Saturday, October 28, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 10/29/17 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 10/29/17

Just a reminder that I am on a trek and Internet may be sketchy or non-existent. I will do my best to give you blogs when the internet is available. Thank you for your understanding.

10/29/17 is the number 4. Balance in all things is important. Mental balance promotes objectivity. Emotional balance promotes acceptance and contentment. Spiritual balance promotes trust and expansion.
The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius until 7:47 PM. The Moon gets in between Saturn and Uranus, harmonizing with both, thus showing ways to combine practicality with innovation and convention with progress. This morning, Mercury semi-squares Mars, which can stimulate or aggravate you on mental levels. You are quick-witted but possibly also quite snappy under this influence. You may be working under stressful or hectic conditions, as you feel pressure to get things done quickly. This is not a good transit for listening to others (we tend to interrupt or jump to conclusions) or for reaching agreements (conflicts of interest are likely). However, this may also be a kick in the pants to get moving on a particular endeavor. The Moon enters gentle, vacillating Pisces at 7:47 PM EDT, where it will transit until early Wednesday.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Until you reach beyond your safety and known reality,
you will not know where you still need to grow.
~Suzanne Wagner~

My dear friend Christine DelPrete warned me of the roads in Nepal and she was accurate to a fault. I am grateful to be in Pokhara for a few days with minimal driving just to get reconnected and grounded. We went on an amazing river trip yesterday that was a Class 3 and Class 4. It was awesome. So much fun. Thank you Julie Tindall for all the hard work to make this happen. Today we prep to go up towards Annapurna. We are not going all the way but we are making it to the base of the mountain and to see the majestic peaks. It is mean that I will not have internet for those three days. But I hope to be able to upload images later.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Numerology/Astrology for 10/28/17 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 10/28/17

Just a reminder that I am on a trek and Internet may be sketchy or non-existent. I will do my best to give you blogs when the internet is available. Thank you for your understanding.

10/28/17 is the number 3. Life has its ups and downs. Occasionally, (like now) those waves are very big and extreme. The bigger the storm, the longer that storm sticks around. Wishing for things that nature is not remotely prepared to offer is an experience in stress and believing that you can make something happen that you wish for but is actually not in alignment with the lessons that the Divine is offering up to you in that moment. Deal with what is right in front of you. That is how you discover the miracle in the storm, the gift in the upset.

~Suzanne Wagner~

She has the kind of smile
that say, “You don’t know me,
and you never will.”

It has never been more clear to me than now, being in Nepal, after that horrible earthquake two years ago, that what make cultures powerful is the infrastructure that makes cities great and work smoothly. What I mean by infrastructure is the roads, water, electrical, plumbing, waste removal, housing, decent road construction, and financial systems that work for the people, etc. You cannot have a civilization that thrives when there is such hardship for life. My husband works in Delhi and his apartment is a nice one but nothing to get super excited about and the cost is way more than most houses mortgage payments in America. The tub leaks, you have to have an air purifier in the house because of the terrible air, plumbing is strange and not sealed properly allowing smells to come up from underneath, etc. I could go on and on. The infrastructure is not there in Delhi. The water is undrinkable by American standards, there is no real garbage and waste removal that would be remotely familiar to our standards. Parking is atrocious. Pollution is ridiculously bad. Traffic a nightmare coming to a from work. And that is one of the reasons that my husband is in Delhi doing solar. Clean energy for a city and country that desperately needs a better infrastructure. When you look at history, great cultures manifest when there are systems in place that allow for some form of consistency. Rome got its aqueducts and that allowed a huge city to rise up because they had water and plumbing. The same was true in Peru with the water systems that allowed water to come from the glaciers to the fields to grow crops. I find it painful that the infrastructure that has made our country great is being slowly dismantled. When you take away good health insurance from people eventually disease will kill the population more quickly. When you do not give the poor and the middle class certain standards, why would they allow a government controlled by the wealthy to continue. This is how revolutions start and it is how civilizations end. Check a history book. It is the same over and over again. Within each of us is a power to do something that can make a difference. Complacency is what makes civilizations fall. When will each of you stand for the great gifts this life has offered and not allow them to be dismantled? How much loss is finally enough loss to make you have a voice? Clearly we are going to find out. We are clearly in the truth of an ancient Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.”

~Suzanne Wagner~

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 10/27/17 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 10/27/17

Just a reminder that I am on a trek and Internet may be sketchy or non-existent. I will do my best to give you blogs when the internet is available. Thank you for your understanding.

10/27/17 is the number 2. Dealing with the Duality is what being human is all about. That desire to understand is never over and as I walk along the path I notice with a more and more refined knowledge where I still live in my own bubble of duality. It is part of what we came to explore. It is the joy of expansion and the pain that naturally goes with all growth. Today, embrace both. Find out what happens when you learn to accept all things as they are and then see beyond that duality into where they are all one.
The Moon is in Aquarius starting Friday morning until Sunday afternoon. This supports Halloween parties as Aquarius allows the eccentric weirdo within to come out. It is also a social moon. However, Friday evening has a challenge between Venus and Pluto so avoid pushing your hidden or naughty desires onto the person you are attracted to.
~Suzanne Wagner~

The future is for the brave.
The future is for those that expand,
not for those who contract
in the face of challenges.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Today I feel like sharing the beginning of a Historical Fiction I have been working on about the Life of Mandavara. She was the first consort of Padmasambhava. Perhaps being in Nepal will ignite more of that creative juices. Enjoy.

Unleashing the Fire in the Ice
I remember first seeing the Himalaya as a small child. My father had allowed me to go on a journey with him and I was amazed at the fortress of ice and stone that was at the most northern part of his territory. Even at that young age those mountains fascinated me. They seemed like a doorway to freedom, the pathway to the Gods, and the connection to my eternal self.
Little did I know that later on these mountains would be the barrier between my old life and the new one emerging. My teachers could never have described the vision that was in front of me. Some of them had never actually seen those White Mountains, the “roof of the world”, the doorway to untold treasures.
My father had brought great teachers from the southlands. And they were content to stay in the warmth of the lush valleys and to stay in the places of comfort provided. Somehow, I knew that would never be for me. I loved to roam and have excuses to travel with my father. It took some convincing but I studied so well that I became his right hand in negotiations, as my skill with languages was remarkable from a young age.
You may have heard stories about me. The stories will tell you that I was not afraid. Stories are meant to give hope and confidence. But to say I did not feel fear in that moment when I walked away from my old life, would be a lie.
I had been trained from a small child to be soft-spoken, quiet, calm, and self-aware. My schooling had been the best for a young girl at the time; languages, art, music, dance, writing, poetry, mathematics, sciences, healing, and meditation. My father had deeply loved all his children. But perhaps I held a small special place in his heart. Which was why he resisted so much when Padmakara came to awaken me to my new life.
My father (always a man of traditional positions and values) had great plans for me to be married to one of the many suitors that could empower his position and bring stability to our kingdoms. However, I never wanted that life. Politics was never my gift and even now, many lifetimes later, it is still my challenge.
From the time of a small child I had visions and the spirits of nature communicated with me about the life to come and the great man that would bring me out of this place of prestige and politics and into a world of “great promise”. I did not know what that meant but I knew that there would be a moment when the strength of my spirit would confront the power of my family name and I would have to choose.
Spirit speaks in a whisper of riddles and hints of potentiality with no solid base from which to leap across the chasms of the unknown. Knowing the possibility and experiencing that choice when it comes, are radically different in energy, intensity, and risk.
The stories say I was brave but… that was not it. When your destiny calls you, I have found it is almost impossible to resist.
Threats from my father really had no effect. Even when he threw me into the dungeon to break my determined and fiery will, my intent burned so brightly that day (as I stood my ground with my father and his men) that my feet began to burn brightly with an eerie light and the stone under my feet began to melt under the power of my commitment to follow my destiny.
In that moment, I saw something that I had never seen in my father’s eyes … fear. A power greater than my own took control and a red light of earthly passion consumed me behind those metal bars.
I would not conform. I would not do what I was told and I would get out of this cage. The power of family love and commitment did not hold enough sway over my highest self calling for me to break out of the old ways and to find the truth.
That was only a hint of the things to come, for when I finally, deeply, connected with my beloved there was no force on earth that could stop us.

~Suzanne Wagner~