Sunday, March 16, 2014

Personal Note for 3/17/14 - Numerology, Quote and Blog

Numerology for 3/17/14
Today is the number 9. The number 9 represents the empathetic body or the subtle energy body. When you die, your physical body dies but your subtle energy remains intact. The subtle body is intimately connected to the soul and is the energy that carries the soul to the next level. When you have visions of saints, gurus, teachers, and past loved ones on the other side, what you are seeing is their subtle body. Your subtle energy body is what makes you sensitive to your environment and the small non-verbal cues that come from others. The more aware you are of your subtle body the more aware you are of the myriad messages that come from the infinite to you in each and every moment. Today, take the time to practice tuning into your subtle energy body. Allow that part of yourself to tune you up to the mysteries that surround all of life. To do that you have to master the art of calmness.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Perhaps the most important thing we bring to another person is the silence in us, not the sort of silence that is filled with unspoken criticism or hard withdrawal. The sort of silence that is a place of refuge, of rest, of acceptance of someone as they are. We are all hungry for this other silence. It is hard to find. In its presence we can remember something beyond the moment, a strength on which to build a life. Silence is a place of great power and healing.
~ Rachel Naomi Remen~

Exhale and let go into the silence. Inside that chatterbox of your mind you are actually a very peaceful and quiet essence. In our busyness we forget and we can get caught up in the drama that is life. Life loves to create more things. Nature abhors a void and where there is emptiness, life will fill it up. It is just the nature of things. The only problem is that we forget to practice the process of exhalation. Letting go of things, the past, expectations, feelings, hurt, despair, thought, beliefs, etc is supposed to be a natural ongoing occurrence. We wonder why we cannot get what we want or what we can see in our mind. The easy answer is that you have to let go of something, create a space, and then allow the universe to fill it back up again. When you are attached to the “I” you may relentlessly hand on like a miser to any and everything. But that creates inside a constant state of contraction, fear, and unwillingness to trust. In such a state you can see everyone as your enemy and your ego will feed that fear and make you hang on to things that you have outgrown. In the Mayan tradition, they make these necklaces of meaning. Is it similar to a mala. They are woven out of patterns and colors that the person is attempting to integrate. When they feel they have fully integrated that particular pattern, they give the mala away to the next person they believe is working on that frequency. It would be a lovely way to live. Whenever you have integrated a lesson, the talisman for that lesson you would give away. You do not need it because you have become it. You can never loose what you have fully embodied. Today take a look at what you need to let go of. Gift it to another. Pass the energy, lesson, and wisdom forward.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Sometimes intelligence and cleverness is a detriment. What I mean is that when you are clever you can manipulate situations in such a way that you do not change. There are moments in which compromises actually cause confusion. Compromises can be a way for your ego to maintain a certain amount of control and not allow you to be fully in the moment. When you are clinging to something from the past and are not willing to let go you may choose to take a half step and compromise. In such a case you are not happy and others are also not happy. This type of compromise can create a type of inner repression and that can work against you.
Now, there are ways to compromise in which you are attempting to meet another person at the halfway mark in order to understand their point of view and the intent is to work towards harmony. That is a lovely way to compromise. But then there are moments in which that you are caving in and actually betraying your own truth. We do this for approval or to sometimes to avoid conflict. But this type of compromise will leave a bitter taste in your mouth.
This month is full of challenges. We are in a Mars retrograde in Libra so things feel as if we need to do a karmic rebalancing. We may feel as if we are waging a war but that war is a psychic one. You will want to dig deep and make movements even though those movements seem challenging. Anything started now will work if your intent is clear and honorable. Think of it as if things are boiling below the surface and it would probably be best to stir that pot rather than let it explode when Mars goes direct in May.
As a result things will be coming to the surface for you to address. This is a time to take a look at your impulses and look before you leap. You might also feel more tired and slightly accident prone so pay attentions and stay present in the moment. Try to not live in the past and obsess about what is not fair in your life. A Mars Retrograde in Libra is about getting honest with yourself and realize where you have been accepting things on the surface but in actuality it has been creating deep divisiveness and conflict. Instead of being passive-aggressive you need to find another way to address an old issue and actively move towards changing your behavior.
Sometimes it is only through discomfort and dissonance that we realize what is not working. Your choice from the past has been based on keeping the peace and minimizing conflict. But now you are the one in conflict and you are recognizing that you are loosing energy and it is time to do something else. This is going to require all your intuitive skills and seeking out new knowledge and ways to cope. The best way is to express your truth in an honest and authentic way. I know that is not always possible and with April being full of Lunar and Solar Eclipses let’s just say for some of you your life will be turned upside down. Anything that has been weighing you down in relationship is bound to surface. April will force you to change how you interact with others. Sometimes that means life takes on the form of some sort of loss. But see that loss as an opportunity for freedom in order for you to move forward.
April is so action packed because of the Grande Cardinal Cross activating again that you will probably feel yanked around quite a bit. You are going to feel stretched. If you have been unwilling to change than big surprises will probably happen. It is time to put the cards on the table and ante up to what is your responsibility. If you have been playing with a false handful of cards and you have been bluffing your way through life, that play is no longer going to fool anybody.
April has a strong water element in the cards and this would be a great time to do a juice cleanse or to do any type of detox that your body is asking for. It will also tend to bring in water and there are places in the US that we really need a lot of water. So I am hopeful to the cleansing and healing element of rain supporting your process this month.
Get ready, brace yourself for big shifts, and listen to your intuition because you will feel as if you are going into an abyss either inside or outside. Keep as playful of an attitude as possible. Let go of judgment and old conflict. Use your mind and find alternative methods to handle old situations. It is time to discover how to become the master of your own awareness. April clears out the old in a storm of change which will allow the new to spring forward.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

3/10/14 Numerology, Quote, and Blog

Numerology for 3/10/14
Today is the number 11. The 11 is considered a Mastery Number. And as with all things there are positives and negatives that come with this number. It is associated with Aquarius and this new age of enlightenment and compassion. The number 11 guides you to find truth and because of the intensity of the energy it also requires you to nurture balance at the same time. As Aquarius is the community organizer this day creates a subtle intention for you to seek your highest spiritual perception. In doing that you are also required to learn to deal with highly charged situations with maturity and effort. Today the communities you are organizing are your internal parts and voices. Because of the genius and expansive qualities of the 11 you may have a tendency to swing from high to low quickly or you can collapse the 11 into a 2 and want to sit and ponder rather than do. What is tricky about the 11 is that it is not truly practical but its ability to show perspective from overview helps to birth a unique philosophy that ignites new ways. Today look at the parts of you that are mortal and immortal, human and spirit, dark and light, ignorant and enlightened. Then find ways to fully integrate your whole self. Today is not the day to settle for second best. It is the day to actively move in the direction of achievement with the awareness that all those who have created difficulties in your life have been great teachers and if you had not been pushed you would not be here now.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Life is about Rhythm!

Music is the Art of making contact with the Muses, or sources of Divine inspiration.
One must observe one's Rhythms in life and see them as established energy patterns. It is possible to improve them little by little through the practice of observation and good will. Right intention changes life.
~Carlos Cardoso Aveline~

Close your eyes and reflect for a moment on your favorite piece of music. What draws you to that style, rhythm, words, or pattern of that particular piece? Now say; “I am this music and I am……….” Then fill in the blank. What you are instinctually drawn to musically is the closest representation of your personal galactic signature. Meaning you personal energetic rhythm. Music is so powerful because each of us makes a sound as we move through time and space. Music aligns our chakras and meridians in the body. Music can activate us or calm us down. It quickly has the ability to change our mood and shift our awareness. Many years ago I was having a spiritual breakthrough process and I experience moving through all the levels of being quickly. The last level before I touched the Divine was Music/Sound. In that moment I heard the sound that I made as I went through time and space. I realized that this is how the Angels and Guides find us. It is through our vibration and resonance. So today, surround yourself with your favorite music. Allow it to expand and enhance your being. Just remember that your vibration is not always another’s. Be aware that as you share your favorite music it may open or close another person’s energy. There are moments when it is wise for me to tone my energy field down to support others in feeling comfortable around me. And it is with my friends that I can totally open and let my essence out. That is because in some way we harmonize together or have a similar rhythm. Have a musical day!

~Suzanne Wagner~

Saturday, March 08, 2014

March 9, 2014, Numerology for the day, Quote, and Blog

Numerology for 3/9/14
Today is the number 10. All of us know that things can change on a dime and today is one of those days. So be prepared for a big shift that will affect you in some major way. Keep an optimistic view because regardless of how you perceive the situation it will turn out for the best. This is an opportunity to test you power and to show up with your radiance in a way that expands you. So embrace the change. Don’t collapse. Be bold and choose to believe in yourself no matter what. With the planet of Abundance and Expansion finally out of retrograde, (Jupiter) you will feel as if you have the willingness to take those steps that you have wanted to do and that support of Jupiter will last for the next four months. So there are no more excuses follow your intuition and the energies opening in front of you. Don’t be afraid the universe has a plan and that plan is finally getting clear.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.

I believe that learning how to become balanced between your cognitive mind and intuitive/spiritual mind are intrinsic to being human. We have our spiritual essence inside this physical body and the physical body has requirements and demands in order to exist in this dimension. Finding balance in both and learning to live in harmony is an art in itself. My spiritual self has wonderful, uplifting, and positive ideas to share and express. My soul and spiritual self love to intermingle and bouncing energies and ideas off each other. My human self takes a very practical approach to things. I try to remind my spiritual self that my human self is not trying to rain on the parade but that together we can make those dreams into reality. But the only way is together. So today, listen to the issues that your human self is saying. Take those into account and learn to not override your body but to work with the energies of life. Remember a divided self cannot succeed.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Friday, March 07, 2014

Numerology for Feb 8, 2014, Plus Suzanne's blog and quote for the day.

Numerology for 3/8/14
Today is the number 9. The number 9 is the number of intuition, psychic ability, and instinct. There are moments when you are called to step up and listen to Mother Earth. So today, what can you do that would support the world and the evolution of this planet right now? It does not need to be big, just something small. Today, I fed the birds outside my door with two slices of bread broken up. The life you want to create and that you feel deep inside needs to be consistently worked towards to create the pattern of flow that ultimately leads to success. When you put enough energy into anything it begins to have a life of its own and then others reach out and add their energy to it. Today is the day to feel where you intuition wants to lead you and then put energy into that so that you can begin to manifest something that has value to you and your dream. You are being called to become the Seer, step into your artistry, create something with good moral sense and then open to the universe steering that dream into the direction that serves the greater good not just yourself.
~Suzanne Wagner~


If we are to help heal the world, we need to remember that it is a sacred place. Our actions need to be positive statements, reminders that even in the worst times there is a world worth struggling for. We need to find ways to keep the vision alive, to acknowledge but not get caught in the dark side, to remember that even the worst aspects of suffering are only part of the whole picture. We need to enter lightly.
~Ram Dass~

In being a professional psychic I have found that the most intimate thing anyone can do is allow me access into their deepest self. So I do readings with great honor and respect for the soul because that person is allowing me to see their shadow or deepest self. In general, my experience is that all of us are more transparent than we believe we are. I also believe that culturally we have been trained to ignore the obvious and not bring up things in order to keep each other comfortable. But then we may inadvertently condone some dysfunctional patterns that could and should be healed. Things cannot heal when we turn a blind eye. We must learn to shine a light into the darkness but that light should be a soft light of love and not the harsh light of ego that wants to hurt or shame another.

~Suzanne Wagner~