felt into the place of how I would feel if I were him in that moment. And I felt the place of connection from his heart to mine.
Immediately he looked at me and something in his brain shifted. He stopped acting out and stood there as if he was suddenly rooted to the ground.
He was.
I was connecting him to the earth with my heart, my compassion, and my understanding. He was dying and he was frightened as he was letting go of this earthly existence. He felt lost and ungrounded.
Somehow my presence, acceptance of him, and compassion allowed him that moment of connection and that gave him the stability to become himself again.
This month we are experiencing the need to find stable ground in tremendously difficult situations. For each of us that challenge will be different. But we can remember to turn inward and ground into our internal source.
Within us, our soul is a small nuclear power plant. We have tremendous resources if we just would practice the patience to go within and uncover the vast potential we hold.
Once we have that awareness grounded in place, they we can see the needs of others and we can have compassion for their journey. It is our presence that changes another’s experience. Not necessarily the words we speak.
So this month, speak few words. Let those words be generated from a grounded compassion from your heart for everyone and everything.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Just Back from Utah and Getting Ready for the Adventure to Come

I love this image of the cat facing its fear to walk right in front of all the dogs.

I feel life is like this image right now. We have to walk a difficult road astrologically right now and there is no way of knowing the outcome.

But we are going to go regardless.

Take a step into your courage and confidently walk into the unknown. It takes huge courage to be in this place right now. We do not know what might happen. But we need to find out.

Take a risk. Be different. Do not be afraid. Your boldness just might take all your enemies by surprise. You have parts within that are stronger than you know.

I just got back from working in Utah. What a great time I had with everyone! I was crazy busy and it was fabulous weather. I am so grateful to Helen Schumann for putting up with all my lovely clients and me during my time there. I am looking forward to having some time to take a break starting on Fri March 9-19th as I am going to the Margo Anand workshop at Harbin Hot Springs. I am looking forward to being a student rather than the teacher for a week. It will be wonderful and I am sure enlightening.

I hope that all of you are navigating the powerful energetic shifts happening right now. I know that many have been very stressed and these energies are designed to put us back on course to our authentic self. I personally feel much better than last year. 2011 was a massive year of releasing grief, anger, and resentment. As a result I feel clearer and more aligned. I am looking forward to the bigger changes as we all get into April and May of this year. For me personally it will catapult me into another arena and I am looking forward to that change even though I am not sure what it will look like.

That is part of the magic of life. To feel that something is coming. To not know what it will look like. And to jump regardless. At this moment I feel more ready to take a leap of faith. It is so much easier when you do not feel paralyzed with old emotions and stuck energy. Sometimes you just have to shake it off in whatever way works.

Personally, I needed to sit and observe the feelings and attempt to not judge what I was feeling. But I also reminded myself that feelings are temporary and not necessarily real. They move through eventually in their own time and in their own way.

So I am putting this blog out for everyone to remember to believe in himself or herself. Believe in your own divine guidance. Believe that all the patterns can be eventually worked through and integrated in a way that allows you to open and become the gift that you are.

These intense energies are designed to make us uncomfortable enough that we shift. I wish that we could learn without struggle but struggle is a great tool the universe uses to make us wake up and see the illusion in which we have been living.

Have the courage to be who you are deep within. Know that as you become authentically whole others will see that and respond in their own way to your opening. For some you could just be the reflection and permission they have been looking for to also jump. For others you might represent the part that is so afraid that they will need to judge and point fingers at. Either way we all will learn and grow. We cannot open when we are safe. We must be willing to take the risks that our soul yearns for. Others may not understand. Honestly, we may not understand as we are doing it. Clarity comes later. It is often as if our higher self shoves us off the cliff of the old realty and we do not even know we are going off the cliff until it is too late. Then there is nothing to do but deal with the new circumstance and environment in which you find yourself.

You know that you are feeling something big coming. It is your opening and a new perspective of awareness that is creeping up behind you. Enjoy the dance. Enjoy the intensity. Enjoy that this moment is breathing new life into you.