Sunday, February 20, 2011

2011 Psychic Medium Award

Even though I am not in Utah any longer it is still exciting to win the 2011 Best of SLC, Psychic Medium Award for the 2nd year in a row.

I appreciate all my clients and friends in Utah that have helped me grow so much.

Enjoy the Coming Attractions for March, April, and May 2011.

Personal Story from Feb 20th, 2011

Wow! What a wild ride February has been for me personally. I do not know about everyone but the consensus has been that many of you are also feeling this tremendous transformation that is happening. When we get more than one outer planet (Jupiter through Pluto) shifting signs, you experience regime changes. Well, that is happening in a large way and the feeling is one of a total and unexpected turn of events.

Now this is obvious in the global sense as the Middle East is opening to a new independent perspective that is allowing for the people to have a voice and a choice. But this is also happening personally.

What I have noticed is a tremendous need to let go of how my mind wants to have the only correct way of seeing something. Internally I know that there are many ways to see something but when I get triggered, my ego wants to jump in and be right in its perspective. The conclusion I have come to is that I cannot possibly have all the answers or ways of seeing something.

I have learned a little trick. When I disagree with someone else’s perspective, I let go of my position and try on theirs.

I have learned that I cannot possibly become aware of all my shadow aspects that are throwing wrenches into the neat little habits and patterns of my life. I cannot possibly be aware of disowned parts that want to get their needs met.

And this process is perfect. I am not a bad person if I admit that I might have parts that I am unaware of that are making choices that hurt others unconsciously.

I have been dealing with a particular situation and I had this amazing metaphor show up to make it even clearer.

Where I am in northern California is deep in the redwoods. I have a wood-burning stove that requires me to bring wood into the house. It is a messy affair at times and I was attempting to shake off the bits to not carry them into the house. As I moved a particular piece of wood I did not realize that a bat was hiding in the woodbins on a particular piece of wood. I shook the piece of wood but the bat hung onto the underside of the wood. Then I dropped the wood into the wheelbarrow. I suddenly hear this sound. A high-pitched squeal. To my horror, I had partially crushed a small bat. It was crying in agony.

I freaked out!

I could not stop crying. I collapsed in the realization that I had probably killed this small creature.

Suddenly I was the bat. Bats (to me) are the reflection of the ego death and destruction of my old way. Here I was clinging desperately onto one safe place, which has suddenly become a death trap. And someone’s unconscious behavior has killed me.

I could feel how, I did not mean to hurt the bat. I often do not mean to hurt others. But in my unconsciousness, at times I cause others suffering.

How do you become so conscious and aware of everything in each moment? It is probably impossible (but a worthwhile goal) to become aware of the subtle energetic patterns of all of life and the interconnectedness and the impact we have on everyone and everything around us.

We are a global family. We all experience the same emotions. Life is the eternal quest for internal balance and harmony. Without inner peace we cannot possible find ways to manifest outer peace. Without the capacity to step out of our ego’s need to be right, how can we understand another person’s perspective? Without understanding another’s perspective how can we hope to have global peace?

This month, begin within your own small sphere of reality. Step out of what you know and look with fresh eyes at another person’s world and experience. You might just find something that you like. You might find a lost part of yourself that gives you more insight into your own quest for wholeness. All you have to loose is your need to be right.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of March 2011

What is it that allows us to find the doorway to the manifestation of our dreams? I find for each person there are patterns through which our nervous system prefers to adapt and grow. That may work for a while but no matter what, even the most amazing ways we have learned to shift outgrow their usefulness at some point and the most exhilarating patterns become routine when over used.

We are creatures of habit and when the habit is at the beginning it is new, exiting, stimulating, and there is the feeling of a peak experience through that pattern. So we attempt to try it again and again, hoping to have that same experience that we had at the beginning.

Somehow, it is never the same. And over time that forces us to stretch again into new and different ways that may have seemed unnecessary or impossible at other times in our life.

It is a wonderful sign when you are finally bored of your own creation, tired of hearing your old words, sick of existing, and wanting to find a door to thrive in a life that is lived moment by moment rather than by the need for safety and agreements that you made a long time ago.

When you feel inspired to do something different there is that illusion of ease as you are stimulated by the idea, dream, or possibility. That gives you the energy to move. Without it you would stay stuck in the old pattern. So that good swift kick in the pants is what is necessary to begin to shift. We need the illusions we make up in our mind as to the outcomes so that we jump in fully with both feet into the experience. Life can never be fulfilling if you only place safe bets on the gambling table of change.

I remind myself that pretty much most of my outcomes have never looked the way I envisioned them. Sometimes they were better and sometimes they fell short of the mark. Regardless, they were an infusion of learning and expansion out of my old reality. That, in of itself is enough.

This month is about ends. End to the old self. End to your egos control over your sense of self-lack. End to the fear that has plagued you over the last 18 months. We are coming into a new place and space.

That is because we are moving towards a stellium in Aries that will greatly affect everyone April and May. I am speaking of it now because people are feeling it and wondering what is happening.

What is happening is the cherished illusions of the past are disintegrating right in front of us. This allows us to see the world and ourselves more bluntly and honestly. We are noticing the co-dependant ways in which we were bolstering each other in maintaining the old illusions. And we are choosing another way.

Breaking out of our most cherished ideals is work. The emotions that have been held in check by your egos control over your mind will come streaming out in waves.

With that release comes new decisions. The venom and negativity that has been spewing out of us internally, verbally, and externally becomes sickeningly obvious. We finally cannot tolerate this old behavior and way another second.

This is a huge victory. The patterns of the past become like crumbling sandstone underneath our fingertips and you awaken to find yourself hanging on the side of a cliff of the truth of your reality. Only now can you choose a different way. Up or down does not matter. Movement is required. No movement is a choice. But movement is painful and fraught with huge effort and toil. It is about how much grace can be mustered in those moments that sets the stage for the new you. How much compassion do you have for your souls efforts to live and grow?

This is the month to practice great compassion for self. When you have compassion for yourself you will have more compassion for the suffering of others.

Know that there are many awakening happening over the next few months. People will be wanting to break free of the old entrapments from the past. This will be a time of breakthroughs in science and technology. This will be a time for freedoms to find new ways of expression. This will be a time for new voices to be heard. Will you hear the call of your own souls desire to awaken and become more full? Will you allow yourself to spring forth into a new life? The energy is there for the next few months. Outcomes may not be what you expect. Allow each person to find his or her own expression and place in this new dance. Do not project your old fears and self onto outcomes that have not yet manifested. Stay in your center. Practice peacefulness. Become the compassion you so desperately yearn for.