Sunday, August 12, 2007

Being a Psychic

Being on Earth is an incredible adventure. It is often much more complex than people realize.

Nothing is more fun for me than to be present and part of the awakening of a soul. That is why I do what I do as a professional psychic.

The word psychic is really a third dimensional word for a much more complex pattern. But it is what everyone accepts and so I use it.

The marvelous thing about psychics is that every one of us access information differently. That is because each of us has a unique gift and job.

I try to go to other psychics because we are often uncertain of our own pattern. It is always hardest to read yourself and your own family. That is because we are attached to certain perceptions and patterns of our ego. Going to different people can bring a fresh perspective and open other doors.

When I work with people, I support them in trying other healers and mystics. I have learned that no one person has all the answers. Including myself. We only have the answers we agreed to help you with and we can only give as much as we have grown personally.

It is one of the reasons I consistently do much inner work.

When I was younger, I did many meditation courses, yoga retreats, personal growth workshops, etc. Then at a certain point you begin to trust that the Universe is going to give you all the answers within the context of your life. You only need to be awake and notice were the Universe keeps giving you the same message.

When I work with people it is amazing to listen to their stories. They have been getting the message over and over, but they can’t see it. They often feel like God is trying to punish them for something. They believe that is why their life doesn’t work. Earth experience is not that simplistic.

Struggles and obstacles help to strengthen and mold the personality. They are critical for the development of each soul. People want everything without any pain. In this density it is hard to make it work that way.

Actually, the Universe will give it to you without pain but only if you are not in resistance. And resistance is what we do very well down here. Our egos will get so protective of our present belief systems that we would actually kill rather than change and try new patterns.

Our history is full of stories of us resisting. All wars are about one side being more righteous than another. The belief is, “I will kill you if you don’t believe as I do!” “I will kill you if you do anything different than what the larger group agrees on.”

In such a context, pain, is the only way for the Universe to get you to wake up to other options. If I am in pain, then I look at were I am in resistance to some growth or change in my life.

In working with people, I see many that are addicted to their pain. They are actually caught in the drama of it. Everything to them is upsetting. The world is out to make them miserable. They have never known a moment of peace.

That is because peace in an internal experience, not an external circumstance. You cannot be at peace if you are not willing to understand and know yourself first.

If you try to make your circumstances create peace in your life, you will never be satisfied.

This world is made out of emotional chaos. It is constantly changing and peace is about internal center.

To try to make other’s behave the way you want them to so you feel safe is unrealistic. That will not work, because we all have free will. And it is impossible to control others totally. If you try to, it creates much Karma because you are controlling them to serve your life force. You are using them, feeding off them. This is not a good thing to do.

It is important to support a soul in growth, not undermine them to serve your own needs.

This can be tricky in my line of work. Often I can see what they need to understand in order to grow. But sometimes that is what they refuse to look at. Many times it is an unwillingness to be responsible for what they have been creating in their life.

I have a tendency to be somewhat direct. But I am gentle in my approach. I make a suggestion softly to the person. Then I watch their reaction. How open are they to the truth in this moment?

My job is to help the person grow, not shut them down further by frightening them. I want to push to the point that they open in curiosity. You can do that by using humor and staying lighthearted yourself.

If they start to get defensive, I pretend that I used to do the same pattern, so they don’t feel isolated, different, or wrong.

I don’t believe there is any way to do anything incorrectly. You create the circumstances that you need to finally motivate yourself to move forward. Some need a lot of motivation.

I personally use the Sufi phrase, “I surrender, I release, and I let go!” This is my personal mantra.

Every time I feel myself contract in fear I repeat it to myself inside.

Sometimes I repeat it for the person I am working with, to help them breathe and relax.

There is no one I have ever met in this lifetime that I didn’t sense some sort of fear with.

You have to remember that this place is a multidimensional experiment in feeling. We are supposed to have all the feelings within us.

Fear is a big blocker to the person’s true experience of their essence and remembrance.

And this planet has plenty to go around.

Most people come to psychic’s to know their future. Why? That is because they are afraid of the future. It is the big unknown. It becomes even scarier if you do not know yourself. Then it feels like you have no choice about it, or control.

That is not true! You always have choices. Sometimes those difficult moments where even chosen by you before you incarnated on this Earth, to force you to take another course of action. That is why the future is always in flux.

Life is full of forks in the road. Sometimes a momentary choice changes everything. Being present and listening to the soft voices of the angels can make a big difference.