Sunday, January 20, 2008

Awaken the Lion Within

Dear Bloggers:

I have had another epiphany over the last few days. In the dance of life, I think one of the hardest things is to trust the individuality that is within each of us. Our egos so want to belong and to find a place that we feel is home to us. You can spend your entire life trying to fit into patterns that do not work and do not support the giving of the gift that is your uniqueness.

We want to find others of like mind so that we do not feel alone. But in reality, you are completely alone in finding the way to give your deepest purpose and gift. You alone are responsible for how that gift is given and received in the world. Right or wrong does not matter. You must try to find the way through the maze that is your personality in order to fulfill your deepest purpose.

Many will spend their life trying to uncover just what is that gift and purpose. This process can take lifetimes, years of meditation, and inner work to uncover. Many people do not have the time, discipline, or skill to navigate their way through this maze. But if you can and are willing to do the work, something amazing begins to happen. You realize that there are no teachers out there to help with the last great step. To honor that which is truly you and to be willing to take that risk and show the world what and who you are.

It is a terrifying leap into the void. You do not know what lies ahead. You do not know if you will be accepted or rejected. But none of that matters in the long run. You are here to find a way to give your gift. To find a way to find meaning in the struggles and hopelessness that threatens to pull you into the suffering of this planet.

Until you find a way to express your gift, you will continue to reincarnate back into this plane of suffering and struggle. It is your task and yours alone. It was given to you not anyone else. Other cannot understand the depth and meaning of that gift. Even if they can see it and want to help it emerge. This task was entrusted to you and only you can find the pathway. You can have others on the quest to help but you must be the navigator and captain of that gift's expression in the world.

Your personality will want to please others and to conform so that you will fit somewhere.

That is not the game.

You are a warrior bringing light into darkness. You cannot be that light if you conform to others perception of freedom. It is like a coat that will not fit your souls potential. You must be willing to make your own coat. To find your own path and to show the way for others.

One quality that has been strongly present in my personality is this tremendous awareness and desire to expand each soul to their individual potential beyond the personality. Many have called me strong willed and stubborn in that I listen to other's perceptions but I do not take everything that anyone says as complete truth. None of you should. If you loose touch with the deepest parts of your inner knowingness is a disaster waiting to happen. This creates the potential of you becoming a victim and allowing the collapse of the gift that is yours to give.

I have a strong knowing and inner wisdom that has guided me and allowed me to navigate through life and death situations repeatedly. My gift is to support the emergence of others beyond the dance of karma into nirvana. That journey is unique to each individual. The process is one of realizing that suffering is the way the mind/ego will collapse you to keep you from being the gift that you came to give.

When you realize that the game of suffering is a choice then the process transforms into a warriors game of conscious clarity and awakened light within you. That energy moves moment by moment and expands as you allow your soul to become its greatest gift in the world.

I invite those brave souls that want to find unusual doorways of consciousness to their own unique life's gifts and soul purpose to play with me. You do not need to belong to another group or to belong to my group. I am here to support your individuality in many forms and styles through my writing, lectures, classes, and individual sessions.

I hope this blog has inspired you to claim that gift within you and to finally step into your soul's potential. I am also claiming my gifts and would enjoy observing others in their emergence.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Crazy Day on Saturday

Just another intense day in the life of a psychic. Saturday morning I was more tired than normal as I had worked Tues, Wed, and Fri from 8 AM till 10 PM. I worked the entire week and then those evenings either lecturing or working with some of my groups.

Saturday morning my first client came in with two of her family for her reading. Sometimes this is okay to do. Especially when I am working with a couple. But when I am tired it is much more challenging as it is hard enough to focus on one person, much less try to keep the subtle energies straight between many people in the room. I know that it is often fun for everyone but there are times when someone really needs to be private in a reading. As a psychic I can tell if the energies can mix well or not. This was one of those times when it was not going to work.

Between being tired and the added energies in the space I decided to just have the client in the room not everyone. That was a stress on them as they wanted to be there but there were so many divergent energies that it was just not going to be easy regardless.

Actually the reading went really well and the client was happy so it worked out in the end.

My next client was under tremendous stress. She had a child that was not sleeping well and that puts any mother into a sleep deprivation cycle and their coping skills are not doing well. She was so sweet and exhausted. We were trying to help this very active child and manage to do a reading at the same time with this child in constant motion in the room. She was distracted and it was hard for me to stay focused with constant noise and movement happening the entire time.

I had wished that my assistant had been in at that moment as then we could have at least had a semi babysitter to handle the child and the mother could relax with me.

But it is what it is and I try to move with what is happening at that moment. Sometimes I do it well and sometimes not. This particular day was not bad but not my best either.

My next client was under family pressure that had been building for the last year. She was so sweet and there are moments when I just want to take someone away to the spa for the day so they could relax and let go. This was one of those moments.

By the time my lunch break happened I was wiped out! Fortunately my next appointment had to cancel so I was able to take a slightly longer break. I needed it.

So, you see, all psychics are human. We have our own stresses and patterns. Some days are better than others. I always try to feel the other person's heart. Often it works well. It even worked this day but to keep my center in the midst of upset and chaos was challenging.

Today I got to play tennis and this is a great outlet for me. I usually have more energy than I know what to do with on a normal daily basis. Tennis helps to release it and calm me down so I can focus on clients.

I hope all of you have found ways to relax and maintain your own balance and center. Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

January Creates Strain as We Move into a New Pattern

I hope all of you have had a wonderful beginning of the new year! We are finally in a year of tremendous change and restructuring. By the end of this year many things will be different, politically, environmentally, financially, and economically. So get ready. Things are about to move.

As Feburary comes in we finally will begin to feel movement as Mars (that has been retrograde) lurches forward with a bang. Pluto will finally be in Capricorn and this will bring a renewed vigor and energy to creating the future in a way that has meaning and value to all. Practical Capricorn will bring in a new reality. It inspires revolutionary change. But while the energy of Pluto in Capricorn will give us a much needed boost, we have to remember that we are not there until Jan 25th. So, as the last bit of idealism of Pluto in Sagittarius pulls one direction, the shift of Pluto in Capricorn will pull in another. At the moment this creates a great deal of strain. The best way to handle the stress is to stand as neutrally as possible and know that the ideals you have at the moment may not practically apply by the end of the month.

On the whole, I find the transformation extremely interesting and exciting. The way to move with this intense energy is to enjoy the idealism but to remain unattached to the way it will manifest in your life. Responsibility is the key to dealing with the magnitude of these changes. So, keep focused on the tasks right in front of you and do not plan anything out too far. It will change regardless of what you think it is going to look like. Try to stay relaxed and look forward with a hopeful intent and an expanded awareness to the new possibilities.

Enjoy the month.

February Will Spring Forward With The Year Of The Rat

The coming of February brings in the feeling of a renewed cultural sense and belief in the possibilities of positive interaction within our communities. This is probably because of the election process that has excited and inspired the American spirit. We have not had such a vibrant and alive election in many years. It is to the credit of the American founding fathers that we are able to vote on such a wide range of personalities and perceptions. What a gift it is to be in this country. So much is possible when you are able to make choices and redefine the directions you want your country to take.

During this election you are going to see many stimulating conversations that have possibly never been brought up in elections before. This expanded verbal forum opens us to bring new ideas into action. February springboards many difference into the forefront of the political landscape. Change is everywhere. Nothing will be the same.

There is a strong force within the subconscious of all of us that is motivating and moving us in new directions. This brings a symbolic return to a long forgotten source of inspiration and emotional fulfillment for the country and ourselves.

That forward movement will begin with a huge leap as we move into the Year of the Rat. In the Chinese astrology, this creates action, ingenuity, and intellectual shifts in awareness. This year of the rat will bring everyone’s mind to seek out new knowledge and information to bring into their world and life.

So, in the areas of green technologies, you will see great interest and shifts in the global economy toward more self-sustaining systems that help and support everyone. This is a year to achieve results and to create practicality with stability. The year of the rat will minimize negative scandals and bring a renewed surge of patriotism. This year represents new beginnings politically, environmentally, and a willingness to do things differently. Things begun in the year of the rat will have positive long-term consequences and will enrich your life for a long time.

The influence of the Year of the Rat with the pattern shifts in February allow all of us to drop our pretenses and begin to reclaim the true expression of America and our deepest souls yearning to connect and touch others. This political election brings us back to examining our roots that have been weakened by neglect. It is our deep roots and beliefs that will save us when strong winds blow and try to topple us over. We have been in some very strong winds over the last five years and it is now time to reconnect to our base and find the true meaning and expression that we want to create for the world and our country. February brings us back to taking care of America in a way and stabilizes and enriches all of us.

Everyone will be trying to predict which way the political river is going to flow. No matter what, it is a close call. Every moment we are making tiny micro-adjustments and our perspective refines again and again.

There will be much fighting and searching for the best new expression of the emerging pattern. Yet, there is a peacefulness, maturity, and magic that is also affecting everyone. We are searching for the new pattern that will allow us to find the renewal of the American dream within. There is much information that will be uncovered and explored. There is a great deal of fun and play that is coming with this change. America has needed something to enliven its spirit and patriotic impact in the world. This is the year and it begins in earnest in February.

So, as the energy finally lurches forward this month, reclaim the mastery you have within, take a few risks and try new things, and be grateful that you are an American.