Sunday, March 27, 2011

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of June, 2011 - Yes, I know this is very early

Hello Everyone:

These blogs are going out early as I will be on my spiritual journey to India, Nepal, and Bhutan for the months of April, May, and returning in June of 2011. But I wanted to get these out while I could. I hope they help with the upcoming shifts in each of your lives.

Thank the stars we have made it to June. Yea! We finally have a shift in the intensity from the last many months.

Now, the Grand Cardinal Cross is going to last until 2015. So expect many more shifts in the coming years but the intensity of the Stellium in Aries is finally past us and the calming influence of Venus has allowed reason to return and bring a better balance into the mix. This is going to feel like a welcome relief from all the drama that everyone has been feeling.

With the Mercury and Venus moving into Taurus on May 15th, and Mars moving into Taurus on May 11th, we finally see a shift and an opportunity to find peace and clarity to this new alignment that is manifesting in our lives.

Admittedly it has been a wild ride and there were moments over the last few months that you doubted your choices not to mention your sanity. But now in June it is as if your physical body is aligning with the driving force of your spirit that kicked you into these new places with no explanation.

I know you thought that you had an idea of what you were up against but sometimes the universe is being helpful by not letting you in on all the secrets that are about to unfold. We are often given just enough to propel us forward and not enough to terrify us into remaining in the old pattern.

The good news is now things are making more sense. You have been birthed into a new place that is probably beyond anything your mind could have come up with. You have detoxed an old self into a free and more open place.

Yes, it has been painful at times but now you see how tenaciously you had held onto the old reality and there is a newfound understanding and appreciation as to why the lessons came in the way that they did.

We are going to be having a Solar and Lunar Eclipse in June. All eclipses, whether solar or lunar, have the potential to change your circumstances. They are called “Course Rectifiers”. Eclipses are expressed through a crisis of some kind, whether it is a real crisis or not, it may feel very real to you. Many times a new beginning involves letting go of something from the past, whether that could be a person, a relationship, an object, or a behavior. This is especially true during a lunar eclipse. Eclipses have more impact when they hit your Ruling planet. Therefore, in the June eclipses, Gemini's and Virgo's will be greatly affected by the Solar Eclipse on June 1st. One June 15th the Sagittarius's will feel the Lunar Eclipse intensely.

Eclipses can present opportunities. This is a time when the energies are more amplified, intensified, and focused. An eclipse may force you to take leaps of faith that you might not have thought possible without the help from the energy of an eclipse. An eclipse may force you to take action in an area that had stalled and can bring about changes that seem completely beyond your control.

A solar eclipse signifies a fresh start. It can feel like a new chapter beginning in your life. The effects of a solar eclipse are shown in the outward expression of our external circumstances. This can present us with very exciting and joyous developments. What develops due to a solar eclipse is seen in a very external way in your life. This is often even noticed by others.

A lunar eclipse points to a moment of maximum stress and represents the culmination of events or the “end of a matter.” Lunar eclipses often influence relationships because of the polarity between the sun and moon. A lunar eclipse becomes a catalyst from which dramatic change occurs based on what has already been experienced in your life. A lunar eclipse often brings with it a sense of finality, or unavoidable conditions to the area of your life that it touches.

In a lunar eclipse, anything on "iffy" ground will collapse. Often there is an indication of a foreshadowing of what that might look like 6 months before the eclipse. Lunar eclipses make you look in the rear view mirror. So take a look at what was happening 6 months ago. Perhaps that will give you an insight and an ability to be more prepared as to what will shift for you on the 15th of June.

No matter what sign you are, the good news is that things are finally going to feel as if they are on the mend. There is going to be significant movement in large areas and it will feel as if you are clear in your direction and purpose. Just that in-of-itself it going to be huge relief.

You are waking up. You will feel as if you are waking up from a dream that you have been climbing hills and going through fire. You know how it is when you wake up from one of those exhausting dreams. You awaken and you are so grateful to be awake but you are deeply tired. But you are here and ready to move forward in the real world.

Let the struggle in the dream go. Let the past go. Let this moment become the most important thing. Do not cling. Do not wish for times past. They are but dreams in your rear view mirror. What is ahead is better than any illusion of your past.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Is This The Right Moment to Shift Things in Your Life?

I will be on my spiritual journey to India, Nepal, and Bhutan from April 6th through May 29th, 2011. I am so excited about this trip. I have been waiting my whole life to have this experience.

What I will experience, I have no idea. I am just going with an open mind and heart.

I have been watching movies about these areas just to get a pulse on the energy and patterns that I might experience. Needless-to-say, it is going to be beyond my normal realm of life. That is probably a very good thing. I have felt for a while that I need to step beyond what I know about myself to be true and find out another place for my energy to flow and expand.

I so appreciate my basic understanding of astrology and the support from great astrologers like Ralfee Finn and Christopher Renstrom in helping me through last year. I knew, going into 2010, that the eclipses that had been really breaking my chart open were going to totally flip over the game board of my life into the potential that had always been there but held back until the right moment when not only the stars align but I align with my true nature.

I know from the nature of my work and the extensive studying throughout my life that there are times when regardless of how you want to hang onto the old self, the universe has another idea. It is as if you are caught in a giant wave of change and regardless of the costs of time, energy, or money you have to take that risk and jump into the middle of that wave or you know you will miss a great opportunity.

Those opportunities do not come along all the time. And when they come you find an inner strength to go for it in ways that can surprise even yourself. I love being constantly amazed at how adaptable and strong each of us can be when confronted with the power of the truth in a moment. That truth cannot be denied and even when you cannot see the other side you will choose to risk and find experiences and expressions of your soul that have been hidden away from yourself until that right moment.

There is a feeling about this time and these astrological aspects that are big, for not just myself, but for everyone. There are moments when it is as if the whole world comes to a new place of awareness and choice. This seems to be one of those moments. For some of you it is hitting on a more personal level. For others, we notice the gigantic changes in the external world situations and governments.

With all this energy in Aries from April 10 through May 12, it is like a global fire of change. Suddenly many of us have the energy to do the impossible. For some it will be breakthroughs in perspective, willingness to change careers, creating a family, letting go of past patterns that have caused a withholding of who we really are, or any number of other options. For others, they will come together and do the impossible by opposing governments, dictators, and monarchy’s that have manipulated the money and prosperity of the common people in favor of their own power, greed, and ego. Each of these beings is to be commended and acknowledged. The risk is high, the pathway to freedom and change unclear, and the potential for failure right there staring you in the face.

But what an exciting time to live. Rarely do we get moments when we can see, experience, and participate in an extraordinary moment or event. So whether this energy is hitting you on a personal level or on a more community level, feel that bravery in your heart. Feel the fire of inspiration ignite you into leaping beyond your commonplace life. Choose to let your expanded self out.

You remember who that is. He or she is that person who trusts in the flow of life and does not want to live an unexpressed life. It is that part that knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that inside you is a spark of divinity yearning to come out and find expression.

Each of you has a potential waiting for its right moment. Is this the right moment for you? If that answer is “Yes” then allow the courage in your heart to expand and find the doorway into a new place and life.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Intuitive Patterns for May 2011

With the coming of spring there is an intensity to jump forward and take leaps of faith into the void of the unknown. This can be a very exciting time but energy can shift quickly when the focus is undefined.

So this would be a time to create a clear picture of what you want and where you want to go. That does not mean that you will get your picture but you need a place to start in the creative process. Often you need to make some decisions and then the guides and angels know how to support your process and how to proceed in manifesting the little coincidences and magic that make change fun.

If you feel as if you are afraid to make a decision because so many of your dreams have come crashing down around your head over the last few years, take a deep breath and know that the breakdown of our egos “ideas” is a necessary process to allow a deepening and expansion of your souls true potential.

These last 6 months have brought about the realization of many conflicting beliefs and dualities within you. That awakening and awareness has brought about a radical shift in your wants and desires for the future. This felt like a bolt of lightening hitting that has woken you up with a start and bought about a complete reversal of some aspects and priorities in your life.

It is as if the universe said, “Oh, you think that is so important? Let me show you what is really needing to be addressed or dealt with.”

Life often has its own flow and agenda. Sometimes we are not allowed into the deeper secrets until the last minute.

That is what this has felt like for many.

The major about-face of this energy has rocked many of you to your core. Life suddenly has taken over and now some new dawning of what has been percolating below the surface is finally becoming clear.

It may feel as if you are being thrown over a chasm by some unseen force to the opposite side of a cliff. You did not see the chasm and you did not see the energy that was throwing you. You find yourself propelled into an unknown space and landing in a new territory with no idea of how or what got you there.

But when you got “there” something seemed very different. There were new people to connect with and new understanding and acceptance.

Are you willing to surrender up your old shame and guilt to allow the universe to create a completion in your life unlike anything you have ever experienced? Now is the time. By the middle of the month all the hard work will finally feel as if it is paying off. A gentle compassion, acceptance, and understanding will move you towards a new balance that you had previously thought impossible.

Allow this change of envelope and enfold your spirit. Allow the grief to be released as you find a place beyond pushing from your mind or ego. Know that you are enough.

Use what you have learned to create appropriate boundaries and expand your intuitive capacities. Trust life. Trust your crazy hair-brained schemes. Trust the flow that is going to take you to a new place whether you like it or not. So why not surrender to this thing that has taken over your life. After all you have a choice to enjoy and appreciate the journey through the eyes of your inner amazed childlike archetypes or you can allow your ego to tell you how horrible and difficult all this has been. Remember, “Bitching is Bragging” in the consciousness circles.

Lets find a way to be so present in the moment that this month’s experience is one of awe and amazement.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Tapestry of Your Life is Changing- It's time to mix the colors and metaphors in new ways.

Sometimes I just have to admit that there will be no easy way through these difficult energies. With that realization comes a degree of calm as the acceptance of the present moment shifts us out of our preconceived notions and forces us to deal with the reality slamming us in the face.

Yes, life is about change and adaption. In personal growth workshops there is a very constructive place that comes when you confront and acknowledge the “White Elephant” that is obviously in the room.

In speaking the truth there is finally an ability to find creative solutions to the very real problems surfacing in your life. The belief that you can somehow make it work for everyone is absolutely not going to manifest at this time. So now you have to tell the truth about what is not working for “You”! That is very difficult, as we often want to find a win/win solution. There are times when the growth edge is more personal and less cosmic.

This is one of those moments.

You may feel as if you have tried and tried to make something work. And it is still not working. You may be noticing that you have been using your valuable life force energy to keep something together that actually needs to break down and fall apart. Perhaps this is not about everyone else. Perhaps this is about claiming what you need in this moment. At what point do you get to make “You” the priority in your life?

This is actually very difficult to do. In societies, we need to learn to work together. This is very important for keeping stability in governments and systems. But there is a point when “Enough is enough!”

We have hit that point on the planet. For some of us it is political and for some it is more personal.

But this edge is presenting itself strongly in our life to make us pay attention to what we have suppressed. Suddenly, all the resentment of not being heard, not getting our needs met, and selling out to keep an illusion of calm in our reality is crumbling around us.

This is a good thing. But also miserable as we realize that no matter what we have tried we have failed and so now huge changes are manifesting.

People and things we have loved and cherished are going away.

Situations at work are forcing us to make very difficult choices.

We feel unsure, as we cannot see the outcome for the future. This is wonderful because most of the time, it is our egos need for control that creates the pictures or illusions of our future. Sometimes they are real but sometimes they are fabricated by our mind to keep us in situations and circumstances.

Let’s face it. We are frightened of big changes. These energy waves are huge right now. Who would not be a little concerned and unsure?

What if there is another way to live? What if there is a place within that we could find that allows us to trust that our authentic emotional expression in the moment will guide new and magical things to become a part of our life. This is about finding the spontaneity and bringing air and light back into that box we have been calling our life.

That box is crumbling and breaking down. The safety and stability was an illusion.

Don’t panic! It is going to be okay. In fact it is going to be wonderful! It is just going to take some time.

How can we create systems that work if you do not express what you are feeling in the moment? That does not mean that you will get what you want but you will feel better by feeling heard and acknowledged. When everyone is expressing his or her authentic feelings, it is very messy and stressful for everyone. The intensity of this moment requires a big release valve to prevent situations from getting completely out of control. People need to find ways to discharge what they have been holding. Finding constructive ways to do that is going to be critical for maintaining balance internally and externally.

So much misery has built up in the sewers of our reality that they are now spilling out into our conscious reality. It is going to be a mess for a bit. The good news it that we know we need a better system. The reconstruction of our self takes time.

So be patient with yourself and others. Do not fault them for their issues. Just express what you need also. Do not expect them to have the answers for you. They do not have their own answers right now. Each person needs to stay accountable for his or her own experience. Each person’s process is very personal. You cannot make choices for anyone else at this time either. This is how each of us grows. We make choices and we learn from those choices. There are no bad choices.

We are creating a tapestry of our life and sometimes there is a wild moment, which flips over the old game board. Your style will change, your flow will change, and your color preferences may not match the old weavings in the tapestry of your life.

How do we make it all work and blend? There is a way, and it is going to be a gorgeous new creation! You are going to find how amazing you are. It is worth taking the risk to break out of the old you.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of April 2011

Batten down the hatches and get ready for a big blow.

The stellium in Aries is upon us from the middle of April till the middle of May. If you thought the volatility index was challenging the month of March, just wait for the next month and a half. Five planets are going to be in Aries, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus with a part of the time with the Sun being also in Aries. This mixed with the Grand Cardinal Cross is going to bump and grind us over the next 2 to 3 years.

Please note that the summer of 2012 will probably be the most intense time.

So take a deep breath and know that we are going to continue to see major changes, socially, politically and economically. Corrupt situations and oppressive regimes will be broken down by the new energy of rising resistance and the deep desire for personal freedom.

If you are feeling divided in your life and dis-satisfied with your present circumstances then this is the time for radical change. You will find sweeping and sometimes shocking changes that will move so quickly that you will be stunned and surprised.

During such times of intense shifting it is important to stay aligned with the natural laws and hold tight to any grounding cord you can find that will allow for some minor illusion of stability in this tsunami of change.

Have you noticed that it is not slowing down, despite what you have been attempting to create in your life? This change of pace has taken off so rapidly that you may be feeling as if you are being sucked out to ocean in a rip current of astrologic chaos.

You would not be far from the truth. It is times like these that the only response is to find a place of courage, wisdom, and grace. Because that rip current of life is going to strip you of all your most cherished illusions and if you are lucky you will find the stability in the courage, wisdom, and grace of your deepest and most conscious self.

For the first four months of this year the aspects of Jupiter and Uranus in Aries give a youthful surge of passions, enthusiasm, and eagerness to grab new ideas as they show up. It gives everyone a feeling of confidence and a belief in the fact that you are right. You are going to do new things in a bold but sometimes foolhardy way. Yet the enthusiasm and energy of these aspects is inspirational and exciting.

In reality the rebellious child within you has taken center stage. This is a moment when all hell can break loose if you are not careful. Life is about choices and those choices have consequences. Not from the old mindset of “You made your bed, so you can lay in it.” But from the stand point of each action you take moves your entire life in new directions. Do you know what those directions are about or what they may or may not give you?

Of course not! That would be impossible. However, you might want to select your words carefully and all your choices should be looked at with as calm of an eye as you can under these intense energies.

This energy is going to fuel our rebellious nature. Remember that the heat is on, the stakes are very high, and this energy is going to break things up. You can feel the sense of unrest in your core. You want to get rid of the sterile, safe existence you have been living. You now want to have something in your life really mean something.

The tension, frustration, and feeling of a stalemate internally will become more pronounced the beginning of April. But with this youthful exuberance and rebellion also comes a nativity and a tendency to want to believe the new rhetoric, which promises salvation, new governments, and the end of suffering. Just remember that they may not be able to completely fulfill that promise.

This Aries fueled time will create the emergence of new leaders, knee jerk reactions, and the desire for people to be hungry to feel and experience their own passions. Any contracts or agreements reached are going to be tense, uneasy, and fraught with misunderstandings and miscommunications. The end of the month gives some relief from this chronic tension.

In May the energies will change and allow a new balance between action and reflection into our lives. In May we will finally feel as if we have actually learned something. So do not give up hope, as there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Personally I feel these changes are going to be very exciting to be a part of. It is a real gift to witness and participate in a life of extraordinary times. Find the grace within the deepest place of your soul and allow this wave of change to shift your reality into a place of aliveness.