Monday, January 17, 2011

Settling into Northern California

Well I am settling into the new reality of being in Northern California. I am sitting here in the redwoods watching the fog roll in and feeling so blessed to be in a new space.

I am not remotely unpacked. So much is still in boxes and in storage but I want to have a different experience of reality and my goal is to allow myself to slow down and enjoy the moments.

Perhaps it is because I am 50 and I just want to have a life that is about having time to connect to friends in a real way, to have time to hang out, and to be at peace. Regardless, it is bliss. I feel that now I can slow down enough to hear the deeper calling of my innermost self.

I do not have any answers but I also do not feel the need to find anything. The experience of life and presence of this divine moment is all that is required. I so wish that each of you had a moment in your life to feel the perfection of who you are in the present. There is a place touched by that acceptance that is beyond words and allows a deeper appreciation of all that you are to unfold in all its magnificence.

Each morning I take a run with the dog up the hill and back down. It is not a huge event but it is invigorating and I love to see the bliss and joy in a dogs but as he is running up the hill ahead of me, occasionally looking back to see how far I have lagged behind, and then with his slap happy tongue hanging out of his mouth urging me onward into the joy of the smells and passions of this moment. It is all divinely perfect. The dog knows it and so do I.

I find that clients are feeling the shift in positive ways, as I am not so pushed to navigate clients back to back. I have more time to gently explore the places and options for each person.

I hope you are all having a wonderful direction shifting time also. I look forward to hearing your stories.

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of February 2011

February comes in with the tide turning in favor of greater simplicity, exploring pursuits that align with finding peace within your own nature, and the desire to go within.

The moose is classically about exploring self-esteem. But when I looked at this card I intuitively saw the solitary nature of a male moose. The feeling for February is about looking at what it takes to be still, in the present moment, and at peace with what is. Sometimes you must accept situations as they are and muddle through them with as much conscious dignity as is possible.

As humans we often think that if we could just figure out the right way or the right answer, then everything should work out. That is not always the case. Some things need to be accepted in compassion and peace. Sometimes there is no “right” answer. That is how life is. That is how this moment will feel for this month.

You may try to get overview from the hawk. You may try to aggressively push through oppositions and be angry with everyone and everything like the badger. But in the end what does it get you? This is where the moose seems to lead in the equation of understanding for the month of February.

A moose moves slowly. It is a big animal and rushing is not in the nature of this animal. Expelling too much energy during times of hardship is not going to work. A moose moves at the pace that is required to get you somewhere without wasting your life force and energy that you will probably need later.

We are in the depth of winter. The cold months call us to think, reflect, and calculate appropriately for our circumstances.

If you have had the opportunity to see a moose in the wild, it is always a startling event. It is amazing that the moose obviously knew you were there before you did. It is often hidden in the trees looking like a part of the branches of the forest. It is quietly watching. It makes no sound. It observes and watches to see what you are doing and if you are any threat. If it feels threatened it will definitely make itself known. But as a counter point a bear will attack before you know it is there. Not the moose. It is thinking about the options. It will always choose the path that will require the least amount of energy rather than the most.

This is where the moose has enough self-esteem and confidence in its abilities that is does not need to waste time or energy needlessly. A moose’s stance is one of maturity and control.

This is the path to take this month. You will see a lot of duality and options. But you must have the confidence that you are the master of your own destiny. You are mature enough to make a choice and stand by the consequences of that choice. There is no right or wrong. There is only the way that seemed the best option at the time based on your experiences and history.

Just remember that sometimes things are outside our realm of experience and then you have to rapidly choose and try new things. And sometimes that is the magical way through a challenging experience.

Know that you are going to be challenged in areas that are beyond your old reference points. Know that you are able and mature enough to find a hidden door by listening to your deep, inner self. You may just find that the correct approach is to allow others to observe you and know that there is actually no threat. Perhaps you will not have to fight the way you have had to in the past. Perhaps you will not have to figure out the right way. Perhaps you do not have to do anything and the situation will resolve itself right in front of you. This might be the moment when you find that you can actually relax and just be.

Friday, January 07, 2011

I Seem To Be Having Problems With The Radio Show Group

I have really been enjoying the radio show with Psychic Visions Radio Network. But there have been some shows where the show has not happened at all. So I apologize for my listeners as I have attempted to call in and the show is not up and running. So if anyone out there has some connections to another show on line or otherwise let me know. I love getting the messages and information out but I also do not want to disappoint clients and listeners that are getting online and wanting to listen.

There have been some shows that I took off as I was moving my home to California but tonight I once again called in and there was no one there.

Anyway, on to the California update. It has been exciting, exhausting, stressful, beautiful, enlivening, and a huge shift in my reality. I am not remotely moved in yet. There are many things that need attention and I have taken a position to learn to go more slowly and at a pace that is with less stress.

I am so grateful to Adam Sagers and Wade Lake for moving the last bit of my furniture and painting that did not fit in the last Uhaul to California for me. It is a big help. I am excited to just put another life together in a way that supports my gifts and allows for new experiences and expansion.

I want everyone to know that it is a great adventure to do such a big shift. Even at 50 years old this has been one of the most amazing things that I have experienced. To know that it is time to shift and to know that somehow it is going to all work out is a dance of trust in yourself and to trust in the universe. It is a real experience.

I am moving my mother to Texas at the end of the month and then I have to go again to LA and then finally home and hopefully unpack the rest of my stuff. It is transformative to say the least. I hope everyone is well and enjoying your own transformations.