Sunday, August 22, 2010

Personal Note for the Energies of September 2010

Changes abound as we welcome in the Mercury Retrograde till the middle of September and Uranus retrograding out of Aries and going back into Pisces for a brief time until March of 2011. This heralds a time of revolution and revelation from Uranus. And the chaos that a Mercury Retrograde brings as we move into September. Mercury Retrograde makes things go sideways and the best-laid plans will seem to get delayed. Both of these planetary aspects together can make energies shift radically and some may cause outages and things that are electrical to fall apart.

Uranus is the only planet that rotates on its side. So when Uranus makes shifts it tends to make things go up and down. You could think of it also as a wheel moving forward. Often new ideas that seem “out there” are actually Uranus bringing in revolutionary ideas for us to consider. Sometimes we seem to think those ideas are crazy. But over time they become mainstreamed and part of a society.

At this time we are attempting to discover and uncover these new ideas and ways that we all seem to want and crave. But some of those ideas seem preposterous and absurd to the mindset that we are presently in.

I am finding that many people have a clear idea about the huge changes that they need to do in their life. In the end of May when Uranus went into Aries, there was an explosion of change. It felt sudden and abrupt. At that time the clarity was there and those changes seemed possible. But with Uranus going retrograde back into Pisces there is a tendency for those dreams to suddenly seem difficult or preposterous. Others in our life may not want us to do those changes and they may inadvertently support us in falling asleep, allowing us to feel caught in illusion of a Neptunian perspective. There are those who think that if I just hold on tight to the old way and stay quiet then maybe all this shifting will blow over and I will not have to change. But this will never work.

Those making the changes will feel as if the impetus to shift is stuck and not moving. Do not be fooled! Uranus is coming back and those changes are going to happen and no one will be able to stop those changes when they happen. So this is the moment to truly evaluate your situation and make some plans while you have the chance.

This is the time to plan ahead and to begin to consciously unravel the old pattern in a calm and practical manner. Then when the energy moves forward you will not feel panicked and overwhelmed. This is a time of transitions. You have seen the dream and that dream is possible. It is just going to take a minute or a few months to implement.

On the whole that is not too bad. This change is something that you have been waiting for. The dream is evoking you to become your highest self that is available to you at this time. There are no more good reasons to wait. Seize the day and take that risk. Know where you want to go and begin to step on the path that was laid out to you earlier. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to become your authentic self.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of September 2010

September comes in with the energy to apply the natural skills one has in life and allow them to grow and evolve in ways that make a difference. We have entered into a time to find meaning with our talents and to finally pursue a dream that has been within us for a very long time. We will be laying a new foundation and be gathering up the material goods and tools needed for our future exploits.

As this dream emerges, it brings with it an increased sense of identity and purpose. Regardless of the global situation, any venture begun at this time is blessed with success.

Because of these unusual aspects you may find that now is the time to prove one’s capable of managing large projects or expanding situations at work and at home. This is a month of brainstorming, contemplating, and putting forth ideas for consideration. With courage and maturity you can use your talents to achieve your vision.

Yet, you will need to employ your intuitive insights to find the answers in some of your decision-making processes. Answers may come in forms that will surprise you from unexpected avenues.

This is a time to grasp the impact of a sudden illumination or insight and move directly to meet it. Your new identity is right there if you are willing to let go of your old structure. It is your spirit that guides you in the journey into uncharted territories. Surrender to that spirit within and allow it to show you the newness of the present moment. Then you will find the limitlessness of your being and your natural ecstatic state.

The opportunity this month is to give yourself a spiritual flowering of your Buddha self. It has always been there. You can choose to live from a place of joy and maturity at all times in such a way that external situations cannot diminish the centered expansiveness exuding from within.

This is not about mastering others but becoming a master over your own being. You cannot teach truth. You can be truth and that energy can provoke and move others to find aspects within where they were unaware. To claim inner mastery, you become your true self and then that truth provokes in others their own longing to become the fullest expression for them.

This is a time to face situations clearly and directly. If you resist the challenges presenting themselves it will make you feel unprepared for the task ahead and this can cause pessimism, obstacles, and delays.

Be careful to not make things difficult for yourself. At this time, inner conflicts will have a tendency to rise to the surface. Notice what thoughts are stopping your forward progress. In dealing consciously with the inner conflicts often the outer conflicts will diminish or disappear completely.

Take a moment to consciously choose to create freedom and joy in your life this month. This will allow your soul to unify around a clear goal and release oppressive habits that block the flow of the life force within you.