Monday, August 31, 2015

2015 Fall Wild Women Symposium Interview with Michelle Murray

I just finished my interview with the multi-talented, Michelle Murray, who will be teaching: "Self-esteem, Worthiness and Getting to I AM" at the Fall Wild Women Symposium in Salt Lake City. Check this class out.

This class  incorporates the history of limiting beliefs/domestication, identifying what the beliefs are, where they are being stored (in the body), who is tangled up in them(muscle testing) personal limiting belief, tracking the belief, releasing, rewriting and replacing that history and meeting personal I AM.

2015 Fall Wild Women Symposium Interview with Stephanie Barber

October 2-4, 2015 at the Fall Wild Women Symposium Stephanie will be teaching a class on:

Return to Oneness:Embracing Peace and Forgiveness

This class is about finding the gift of loving ourselves through a Forgiveness dialogue and learning that Forgiveness is a key element in empowering us to be our Best Divine Feminine Self.  Stephanie will share her story of ritual abuse, programming, and how she is healing, finding the gift of loving herself, and returning to wholeness through Forgiveness. In this class we will share a dialogue that will transform an event from your past that is still impacting you today, empowering you to embrace Peace and find the gift of loving YOU.

2015 Fall Wild Women Symposium Interview with Reese Morrell

Reese Morrell comes all the way from Baltimore to join forces with the Wild Women Symposium again this fall 2015. Teresa is infinitely talented in the area of inspiring and supporting women in their growth and evolution. We are honored to have her teach a class: Connecting with your Third Heaven Resonance.

Here is her video with me. Enjoy!

Numerology/Astrology for 9/1/15 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 9/1/15
September 1st is the number 9. Finally, we have reached September! Yea! The heat of this astrologically volatile summer is finally waning and as the energy cools off and Jupiter with other planets move through the earthy sign of Virgo we are grounding in and settling down for a year long process in finding a better balance in our life’s. With the number 9 of completion adding its energy into the mix it is time to let the past go and embrace the future, however that looks in your life personally. More and more, it seems essential to find that internal balance and understand the difference between feelings and intuition. Sometimes there is a very fine line between those two but now with Neptune fully engaged in Pisces for the long haul those subtle differences are going to need to be honed and clarified. Venus aligns with Mars shortly into the day, and desires can come on powerfully, although they may not be easy to fulfill. There can be a focus on past relationships, and perhaps some impulsiveness and desire to take action on your new perspective on the past. The Moon is in Aries all day, further reinforcing a strong desire to start fresh. Your pioneering impulses are strong, and you feel energetic, spontaneous, and enthusiastic. Your feelings and desires are fiery, immediate, and hard to ignore. This is an independent energy – you will want to do things on your own and be the first one to do them.
~Suzanne Wagner~

You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will leave in torment if you don’t trust enough.
~Frank Crane~

There is always a risk when you open your heart to trust. Instead of talking about you being willing to risk I want to talk instead on the awareness of when you energetically have the trust of another person and then betray that trust. What that means is you become a friend to a person and then because of hurt or an upset your mind begins to make up stories about what that other person was thinking or what they were up to. And then unconsciously or consciously you attack them. Intuition is a two way street. You can feel into the positive but when you are triggered you can tune into the negative, weak, or vulnerable places within and then lash out again, either consciously or unconsciously and hit the person when they are down and the most vulnerable. The number 1 rule is; “If you are in upset it is about you.” I have found that it is impossible for each of us to be aware of all the land mines that are in others. Those land mines are their wounding from childhood and the closer you get to a person the more you will probably bump into those land mines. The more energetically connected you are to a person the more you can discover their “Achilles Heel”. Today, are you conscious of where you are energetically attacking or lashing out at others? Do you realize where you are sending negative energy out? Those thoughts you have about opinions and stereotypes do affect the energetic whole. You are consciously or unconsciously contributing to the upsets you see in the world. The game of consciousness requires you to take responsibility for all your energy. We love to focus on the good but what is even more critical is to be aware of your dark side and where that energy is leaking out and potentially hurting others.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Author Allison Olson of the Book: "Love: The Secret Power of You" one of our facilitators at the Wild Women Fall Symposium

Published Author Allison Olson of the book, “Love: The Secret Power of You” will be teaching two classes with us at the Wild Women Symposium in the Fall of 2015. We are very excited to once again have the lovely Allison Olson with us to teach some new and exciting classes. Here is one of the classes and its outline she will be teaching. I hope you can join us.

Love and the Goddess Journey

In this class the history line of the Goddess will be taught.  Some of the more known Goddess’ will be highlighted.  These arch-type Goddess’ will be held as the example of what a woman can do once she has a knowing of the energy she carries within herself, which is born from the power of Love.  This power of love will be the road map in how to develop the Goddess and express it to the world.    This class will be given a handout; that will require soul searching time with the aim to map out goals and acknowledge their divine gifts already.    The soul aim is to support each woman in seeing their Goddess self.

2015 Fall Wild Women Symposium - Oct 2-4, 2015 Interview with Rachel Caringella

I just love the amazing women that are coming forward to teach for us at the Wild Women Symposium. Today I had the opportunity to talk with Rachael Caringella an artist, psychic, and healer about her class at the Fall Wild Women Symposium.

Woman and Moon (Understanding Your Lunar Rhythm)

In Woman And Moon we explore the ever-changing moon and how her movements and shifts effect our emotions and personal cycles as women. With an understanding of the moon phases and the various traits within the 12 zodiac signs, we will discover how to tap into the lunar energy available to us each day. We will discuss the mysterious relationship between women and the moon.

 Through lunar observation and charting, we can discover our own unique ebb and flow. This class will give you the tools to help you discover your unique rhythms, in relation to the lunar patterns. The moon has long been looked to for guidance and light, we too can use the moon to shine light into our souls, and reconnect to our true selves.

Get your tickets soon! You don't want to miss the great group discounts. Go to Eventbrite today.

Numerology/Astrology for 8/31/15 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 8/31/15
August 31st is the number 20. The world of duality is running the show so be ready for things not being what they seem for today. You will think you are going to get a particular thing but you are in an illusion and the Moon in Pisces is going to add a dramatic flair emotionally to the situation. It is essential to remember that what you feel is not really real regardless of how it is perceived. Anyone and anything can present itself in a particular way. That does not mean that when this astrological aspect is over that it will end up being that way. Today it is essential that you remain mentally critical of anyone and anything. Do not take things and believe them from how they appear. Because shortly you will discover that you have been deceived by your desire and wants. The Moon finishes its transit of Pisces at 4:34 AM EDT, when it enters Aries. The Sun opposes Neptune and retrograde Venus aligns with Mars. This creates a powerful creative energy but expect some confusing emotions to distort the potential of this energy. It's easy to get lost in fantasy at this time, as we feel somewhat directionless and less able to face everyday realities. You may be letting someone else take the lead but you could misrepresent yourself now by giving up on the power you have been cultivating. You will feel more sensitive and vulnerable but also quite prone to misperceiving people or situations. Even so, your passion may feel stronger than usual. Relationships can be impassioned but perhaps demanding or vaguely unfulfilling, particularly if you are expecting too much from them. Impulsive purchases and flirtations that don’t have any staying power are possible now.
~Suzanne Wagner~

The finest souls are those who gulped pain and avoided making others taste it.
~Poetry Language~

Are you one of those that tries desperately to avoid all pain and suffering or are you a courageous soul who recognizes that you can become a vehicle for transforming pain on this planet and shift that energy off the planet and into something else? I look at people that have made a great impact on earth and see a repeating theme. What these unique people have is the willingness to take some energy or pattern on and be willing to find a way to transform it into a better pattern. Often then you become the target for energy of ridicule, jealousy, and projection. It is these brave souls that gulp it down instead of collapsing back into a position of acceptance of the dysfunctional world. Those souls discover that energy is energy. Even ridicule is energy that can be used as a fuel to catapult something forward. Judge nothing. Recognize that all things have energy. Reject nothing. Instead look at ways of using what the universe if offering, discover the goldmine of energy that lies latent in all things. Gulp it down and discover how to use even the darkest thing as fuel for forward progression.

One of my favorite creatures in Buddhism is a Garuda. The Garuda is empowered to hunt down and banish any obstacles or negative energies within, opening up channels for success and happiness. I have included an image of one as a metaphor for learning to transform your personal negative energy into something powerful and uplifting.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Saturday, August 29, 2015

2015 Fall Wild Women Symposium Interview with Krysta Brinkley

We are off and running with the Interviews for the 2015 Fall Wild Women Symposium, which will be at the Incredible "Leonardo" in Salt Lake City, UT, Oct 2-4, 2015.
Here is my interview with Krysta Brinkley who will be teaching a class with Melanie Lake on Vibrational Healing. Enjoy!

2015 Fall Wild Women Symposium Interview with Angie Millgate

Don't miss the next Wild Women Symposium which will be October 2-4, 2015 at the "Leonardo" in downtown Salt Lake City, UT. I hope you will join us. 
Angie Millgate was one of our psychic readers at the last symposium but we loved her energy and her gifts that she so willing shared with all the participants. She is back and this time she is facilitating and teaching a class on: "From too Sensitive to Powerful"
If you have ever felt like it was not going to be okay to fully step into who you really were and you have felt suppressed by others in expressing your full and vital self then this is the class for you.

Numerology/Astrology for 8/30/15 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 8/30/15
August 30th is the number 10. As a “new beginning” day with the Moon in intuitive, dreamy Pisces, you will feel more spiritually aware and sensitive. You are awakening the to deeper intuitive nature that is your birthright. Boundaries dissolve, and you are especially idealistic. It is a moment to act upon your intuitive “gut” feelings. You may also want to shy away from conflict, especially direct confrontation, under this influence. You are inclined to daydream and perhaps stray from your regular routine a little. It might be more difficult to pay attention to details, as this is not a Pisces Moon preference. Today is also strong for taking action towards healing, cleansing, guiding, or teaching. You can feel energized and inspired creatively today. Dive into your deeper feelings and then figure a way to powerfully step towards those instincts in a way that manifests a new potential.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The massive characters are seared with scars.
~Khalil Gibran~

It is not when things run smoothly that you learn of your strengths. It is only when challenged at a time when you are under pressure that you find places and resources to unlock your power and potential. It is amazing how the ego/mind wants to collapse you into a place of failure. I have discovered when I surround myself with people who will not let me hide or collapse that I find the willpower to move forward. Then there are moments when there is no one but you to pull yourself out of a bad situation. That is the moment when you have to trust something inside that is bigger than what you have previously tapped into. You learn that you cannot have absolute faith in your mind and your ego will sabotage you faster than it will help you. There is another way but you have to step out of beating yourself up and step into the possibility that there is something beyond what you have previously understood that might have an answer that will serve this awakening that is attempting to open within you right now. Discover that hidden potential within. Take the risk and move beyond the known into the mystery that connects all things.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Friday, August 28, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 8/29/15 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 8/29/15
August 29th is the number 9. What is inside that you are still holding that feels incomplete? What has happened in your life that now you look at with more clear eyes? You are looking for the clarity that comes from a place of calm center. You are seeking expression of some longing from the past. You were not mature enough to navigate this pattern or energy long ago, but now you feel a shift that perhaps you could navigate the challenge with more compassion, optimism, and wisdom. There is a doorway, if you are willing to step out of fear and into the moment. You can do it. Yes, it requires you to no longer allow your ego to be in charge of the next steps. In this moment trust something larger than yourself or your own mind. The Moon ends its transit of Aquarius at 4:52 AM EDT, when it enters Pisces. This morning, Mars forms a quincunx with Pluto creating a strong desire to prove yourself. This can place you at the center of potential confrontations. Feelings of competitiveness or anger can be difficult to manage or understand. Avoid forcing issues. Today, a Full Moon occurs when the Sun in Virgo opposes the Pisces Moon at 2:36 PM EDT. It is important to find a balance inside. To do that you need to identify and express your spiritual needs, while figuring out how to stay grounded and deal with the normal reality. The Moon aligns with Jupiter and Neptune and is moving towards an opposition, which will be exact in mid-September. Illumination of a dream or a desire to attach more meaning to your life is possible. Attempt to find a balance between attention to your practical affairs and to your spiritual self. At this time you will not find salvation through a relationship, person, project, or business, as you will tend to put too-high expectations on things and on others. Remember, happiness is an internal choice and that is not based on external situations or people. Ultimately, this day can put too much pressure on a relationship, person, plan, or enterprise, which will end up causing a disappointment.~Suzanne Wagner~

They say the best love is insane.
~Poetry Language~

I have had to unlearn huge patterns of control that I learned from my childhood. Learning those patterns was perfect at the time because they allowed me to feel as if I had some semblance of control in my life. As I matured and grew spiritually I have had to learn how to trust the universe and let those patterns and behaviors go. Replacing them with an intuitive feeling into the flow and cycles of life that were all around. That allows in patterns of wildness and touches of chaos just like shifts in weather patterns in my life. Everyone needs and wants moments of surrendered insanity. Moments where you let go and allow the bigger energy of life to move and motivate you into unknown places and energies. Love is always the doorway to the hidden treasures of raw wildness and joy. If you really look at your life, you will notice that the moments you remember the most are those crazy, joyful, chaotic, wild times where you threw caution to the wind and just let a feeling take you over. Let something about today throw those doors wide open and let you spirit soar with the wind, fly like a bird, howl like a wolf, and scream like a storm. Then you will feel the connection you have to everyone and everything.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 8/28/15 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 8/28/15
August 28th is the number 8. This would be a good day to dissolve duality in your mind. It is essential to find that balance that connects spirit and matter together. In the numbers it is a challenging day and so to with the astrology. You want to have the mental discipline and the thought for making executive decisions is there but somehow the energy is lacking to accomplish the task. Yes, it might feel a bit frustrating. Finding stability in the energetic storms of life is always a difficult move but you can do it. Yes, it will take focus but all effort eventually pays off though you might not see it pay off today. The Moon is in Aquarius all day. This morning, Mercury forms a semi-square with Venus. Difficulties in social and romantic communication are possible today, although you may strive to be polite and to communicate. Hypersensitivity and lack of mental discipline are possible under this influence. Your mind may wander and you may have difficulty making definite decisions. The Sun in dynamic aspect to Uranus today can point to a desire to make changes but difficulty knowing what needs changing. Unexpected changes in plans or events can test your patience, and you might feel a bit out of control. However, they could stimulate you to try new approaches and they certainly act to cut boredom. This transit may stimulate a drive to do something new, but you should aim for more self-awareness rather than stirring up unnecessary trouble.
~Suzanne Wagner~

"The purpose of our lives is to give birth to the best which is within us."
~Marianne Williamson~


We are all in a place where we have a choice. That choice is to manifest our potential or to allow the suffering and chaos of this life to stop us from awakening. In each moment you have a choice. It does not seem like it but those thoughts wafting through your mind are the options that you can live your life by or are trying to get your attention to understand the inner saboteur. It is time to choose wisdom over habit. It is time to take responsibility rather than slide through life blaming others for your circumstances. Everyone has terrible moments. It is what you do with that moment that supports your forward progression or supports the stagnation that is choking you. Choose freedom. Always choose change. Life begins at the edge of your known world. You are not fully in life until you are feeling a bit of discomfort.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


One of the Classes that will be at the 2015 Fall Wild Women Symposium

What is Tantra?  Uncovering the Truth from the Cultural Patterns of Fear

Suzanne Wagner and Jennifer Stanchfield will discuss the real meaning and the purpose of Tantra as a pattern of growth, discovery, and a process for deepening intimacy in your relationship. They will help you understand how leaning into your edges consciously, safely, and constructively with your lover unveils the deeper places that can be shared only in places of emotional vulnerability and heart connected presence.

Tantra means a weaving of love, life, and light.

When you allow energy to flow between two something greater than your combined energies expands you into the places where you block your life force. Tantra is the art of learning how to navigate the chaotic patterns of life force energy by feeling into the flow, trusting the process, and allowing what is true to surface in the moment. Tantra teaches you that the most beautiful places inside are hidden under the dark veils of old beliefs and other’s perceptions that you have taken on as your own. You learn to weave the truth from your own experience as you unweave the distortions that have been given to you by society, your family, your culture, and your religion.

It takes great responsibility to learn to move and harness the powerful force of energy that is sexuality. That responsibility requires that you stay present in the moment and move into places of emotional discomfort with great care and consciousness. Tantra requires you to let go of the “Blame Game”. Life is about choices and all choices can teach something if a strong enough container is created between both partners. Tantra requires skills of great listening and vulnerable expression through clear communication channels. It is through experience that we discover what works for us and what does not.

That willingness is essential to finding deep intimacy. In this class we will talk about what Tantra really is. We will discuss patterns of communication that support diving deep into the possibility of a shared learning through sexual intimacy. We would love to hear real situations that the women have come up against that have challenged them and give them solutions to those problems as well as options to try in their intimate relationship.

Get your tickets now at Eventbrite:

THE WILD WOMEN SYMPOSIUM - Oct 2-4, 2015 - The Leonardo, in downtown Salt Lake City

The Leonardo
209 East 500 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Oct 2, 2015 | 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Oct 3, 2015 | 8:30am – 11:00pm
Oct 4, 2015 | 9:30am – 6:00pm
$200 Full Conference Pass
$100 One-day Conference Pass
Group discounts available

My name is Suzanne Wagner and I am one of the Founders of the Wild Women Symposium. Throughout the years I have been exposed to many types of spiritual teachings, tools, and facilitators that have shifted my awareness sometimes dramatically. I wanted to bring together the best of the best into one event that could awaken other women to the tremendously talented teachers that were in this area for spiritual growth and personal development. It was with this intent that the symposium was formed. This event is all about "Women Supporting Women". Not only will you have the opportunity to choose the classes that are of interest to you personally but you will also be exposed to an energy and a growing tribe of women who are committed to helping each other while they also grow.
What makes this event so powerful is the women. All the women. I have learned that the force of creative energy and expression that happens when women get together is beyond anything that I could have created in my own small and narrow mind.
The Wild Women Symposium is about miracles. And those miracles happen right in front of you. You get to witness a power that is the Divine Feminine moving through this event to open each person in the unique and very personal way that you need to be opened.
After the event all the facilitators are required to teach classes for the next 6 months which gives you the opportunity to continue your journey of personal awakening. We also have social events where the women can get together for painting classes, dinner and a movie, and social events to share and connect. If you have always wanted to belong to a group of women who support you in your journey then perhaps this is what you are looking for.
We would love for you to become a part of our tribe!
This event is at the beautiful Leonardo in downtown Salt Lake City. Inside is a kinetic sculpture, which moves with the energy that comes into the event center. We can't wait to see what this group of women combined can manifest and what beautiful art we can make together.
On top of it all, the following weekend after our event, Utah is hosting the Dalai Lama and the Worlds Religion Conference. We are excited to set the energy for the influx of powerful and influential people to this event. We hope you join us!

The Wild Women Symposium is an empowerment and education weekend bringing together women from all walks of life, experiences, and backgrounds from all across the United States. Amazing teachers and facilitators who specialize in the intuitive arts, healing modalities, fitness, nutrition, and movement have come together to share their gifts and knowledge during this event.
Designed exclusively for women, this event will awaken your wild side and allow you to discover the beauty and divinity of being a woman. It is through the safety and connection with other women in open-hearted environments that we learn to connect to our deepest selves.
Our weekend offers a variety of classes for you to choose from including:
  • Embodying the Feminine Warrior: What is Your Fierce Feminine Fighting For?
  • Breath Works Meditation
  • Shamanic Wisdom for Wild Awakening
  • Embracing Your Angels: Card Reading 101
  • Discovering Your Purpose
  • Chakra Dance
  • How to Open Your Spiritual Gifts
  • Return to Oneness: Embracing Peace and Forgiveness
  • The Root Chakra
  • What is Tantra? Uncovering the Truth from the Cultural Patterns of Fear
  • ….and Many More!

Numerology/Astrology for 8/27/15 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 8/27/15
August 27th is the number 7. With the number 7 you are reminded that awakening is a lot of hard work. To break out of the beliefs that let you remain stuck in your old reality can be very challenging. It requires an independent mind and a deep and calm contemplative skill of observation. When you refuse to grow and change you become stagnant and dependent on situations and others. Today there is a feeling of wanting to learn and open to a possibility. The thoughtful side of you is finally looking at a philosophical truth in a new light. The clarity of reality is The Moon finishes its transit of Capricorn at 4:04 AM EDT, at which time it will enter Aquarius. Mercury enters Libra today, where it will stay for an unusually long time, until November 2nd. Mercury usually spends 3-4 weeks in a sign, but due to an upcoming retrograde cycle that will occur entirely in the sign of Libra, this transit is an especially long one. When Mercury is in Libra, you can naturally be more diplomatic and friendly. During this cycle, will be able to bring a more rational approach to relationships. It's a good time to think about ways of improving your negotiation skills. In an attempt to see both sides of any given situation, Mercury in Libra can be a vacillating energy. You naturally see both sides of the issue and can feel like there is no clear way through. This makes it more challenging than usual to make quick decisions. You might feel like you are sitting "on the fence". You may be too willing to accommodate others' opinions in order to keep the peace. In your negotiations, you don't want to assert your opinion in such a way as to appear to be the "bad guy". However, this is a good period for considering others' points of view. However, it will help you to arrive at a fair conclusion.
~Suzanne Wagner~

You’re the closest to heaven I’ll ever be and I don’t want to go home right now.
~Poetry Language~

To be loved… Really loved is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. The magic is in when someone can breathe with you, move with you, and flow together in something that is greater than the two of you combined. When you learn to love anyone or anything, you allow your life-force energy to move beyond your body and then allow it to expand into the energy fields surrounding you both. That force is exquisitely enveloping in a way that is liquid, golden, and life affirming. When you fully open and love another, your highest self opens and exposes you to the wonder and energy of another essence. There you meet in the warm, liquid, glow of passion and pulsation. You melt into the energy that is all of life and you move in one glorious connection of authentic vulnerability. You meet on the battlefield of pleasure. You tussle and surrender into each other’s flow. And you discover the places that you have hidden from yourself. And those places are reflected in the eyes of the one loving you. It is the most delicious way to see your glorious self reflected in the sweat and exhaustion of your lover.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 8/26/15 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 8/26/15
August 26th is the number 6. The focus and contemplative approach to the number 6 supports the astrology for today. The number 6 has a meditative focus towards spirit and creativity. With the Moon is in Capricorn all day, it encourages an organized, practical approach to your life. There are days when organization can feel like a creative process and be just as fulfilling. Today this configuration has that potential. And it’s about time. Creating movement has been the focus for a while but there just has not been enough mental focus to help it along. Now there finally is. A sextile between Mercury and Saturn midday helps you to realize these needs. This influence is good for getting organized, paying attention to details, being very focused at work, and planning for the future. It grounds your thinking. There is a very step-by-step approach to your work today. However, later in the afternoon the Sun aligns with Jupiter, which helps to bring your dreams and ideals into the picture. In earthy Virgo, you can be especially aware of your desire to excel in the physical world. Vitality increases as you build confidence. You feel generous, optimistic, and sociable under this influence. This is a good time to take steps to grow something, such as: your business, your significant relationships, and so forth. This transit also favors legal, educational, religious, and cultural endeavors.
~Suzanne Wagner~

She was an angel craving chaos… He was a demon seeking peace..
~Poetry Language~

Thank you Vi. I just had to use this quote. There is such truth to the balance of duality in life. I remember being the “perfect” child. Always doing what I was told, sweet, kind, mindful but there was this “wildness” inside trying to find a way out. Fortunately I had that opportunity in dancing. The directors always gave me the big bad “Meany” roles and I loved them. Through dance I had the opportunity to play out archetypes that were not expressed in my normal personality. Through that journey I discovered an inner balance and acceptance of all of who I am. It was a wonderful process. One that I think everyone does do some extent or another depending upon how much permission they have inside. In the dance of masculine and feminine, the feminine light is naturally drawn to the chaos because it is different, alive, wild, and unpredictable. I think the masculine is looking for the peacefulness within that feminine light. Thus they balance each other greatly and allow for a broadening and deeper understanding of the fullness of life.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Monday, August 24, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 8/25/15 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 8/25/15
August 25th is the number 5. Everything feels earthy for the next few weeks as many planets land in Virgo. It is about getting real with what your life is all about. And you feel as if you have the energy and focus that has been lacking for quite a while to get those things handled that have been hanging over your head. There is great relief to feel the intense focus that you are capable of right now. The number 5 also gives you the discipline to get back on that diet, exercise and to do the things that you need to for optimum health. The Moon leaves Sagittarius early into the day, at 12:22 AM EDT, when it enters Capricorn, complementing the Virgo Sun well. While these are earthy, quiet signs on their own, their support of one another stimulates confidence and ease. You can be more focused on material concerns than spiritual ones today, although your more loyal and devoted traits may be enhanced now. You aim to be more organized and tend to follow the rules right now. This is a generally good day for business, and tonight, as the Moon aligns with Pluto, for developing long-term strategies.
~Suzanne Wagner~

We’re born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for a moment that we’re not alone.
~Criminal Minds~

Be very grateful for those who have hung out in your space and tried to love you through the tough times. Friendship is a very rare thing indeed. That is because each of us is on our own particular pathway towards karmic awareness and clarity. There are moments when friendships that you though were forever have to leave and move on. None of us are exactly on the same path. We each have a particular set of lessons that we have signed up for to grown and evolve into our best self. Friends that manage to survive that long journey of connection, temporary separation, and manage to come back together again are rare. When those friendships come full circle, celebrate that connection. Those are your soul family. Those are the beings that have walked with you throughout time. Appreciate the miracle that is that moment and know that something energetically pulls you together over and over again, throughout all time and space. Thank you to all my soul family. I love and appreciate all of you. Today, I celebrate the magic that is my life because of your love and guidance.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 8/24/15 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 8/24/15
August 24th is the number 4. Now, the number 4 wants consistency but with the Moon in Sagittarius all day, you can be attracted to new situations of conquest or adventure, and require less prompting than usual to get moving and to experience life. Bored with the mundane, anything that breaks the routine is appealing now. So I expect that when you try to maintain some sort of balance there will be a disruption that will attempt to destabilize that equilibrium. This may be especially true this morning as the Moon forms a trine with Uranus, when you seek change. You take a philosophical attitude to problems or challenges in your life. What feels right can clash with logic this evening as the freedom-loving Sagittarius Moon clashes with conservative Mercury in Virgo. It may take extra effort to understand others or them to understand you. Avoid getting stressed out over the little things. Besides some extra sensitivity, there is good energy for imaginative, creative, and warm communications. Regardless, of the swings today, do your best to maintain some sort of center, learn to flow with it all and learn to enjoy when life tries to throw a few exciting things into the mix.
~Suzanne Wagner~

All is a riddle, and the key to a riddle… is another riddle.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

There is so much in life that often does not make complete sense. We try and try to fathom the meaning of life and the purpose of our situations. The complexity of how things move and flow and how responsible we are for it all, how much we can change fate, and how much is a moment-by-moment choice that constantly constructs and deconstructs our reality. I believe that all of us have moments when we believe we rise above the density of our existence and we perceive for brief moments the mind of God’s plan. But then we fall back into the density and for a time appear to forget the larger overview and perfection that is our life. Today, look back into those moments where you had the clarity and you could perceive the higher purpose to the moments of upset. Then hold onto that and know that in another time and place you will, once again, see with the compassionate eye of God the larger vision and possibility.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 8/23/15 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 8/23/15
August 223rd is the number 3. So you might feel the waves of positive and negative as your life takes on the look and feel of a wild ride. But there is change in the air. Movement is happening. You can see what needs to be done and you have the willingness to do it. It will feel as if the resistance is out of the way and a type of surrender into the process is taking effect. So let go and let the new wave take you in a totally different direction than you expect. Discover the enthusiasm in the newness and enjoy the flow as we all together begin to obviously move in the direction of the fall. Mercury forms a semi-square with Mars half an hour into the day, and you will feel the mental energy increases. You may be inclined to rush or force things. The Moon is in Sagittarius all day and while there can be a strong emotional desire to get away the Sun moves into practical Virgo this morning, and You value attention to routine. The Sun transits Virgo until September 23rd. Your focus shifts to the pieces of the puzzle - the little details of your life. It is now time to take care of practical concerns. Tending to the details of everyday life may not sound like loads of fun, but it can certainly free you from unnecessary stress that results from "collecting" odds and ends of unfinished business. This is an ideal time to get organized, to do detail work, and to improve communications on the job.
~Suzanne Wagner~

The farther backward you can look the farther forward you will see.
~Winston Churchill~

Today, reflect on how far you have come. Reflect on the growth that you have accomplished. Offer up that suffering you have experienced to the universe and let the light of the sun fill you with energy, love, and joy. Our life can be an Eden right now if you opened your heart to the life that surrounds and connects all of us. When you focus on the negative and the hurt within yourself and this world it magnifies that pain. If you focus on doing one small thing to help those around you, then a circle of love and trust builds up and the doorways of infinite energy open to you. Shared love creates more love. Shared joy creates more joy. What do you want to create more of today?
~Suzanne Wagner~