Thursday, January 23, 2014

YouTube Videos for January and February 2014


Just letting all of you know about the latest Youtube videos for my Intuitive Patterns for the Months of January and February of 2014. Enjoy.

Intuitive patterns for Jan 2014

Intuitive Patterns for Feb 2014

Wild Women Life Series for 1/24/14

WW Life Series 1/24/14

Do you know that within your power lies every step you ever dreamed of stepping, and within your power lies every joy you ever dreamed of seeing? Within yourself lies everything you ever dreamed of being. It is within your reach. Dare to grow into your dreams and claim this as your motto: “Let it be me.”
~Mary Kay Ash~

It is the way of things to dream them into existence. Just look at all the Star Trek inventions and ideas that have come into existence. Someone dared to dream of the possibility and that inspired others to make that happen. Sometimes you have to wait for the right time. Ideas have cycles of seeding, germination, growth, and fruition. Sometimes we see our ideas manifest and other times we are just there for parts of it. Regardless when there is an idea whose time has come, nothing and no one will be able to stop it. Just look at the Berlin Wall. In one moment, the wall came down, life changed rapidly, and healing began.

So what do you want to dream into existence? Do you have the courage to hold that dream in front of you and allow it to become your north star? If you do your life will take on a power of its own and you will be able to ride a wave that you energized into existence.

Numerology for 1/24/14

Today is the number 5. Today the number 5 indicates that we need to remember to be aligned with the earth. Take some time to go outside and feel the crispness of the winter air. Feel the difference in the sunlight during the winter. Connect to the earth in ways that support the life within you. Appreciate your food and the condition of your body. Take a look in the mirror and remember that the best thing to put on in the morning is a smile. Straighten your posture and feel the energetic change that happens when you do that. Try something different. Wake up those dendrites in your brain by stretching and doing things a bit different. We can be such creatures of habit. Today, just be different. I like a play a game, “If no one knew me and I was in a different country who would I choose to be? Then try on another way. The number five supports us in connecting to nature and the huge variety that nature offers. Today is a day to make choices that allow for a different flow. I love to pay attention to the little things that in our busyiness we tend to forget. Use eye contact to really connect to others. Breathe more deeply. Allow life to fill you up. I promise that your day will become more alive and uplifted.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wild Women Life Series for 1/22/14

WW Life Series 1/22/14

The plain fact is that if you don't have a problem, you create one. If you don't have a problem you don't feel that you are living.
~ U. G. Krishnamurti~

I had a teacher of mine say, “Bitching is Braging!”  It is an interesting concept. We love to complain because it is a socially acceptable way to get people to see what you are doing and how hard you are working. It is that old phrase: “The squeeky wheel gets the grease.” We stress out about our struggles and complicated lives but at the same time there is a part of us that loves it and thrives in a particular type of drama. Each of us is attracted to a particular style of drama and we seem to consistently screen the environment for that frequency and pattern. We are habituated to our routine. Perception is an interesting thing. If we look hard enough for something we will find it.

Ask yourself the question, “What would I do if today there was not a problem to solve?” How would that make you feel? We often think that we are going to enjoy it. When I have enough money I will take a break. But then you have enough money and still you are driven to find something else.

When I finally got in touch and learned to love the part of myself that loves intensity and loves the complications of life, then I found a different type of peace. Being alive means that there will always be another situation that we will have to adapt to, whether that is aging, work upgrades, or children leaving home. Life is about adapting. Perhaps we create problems to keep on our toes and to not become complacent. Live a full and productive life but you do not need to add drama into the mix. It is already part of the equation.

Numerology for 1/22/14

Today is the number 3. The number 3 loves the ups and downs, the wild swings of life, and the surprise of change. So today is the day to roll with the punches, enjoy the insanity, laugh or cry, because it is all your choice. I like to think of the number 3 day as the Monsters Inc movie. They believed that scaring children would produce the most energy but in reality laughter did. When you want to throw your hands into the air and collapse under the pressure, instead take a breath, step out of this movie, observe it from a more detached view and laugh at yourself. I think to myself, “Oh, god, just look at what my poor angels have to put up with. I could make their day really tough or I could relax and allow the humor to motivate my next action.” After all we are such a bunch of crazy characters in this movie. Learning to take ourselves less seriously is a fabulous skill to cultivate. There is a fine line between insanity and enlightenment. Dance the dance and find your own wonder at the twists and turns that today will present to you.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Wild Women Life Series 1/21/14

Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts.
~Soren Kierkegaard~

Energy follows intent. So what you intend in your mind will become externalized by your physical body. Therefore your body follows the signals from your thoughts. This is why positive affirmations are so powerful. It takes good karma, great discipline, and constant mental awareness to navigate the subtle energy patterns of the mind and to learn to understand how the mind is co-creating your reality. Karmically some of us are predispositioned to have luck. But you can learn to shift energy with thoughts.

I had a friend of mine who worked with two amazing teachers in India for Vedic Astrology. For 10 years she was never allowed to read their charts but then when she was leaving they allowed her to look at their natal charts. She looked at the charts and said, “Neither of you are anything like these charts.” Their response was, “That is the point. You can transform anything.”

Each of us is born with a set of circumstances, challenges, obstacles, luck, and situations that we chose to learn how to navigate. Regardless of your pattern you can learn to shift your response to your environment and through learning the discipline of the mind you can break through karmic patterns that seemed to constantly block your evolution and spiritual path in this lifetime. What we think we believe and what comes out our mouth may or may not be the dominant thought running the show internally. When I have a repeating situation that does not seem to reflect my desires, I go looking internally for the dominant belief or thought that is blocking or making my circumstances manifest in a way that I do not desire. Sometimes it takes a tremendous amount of work to unlock the habitual pattern that has insidiously infused itself into my reality.

So you can change. You can grow. You can become other than what you are right now. Just as long as that manifestation is in alignment with your authentic self.

Numerology for 1/21/14

Today is the number 11/2. The number 11 wants to rebel against the status quo. The number 2 wants to analyze and evaluate situations before making a decision. Each has value and has a place. Today, look at your life and situation and make a decision as to whether you should take a risk and jump or stop and re-evaluated things before leaping. Taking risks are exciting but leaping foolishly is unwise. If you do not look at all the options you just might get a surprise that can pull you into a place of not trusting your own judgment. In a day like today, I choose to become excited and willing to take the risk and then I stop and organize all the details and attempt to analyze the situation with a detached eye. Then I look to the future and see if I can live with the worst-case scenario. If I can then I jump. If I can’t then I go back to the drawing board and attempt to find a pathway through the pattern until I have a resolution that even in its most negative I can live with.

Wild Women Life Series for 1/20/14

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
~Helen Keller~


When I look at my life I have moments when the intensity of life and the required risk taking that is just a natural part of life really shows me that living in the physical plane is not for the faint of heart. Take an honest look at your own life and really notice and appreciate when you have taken that risk that was way beyond your comfort zone. In each of us is a “Braveheart”! You have done things that you did not know if they were going to work. You have tried things that have scared you to death. You have gone with your intuition when everything and everyone in your life told you not to do it. And most of the time you were okay if not great afterwards. We discover ourselves inch by inch, risk by risk, stretch by stretch. Being in a body is limited but our essence is energy and energy is limitless. You have the capacity to move beyond your preconceived notions of yourself. You are more than others can see. In your heart you are your favorite character in a myth or story. Each of you is a hero or heroine. See that magnificence and continue to stretch into the unknown. Greatness is discovered, uncovered, and achieved. Go for it!

Numerology for 1/20/14

Today is the number 10. The number 10 is all about claiming your power and choosing to try again. Each of us get trampled under the wheels of life at times. But life is not for the faint of heart it is for those who are willing and able to get up and try again. You can collapse this energy today into a 1 and feel victimized and afraid or you can stand up and stand your ground. I find at the end of the day I have to like myself. It is important to know that I have not let myself down or allowed myself to believe the negative thoughts that are out there in the television, radio, or from others voices. Unfortunately our world is filled with those that make lots of money spreading negative thought viruses. It is our choice to allow that energy to break us down or break us through. No great idea was ever instantly embraced. Most powerful people had to repeatedly stand up and push against the established norm. It takes a lot of energy and time to shift external realities. Today is the day to try. Today you are more powerful and more able to claim you spot in the sun. Today others just might hear you from a different place and you have the potential to inspire others with your vitality for life and your passion for change.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wild Women Series 1/16/14

WW Life Series 1/16/14

"The purpose of our lives is to give birth to the best which is within us."
~Marianne Williamson~

Do you know what is the best within you? I had a teacher of mine say, “If you came up with the idea then that is probably not it because your ego is usually the one deciding and rarely is the idea of your ego the correct one.” When I was told that in my 20’s and being a professional ballerina, it upset me. I was sure that I was that ballerina. But life is always making you do corrections and adjustments. I can see now that being that ego driven ballerina was a huge part in my development and integral to what I have become. So it was not a waste of time. In fact, I do not believe that you can do anything really wrong. I believe that you chose to have experiences and those experiences guide your journey and exploration into yourself. But being that ballerina was but a small part of my soul’s expression in this life. Magically life continues to point you in the direction of what interests you and you evolve in this expanding magnificence that becomes deeper, more authentic, and more aligned with your true destiny. I realized that my entire life I have been attracted to the metaphysical arts and played in that realm. But my ego did not want to be a psychic because I thought they all had to look witchy. (Which was not true but a projection from my ego.) When I realized that I could look and be however I wanted then I began the journey to step into my more magical and conscious self. The ballerina gave me the confidence and presentation skills. She also gave me the discipline and physical stamina. She is a critical part of who I am. But there was more to learn that required me to soften, loosen up, explore, find peace, relax, find my voice, learn about love and compassion, and connect to others on a much deeper level than my ballerina could do.

You are the same. The beginning of your life gives you skills and sets a tone for your life but then it is up to you to allow that to become the magnificent work of art that shines the brightest light that you can.

Today let go of the picture of what you think you should do and follow your heart and your passion instead. When you joyous part is given permission to be, that part will expand you into someone wonderful that not only touches those around you but that you like also to be around.

Numerology for 1/16/14

Today is the number 6. The number 6 is a day where you explore your spiritual self. Who are you really? What are you afraid is true about you? What are you afraid to show others? Until you go deep within and face what you hide in the secret places of your subconscious you will not be at peace, you will not feel aligned, and you will not know the gift that you truly are.

I know that there are some scary and terrible people out there that have real problems, horrible karma, and biological challenges that make it mentally difficult for them to be around but if you are reading this you are probably not one of them. In a normal sense most of us are much the same. Deep down we are not bad but we might have wounding that we keep hidden from yourself and others. Until you come to terms with all that you are, all that you have experienced, and all that you have been you will not find peace. Today is the day to take that risk and go look inside at what you are afraid to see. Whatever it is it is not as bad as your ego has told you. When I have gone to personal growth workshops, meditation courses, or yoga retreats what you find is your sweet, innocent, wounded, self. He or she is not bad at all. They just want to be loved and feel as if they belong in your world. Acceptance is the key to feeling comfortable on this planet. You have to accept yourself. That does not mean that you are not a work in progress or that you cannot change but until you understand what makes you tick and why you make choices in certain ways you cannot learn to interrupt that pattern.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

WW Life Series 1/15/14

WW Life Series 1/15/14

Listen to your being. It is continuously giving you hints; it is a still, small voice. It does not shout at you, that is true. And if you are a little silent you will start feeling your way. Be the person you are. Never try to be another, and you will become mature. Maturity is accepting the responsibility of being oneself, whatsoever the cost. Risking all to be oneself, then honoring that self, that’s what maturity is all about.

When you are being childish you will find yourself reacting to everything around you. When you are practicing maturity you learn the art of observation, discernment, and patience. When you do not know it is often best to be silent and observe your situation and surroundings. When you do not know who you are you find yourself trying and striving. You want to be something other than what and who you think you are. When you do that you are reaching out of your core self. It feels like a stretch but in actuality it can wound your authentic heart because you are indicating that what is right there is not enough. But you are enough right now. You are a miracle and this life is a huge gift that you have earned through tremendous challenges that were about challenging you to be you. You do not need to challenge yourself to be like another. That would be a great waste of time and precious energy. You have the opportunity to show who you really are. The risk is that someone might not think that is good enough. But they are just in a place of comparison. They are projecting what they want, who they are, their standards and prejudices onto you. But you can never be them. You can never be fully happy fitting into someone else’s box. You can only be happy when you feel and express who you really are. When you honor yourself regardless of another’s position and perspective you will know that you have matured into someone who can touch hearts and change the world.

Numerology for 1/15/14

Today is the number 5. The number 5 is a day where you will tend to focus on the day-to- day things in your life. Addressing the basics: food, errands, exercise, laundry, cleaning out the garage, etc. I love a number 5-day because it reminds me what it is to be human and to have a human body. Regardless of how full of ourselves we might get we have to always come back to the basics. We all need the same things, comfort, security, food, shelter, etc. There are things that are required of us if you want to play in the human realm. Today is a day to appreciate the small things that make life interesting and simple. Take this moment to appreciate those who have stood by you when you were not being your best self. Take time today to thank them for the stability that they gave you when you were under stress and upset. Look those who are family and reflect on how many funny stories you have about each other that were usually related to a really difficult moment. But how now you are all laughing at that very same moment. It is the trials and tribulations that create bonding and connection. It is when we are at our worst that we discover who our real friends are and who we really are deep down. When the going gets tough it also gets very raw and real. Under those conditions your true self emerges and you get to take a look at who you are underneath that ego that is always trying to be perfect. So today, bake a cake and give it to the neighbors. Buy a yummy pie and give it to a homeless person. Spontaneously buy a toy for a child that is crying in the store. Create something that will make you feel as if you are a part of this planet and connected to everyone and everything. In our hearts we are the same. When we look from the simple self and address the basic needs in everyone you will realize that we are all one heart.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

January 7, 2014 Blog, Numerology, Quote for the Day

Sadness gives depth. Happiness gives height.
Sadness gives roots. Happiness gives branches.
Happiness is like a tree going into the sky, and sadness is like the roots going down into the womb of the earth.
Both are needed, and the higher a tree goes, the deeper it goes, simultaneously.
The bigger the tree, the bigger will be its roots.
In fact, it is always in proportion.
That's its balance.
~ Osho ~

Today with my blog I want to add the link to Ralfee Finn’s Astrological Weekly forecast. I thought you might all find it interesting.

Personally I have been finding that the best of my intentions are causing a few ripples in the grid. Having talked to many clients it seems that I am not alone. Whew!

I do love astrology for explaining certain patterns and sequences and making sense out of bizarre energies. So reading Ralfee’s article gave me a sense of calm understanding and I hope it does for you also. Thank you Ralfee for you skill and wisdom.

When each of us confronts something beyond our experience there is a choice about how to react. You can protect and defend your old position or you can open and decide to look at things from a different perspective. Contracting usually does not get me anywhere. It makes me feel sick, miserable, angry, defensive, and I start justifying my position with facts and history. Just because I have had an experience does not mean it is the only experience or the one that allows for expansion, openness, trust, joy, and faith. I try to the best of my ability to let in what the universe presents. Sometimes I have to do it a little bit at a time but I will attempt to remain as open as I can to have a new experience. So today, choose to allow other perspectives and wisdom into your experience. Look beyond your reaction to the heart and soul of the person attempting to gift you with another way of seeing reality. Allow a new experience to enliven your mind and inspire the possibilities. Without dreams life would be very boring.

Numerology for 1/7/14

Today is a Hermit day. It is the number 6. It is associated with St. Hildegard an amazing nun who was artist, composer, musician, and inspiration for generations. Sometimes you have to stop and go within to find the treasures and gifts that you offer the world. I personally love a 6 day because it makes me want to be meditative, introspective, calm, aware, and in observation of others and life. When you step out of attachment and into the present moment, things become simple. You realize that the greatest gift you can give is your loving presence and compassionate heart. There is really less to do and more to find when you allow the moment to completely fill you up. Sometimes I become afraid of what I am feeling. I fear that my emotions will overwhelm me and I will loose stability and balance. But when you refuse to look and feel what is true you can miss the gift of clarity and truth that is attempting to get your attention. False beliefs such as, “I have to fix everyone and everything and make it work” do not serve anyone but it will serve the ego mind and the ego mind loves to keep you out of balance. In that way it keeps control over your experience. Only by finding tools that allow the stillness in do you finally listen and come face to face with issues that are being buried in your business. There is great value when you realize the dysfunctional patterns within and catch yourself in your own distortion. Today, find 5 minutes to be still and try to let the mind quiet. Notice the spacious emptiness and the genuine heart that you are. Love the soul that guides your life, animates your body, and enlivens your essence.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Yes, we have made it to 2014. On one level there is a global sigh of relief and yet the battles are not over and the war is not won. The war is with our self, our morals, our values, and our beliefs.
There are moments in time when there is nothing left to do but to step out of the rhetoric and stop the insanity. This is that moment. Not only is everyone in deep battle fatigue as this double recession (Great Depression) is winding down but we are finally feeling fed up with the drama. It is time to sit down and come up with some strategies.
It is time to get down to work. It is time to take action.
We are a country made for the people. But we have to come together to create it.
How do we find flow? How do we get out of the guilt factor and eliminate that which is no longer working and finally come to the table with ears that listen and problem solve?
The answer is the Feminine!
Shocked as I was to see these cards, the doorway through is the diplomatic feminine strength. Please notice that I did not say “Women” but the Feminine. The feminine is a force that is about natural laws and organic flow. The change seems to be coming from the Divine Feminine.
Everyone wants their children to have peace, love, prosperity, and opportunity. Our potential as a country is so great but we have to be willing to step up to that plate and own the influence we have over situations that matter.
There is a huge death happening to the old way. Negativity feeds upon itself until there is nothing left. This month is about knowing that a great quest is upon us. In order to do it we will need to change. You are what you think. What you think in your mind manifests externally in the world. Your thoughts become words and those words are translated into actions. We need to look at the internal thoughts that keep us separate from the truth. The key to understanding is acceptance. We have to accept what is, forgive, and then let it go. Clear the slate and completely start over with fresh eyes, willing hearts, and thoughts that allow for options rather than absolutes.
January is the month to take off the blinders, take off the rose-colored glasses, and take an honest look, not at what we want but at what is. We need to let our desire for separateness and rightousness be put aside while we deal with the facts in this moment.
No matter what we believe we have to learn to work together for the sake of all. This planet and all the beings that inhabit this planet have a right to exist, animals, plants, insects, birds, microbes, and humans. We are capable of so much love. Yet do we show it? We have a power to protect the innocent and create laws that support education and financial prosperity for others. But do we do it?
I know that we as individuals cannot do everything but you can follow your own flow and touch the pattern that inspires your devotion and then act. We are part of a great hologram. What makes a hologram unique is that when you break any part of the hologram, you can still see the entire hologram. Just because we see the world breaking in places does not mean the wholeness is not right there. We just need to look. We need to remember. Remember that when one thing suffers, we all suffer. When one thing dies, some part of us dies too. We are not separate we are one gigantic hologram.
Our perception is the key to unwinding this dysfunction. When we have the awareness that we are creating this reality, then there is a call to find internal mental discipline. In our actions, we step beyond our limited self and merge together with others to become the power for change.
2014 is all about the possibility. This year is about stepping forward and becoming more than this limited person you see in the mirror. Each of us might be small but together we are greater than we could imagine. Instead of focusing on what is wrong let us all focus on the deep love that moves us in life. You life has a pulse, a rhythm. When you find you place, you find your heart. When you find your love, you will always find others who love as you also.
I have a wish for 2014, it is for all the love that is hidden within each of us to find its way to the surface of our consciousness. And then to allow that love to be the guiding force in our life. How would life look if your eyes were constantly looking at everything in your reality as a beloved? How would you respond if all you could feel was your heart connecting in compassion to another heart.
That would be a beautiful world. One that I believe is possible. Become the change that you so desire.

"On the other side of right thinking and wrong thinking is a field. I’ll meet you there."