Sunday, January 07, 2007

Government Changes, Prescription Costs and the Changes Coming.

It looks as if there is an opportunity to make some major strides within our government and how we are dealing with the Middle East. The focus seems to be that we need to reclaim our good name and honor with other countries and let go of our past cocky attitude that has been accentuated by our president. We need to step back into the heartfelt, conscious place that most Americans want to live by. It is time to let go of arrogance and all the attitude we have been promoting as the “Great World Power”. True power doesn’t need to flaunt it or show off to others. True power comes from within and knowing that you are doing the right thing. In the end, all we have is our honor and personal values. When a country acts in a boastful and unconscious way, it make sense that others will not want to follow our lead and work with us. We are learning to not put others down just because they do not have the money or power that we have. Everyone has value in God’s eyes. It is time that we lead and take a brutally honest look at what we are projecting into the external world. If it is not what we want to express, then we need to make the changes necessary to make that happen. We are on our way with the new Senate and House in Congress. Lets see what they can do.

A major priority I see coming up is a change in the prescription drug costs for our seniors as well as everyone else. These prices are outrageous and everyone knows it.

I know many people whose entire Social Security checks are just going for the medications. If they didn’t have other money tucked away they would not be able to survive. And I know many that have to choose between food and their meds. The food wins. Somehow we need to make legal changes that do not allow drug companies to abuse our elderly. So I hope you support your congressmen/woman and senators to make the changes. Remember, you will be old at some point and it will be us at the receiving end of these costs.

On the Health Front – Health Freedom Nutrition and CardioClear

I have discovered a wonderful herb company that is based on the book, “Adrenal Fatigue by Wilson. In this book it gives many great ideas for boosting the body’s adrenal production naturally, which increases energy and allows the body to heal itself and create balance. All of the supplements in this company I find to be wonderful but this month I want to look at a supplement called CardioClear.

The following is from the company Health Freedom Nutrition.

CardioClear is a safe, proven, and powerful way to keep your arteries clear, improve circulation, and remove toxic metals and calcium deposits in support of proper cardiovascular function. Changes you may enjoy when you take CardioClear to cleanse and support your arteries include ...

* Dramatic reversal of fatigue

* A great boost in energy

* Reduction of—or freedom from—chest pain and tightness

* Increased blood flow throughout your arteries

* Healthy improvements in blood pressure and cholesterol levels

* Reduction of—or freedom from—leg pain and cramping (walk farther, faster)

I have taken this supplement myself and I have definitely noticed an increase in my energy and stamina. Anyone who has been exposed to heavy metals and toxins can benefit from this supplement. The ingredient EDTA is a long ionized molecule that attracts heavy metals to it. It favorites are: lead, mercury, and cadmium. Lead is found in the old leaded paints that were used in homes as well as the gasoline fumes from the 1960-1980’s. Mercury is found in water and foods grown in contaminated mining areas. Cadmium is found from cigarette smoke and breathing second hand smoke.

It seems that these ingredients are key components to making plaque stick to the sides of your arteries. There is a great book called, “Bypassing Bypass” that is much better at explaining this to you if you are interested.

There are doctors that are trained by the American College for the Advancement of Medicine that have been doing Chelation Therapy for years in treating heart disease and diabetes. Their system was to do the EDTA as an IV solution. Now they also do it as a suppository. But Health Freedom Nutrition now has it as a supplement. Making everything much simpler.

Suzanne’s Diet Progress

I have been continuing the high protein/low carb diet and even managed to loose weight over the holidays. Yea! I am now down to 142 pounds from 181 lbs in September. It was a little difficult to loose the weight over the holidays, but I decided to allow my self some treats and not to make myself miserable. I did the pumpkin pie (one piece only) without the crust. And I tried to just not go extreme in any moment. So over the month of December I only lost 5 pounds but considering all the temptations, I thought that was great!

I am close to my goal of 140 lbs. Hopefully that will make my body fat ratio be between 25 and 27%.

Good luck to anyone wanting to try it. I have the diet protocol as a PDF file should anyone want a copy of it. Just e-mail me and let me know where to send it.

Salt Lake City Updates


This course will help students discover the psychic pathway to which all are naturally adept and aligned. They will explore methods of sorting psychic information and learn to understand how to translate in an accurate and clear manner. This class is an inclusive exploration into the magical world of channeling and intuition. This workshop includes Suzanne’s workbook on Channeling. This class is experiential in nature. In this class, students will grow using guided visualizations, meditations, and exercises to open you to the mysterious areas within your right brain that understand how to gather information about others, guides, angels, and those that have passed to the other side.

The Art of Channeling and the Intuitive Self is March 3-4, 2007. Times are Sat and Sun, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

The location is: The Arts Organization, 150 South 600 East, Suite 2C, Salt Lake City, UT 84102. Please contact Paige Paulsen to reserve your place at the T.A.O. Emporium at (801) 468-1212. Cost of the class is $200.00. This cost includes a copy of Suzanne’s manual on Channeling. A deposit of $100.00 is required to hold your place in the workshop. Sign up early, as the classes are limited to 15 people. Anyone who has wanted to explore the inner world of channeling is welcome to join. Who knows you might just be the next great psychic like, John Edwards.

I have begun the Utah College of Intuitive Arts Community Project for Salt Lake City. Once a month at the T.A.O. Energy Emporium, I and my students will give a Psychic Fair. This gives the community an opportunity to have psychic readings for a $10.00 donation to the T.A.O. Institute. It also gives my students an opportunity to practice their skills and build confidence.

This event is really helping students learn and find clients and support within the community. Our popular student/psychics are:

Krysta Brinkley, Melene Lake, Adam Sagers, Ross Gigliotti, Nick Stark, and Shawn Lerwill.

I am thrilled with how much joy and support this is giving the community and students. I am looking forward to bringing more students in for the event so we can accommodate more participants.

This event is on a first come- first serve basis. Numbers will be handed out at the door. This number entitles each person to get one reading from the first psychic available. If you want another reading, you will have to pick a new number after your first reading and begin at the back of the line.

Location is the T.A.O. Energy Emporium at:
2030 South 900 East in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The dates for the Psychic Fair in 2007 are:
Feb 1, March 8, April 12, May 10, June 7, July 12, August 9, Sept 13, Oct 11, Nov 8, Dec 13.
Time is from 7:00 PM till 9:00 PM.

I will also be doing my Sylvia Brown Style, by donation lecture at the T.A.O. The dates is Feb 2, March 2, April 6, May 4, June 1, July 6, Aug 3, Aug 31, Oct 5, Nov 2, Nov 30, 2006. Please reserve your space ahead of time with Paige Paulsen. Everyone will be allowed to ask a few questions. This lecture fills up quickly so plan ahead.

All this information is on my web site at:

California Schedule

I will be in Los Angeles, California on the following dates:
March 10-March 12, 2007
April 14-April 17, 2007
June 9-June 11, 2007
July 28-July July 31, 2007
August 25-August 27, 2007
September 29-October 2, 2007
November 10-November 13, 2007

Also check my website for locations and directions or call my office to schedule appointments at: (888) 568-4402.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Predictions for 2007

2007 and the Numerology of Completion

2007 is the year of Completion in Numerology. This requires us all to step up to the plate and admit our weaknesses of the past in order to be able to more forward in new and creative ways. The nine year is a year that tells us it is time to let go of the old self in order to find an expanding self-perspective. There is completion of the old patterns. The nine-year opens us to new possibilities and frees us from the burden of carrying others’ emotional baggage.

As sadness was let go last year now new skills have become available. This will help us become more open to the mystical and spiritual aspects in life. This is a good year to finalize a divorce, find a new love, buy a new home, begin a new endeavor. The nine-year is a good time to find committed relationships that are different from any previously.

Lesson: Be open and free for completion. Intuition opens up. Let go of the old you and allow yourself to find the expanding perspective of self.

So in relation to the world, the nine-year is going to give the feeling that we must let go of our previous ideas about a situation and admit that we may need to find a new way to deal with the continued violence in the Middle East. The nine-year will force us to take another look at the past situations with fresh perspective and more honesty.

Last year 2006 was an eight-year and this was a year of great hardship, sadness, death, and loss. The only way to learn is to make a few mistakes. However, to continue to make those same mistakes is not helpful or appropriate.

The nine-year wants to shift the energy and allow different ideas to blossom. The change is greatly needed and we are learning to come back to our authentic center. When things look bleak we can fall into the despair and suffering of others and forget to maintain our own high standards and ideals. All we have is our values. If we loose that, then the negative forces in the Middle East will have won. We will have allowed ourselves to get pulled down to their level.

Regardless, change is on the way. 2008 will be a ten-one new beginning year. Hopefully the changes can come early if we keep a positive focused attitude.

The Cards for 2007

Arthurian Tarot: The Green Knight
Mayan Oracle: Akbal, Ik
Aleister Crowley: Prince of Wands, Defeat, Ace of Disks, Moon
Medicine Cards: Buffalo, Armadillo
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Six of Swords, Nine of Disks, Six of Disks
Words of Truth: Self Love, Aggression, No Movement

In a nutshell the cards indicate that there is going to be tremendous effort required and tests of skill, personal moral value, and consequences for all internal weaknesses. 2007 is a feeling of moving into the darkness and dreamtime of Akbal. It also tells me that we are going to have to go off a cliff of our old reality and find new ways to do the tasks being presented. As we move forward we are going to face defeats moment by moment. We need to keep our head and not get confused by all the information and others ideas and perspectives. We need to reclaim our inner moral values and do what is right rather than what is socially appropriate. There is more going on below the surface and we cannot trust the world situation at face value. There are major forces at work in governments to work against us. We need to be grateful for all small forward progress and have clear boundaries with certain governments. There is much conflict and aggression to deal with. It is important to keep our head and find ways to keep things going forward. We cannot sell out how we interact in the world. This year we need to be bold and work forward in new, energetic, and accelerated ways.

The War on Terror

If often feels as if the conflicts in the Middle East will never settle down. The civil war pattern that began escalating in late November is still not into a place of harmony. It is so amazing to me how people will choose fighting over learning more peaceful means to learn to live with each other. I hope that in my lifetime we may find ways to educate and allow others to have their opinions without needing to negate and harm others to prove that we are right.

The cards indicate continued stresses and divided loyalties along the Middle East. It seems that the Royal lines in Saudi Arabia and Syria do not want things to escalate out of control. When things inflame in one area they spill over into other Islamic areas also. I can feel the powers attempting to find a way to control the people but I have a bad feeling about it. When terrorists have been allowed to have this much power and permission to cross borders and be protected, they become emboldened. This usually backfires on anyone who condones or allows them to go unchecked. Based on the cards that I see, the chaos is inflaming and driving energies further into crisis. I do not believe that the US will pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan but the civil war energy will finally bring larger forces such as the UN to finally need to participate and mediate. The US will have to back down in relation to having the complete control over those areas and it would be best if UN forces assisted in a more obvious way.

In general, there needs to be tremendous more men and equipment placed in the appropriate areas to stabilize this region. This will begin in earnest in February.

We need to step beyond our pristine world and look with eyes of compassion. We need to help without judging others for the situations in which they find themselves. We are all human beings working together and trying to survive as best we can. There are no quick answers. Patience is learned and earned.

Look to the places where you complain and try a different approach. Look at situations through another’s eyes for just a minute and have compassion. Then from that openhearted place make yourself available to assist in the way they need rather than from the perspective you need.

Needless to say, the pressure is tremendous and this task is going to test our courage and diplomacy. There may be times when we feel our government is way out of its comfort zone. There are no short cuts to success this year. We need to be careful to not step into traps that are presented as what we want. Caution is going to be required in all choices and movements. We need to ask for more help and assistance from those that are trustworthy. That may be difficult to find.

There is a tremendous amount of world aggression mounting with the chaotic energy. This energy can be like a cancer, spreading and infecting everything around it. Like cancer it needs to be handled very carefully so it does not spread in ways that inflame the negativity. Sometimes such energy has to be contained and allow the negative energy to burn itself out. Somehow in this entire struggle we need to not feel stuck and hopeless. There will be moments when it feels so stuck that there seems to be no way out. But all energy changes eventually. We just have to stay true to our values and protect our country by voting and making our perspective heard within our government.

We are going to set some new boundaries with other countries and not allow inappropriate action to harm or cause suffering. This includes the Middle East but also Mexico, Iran, and Korea.

Korean Nuclear Conflict

We are going to see a bold move from China to block or inhibit Korean aggression as we move into 2007. This is because China is hosting the Olympics in 2008 and they do not want to look bad on the world stage. This event is a tremendous turning point potentially for China and they want it to go off without a hitch. I sense that Korea will do something that will catapult China into action. This will work in our favor however, the event seems very aggressive and damaging to others. I cannot tell if it is directed or targeted at us, but something will happen that is damaging and volatile.

Bird Flu

Bird Flu is still showing up in the cards in 2007. It is not a matter of if, but when it will get out of control. I am proud of the different agencies that are trying to keep a lid on the situation. They have been doing an excellent job! I hope they can continue to stop the progression of this flu strain for 3 more years. At that time, I see breakthroughs in medical research that will transform how we treat certain viruses and flu.

The cards for 2007 are not good, but I believe a positive attitude and prayer helps a lot. So stay healthy. If you are sick, stay home and protect others.

Africa and the Aids Epidemic

Amazingly, the celebrity attention is making a difference in Africa. More drugs are becoming available for those infected and even though there is a long way to go, hope springs eternal. Progress is being made and if the flu is kept at bay in Africa the situation is not as bad as it could be. Darfur is beginning to find balance by March of 2007.