Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Riding the Roller Coaster of Change

Dear Bloggers:

Is everyone really tired of all this political stress and strain besides me? This has been an intensely emotional few weeks. Clients have been under tremendous pressures. People are stretched to the max. So many are worried about their financial future and retirement or the sudden realization that they will not be able to retire. This is no joke. Many are shocked at how fast situations can change. Even those that planned and did the right things are finding themselves in difficult positions. It is a tragedy for our economy and country but not really unexpected.

Many of the signs were there. Astrologically the pattern of Pluto leaving Sagittarius and going into Capricorn creates a tendency to move from the excesses of Sagittarius back into a much more conservative pattern of Capricorn. All of us will have to tighten up our belts and act in more responsible ways. This is going to be a real challenge for the children that have been raised for the last 12 years in this time of excessive spending and have lived with getting all their desires fulfilled. That time is definitely over.

Yet, in the middle of this it is not all gloom and doom. I know it looks bleak. I know that everyone is up against edges that they did not necessarily see coming. I try in these times to remember that the only constant in the universe is change and your ability to adapt to the continuous shifting sands of life. There will be many moments that we do not like or want to repeat but it is when we are under the most stress that sometimes we can rise above our previous perceptions and expand into a greater self than we knew was possible. And it can be exhausting.

So take some time to reflect on what is really a priority for you in this moment. Reach out and touch those you love in ways that make a difference and connect to them in ways that stabilize and support the continued growth of all concerned.

So what if you do not go out to eat as much. Simple meals and appropriate planning might just create stability and more family time. Slowing down and less rushing to get to events or situations will calm down your life and allow for more quality time, meditation, long bubble baths, and conversation. It could be great.

So, know that the universe always has a plan. You often cannot see the outcome when it is happening. Try to not go into your fear mentality. Trust that the outcome of the election will ultimately bring positive change no matter who gets elected. There are always those that think the sky is going to fall regardless of who get in. Remember we are all human. We all have good hearts. We all make mistakes. We all try with our limited capacity. We all think we are doing what is best.

Sometimes we are right. Sometimes we miss the boat. But we always learn and grow. Allow whoever gets elected to attempt to make the changes that they see are necessary to bring balance back into the mix.

Know that you have a voice and especially right now that voice needs to be expressed. Talk to your congressmen and senators. Vote. Sitting back will not allow the full involvement to expand this shifting pattern. If you want something different than you also may need to do some things different. Know that it all contributes to the changes that are necessary right now.

Poem #2- Hope you all enjoy poetry from myself to the Guides and Angels.

I am at Peace at your Feet.

In my heart I search for peace. When I find it I am sitting at your feet.
Why is that, my dear one from afar? I just follow my heart and there you are.
Twisted in this place of fear. Is one open door and to that I steer.
I may not find you in linear time. But we will connect with our hearts divine.
Lives will come and ours may go. But throughout time this connection I know.
We are cut from the same cloth. Together we make the most delicious broth.
You are cool, peaceful, and calm. I am hot, spicy, and strong.
When cool and hot together mix. Things that have been broken can finally be fixed.
Long ago in another time. Magic merged and together we climbed.
Higher than either of us thought we could go. Beyond this plane and the minds need to know.
It was your idea to try to show. The way for others to find this flow.
So here we are again in this place. Having fun in this monumental race.
You do like a challenge. Do you not? I decided to hide over here and undo this knot.
I did not know it would take so long. I made it complex and I made it strong.
Could you save me from my own illusion and despair? Could you reawaken me so I could become more aware?
The knot is loosening. I am twisting myself free. With the movement I feel much glee.
When I get loose so much trouble you are going to be in. Because I will take a bite of your delicious skin.
With our flesh we will merge the light. Into something new, wondrous, and bright.
Together we will take them into a very new place. One of energy, passion, and grace.
Interconnected we all will become. No one will be left out. No one will be shunned.
Acceptance flies on silent wings. Everyone emerges as kings and queens.
The goddess calls for everyone. From the past something new is begun.
Peaceful calm will return again. You are here in the physical plane.
For now that is all I need to know. With that knowledge the energy will flow.

Poem #1 to the Guides and Angels

To the Illusive Teacher

Illusive one. You know who I mean. The one that watches but remains unseen.
You look at me but you are not far away. You love to observe the passionate play.
Just letting you know that I am watching you back. Checking to see your motive and act.
Interesting it is to connect this way. Less obtrusive then to get caught in the fray.
As I move I feel you shift. Testing the waters and guiding the drift.
It is nice. So please do not stop. I hope to find ways to let more of our energies swap.
I am so grateful for all your help. I know that I can be an obnoxious whelp.
Patient you have been. The angels have assured. In this way I have grown and matured.
Connecting the dots is an amazing job. As I watch you handling this loving mob.
Times will come and things may change. But know that I see and notice your range.
You wait for something that I should find. Is it destined or is it timed?
A little bit of both I should think. I see you smile with a knowing wink.
In this dance there are tests and trials. Not just for me but for all of our styles.
Yet inside me something does move. In this moment to connect to your groove.
The time is now and I hear your voice. It is good and for that I rejoice.
You are the rudder that guides this ship. So tonight I reach out and take a sip.
From your eternal energetic river, I reach up and drink in a sliver.
The light that flows with passions kiss. I feel myself emerged in your midst.
You are not separate from the whole. You orchestrate it all and that is the goal.
I welcome you to come forward into the light. Which you have already illuminated to everyone’s delight.

Friday, October 24, 2008

November Continued

The weather is changing and so are all of us. It has been a crazy few months. I hope that all of you are finding a pathway through your own maze of your reality.

I personally have been growing in waves of ever expanding circles of love and support. This series of eclipses have supported and opened me in ways that I would have never conceived.

It is as if I feel that I have multiple parachutes to support new and gentler landings. Fear seems to have shifted out of the old patterns of contraction and constraint into a simple awareness of aspects that are still learning to integrate into this new emerging pattern.

It seems as if anything is now possible. Not in the way of needing it to feel as if I have value. Not in the way that I need to have my illusions validated in order to be good enough. But in a way that I know that life itself is always willing to give to each of us as much as we are actually open.

The great question is, “How much are you really open?”

I know that I am far from perfect. I am a work in progress. I bump into my own internal constraint patterns every day. But now I just notice them and have a great compassion and humor for how I love to create a drama in order to feel alive and part of the game. Sometimes that means that resisting is the way that I feel engaged directly in the game of life. Sometimes that means that I see myself in gratitude for all my karmic patterns, genetic patterns, and personal choices that have allowed me to grow to this point.

What I know for sure is that you cannot enjoy the game of life if you are not aware of how you are creating it. It is hard to have fun if you do not take responsibility for the choices you have made in order to learn the lessons that are of interest to you. But once those lessons are learned why not move on. If you are repeating patterns then there is something you feel is left unlearned. Finding the way to open to the information that you are in resistance to is very challenging. That is why you are resisting.

Resistance shows a lack of openness. Resistance shows a lack of trust in the flow of spirit that is always moving you whether you realize it or not. The places that you are not open are holding a tremendous amount of energy that you could be using for much better and enjoyable things.

Take a look at the places that most humans are lacking openness. They can be anywhere. They can be in your emotional body, spiritual body, material body, sexual body, etc. Many of us are only aware of how blocked we are when we finally deplete our internal energy resources and get sick. Then we slow down enough to notice how exhausted we are.

So ask yourself the question, “Am I really open in all areas or am I holding onto situations and places that allow me to feel safe and in control of my reality?” Holding on is not bad. We all need moments where we can take a break and just rest in the level in which we find ourself. It is important to not push beyond what you are capable of doing. If you do push you may damage yourself. Then later you will have to look at the places that you have overridden yourself and heal those also.

I prefer to attempt to look at where I am in resistance. Then objectively look at that situation and attempt to find safe ways to open and let go of my preconceived position. I prefer to walk with conscious awareness through doorways rather than be thrown into situations or dragged by the universe through the doorway.

What I know is that one way or the other you all are in a game of learning to let go of thoughts and patterns that limit your experience and do not let the fullness of your love and light shine.

I had a client today that we were talking about appreciation and expression of love for friends and family. We were commenting on how we don’t realize how self-involved we get in our daily lives until someone we love is ill or dying. Only then do you realize how you have gotten lost in your life and forgotten to express care and love for others. So take a moment to connect on a deep heart level with those you love. Don’t miss the small opportunities to connect and share how important certain people are in your life.

In this way you are opening to the full presence that you all ready are. Don’t hold back. Why not give all that you are in every moment as a gift of heart and connection to others.

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of November

It is election month and it is going to be a wild ride. There are going to be “Doomsayers” no matter who gets elected. The trend is towards monumental change and a shift out of the old guard.

The next president is going to be someone who can implement change and keep a commanding presence during this transformative time. The good news is that both men are good men. They have good intentions and now it is going to be up to the people to decide who holds the energetic pattern that will assist the United States to get to the next level of growth and prosperity. But the trend is towards Obama winning

It is going to be a difficult six months for all of us. Not difficult in the way that it is all gloom and doom. But difficult in the way that we must actively move in new and uncomfortable directions. Complacency is not going to work here.

There will be those who want to totally contract and go into fear and dread. But it is really not that bad. We all will have to look at things differently and learn new methods of conservation and balance. The trend of excessiveness is finally over. Such patterns cannot last forever. They are out of balance with the reality of human existence.

We are going to learn new ways of sharing and connecting with others. We are finally going to step out of being so self-absorbed. As a country we are also growing up. We have been such a young adolescent type of country. We have been full of energy and innovation. That is great. But now we need more maturity and responsibility as to how we affect other countries and how they affect us. We are not an alone superpower anymore. We are realizing that we must become an innovator into ways of bringing global economies together. We are realizing that we need each other and that we cannot do everything.

New creative projects and environmentally friendly products are going to set us back on our feet financially if we are ready to really embrace this potential. This will allow our economy to recover in more healthy and well-rounded ways.

After all, we are the country of innovation and invention. Let’s get back to that. We are great at coming up with ideas whose time has come. If we allow all of those fertile ideas to be looked at seriously and applied, we can economically recover faster.

We all need to support companies who are attempting to make energy friendly systems become the norm. That will allow the costs to go down and then everyone wins.

Nothing that is happening right now is terrible. It is just change. And we are the country that has always been on the cutting edge of change. We are birthing something new and wonderful. We have the potential to see clearly through this haze by going higher and looking at things from an overview like a hawk. From that perspective things will become clearer.

But first we must begin here with our fellow countrymen. If we can make it work here then we can show those systems to others and teach self-reliance.

We need to dream and we need to share.

We need to love others and we need to reflect on what has not been working.

We can do all of these at the same time. It is time to expand the love bubble to include more than just yourself and your family. We are a global family and we can and do have an impact on each other.

So, do not contract in fear. Do not close down. Take a deep breath and open to the new. Let in the exhilarating energy of the new possibilities. This could be a ride that you really enjoy. Just get in the car and know that together we can do something amazing.

No matter who gets elected, let us all come together and figure out a new way. Let’s listen to all the options no matter whom they come from. Stay open and you just might find something that can change your perspective and allow you to embrace your life in more complete and fulfilling ways.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Bailouts and Politics

Well the financial bailout has passed the house and you would think that everyone would be breathing a sigh of relief. But do not revert back into you past patterns just yet. Things are still not as secure as you may want to believe.

Astrological patterns take much longer to unwind and we are in a pattern that will last for 6 months for sure. The tendency is for it to take all the way to the end of 2010. So take steps to protect your assets and do not over extend.

Don't take more risk by adding any huge credit card debt. Do not make it a spendy holiday season. This is the time to conserve and rejoice in the simple pleasures. We cannot keep up the past pattern that our country has been doing. None of us can. We are all responsible for co-creating this reality and now we can uncreate it. Your voice saying "No!" to the huge spending in Washington DC is a good start. We need to figure out how to bring money, business, and balance back into this country.

But this begins at home.

We all have ways of bringing balance back into our life. Take lunches to work. Cook more at home. Play games with family rather than go to the movies and out shopping. I know that all of you are worrying about this but it does not need to be a problem. We have done this before. It was not a problem then and it can be fun once again. Look at this as a way to connect to our friends and family in more sincere and honest ways. We all need more depth and connection. This is an opportunity to do that.

Last night the Vice Presidential Debate was on. It was very interesting to see. I was impressed with both sides. It was not a dog-eat-dog event. Yea! It was civil and challenging all at the same time.

The process of Sarah Palin speaking was a wonderful new reflection for women to be seen in a different light, politically. She is the new model of American Political women. She did a good job in being a woman and being a politician at the same time. That is something that has been difficult for any woman to do. Hilary has tried to do it but she came across as too tough and part of the "Old Boys Club". But she was a huge help in the generation that broke the ice for the Palins to come into the mix. Women are looking for a positive reflection of themselves in this changing time. This was a step in the right direction. There were moments that were not perfect but all women could appreciate the huge effort and shift that she represents.

Joe Biden was respectful of her and yet intelligent and well spoken. It is also a difficult position to hold in politically dealing with a woman during a debate.

Both candidates were to be commended. This showed politics in a better light with more real issues being addressed than all the negative ad campaigns of the last bit. I hope this is a trend that continues.

It should be an interesting race regardless. Remember to register to vote. Your financial security and the changing direction of our country are in the hands of the people.

October Updates

October heralds a time of rest, rebirth, and opportunity. Everyone will feel a rejuvenation of the spirit after these traumatic and trying few months. You will feel as if your head has cleared and you can take a deep breath. You are seeing a broader vision for the future that you could not have conceived of previously. As tumultuous as it has been something within has solidified around this new you that you are becoming. With this fresh center, a great wave of relief and relaxation expands your perception.

The past fears that had kept you from moving toward this new possibility are finally behind and there is a sense of understanding the whole picture. You can look with grace and humor upon the uptight pattern that you have been in these last months.

The storm clouds seem to have passed and now you can see the stars and comets overhead clearly indicating a calm and fresh viewpoint. This encourages you to take heart and have hope and faith in the days to come. The cobwebs of the mind are clearing and this is a good time to sit and contemplate your future.

For some of you this may feel like you need to be still and recognize that past unfulfilling relationships, projects, or partnerships are ending. But with this emerging flow of energy it seems to be less stressful and finally the right time to jump. Hurt is healing and the rainbows of hope are returning.

This is a month of expansion and progress. Yet, everyone must be aware of those who want to use trickery or corruption to divide loyalties and create unrest. This is also not a month to take unwise financial risks. Many things are in flux. So take some time to carefully weigh the options before deciding on the new direction.

Take the time to dream, sleep, and have a new appreciation for yourself and all of those who have assisted in this expansion that is happening. We all need each other. None of us can actually do it alone. We are all one heart. Yet learning how to share that heart deeply with others can be quite terrifying as there is a deep vulnerability that comes with expressing your deepest self.

Others may not understand but if you do not try to give all that you are to this planet and those you love you will die feeling unfulfilled.

So let go of the mind and open to the unknown potential that is within you. This is where you will find the inspiration and ecstasy that you are seeking to feel and embody while on this planet.

You can find your center within the patterns of creative chaos. But you must let go of what you think you know and open to possibilities that have up to this point been beyond your awareness. There is so much knowledge and information that is available if you are just willing to let go and fully embrace the adventure that is possible with your life.

In this domain we often mistake that the only way to have control is through the masculine patterns of structure within the mind. But there are other ways. More feminine ways that have a creative magic that can make life so amazingly wonderful if you will give them a chance.

So enjoy this moment. Breath into this new space and trust that it will lead you in a direction that will bring you more joy and love.