Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Personal Note from Suzanne 7/30/13

Personal Note From Suzanne

I am not sure about all of you but it seems to me this Mercury Retrograde just keeps going on. Now it is over. Definitely. But there are other astrological things making me feel a bit spacey. So how are all of you?

This is going to go on for weeks and it creates some serious dilemmas energetically and personally. It is as if the soul of earth is shifting organically and simultaneously. We are feeling this yearning for freedom, emotionally, sexually, economically, politically, racially, and religiously. But this intense change seems to make the struggle greater. Rather than finding the solutions it seems as if more problems keep cropping up. It is so difficult to keep a compassionate heart and a broad vision when the day to day situations are pulling us into places that we never thought we would ever go. 

Mars is the culprit and it is opposing Pluto. This creates a tense interaction. It is the worst on the 31st of Aug. On that day, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto all engage and this creates an almost superhuman force of energy. I would love to capitalize on that energy and choose to focus on the positive interaction of those planets rather than the negative. If you let the negative run, it will make you spend that energy in wasteful ways, petty frustrations, and indignation and stupid things. Instead choose to see the opportunity that is walking right past the drama. Follow the opportunity and step away from things that cause you conflict. Find the solution to the problem. Put the idea out there. See what can get generated. This energy can manifest revolutionary ideas and ways to do things that have never been done before. Anxiety and discomfort is heightened under these circumstances. The path is to find peaceful resolutions.

So here I go. I am getting up on my soap box for this energy. I hope you might know ways to manifest my possibility that I dream of.
Thank you for listening to what my heart is saying during this energy pattern.

I am finding so many of my friends and clients are financially reaching the breaking point and there seems to be limited resources and financial ways to move forward. 

I have observed that in one day of work, everyone I did a session on was someone older and without a place to live. It was horrible. Most of them were wonderful people who did what they had been told to do and were good, sincere, and honest people. Now after this long recession there is no place for them, not with their children, no home, no money, and no jobs. 

I realized that somewhere out there we need some people to step up with solutions that have the money and the means to get things going for those in such situations. I realized that as we age, what we need is actually very little. I propose that we need to create senior living situations that are all green energy, solar, energy efficient and create studios that have a bedroom, living room, bathroom and small kitchenette. Make them very affordable so the seniors can afford them on social security. Perhaps a central kitchen and gathering area for people to socialize. It would not take much. Perhaps there are those who would invest in such a thing and take the money they have and donate it to the cause and when they die that room they paid to build would go forward to another worthy person. Paying it forward in new and amazing ways.

I know, I am a dreamer. But there must be a solution where older people can have a space, dignity, privacy, and be able to afford housing at the same time. Thank you for taking the time to hear my hearts song and request to the universe. Whether or not it is my mission or purpose, I do not know. But I send out the message and hopefully there will be those who know it is their mission and can do something about it. Have a wonderful month.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of August 2013

If you haven’t noticed we are in the hottest time of the year and we are in a Grande Water Trine. The effect seems to be one of sweltering, steamy, heated environments. On one level we are feeling fully the flow of all that water and in another there is the experience of having a sort fuse. Perhaps it is the combination of the water that creates feelings and emotions surfacing for everyone and then the heat, intensity, and volatility combines in somewhat interesting patterns for us.

This month seems to be a swing of extremes. My guess is that will add up to a very wild hurricane season and weather patterns. It will also surface as a boiling to the surface of deeply suppressed feelings in the global sector. For some this will create political drama and people feeling fed up. On the other hand it can also create a huge wave of change and expansion of new ways of dealing with old situations. Depending on what continent or country you are in seems to make a difference right now with this energy pattern. 

As American’s our country was born on the 4th of July, that makes us a Cancer country. As Jupiter, the great benefic is in Cancer and exalted in Cancer for the next year, I feel the shifts are into expansion and a better balance in the financial area. That is a huge relief for many of you that have been struggling these past many years. There is a feeling of, “Okay let’s do this!” coming from Americans. 

We are in the first real door that is not surrounded by landmines and booby traps to help us, help ourselves. There is a sensation that movement is the way and now is the time. This month we realize that what goes around comes around eventually and now it just might begin to happen. It is not like we are out of the woods but we can begin to see that the landscape of our reality is changing and instead of feeling deep in the dark forest of life there is light coming in, the mountains to climb are becoming only hills, and the walk seems to be a bit easier.

The name of the game is attention to detail and learning to do things in a gentle way rather than to push. Perhaps it is that steamy heat. You cannot push in these moments and instead there is a desire to stay open, be patient, and know that it takes time for integration to happen. 

Try to remember that others are on their own edges and it is probably best to not push because someone just might have had enough and push back. Maintaining balance and a graceful, trusting external composure is essential this month. 

You may not feel as if you know the way but you can feel a flow into another possibility that had not previously been there. It can take some time for the emotional patterns to unweave the reality of the past 5 years but it has begun. Relief is replacing resentment. Energy is replacing exhaustion. Drive is replacing depression. 

What could you become? How will you know if you do not try? You have been waiting for a sign and this might just be the one you are looking for. But do not jump off the cliff before looking. You are not powerless, you are capable of so much but often the first step is to reclaim the childlike enthusiasm and playful expression that is appreciative about the wonder of life. 

Close your eyes. What inspires you? What dreams motivate your heart? Follow that thread. You may not end up where you think but you will find something more amazing, your strength, passion, and ability to overcome. It will be worth the effort.

Have a wonderful month.