Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Process of Dying and Living in the Moment

Hello again!

Welcome to Memorial Day weekend. It is Sunday morning and we are having a rainy day here in Utah.

My dear friend and client, K. Boswell, who is 83 years old is in the process of trying to leave the planet. I have been spending time with her at the Nursing Home as support and comfort.

I consider it a great honor to be with someone as they are transitioning. It is a wonderful gift to be challenged to stay present and in your heart as someone is struggling to find the way home.

So many of us are frightened of death, but it is such a amazing experience if you do not allow the energy to blow you off your center.

I always try to remember that I will be in this process at some point also and I hope that others won't be afraid to come and be with me.

It is beautiful when someone has lived a good, heart felt life and is not afraid because then their mind is sharp even when their body is trying to leave. Listening to them, you hear calm truths and perceptions because they no longer have any energy for pretense.

So the next time you have the opportunity to share your heart and caring with someone that is dying, don't hesitate to cross some time off your schedule and be with them. It is a real gift to them and an even greater gift to you.

I began thinking nostalgically about my life, as my friend K. Boswell has been in this process, and really appreciating all the love and support that I have had in my life.

If you take a moment to look at all the magic that you have witnessed, how can you not feel loved and blessed with every breath.

I appreciate even those moments when I was younger and I did not make the most appropriate choices because I was in fear and not completely in my body. I am so grateful to be at this age and able to be more conscious and aware as I live my daily life.

I am still in the process of finishing the extra writing parts in my book, Integral Numerology. I am re-editing it and then I will change the graphics and hopefully it will look great.

I will be teaching an Integral Tarot Class, June 17-18th at the T.A.O. in Salt Lake City, Utah. I hope to see some of you there.

Take some time to be with those you love and never forget the great gifts from those around you. Appreciate all the people in your life and bless them in your prayers.

Enjoy the holiday weekend with your families.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Reworking the Integral Numerology Book and Playing the Marketing Game

Hello Fellow Internet Bloggers.

I am back from my monthly trip to California and I am up to my eyeballs in technical catch-up computer work. If you haven't signed up for my Newsletter on you can do that on my home page website at:

While I was gone I decided to have my front yard borders redone and new flowers and plants put in. The old ones were made of wood and after twelve years they decided to fall apart. Not surprising really!

So now my front yard is all spiffed up and looking fabulous. I am always amazed at how doing small clean up things around the house really clears the energy up and generates more movement and light. The Fung Shui really does work.

So now I am getting all my paper work caught up and I have the enormous project of redoing the graphics for the Numerology Book and making some corrections. It is shocking that you can read and re-read a book over and over, have editors, and still find problems after the printing. I am sure it happens to everyone. At least that is what my editor says.

At this point I have done so much editing that I read other books and magazines and I find errors in their text. So I know that I am not alone is this problem. I guess I have learned a few things and grown in my editing ability through this process.

To assist myself in the redesign of the Integral Numerology book I have decided to sign up for an In Design class in June. I have had wonderful help from friends as I have tried to learn all the technical skills needed to publish the books but I know that I need some instruction at this point. So I am looking forward to a structured class so I feel more confident and less nervous everytime I try to change something in the graphics area.

I have also started puting up articles on my friend, Michael Natula's, new Article Super Center website. So any of you out there that want to put articles up on the web but didn't know how just need to go to:

It costs nothing and it allows you to write articles about things you are interested in. Mine are under the Spirituality section at the following addresses.

Take the Steps to Learn How to Become Psychic <>

How to find a Good Psychic, Part I

How to find a Good Psychic, Part II, Differences between Psychics <>

How to find a Good Psychic, Part III, Differences between Psychics <>

I will be putting more on the site soon.

So have a wonderful spring/summer weekend. Do some cleaning up and don't forget to follow your dreams. They always lead to interesting times and more magic in your life.