Thursday, October 10, 2013


Once again we are looking at what will give us emotional fulfillment as we come into the season of holidays and gatherings. We instinctually want to feel happy, content, and hopeful during the holidays and the eclipse in Scorpio on November 3rd magnifies that energetic drive. As we get close to the eclipse it often feels as if things speed up and your awareness increases. Intuition is heightened and emotional issues become magnified. As Scorpio is in a once in a lifetime Grande Water Trine they will be the most affected, as well as the Taurus’s. But regardless you will feel as if anything that is hidden will come into the light. Any secret desires will be revealed. If you find yourself dealing with sudden events around the time of an eclipse then that is an indicator that this event is karmic and therefore fated for you to experience. Watch out for sudden beginnings and endings during that time.
Change is always good but I know that most are feeling a bit worn out from all the massively big changes that they have been going through for years. If it does not create emotional fulfillment then get ready because shifts do happen.
How can we stay in loving presence when we know that there are endings coming? It is the question for this month. The key is going to be in how stable your internal center is. You can weather anything when you are organically balanced and taking each moment at a time. This is not the time to get ahead of yourself. There is a great phrase, “Worry is a waste of a good imagination”.
As we move further into autumn, check your health and pay attention to the small issues related to your body right now. As many of you can feel, this winter seems to be one that will be harsher than in recent times. As such, tensions and stresses can build up and you can bump into generational patterns that you are holding that no longer function in the new reality you are creating. Sometimes the only way our inner guidance can get our attention is to make a past pattern crop up so we are forced to deal with it and wake back up to the possibilities that are coming our way.
You need to gather some of your forces so you can feel safe and strong. You need to remain alert and clever to the people and situations around you. And you must be willing to take action when it is required. The motto this month is, “He who hesitates is lost.”
To what you are devoted? Where do your commitments lie? Are you following through with what you agreed to do? You gain strength by practicing the art of integrity and impeccability. Awareness is earned, wisdom is experienced, dreams are built, and your fate is in your hands.
Reflect on where you were 5 years ago. Then take a look at who you became 3 years ago. Now, look at who you are in this moment. Can you see the gifts in your own evolution? Can you see the expansion of your essential self into a person that you admire and respect more fully?
You should.
You have made huge strides in your life. Your awareness is clearer than it has ever been. That does not mean that when you awaken that everything is easy. Things become painfully real, deeply felt, and compassionately held in your heart.
It is through our realness and emotional understanding of another’s truth that we make a difference in the moment. As we move into the season of family, expand your definition of family and take a look at those to whom you are not related that are your spiritual family. Expand your heart to include those in your love and devotion. Then walk the path of compassion and give to those less fortunate that call to your spirit, and touch them in the way that is appropriate for your being.

Have a beautiful month.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Autumn - The Season for Letting Go.

Thought this was beautiful and just wanted to share. Enjoy.

Autumn: The Season for Letting Go

We can learn a lot from nature. Most striking in autumn is what we see happening to the trees. I'd like to reflect upon this and offer some thoughts on the matter of letting go.

In a beautifully-written synopsis of this season from a Chinese Medical perspective, Neil Gumenick states the following: "Nature instructs us about our own cycles of creating and letting go: Trees in autumn don't stubbornly hold onto their leaves because they might
need them next year." He goes on to say, "... how many of us defy the cycle and hold onto what we've produced or collected -- those decayed leaves, that old negativity?"

In Buddhism and many other "Eastern philosophies," it is indeed these attachments that prevent us from moving forward in our evolution. On the level of "the now," if we don't allow things to fall away, we wind up carrying an ever heavier load.

Interestingly, one of the most common physical manifestations of "holding on" is constipation. And not surprising, then, all throughout Asia, medical practitioners understand that one of the major organs associated with autumn is the large intestine. Here we are familiar with the colon's function to eliminate undigested food. But we should also be clear that the colon is a major organ for the removal of toxins from the body. Imbalances often lead to constipation and other toxic states. (If you suffer from either of these chronically, you might be interested in pursuing an approach that works from a more skillful perspective.)

We should also be mindful not to get completely consumed with the physical aspects of our lives as something that is independent of our emotional and energetic status. I find it intriguing that the Chinese are also clear on the relationship between the colon (and its partner organ, the lungs), and one strong emotion in particular -- grief. In this context, grief is most accurately understood as the emotion associated with the experience of loss and separation. And the challenge we are faced with is to let go at these moments. It is my experience, both personally and professionally, that much of the time, for some reason, we prefer to hold on to this condition.

What would we expect of a tree then, if it did not let go of its leaves?

In essence then, quite simply, I want to compel you to examine what you are holding on to and to examine what purpose it serves -- or more aptly, how it defeats your purpose of achieving a healthier and more balanced life. And before you get too upset with me, let me go on by acknowledging the difficulty with doing this.

There are at least three categories of attachment. The first and often the most obviously painful is those associated with the loss of life, limb/organ or function -- both our own or that of someone we love. The second are those associated with our personality -- our quirks and habits. And the third are those associated with our ego -- our status and situation, as we believe are viewed by those around us as well as how we view ourselves.

There are fewer differences among these three categories than may first appear. But clearly on first blush some losses are more painful than others. But we are often just as attached to some of the less "significant" issues and the pain of separation may be just as great if we were really to get down into them. Essentially, all attachment is both an opportunity for pain and liberation.

Indeed, it is the fear of pain that leads us to hold on. Like biting down on a throbbing tooth, if we can keep the experience at some consistent level, even if it is causing discomfort. This is often better than allowing the rush of "feeling." So it takes a lot to put oneself through this intentionally, which is why I quickly acknowledged that this is not an easy thing to do. Still, I believe there is great potential if we were to take this on, but we often need help doing it.

The best answer to the question about where this help may come from again takes us to the Chinese understanding of this season, another aspect of which is the change in the air. While this year (in the Northeast at least) the usual refreshing crispness of autumn was delayed, it is a phenomena most of us recognize. Autumn provides us with a welcome relief from the hot, oppressive and air-starved days of summer. We stretch our lungs to fill with... inspiration.

We require inspiration, then, to have the courage to plunge into the depths of our attachments. We require inspiration to see them for what they are. And we require inspiration to help us shake loose from the ego's attachment to pain in particular and instead learn to live without regret.

So how do we use the energy of inspiration for this transformation?

To begin with, I'd suggest you imagine for a moment what it would be like to be in such a state. And though you may not see it lasting too long, go on to imagine what it might take to get there. Are there some things you can shed now that are easier to manage? Go ahead and plan to do them. At each opportunity look for others. See how much lighter you feel. Imagine that there is a way for you to get closer to this ideal condition. If you find something is holding you back, explore its origin. I suggest you pick up a notebook and write about what you are experiencing and thinking. Play the story back as a movie, compose a way the hero or heroine, you, heal and return to wholeness. If you find yourself preferring to hold onto the pain in one area, this may not be the best time to take this on. Do what you can and be patient.

Maybe it will help to realize that one thing that we hold on to is the notion that we are something other than perfect right now. In addition, we might serve ourselves better to let go of the faulty thought that we cannot change. We do it all the time. What doesn't change so easily, it is true, is what we hold on to -- our assumed identity.

As a radical final thought I pose the following argument: This doesn't require as much work as it may seem. In autumn, leaves fall from trees effortlessly. So try it... let them go... I think you'll be pleased with what happens in the spring...

~M. Sunraven
 — with Joni Hansen.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Suzanne Before Bio Basics
                                                                        Suzanne After Bio Basics 2013

If any of you have wondered how I have kept my skin so clear, tight, and flawless I want to finally let you all in on my secret, Bio Basics.

My closest friend of 25 years was working with this amazing doctor in China that had developed a skin repair serum this is going to revolutionize the makeup and skin care industry. My friend Helen has worked this whole time to jump through all the legal hoops to bring this product to America. 

Because I was so close to her I was one of the many test subjects and I have to say it was one of the best risks I have ever done in my life. 

This product completely changed the texture, color, elasticity, and radiance of my skin. 

I wish I had had something like this when I was a dancer. All the sweating and grim really made it difficult to keep  skin beautiful. All you athletes out there know what I am talking about. In addition to the sweating, when we were performing I wore so much makeup that my skin could not breath. It was a disastrous combination for my skin. 

But now there is a solution and an easy and inexpensive one, Bio Basics.

For many years I had dealt with hormonal skin changes such as splotchiness,  skin darkening, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and adult acne. I know it is what all of us go through with the aging process. 

This products halted and reversed all of my skin complaints and gave me a confidence about my appearance that I did not have even in my 20's.

Now at 52, I feel I have better skin than I had in my 30's. My skin tone is more even. My elasticity has greatly improved and my confidence in my appearance has shifted tremendously. 

This product is finally out on the market and because I have been with this journey to test this product you can order it through this site exclusively. 

As the company is introducing this product this month there is a great discount as you will all be the first to try it before it hits the market.

I hope you take the risk and try this product. 

If you are preparing to have a surgery and are concerned about scarring this product is absolutely the best. When applied in the healing process scarring is minimized and the remaining scar is so thin that you almost cannot see it later. This is going to soon be included in the regime for plastic surgery as it will allow for the best results possible. 

It also improves the appearance of old scars as it allows the elasticity to improve and the suppleness to return to the hardened scar allowing it to flatten and for the skin tone to even out and become more like the surrounding skin.

If you have acne problems as I did, whether they are caused by hormones, youth,  diet, or age, this product placed directly on the acne at night on a cleaned face will make the acne almost disappear overnight.  No kidding!

I have had clients that had such bad acne that it was affecting their self esteem and their confidence. They also believed it affected the types of jobs that they were able to get in the public sector. But after using this product regularly all their skin worries literally disappeared. 

When I travel I bring Bio Basics along because if I get a bit sunburned on my face or other spots, I put it on and instantly the burning minimizes and then next day my skin is not tender to the touch and it does not swell up. I have Irish bloodlines and I am very fair skinned, so if I get too much sun I burn badly. In addition, my skin literally swells up. Bio Basics stops that entire process. My skin heals more rapidly, I do not peel to those deep layers that hurt so badly, and it is not sensitive to the touch.

I have had friends who took those terrible harsh drugs for acne. Now don't get me wrong, they work. But the side effects can be extreme depression, suicide, dehydration, bone ache, and anxiety. This product (in my mind) should be tried before the harder drugs because there are no side effects.

I had a client who had a chronic rash on her eyelids. All the doctors, steroids, and creams were unable to make it go away. Even antibiotics did not work. After one application of this product and her skin was instantly better. She was oriental and loved more natural products. She was amazed and so grateful as the rash hurt, itched, and peeled. After a week the rash was completely gone and never returned. 

I had another friend who 15 years previously had been terribly burned on the face, arms, and shoulders. She had many skin grafts and her skin tone was like a patch work quilt. Even 15 years after the incident, when she used the product her skin became more even, significantly less red, and it softened. She was so pleased because your face is really important for first impressions. She had tried for years to cover it with heavy makeup to make it appear more even but Bio Basics Skin Repair changed her skin amazingly for the better. It was such a huge change that she did not notice that her daughter, an adolescent, was using the skin repair serum until she noticed that her product was disappearing from her bathroom. Upon being questioned her daughter admitted that she saw such an improvement in her moms skin that she was using it for her acne.

Many of you know me. I do not promote products as I am so committed to my work. But this product has changed people and I have spent the last 8 years giving my product away to those who were really suffering and then directing them to my friend so they could continue to have it.  It is because of this that I am sharing it with all of you. 

Just click on the link for the Bio Basics above or below and begin the best choice you ever made for your skin. You can continue to use your favorite products and makeup. You just use this twice a day, morning and night, after you clean your face. Just put the product on and I allow it to dry before putting another day or night cream on top of it. That is all. Super simple. Honestly this one product has reduced many of the products I used to use for my skin. Because I find that Bio Basics is really doing all the work. Why spend money on products that you are not sure really are doing much for you. There are many nights when I just clean my face, put on the Bio Basics and go to bed. I am sort of lazy that way. Then in the morning I wash my face, put on the Bio Basics, wait a minute because it dries quickly, put on a day moisturizer, then apply my makeup and off I go to my work day.

I have traveled all over the world and I don't go anywhere without my Bio Basics. So if you have any desire to give your skin what it needs to be radiant and soft, give Bio Basics a try. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Feel free to call me if you have any questions. You know my number and it is below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  The link is:


Suzanne Wagner


The theme this month seems to be the energy of the trapeze artist suspended in the void, reaching into thin air and not knowing if there is something of substance on the other side.
Life is often like this. Trust with no guarantees. There are moments in which it is more pronounced and October is one of them.
As we come upon the lunar eclipse in Aries on October 18th, it seems that we are being asked to look at our attachments to people, things, beliefs, and circumstances. The word attachment means, “to nail”. To what are nailing yourself? It is very difficult to not long for things of great joy and pleasure from the past. But it is the nature of this world to create change. What you try to possess actually possesses you. Anything no matter how nourishing, if held onto for too long, becomes toxic.
But letting go makes us feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. It causes us worry and the desire to try to control our circumstances and others. In those moments I have to remind myself that when I am in a place of expectation I cannot see opportunities that present themselves. How can we enjoy each and every moment and yet not be attached to if it stays or goes? This is the ongoing struggle we each experience in life.
I have found that the universe gives me people and situations for periods of time and when I have learned the lessons those energies naturally go away. That can be very frustrating but at this point it has happened so many times that I accept that it is the nature of all things and the nature of truth.
As I grow, my connections with others have to adapt and shift. Each of us has gifts to share with others. None of us have all the answers for anyone. We might have pieces and precious moments of clarity but ultimately each of us is on our own unique journey.
We can become an awakener at any moment to anyone who is ready for what we offer. But we cannot control those moments or what others will do with our words and actions. It is up to each of us to walk with as much clarity and integrity, with an open heart, and peaceful spirit.
You cannot totally understand another’s perspective. You can have a glimpse into their reality but they are walking a path unique to themselves. For moments in time we walk that pathway together and then inevitably… we must part. In those moments of loss and grief I remind myself of the beauty and joy that was shared and I hold it dear in my heart. But I allow that person and situation to be like a hummingbird that needs to fly and needs to be free. Even my love can become a cage that does not allow a soul to find autonomy and self worth.
When I look within, I know that I want that person to feel as full and as powerful as they can be in this life. I do not want them to feel they need to take care of my feelings. I am here to take care of my feelings.
When love is shared from a place of respect and honor the old patterns of co-dependency and neediness dissolve into the place of stable groundedness where compassion is the key, love is the door, and presence is all that is required in the moment.