Saturday, March 31, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 4/1/18 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 4/1/18
4/1/18 is the number 7. Rushing right now is a terrible strategy and will lead you right into the astrological trap that will catch you in your arrogance and rudeness. The tide has shifted. Childish behavior is finally not being tolerated in adults anymore. This is a good thing but now you have to change your way of doing into a more mature and clearly balanced, honest perspective. For some that want to continue to have temper tantrums like their frozen, wounded, child parts inside, that may be a bit of a shock because when people are in a cycle of “acting out” it is always their ego and never their authentic self. But if you have not been in control of their words, know that you have officially been put on notice but the universe. When the dark genie has been let out of the bag it is very difficult to get it back in. In fact, probably impossible. So, you are left with a choice to grow up and let go of that opinion that is not true anyway. I know some of you want your projection of hatred to harm the world just so you can be right but that is not going to be possible. If you do not allow that toxicity inside to be transformed it will turn on you. And then your own health is going to suffer the consequences of your beliefs and negativity. This is not a time to think that things will clear up instantly. It is really like an atom bomb has gone off in your world and there is toxic waste, death, and rubble everywhere. It is going to take a lot of work to clean it all up. Years in fact. So, no rushing. Create a strategy and take is one brick at a time. Progress under such circumstances is incremental at best. But in truth there is no other choice.
As is already very obvious with the Mercury Retrograde in Aries and squaring Saturn, you would be well advised to not just willy-nilly say whatever you want (Mercury in Aries) because Saturn is right there saying, “Whoa Whoa Whoa! Do you really want to say that? Perhaps you better think about the impact, reaction, and consequences of your words before you just show your ignorance and prejudices.” Mercury continues its retrograde cycle until the 15th of April. However, it is smack dab in the middle of the cycle on April 1st. This will attempt to shift your thinking from cleaning up the past issues and wounding’s to looking ahead and what steps need to be taken to create that shift that you have been wanting so deeply. Today is Easter and April Fool’s Day. We now enter into the second half of the communications breakdown cycle. And this part forward will feel more like a Mercury retrograde than the first half. So, if you thought you got off easy, think again. Yes, we have fully entered into the warming trend of the spring and that makes you itchy to get out there and do something. You may want to get your garden organized or work on some new projects. Just remember to allow some wiggle room for those projects to shift to shift and change because the Mercury Retrograde is still in the way for a few more weeks. Expect to be more engaged in the morning than the afternoon.  The Sun aligns with this retrograde Mercury in Aries, so you might notice that past matters are up again for review. Your inner self wants to be heard and listened too. Pay attention. Today, take some meditation time to figure out your next steps so you can have great lists of ideas and possibilities. Now, not all of those are going to work nor are then going to be in the right order but often having a plan and a strategy allows the ego to relax and then the true creative self can explore in freedom. Ideas that come from this moment will have more significance and potential staying power over time. Your words and actions will be coming out with all that Aries force and intensity so remember to be kind. The Moon is preparing to leave Libra this evening and move into the deepening perspective of Scorpio. Mars and Saturn remind you to be practical in all your actions and to move with purpose. Don't forget your obligations today. Because you are only as good as your word. It is time to pick your battles and learn to figure out if what you are attempting to do is really worth it. Are you supporting things that are highly toxic? Don't let yourself give energy to things that pull you down. Don't support positions that do not serve the greater whole. This Full Moon, you don't need to prove who you are you need to be comfortable in your own skin. All you need to be is authentic. You do not need to be someone that you are not. Chiron is at the last degrees of Pisces and this can often make you feel like God it personally attacking you and your dreams. Which it is not. But you are being tested in where you stand spiritually, emotionally, and energetically. If you are not on the course of what is good and right in the world, your tests will be bigger and stronger. You will be more triggered and highly upset by a situation or the words being said to you or around you. If you are in the wrong, your world is going to start collapsing in on itself. It was a false reality based on nothing honest or of value. The harder you hold onto that position the more painful the breakdown will become.
~Suzanne Wagner~

A good poem looks life
straight in the face,
unflinching, sincere,
equal to revelation
through loss or gain.
~David Whyte~

My life is a poem. It has rhythm and flow
It is a river that always knows where to go.
My life is a myth of legend and grace.
Filled with struggle and the overcoming of hate.
My life is a dance that tests the limits of space.
It forces you to stretch until your find your base.
My life is a voice calling out loud and clear.
To awaken those listening out of misery and fear.
~ Suzanne Wagner ~

Friday, March 30, 2018

Numerology/Astrology 3/31/18


Numerology/Astrology for 3/31/18
3/31/18 is the number 9. There are Universal Spiritual Laws that rule this reality. Those laws are that we are all here to learn to love unconditionally and to help others that are suffering. Whether they are animals, people, plants, the ocean, the air, etc. We are here to learn the responsibility that comes with power. Completion (the number 9) comes when you honor all things, recognize that we are not separate from anyone or anything. The suffering you feel inside is the unhealed dysfunction that you project out into the world. The injuries or illnesses that you carry are the reflections of unhealed emotions and triggers that live in your DNA waiting for the right stressor to act out in the world. The game of the number 9 is self-awareness and tolerance. Humility, altruism and empathy are the keys to working with this number in the most effective way.
Venus enters Taurus shortly after the day begins and will travel through the its home sign until April 24th. This is a much-needed energy right now because inn Taurus, Venus is more comfortable, sensual, content, and possessive. You may want more reassurance and security. You value only those things that have duration and stability. Your desire for joy and pleasure is strong. The Moon is building up to its fullest by tomorrow morning and I know that its bright light has woken me up that last few nights. The Sun in Aries is in opposition to the Libra Moon, bringing more clarity to your emotional awareness. Where Aries is about independence and confidence, Libra is about compromise and bringing balance. With this Moon, you recognize the need for relationships and all that comes with maintaining them. Maintaining long term, solid relationships is about learning the art of compromise, negotiation, gratitude, and balance. The Aries Sun, on the other hand, is directed, self-assured, desires to lead, and chooses to be personally courageous. This Moon asks if we have learned how to find a balance between our personal needs and tending to the needs of others. The Libra Moon asks us all to be more diplomatic, fair-minded and willing to look at where our ideas might be out of balance with the real world. You might notice that you value authenticity over tact and feel more energized when you do it yourself. If you have an unresolved issue this astrology will illuminate any conflict. Because it aligns with retrograde Mercury and forms a square to Mars and Saturn. You want the balance but you want your independence and yet you are feeling frustrated. Figuring out how to properly express what you feel in a constructive way might be difficult.
~Suzanne Wagner~

When words or actions close your heart,
that means that your heart
was already holding some wound.
And your heart was not
fully open but partially closed.
This world’s heart right now is partially closed.
But it is screaming for healing.
I know that to be true because only when
you are really ready to heal
do the really difficult things
come to the surface
of your consciousness.
We are presently in the greatest
healing crisis this world has ever seen.
And none of us will be the same once it is done.
~Suzanne Wagner~

How do you hold the light in life?
When angry people only want to create strife.
How do you open a closed mind that will not see?
When the truth is opposite of the egos glee.
I watch in sorrow as they continue to create pain.
They think they hurt others but that belief is in vain.
Because the cruelty of words in a boomerang.
It shows a soul who has been harangued.
The words you speak and whose intent is to harm,
Cause you the misery and for that you should be alarmed.
What you dish out comes back to you three fold.
So listen to your thoughts and how they are told.
You show your own vulnerable wound for all to see.
You show your dangerous lack of clarity.
In those moments you are revealed.
And that is the only way you can be healed.
~ Suzanne Wagner ~

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 3/30/18 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 3/30/18
3/30/18 is the number 8. If you have sensitivity you will hear or feel the calling of the planet to the divine for help. There is a sadness as the water is being toxified, the air is being polluted, the oceans are being overwhelmed with garbage. If you have that feeling inside that it is haunting you to do something in an active way today. When you take action the depression and sadness lessen. When you become active rather than passive then you become a part of the solution. When you stop buying plastics and bring grocery bags to the market you are contributing to the healing rather than the destruction of this beautiful world. It is time to take more time. What I mean is that when you are unconscious you are destructive by nature. You only care about fast and getting what you want quickly. But fast is not conscious nor is it the best way to live. Living with intention. Living from a place of conscious cooking and eating is part of healing this world. When you are rushing and overwhelmed you will tend to eat “quick fix” things that are not good for your body but give you an energy rush. But when you go “home” you want a good home cooked meal by your mom. (That is if you had a mom that cooked.) The reason is that you can feel the love and caring in the food. You can taste the chef in the flavors and textures. And good food makes us happy. Today, make a decision to take the time to cook a great meal. We often only do it at the holidays and so our memories are filled with these great “foody” moments. But why not make each moment that also? With our modern kitchens it is not that hard, but it does take some skill in preparation and having things in the kitchen that are handy so that you can make a fantastic meal.
The Moon moves into social Libra by midday. The passion and negotiate skills of Venus moves into Taurus. And as Venus belongs to Taurus it is like Venus going "Home" for a bit. It brings a small amount of comfort into a very uncomfortable world at the moment. Venus will be there till until April 24. It is time to get to work and bring constructive effort to what you are intending to accomplish in the weeks ahead. The Moon continues to transit Virgo until 1:53 PM EDT, after which it moves through balance-seeking Libra. The Moon in Virgo wants structure and for things to follow set rules and regulations. The Libra Moon likes balance and seeks order through being more attentive to the details, Libra sees balance as essential to the interactions with others in a healthy and constructive way. Mars finally makes a semi-square with Jupiter today. We all have been feeling it come in for a week or so. It has been adding to the strain and stress in dealing with things. This may make you feel more competitive but it can also be stimulating and invigorating. When Venus semi-squares Neptune, it affects your perceptions of how you value people and things. Try not to gloss over problems or only see what you want to see. Remember that the truth is somewhere between the best or the worst that you perceive. Venus is preparing to enter Taurus, and as that transition happens Venus can feel a bit wobbly bringing you into out and questioning your value and if you are appreciated and loved. But as Venus finally goes into Taurus that internal confusion will calm down and level out.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Peace is one of the most expensive commodities.
The cost is to let go of what you believe, completely.
To admit the foolishness of your mind and ego.
And to apologize for your arrogance and hate.

A seeker of peace, seeks not about right and wrong.
They seek to find what is beyond righteousness
To discover presence and this perfect moment.
~Suzanne Wagner~

There is a song in every heart.
A song of peace that was the start.
The beginning of you. The beginning of me.
The longing to find that love is eternity.
You cannot find peace when you judge and condemn.
You cannot create safety when you promote mayhem.
Your life will fail and your will lose.
When you lash out at the young who speak and choose.
Your hate comes from not standing for truth.
Your lies come from the denial of your youth.
The story you told yourself to survive.
Is killing you and not letting others thrive.
When you deny the hate you endured.
You need more and more lies to feel reassured.
But there is a tipping point that comes at last.
And the pain you gave out makes you an outcast.
Because you did not learn and you did not heal.
The misery inside that your tried to conceal.
You now have a harder karmic road to climb.
To admit that you were wrong and at the same time,
Grow finally up and own that you have become.
The person who hurt you in voice and scum.
Take a breath on that and feel the shock
So you can see where you were deadlocked.
Otherwise you will continue to be
A pawn in evils hellacious spree.
~ Suzanne Wagner ~