Thursday, November 30, 2017

Astrology for December 2017 - Rare and Unique Moments

Astrology for December 2017

Rare and Unique – This is the Moment to Choose Your Position in the Field

Are you in alignment with the Galactic Center or not?

Saturn is teaching a final lesson that has been presented for decades to force us to look at where our choices and actions align or dis-align you from your highest self. What are you reaching for? What is earth expanding out of?

The Messenger of Karma is attempting to align and illuminate humanity towards the aspects of the Kundalini energy that is awakening you. It is trying to unweave all the illusions of that humanity has been caught in for millennia. That snake is lifting its head up and its tongue is testing the scents in your reality. But that awakening is somewhat painful just like when you have been asleep in a space ship for longer than you realize. We are in those first moments when you are in stress as you claw your way out of the sleep and dream states and choose to awaken and deal with what is right here. But we have been awoken because there are problems and you have to deal with stuff right off the bat. Your ship is in danger. That may make some want to go back to sleep but now you cannot do that. You are needed to make the adjustments that cannot be done without the physical hands-on skill that you personally possess.

December 1 - Venus enters Sagittarius. Bringing with it fire and a purification to your relationships. There are extreme changes in how we deal with things in our relationships. This is a happy and more positive place for Venus to be and it re-ignites the bigger fire energy of purification as there are 5 planets in fire. That much fire can create a lot of confusion. Think of the fires in California. They happened so swiftly that choices and decisions have to be made in concise ways where you have to decide what it really valuable and irreplaceable in your life and what you may have to let go of even when you do not want to.

December 2 – Jupiter trines Neptune. Your dreams are becoming real. But dreams and nightmares can also become real so pay attention to what your dreams are telling you. My dreams have been transiting through the theme of trying to find home. What are yours?

Mercury is going retrograde in Sagittarius and it is not really happy in this position as there is just too much information to assimilate. What I notice for myself is that I have had to slow down in order to integrate such a huge amount of energy. It is like your chip is faster than your processor. There are major things you are struggling with and you have to figure out the future. You have to believe that the Universe has a plan but you may feel serious and overly focused on finding it and getting it going. But Neptune’s aspects are being murky and confusing. Don’t worry if you feel that you don’t know what you are doing. The door is going to be there even if you fall into it by seeming accident. Everyone is going to get sucked through this hole whether you are awake and ready or not. Awake and ready will be less scary. But this portal is global and everyone is included in this shift.
Remember, you are not enlightened yet. You are not supposed to know everything. There is a spiritual trust and knowing that is presenting to you but you must choose it.

The stress at the first part of this month is huge. Neptune with all its connections is the realization that there is so much to be done and that list is going to explode magically into a long scroll. The impact is so strong that many will feel overwhelmed and inadequate. Sometimes you just have to let the dice roll. And play that hand you are given.

The first few days is more of a wild ride than anything you have felt over a longer period of time. Stay as flexible as possible because nothing is as it was. All things are going to be new. Embrace the new and enjoy the magic of the newness.

Jupiter in Scorpio has its own agenda and is going to continue to shine a bright light into the darkest corners that you don’t really want to look at. Notice all the stars, directors, and politicians whose dirty laundry is being aired in a huge way right now. And this has just begun. It is going to be a witch hunt of the sexual Scorpionic Order that will continue to shatter dreams, reveal dysfunction, and ruin lives till November of 2018.

Chiron is going direct on December 5. If you have had health stuff and issues this transit is not over but it is not pulling you backward the way it was but moving you forward to finally go into Aries, which will be the first time in 50 years. With Chiron in Pisces it has felt never ending and it just seemed like things were never going to actually shift. But that energy in Aries can’t help but kick things hard forward. What you believed in the past is holding you back. And that is finally going to loosen up and give you the chance to own the past. But that fear put you in a jail from which the torture seemed to never end. And now you have been given a key to leave the prison of your own accord, should you choose. Everyone has problems and karmic situations that have plagued them through this Chiron in Pisces. The lesson is to surrender into what is, in this moment. You cannot really change if you do not recognize the problem staring you in the face. But you have to also let go and not let it stop you from being your best self. The story you are telling yourself has to go. You have to recognize why you have the story and what the story is protecting (which is almost always your own ego). What are you really afraid of? Who are you afraid you are?

December 9th – Mars Enters Scorpio. And it is getting ready to Conjunct Jupiter in January. That is something that I am not sure we are really ready for. Mars is chasing all the other planets now and it is being the engine at the back wanting to push things faster forward. Pieces that you don’t want to be real are going to be suddenly become really real. The parts that you wanted to deal with later are going to have to be dealt with now. I expect something, (such as a global event) that will inspire the spiritual warriors to leap forward. It may feel like a victory and a vindication for all your hard word. Finally, your voice and position might be heard. But the Scorpio energy is going to be a dark and scary projection, so get ready for something rare, surprising and unusual.

December 17th – New Moon in Sagittarius. It is trining Uranus, while in a Mercury Retrograde and trining the North Node. If you are going to get on the train this is the last time to choose to get on. If you need to jump off the train (metaphorically) then this is the last time to leap. Choice is essential. Don’t be overly happy or sad. It is choice and it is the future. There is so much effort, toil and energy that is going to be necessary to move forward, because we are at the beginning of the Saturn and Pluto Conjunction that did not happen since the 1988. (Remember that big moment of transition?) You are going to have to really work at it. Saturn in Capricorn is very serious. Show up and things work. Don’t show up and you will lose in a big way!

December 19th Saturn leaves Sagittarius and goes into Capricorn. In the American chart, it is going to be a very difficult time. America is going to have to stop being so childish and lazy. By the time the Sun goes into Capricorn expect the full impact of that seriousness to register. The warning comes on the 19th-21st. But you will see that it is time to learn. And learning comes from being very, and I mean very, uncomfortable. America is going to notice what we have taken for granted because the Universe is going to threaten to be taken from you and for some it will be take away completely.

On winter Solstice, exactly, we are going to have make decisions. And big ones that are very strong about integrity and power. There is no room for mealy, mousey, avoidance types of conversations. You can no longer beat around the bush. Choose your fate or don’t choose and you will be at the whim of what is being offered.

Then Mercury will go direct on the 22nd and it is a full Moon right after in Cancer for the New Year. This makes you need to make your world and work happen. You don’t want the old stories anymore, Thank Goodness!

Mars Trines Neptune and is attempting to dig out the precious things that you have hidden in the darkness.

There is a lot of dark energy that is stirring in December. It is time to become wise rather than smart or quick. It is time to let the depth show you the energy that you have hidden within and that you saved for this moment in time because you were going to need this extra kick up because you have been kicked down for a long time. Each person has a choice to activate that energy.

It is like in the movie, “Rob Roy”, where you think he is defeated but with no other choice, he grabs the sharp sword at this throat, cutting his hand, and with this reserve of strength, grabs his sword and slices the other man in half.

I suggest you take the doors when they are presented. Don’t miss the chance to feel better and to rekindle hope.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Numerology/Astrology for 12/1/17 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 12/1/17
1 12/1/17 is the number 5. Take two of something and try to calm down. There is much that is not within your control. Own that and know that it will be what it will be regardless of your wants, desires, and dreams today. And it will be cosmically perfect if you allow it to unfold in its natural order.
Honestly, this is again a moment when the stress could get to you and the external conflicts might seem magnified and like a monster at the door. Do your best to stay calm and work on what is right in front to you. Expect there to be situations that seem to want to pick a fight with you emotionally, spiritually, or psychologically. Take time to consider your approach and learn self-restraint in many of your encounters. You will be much happier if you do. Watch, observe, and do not step into a mess monster if you can possibly avoid it. Venus moves into Sagittarius on Friday through the 24th. This is a highly social energy so get out and meet new and old friends. It isn’t the best commitment energy for romance, but it should be a lot of fun. Mars is also opposite Uranus early Friday morning. That can produce difficulty sleeping on but it may also produce a brilliant idea. If so, write it down or it will be gone by morning. The Moon moves into Gemini on Saturday, so that support short projects, errands and quick conversations. Since Mercury turns retrograde today, give yourself extra time to get where you need to be. While the Moon spends the day in steady Taurus, Uranus is strong and challenging today, suggesting an unpredictable or rebellious theme. The Mars-Uranus opposition perfects this morning, and you are more inclined than usual to take risks and to act on sudden impulses, possibly in a short-sighted way. Arguments and confrontations are possible now, and anger can erupt quickly. If you aren't too rash or impulsive, you might free yourself from restrictive circumstances, and this influence can provide you with the courage to assert yourself. Later today, the Sun and Uranus form a minor square, and while you feel the need for action, you may not know where to begin or go with your intentions. Unexpected changes in plans or events can test your patience, but they might also necessitate new approaches, leading to useful, instructive, or interesting detours. Venus enters Sagittarius today and will transit the sign until the 25th. Romantic adventures, as well as a straightforward--even blunt--approach to love, are on the agenda. You leave behind complexities and embrace directness and clarity. You take pleasure in seeking truth and higher meaning, and you are open, sincere, and optimistic with others. This is not the best time for carefulness with money.

December 2017
There are two big things to talk about in December. Mercury will be retrograde in Sagittarius from December 2/3 to the 22nd. There are moments when even I am extremely careful in my communication and this is that moment. There is too much in fire. Mercury is in Sagittarius, Venus is in Sagittarius and Uranus is ending its cycle in Sagittarius. Sometimes it is best to not put more wood on an already burning fire. This is that moment. Expect communications breakdowns which will force you to adapt in sudden and untimely ways. Expect your upcoming holiday travel plans. It is also good to do some behind the scenes preparation for future projects. Mercury is retrograde over an energetic point called Galactic Center, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. “Long term goal” Saturn also travels over this point from late November into early December. A possible meaning for this uncommon alignment is that it is time to align yourself with a higher purpose for the New Year. Sagittarius takes the high road and makes big plans. Perhaps it is time to prepare to travel or publish? The second big event of the month is Saturn moving into Capricorn for two years beginning on December 19. This involves the very structure of your life. In the world, it has to do with taxes, infrastructure, boundaries, prejudice and the law. On the personal level, it is time to step into your wise elder authority figure. Take responsibility for something larger than your personal self. Establish healthy boundaries and be willing to restructure the core foundation of your life. Winter Solstice on the 21st is under a social and friendly Aquarius moon. Christmas is relatively quiet under an introspective void-of-course moon. The moon is in talkative Gemini for New Year’s Eve, making for sharing your ideas, but don’t believe everything you hear!
~Suzanne Wagner~

Love shines through the fear and pain.
Love comes through in the face of distain.
Love makes life seem like the doorway to heaven.
Love is the yeast in life’s leaven.
It grows on things and makes them expand.
It takes the simple and makes them grand.
Tomorrow you may die and what will you see.
But the creative matrix that was your pain and glee.
Do not stop that desire to create.
Do not let your joy fall through a grate.
Take a moment and reclaim what naturally is.
You are a light in life’s quiz.
Without your generous soul’s expression.
Life seems only about aggression.
Turn around and give what you were given.
Let love open the hearts of the unforgiven.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Batten down the hatches and get ready for the changing seasons of the soul. December is an intense month no matter how you break it down. The question you might ask yourself is, “Is it really worse or am I worse?” The external is getting worse but internally everyone is beyond exhausted which makes coping skills not very good or effective. Expect to fail….miserably. Do your best to admit the f**k up and try to not beat yourself up in the process. Beating yourself further down serves no one at all. Expect mistakes from all sides, retail, shipping, etc. And do your best to just say, “Oh well!” What can you do anyway? Yelling and having a temper tantrum is not going to help make it different or change the outcome faster anyway.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 11/30 /17 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 11/30/17
11/30/17 is the number 6. It is time to rekindle our spiritual goodness. Within everyone there is light and dark. What has been difficult, is to see so much of the darkness emerge out of the sewers of the hidden selves that so many have refused to acknowledge. The swamp monsters are out and sliming everything in our world. How do you keep a positive perspective while witnessing the terrible darkness that is now being revealed? How do you deal with your own shadow as it expands in this world of “permission to be your worst self?” First, deal with your own shadow. For most that don’t have that lecherous, manipulative, greedy, mean shadow, your shadow is probably about neglect. Now, that neglect is probably about you personally. So often we think that our value is in what we can do for others but what about you? If you give everything you have away then you are left with an empty exhausted shell that has nothing left. And then you are really in a pickle because if your identity was tied up with “Doing for others.” Then who are you? That is where the deeper work comes in. And now is that time to discover who you are beyond the label you gave yourself. Often you will discover that what and who you thought you are is actually not exactly true. Perhaps, in fact, completely not true. That is when you open to an awakening of your true self to come forward and help you reconnect to the essential self that you have actually lost.
There is a bit of energy right now as the astrology prepares to shift into murky waters. So, if you have things that you need to do then today is that day to do them. Don't put it off. Leap into that project or issue right now. Take this moment to find the clarity that can set you on the track forward because by this weekend that clarity is going to go “bye bye” and if you already made a plan then you can continue that momentum more effortlessly. Attempting to find that direction after this weekend will be much more difficult. Early today, is about asserting yourself effectively without provoking, annoying, or concerning others. The trick is to combine both sensitivity and directness instead of going for either/or. The Moon continues its transit of independent, competitive Aries until 3:39 PM EST, after which its transit of Taurus may help settle us down. There is a buildup of fire that has many a bit "hot under the collar". However, you may be feeling the buildup to a Mars-Uranus opposition, exact tomorrow morning, that's potentially quite tense and can stimulate impatience. Tempers can flare and a tendency to take careless risks or jump into premature action is possible. Don't let the external destroy your path or direction for your conscious awakening. You will tend to challenge situations that make you feel restricted. If people seem to be trying to hold you back you may also push hard against their perceived direction for you. Remember, that only you and you alone can really walk the path of your karmic unraveling. Regardless of all the best of intentions that others have, you have a journey that is unique to your soul and others cannot always understand that. Because of this arguments and confrontations are highly likely. Positively, this can be a time of more courage to free yourself from restrictive circumstances or to push ourselves to break out of the routine and try new things. Know that sometimes, confrontations may help clear the air.
~Suzanne Wagner~

“Prejudice is an emotional commitment to ignorance.”
~Nathan Rubsteen~


I watch on social media all the projections of so many prejudices, hurts, wounds, and unresolved issues spewing out like someone’s personal truth when it is all their fear, anger, and hurt. I learned (the hard way) that my fears and projections of what I liked and didn’t like had nothing to do with what was real but with what was still a wounding and unresolved pattern within my own psyche. I hear so much of, “Oh, I don’t trust them!” Which means you got wounded by someone in the past that is similar to this reflection and so because you got wounded by that person, you are now being controlled by your past experiences and do not have the conscious capacity to open to be here now in this moment. You have no ability to see beyond your wound because the universe is going to keep pointing out that wound, again and again, until you look inside rather than projecting your crap outside. But this takes effort and energy. It takes time and a willingness to really be objective. And you have to recognize truth when it is presented. So many are so hurt and jaded, or have their personal slant and desire, that they invalidate anything that does not agree with their perspective. I have a phrase that I use. It is; “Open is open.” That means you are not open if you are clinging to your past truths. You are not open if you are living your past wounding again and again, incessantly and addictively hooking your soul back to your historic pain and trauma without really addressing and dealing with it. If you are still talking about shit that happened to you when you are a child then you have a frozen child self and that frozen self is controlling your life. Do you realize that? Do you recognize that what is making the decisions in your life is a wounded self not your highest self? And that is why so many made the choices that they did that now reflect back to them in ways that are troubling. That is why the world is in this predicament. This is why there is a building up of terrible energy that is destructive rather than life-supporting. It seems that we are destined to live through the painful unsolved realities of a global consciousness. It seems everyone has decided to do it all together in a huge convulsion of suffering. If ever there was a time to actively do consistent meditation twice a day it is now. I personally am doing just that. I choose to actively seek out my own distortions in my shadow and not inflict them upon others or the global miasma that is suffering so deeply right now. All I can do, and all you can do, is take your small part of fuel out of the bomb preparing to explode. Oh, that bomb is going to go. But if enough take responsibly for their own issues and work through them, perhaps then it will not be so bad. That is my hope and prayer for this beautiful world.
~Suzanne Wagner~