Sunday, October 24, 2010

Announcing that Suzanne is Joyfully Moving to Her Home in Northern California!

It is with great gratitude for all the people and experiences that have supported my growth and expansion that I joyfully announce my permanent relocation to my California home.

The winds of change have finally decided to blow me to California permanently. This has been a choice that has been growing for many years and it has finally manifested at this moment in time.

So to celebrate the transition, I am offering all clients readings from November 1st to Dec 24th, 2010 at an amazing discount of $80 for an hour, $40 for a half hour.

Everyone can still reach me for phone consultations as I will be still working and growing as a psychic. And I have this amazing new Free Conference Call service that allows clients to have phone consultations as MP3 files that they can download to their computers.

I may have moments when I return to visit friends and family and during those times you are welcome to have an in person session with me. But know that I have been doing phone consultations for many years and this mode of working flows very well for me. You can find were I am through my web site and my online scheduler.

I have so enjoyed my time in Utah. I came to Salt Lake City to dance with Ballet West in 1982. I remember a psychic in those early years told me that I would be in Utah at least 20 years. That seemed so far fetched at the time. That lovely psychic could not have been more right.

Utah was a place that I was allowed to grow and expand into the person I have become. It has allowed me to personally heal and transform so many patterns of my life and past lives. I am eternally grateful to all those who have walked even a small part of this path with me.

One of my teachers told me in 1995 that they had thousands of teachers and they were all his clients. I feel grateful and blessed for this beautiful land and energy found in Utah. It has allowed me to learn how to continue to grow and learn with all the beautiful souls that have walked in my office.

I hope that each of you is continuing to find your own path and calling. Know that we are all connected through love and filaments that connect our hearts in light.

I hope you will continue to read my blogs and newsletters. I am looking forward to beginning some new writing projects and teaching some new classes.

In peace and prosperity,


Monday, October 04, 2010

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of November 2010

November brings chaos and upheaval to everyone as the astrological energies amplify the intensity to a boiling point. As things metaphorically and physically come crashing down, it is wise to not let your fear exaggerate the situation more than the reality.

Sometimes we have to be forced by our circumstances to make changes that have been churning just below the surface. In the month of November you will be given an opportunity to claim your freedom and open to new possibilities. For some of us those opportunities will seem to come at a cost. Regardless of how the changes manifest, it is clear that there is tremendous movement and things will be anything but boring.

If things have not come crashing down during the middle to later part of October in the financial world, then you will find there are going to be some corrections in the markets in November. Even when the news says that we are coming out of the recession, I know that my clients and others are still feeling a very real pinch in their pocketbooks. I understand the need to keep the money flowing but then there is the question as to whether you can actually just keep printing money to keep unstable markets at unrealistic highs. This never works or it never works for long. It feels as if the time has run out on this particular illusion.

I look at the situation through the process of asking interesting questions. Right now, are we creating or un-creating situations? It seems that we are doing more un-creating than creating. We are in a process or re-weaving certain aspects within ourselves and as we do that our external reality will flip-flop. Energy is energy and energy follows intent. As we re-prioritize things and make adjustments then our external reality accommodates us also.

The good news is that we are leaving difficult situations behind us and we are finally awake to what we have done and what we have created in our life. As we let the past go we will find a renewed inner strength and vigor as we escape our self created prisons and gilded cages. That newfound freedom will allow us to be open to conversations that we would have never dreamed of having before this shift. We are now problem solving in a whole new and transformative way.

Yes, you will have moments of abject fear. Who wouldn’t? Nothing is the same. You will not only feel different, you actually are different. It may feel as if you are taking off an old disguise that has worked very well for many years. But suddenly it no longer feels necessary.

So take a breath and open. Take a breath and choose to live fully in this moment. Allow its energetic intensity to open you back up to the wildness of life and its unpredictability. Do we really always want things the same? Do you want always to have a life that is safe? Remember the excitement when you were younger and were embarking into new and uncharted territories? It was fun! It was freeing! It was invigorating!

You can choose to let this time feel like some breakdown that you created or you can see this as life stirring the pot to make things more interesting and fulfilling. Which you choose is up to you. You perception will color everything you are experiencing. Realize that your perception is fluid and changeable if you would but open and be willing to see that the world is not trying to create upsets that are personal to you. Life is just the process of staying present no matter what gets put on your plate.

One of my favorite sayings is: “Life is always about one more thing.”

So here we are and there is not just one more thing to do but many things happening all at once. When things eventually calm down you may find a new confidence and trust in your core self that has taken you through this time. That in of itself would be worth the journey.

Let go of what you think these challenges mean about you and allow yourself to open into the experience of this amazing moment. The best part is that you are not alone. You will find many out there also searching for this new self that wants to emerge. Know that you will always find support along your pathway. Just open, be authentic, tell the truth, and find out that there is support available everywhere.


Get Ready for Another Round of Challenges

On Oct 8th Venus goes retrograde and does a little dance across the sky until Nov 18th is going to put an already stressed situation over the top. This can cause financial breakdowns, terrorist actions, and personal upsets that can make people feel as if there is no hope and, no matter what, they will feel as if they are loosing ground.

Take action to protect yourself financially right now. Emotionally create some inner space so you will not feel as if you are going to snap. Realize that bad things happen to even the best of people. Sometimes we just have to let go of the past patterns and perspectives completely. This year seems to be one of those times and these astrological aspects seem to reinforce that reality.

What is it you want to do for the rest of your life? Now is the time to take a chance and shift. All the energies are breaking down things that do not allow the unfolding of your true self. Sometimes we have to look at what we have created in our life and have the courage to un-create it. This can be tremendously difficult as things sometimes take on a life of their own. But now that reality has outgrown its usefulness and these shift are taking place regardless.

It is all a game of growth and learning. Make choices that allow you to find happiness and contentment. Everyone in life deserves a little bit of love, acceptance, nurturing, and happiness. Take this time to claim that for yourself. Choose carefully and wisely. Hurting others in order for you to shift are karmically inappropriate. Attempt to untangle yourself in ways that create honor and respect for all those who love and support you. Because they are also going through their own version of change just like you.