Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ralfee Finn's Weekly Astrological Report for Feb 29-March 6, 2012

Here is Ralfee's Weekly Forecast. Enjoy!

Start your backups, now. And don’t procrastinate. On March 12, Mercury begins its first retrograde phase of 2012, a phase that lasts until April 4 and a phase that runs concurrently with the continuing Mars Retrograde (which we already know doesn’t end until ten days later, on April 14).

Because Mercury and Mars drive the mechanics of daily life, we tend to feel the effect of their simultaneous retrogrades quite keenly – so keenly, that non-believers often convert into astrological zealots. Mercury represents travel, transportation, commerce, and every little thing related to communication. Mars signifies mobility and movement, from moods to muscles to meetings. When they both seemingly travel in reverse, life on Earth resembles an obstacle course of technicalities and trivialities. Patience is a must during any retrograde phase, but especially this one. Skins, already thin from the grueling, yet subtle, effect of the last six weeks of Mars Retrograde, are likely to grow increasingly sensitive over the course of the coming weeks, as Mercury Retrograde kicks in.

While most of us know the Mercury Retrograde drill – review, reflect, and reconsider plans and projects already in motion – this Mercury Retrograde has a unique signature. Mercury goes retrograde in a conjunction to Uranus – a dynamic interaction that begins this week and continues for the first three weeks of March. I love this conjunction because it symbolizes the ability to “think different.” Uranus signifies invention, independence, and revolution; it catalyzes whatever is stagnant and in need of a creative shift. When it combines with Mercury, it stirs mental processes that help the mind to free itself from the shackles of convention. Until the retrograde begins on March 12, this conjunction is going to have minds moving at a breakneck pace. Just don’t lose sight of the speed bumps ahead. By March 9, as Mercury starts to slow down in preparation for its “turn-around,” many creative excursions could run into roadblocks.

This week, we are in the grip of a Sun/Mars opposition that is exact and separating on Saturday, which means we will be feeling its presence well into the beginning of the next workweek. This is a tense interaction that fuels egos and then temper tantrums as a way of assuaging frustrated ambitions. Unless it is really worth fighting over, just let it go – it will be good practice for the coming weeks, when frustration levels are certain to be challenged. Mars doesn’t make direct contact with Mercury during their shared retrogrades, but we will still feel its assertive presence.

Use this week for preparation. Back up everything, and don’t forget to include your tax information. Most importantly, do whatever it is you do to maintain an even keel, and if at all possible, help your fellow travelers to do the same.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rat Nas Tantra

"He who realizes the truth of the body can then come to realize the truth of the universe."
Rat Nas Tantra

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ralfee Finn's Weekly Frequency February 15-21, 2012

Don’t be surprised if your psychic cilia quiver with intensity this week – all the extra features of your personal intuitive antennae are likely to be working overtime in an effort to cope with a highly sensitive environment. Celestial interactions are stirring deep pools of psyche, and because those pools contain imprints from previous experiences, confusing memory for reality is probable. But it’s not just projection that dominates perception. Dreams and other inspired stories of the soul could have a visceral effect that would make it easy to mistake fiction for fact and illusions for actualities. Being able to recognize nuance is also essential, especially when handling certain tender situations. The inability to distinguish degree or tone could cause some of us to get lost in space, freeze from anxiety, or feel a deep sense of dislocation. Fortunately, the planets support staying grounded in the midst of this super sensitivity, no matter how expansive our personal or collective altered states might be.

Neptune is the main contributor to this week’s sensitive skin. On February 3, it moved into Pisces, its Home Sign, a position that amplifies the quality of empathy shared by both Neptune and Pisces. It also enhances that Piscean capacity to feel the deeper pulse hidden beneath the beat of surface reality. On February 19, the Sun also moves into Pisces, where it forms a conjunction with Neptune for the first time in approximately 150 years. Of course Sun/Neptune conjunctions have happened in other Signs over the course of Neptune’s 165-year orbit around the Sun (and therefore around the zodiac belt), but a Sun/Neptune conjunction in Pisces hasn’t happened since 1861. It’s a significant astral moment that has the power to stimulate a deep desire for mystic reverie. But be aware that this conjunction can also quicken a susceptibility to suggestion; be careful who and what you watch or listen to – you just might find yourself indiscriminately parroting the most recent input.

Saturn trines Neptune, and because Saturn’s natural tendencies lean toward the sober assessment of almost all situations, it can help to tether some of the more imaginative (dare I say “spacey?”) Neptunian musings. Use Saturn’s practical and pragmatic sensibility to keep your feet on the ground.

But no matter how strong Saturn’s pull might be, Neptune’s undertow is sure to be stronger. First, Mercury is also conjunct Neptune until Friday, a configuration that skews minds toward an over active intuition that can be easily distorted by projection and fantasy. (Mercury and Neptune are both infamous as astro-tricksters.) And second, by Tuesday, a new Moon, in Pisces, hits the reset button on emotional sensitivity, a condition that could send already overactive psychic cilia into spasm.

The good news is that there is nothing pernicious about these Neptunian and Piscean currents. The only downside is the potential to get lost in the Dreamtime, and that’s only a problem if you need to function in real time.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Baking of Love.

Take the energy of time and space,
Mix in love and a bit of grace.
Add a cup of passion and bliss,
Then open your heart to feeling a kiss.
Taste the light and touch the dark,
Take a breath as if it were art.
What if you could fill this moment and place,
Then take that with you beyond death’s grace?
I choose to open to become a host,
To endless hope even as a ghost.
Who will walk with me into this land?
Who is brave enough to choose and stand?
Who will be the light when all seems lost?
Who will open hearts regardless of the cost?
Let us join hands in this moment of peace,
Together we can change in each other’s ease.
I am never alone if I just open my eyes to see,
It is all of you who are standing all around me.
Do you know how much you do?
Do you know asleep you are an angel too?
It is time to remember, it is time to wake up.
Now is the time to become unstuck.
That is because, you never were you see,
A part of you is always with me.
Together we have all danced through time and space,
Now as you awake, remember that fate.
Today is here. Yesterday died.
Today you can remember then tomorrow we will fly.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Ralfee Finn's Weekly Astrological Report of Feb 8-14, 2012

Ralfee's words are so helpful to me. I am glad so many are enjoying me sharing them. Her website is:

Passions run deep this week, and hearts long for the thrill of amorous adventures – an astral current befitting the days and nights leading up to the holiday of love. And because Uranus skews many of those feelings toward the eclectic, it would be wise to expect unconventional and imaginative ways of saying, “I love you.” But these fervent feelings are not limited solely to romantic longings. Those among us who are not inclined toward sending flowers or chocolates on Valentine’s Day, as well as those not pining for a partner or tormented by lost or unrequited love, could experience this passionate stream as creative surges. And those surges could be just as captivating and convincing as love-at-first-sight adrenalin rushes, because they have the force and spontaneity to displace habit and routine. Allow yourself to be swept away, and you just might discover or recover a piece of your heart that you didn’t even know was missing.

The source of this ardent energy is a Venus/Uranus conjunction, in Aries. Venus is the goddess of love, and when she transits Aries, she has a tendency to be direct about what she needs and wants. She also has a tendency to be impulsive, especially when she’s infatuated, which happens quite often and quite quickly. Uranus represents sudden shifts; it is the principle of revolution and change, and because of that it signals instability. This is why any combination of Venus and Uranus turns feelings of love erratic. But that’s not all. Venus and Uranus contacts are also deemed erotic. So don’t be surprised if you feel a strong desire to explore – if only in your fantasies. Polite astrologers of bygone days have always referred to the erotic yearnings of Venus/Uranus as “peculiar and strange inclinations.” These days, given just how much exposure most of us have had to all sorts of choices, it would be hard to define any inclination as odd. (Individualistic, perhaps, but odd – not really.)

But there is a rub: Connections formed under Venus/Uranus contacts don’t often last; it’s the infatuation that’s thrilling, not the possibility of longevity. If you must propose under this influence, go ahead, but wait a few weeks before actually saying, “I do.”

Of course, Uranus is the master of surprise, and because it only catalyzes what’s stagnant and in need of change, those who have avoided intimacy could find themselves moving out of seclusion and into inclusion and interaction. And while that sudden immersion in connectedness might feel awkward at first, the trick to handling this type of Uranian shift is staying as present as possible for the process.

From a creative perspective, the Venus/Uranus conjunction is sure to stimulate all variety of artistic endeavors, especially if you allow yourself to move out of habitual choices. Try a different tonal range or a different palate. Listen to new instruments, and experiment with unusual rhythms. Most importantly remember that life is the most creative expression of all and use the vibrant combination of Venus and Uranus to live with greater gusto. Be innovative, inventive, and willing to make the most of the moment, regardless of how fleeting its magic may be.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Love is....

Love is when you look at another and only see you reflected.
Love is the awareness that we are all one.
Love is the trust you carry within that allows hope to flourish when all seems lost.
Love is the act of gracefulness when you want to scream and lament.
Love is the choice to accept when others carelessly throw your heart away.
Love is the forgiveness and the respect of others choices regardless of if they help or harm you.
Love is the container that holds infinite possibilities.
Love is the bond that connects us throughout all time and eternity.
Love is the magnetic force that brings us back together in any dimension or time.
Love is the pulse that beats life into every moment.
Love is the strength that moves us in the face of hopelessness.

Love cannot die. Love simply is. Love is complete. Love is life. Love is the passion that creates time. Love is the quiet endless moment. Love is the space between breaths. Love is the pause before the thought. Love is within. Love is all around. Love is guiding you in every moment. Love does not think, it expresses in many forms. Love does not judge, it accepts and allows. Love does not have fear, for love does not feel lack. Love does not need money; it is already wealthy and abundant. Love does not need you to feel the same way. It requires no reciprocation.

I will love you no matter what. I will love you throughout all time space and eternity. I will love you if I never find you. I will love you if you never see me. I will love you if you never choose me. I will love you if I am old and you are disgusted by my presence. I will love you if my body is dying. I will love you if I exist only as energy. I will love you even if you never know my name. I will love you and hold you dear until the moment of your awakening.

In that moment we will be one. In that moment we will come together in a passion that will take us beyond this known reality into the limitlessness of eternity itself.

Do you hear the heart beat of the love connecting heaven to earth? Do you hear the songs of love that vibrate the planet into rotation? Are you ready to join all of us in this dance of divine grace?

Drop in. Feel your heart connected to all the hearts. Be in this most precious moment. There is nothing to do, nothing to find. You are already home.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Ralfee Finn's Weekly Astrological Report for Feb 1-7, 2012

The Retro-Zone: Part 3
Daily life marches to an erratic beat this week, and as regular routines bend to unfamiliar rhythms, nervous systems are likely to strain from the stress of trying to adapt and adjust. Expect to be discombobulated, especially as time takes on a noticeable elasticity — some minutes seem to extend forever, while others blow by at the speed of light. Certain situations also seem to have a similar plasticine quality — some relationships feel as deep as the sea, while others seem as if they could disintegrate at the touch. This time distortion, coupled with the ongoing (and soon to be interminable) Mars Retrograde, has the potential to drive the efficient multi-tasker a touch mad, particularly if she is attempting to juggle several equally important missions. The best way to handle the pace, whether it’s thrilling or agitating, is to breathe deeply, and then to breathe again. And once you can feel your toes, try to remember that no matter how disconcerting the air may feel, it is actually possible to use time warps to your advantage.
The source of this week’s irregular pulse stems from the movement of Saturn as well as Neptune. (Oddly, it’s not Uranus.) And because Saturn represents the solid ground of reality, and Neptune signifies the fluid stream of consciousness, it’s the contrast between their sharply delineated domains that stirs the disturbance in personal and collective psyches. Saturn begins a retrograde phase on February 7 that lasts until June 25, and this week, as it “decelerates” in preparation for its “course correction,” a similar slow-down is likely to occur somewhere in your personal life. Saturn is in Libra, which means that some of the deceleration will occur in relationships. For some, that spells relief from constant friction or restlessness. For others, Saturn Retrograde could manifest as increased frustration, particularly when it feels as if others are failing to meet expectations. Be aware: Saturn Retrograde is an opportunity to review relationships, old and new, including and most importantly your relationship with yourself, and to make whatever adjustments are necessary or possible.
The more significant shift is Neptune’s entry into Pisces on February 3; it will stay in Pisces until 2026. It takes Neptune approximately 165 Earth years to orbit the Sun, which means it transits all twelve Signs of the zodiac during that time. It hasn’t been in Pisces since 1848. Neptune is the Ruler of Pisces, and when any planet transits its Home Sign, its qualities are concentrated and amplified. Pisces, and Neptune symbolize all altered states of consciousness, from the lowest states of drug and alcohol addicted states to the ecstatic states of mystical bliss – all driven by the desire to neutralize separation. So it wouldn’t be surprising for additive appetites, both old and new to be stirred, especially at the beginning of this phase, or for meditation practices to gain increased popularity.
There’s no simple remedy for the intensity of this week’s astral shifts other than to embrace them: Allow the Mars Retrograde to focus on the details, the Saturn retrograde to refine your relationships, and Neptune’s entry into Pisces to feed your need for spiritual connection.

Living as Love

"You can open as love and live as love, even though you are not fully received by those you love. You can open as infinity and offer your deepest truth, even though your gifts may be refused by those you want to serve. You can live as openness even though your daily life may seem tawdry in light of your heart's deepest shine."
David Deida

This quote so hit me as I felt I had been living it "word for word" all of 2011. In all sorts of ways and with all different types of people.

In life it is easy to be in love and to fall in love. These are all symptoms of "romantic love" and as wonderful and as beautiful as it feels, it is not they type of love that stands the test of time.

That is because the deeper form of love will always have to emerge from the ashes of "romantic love". Romantic love blows out when triggers show up and break the illusion that the other person is "perfect in every way".

No one is perfect. We are all human beings with human failings. We will forget to pay attention. We will get caught in our own stuff and forget to feel into those we love. We will become so consumed with our own attachments and getting what we want that we override others. There is always a situation that will purposely make us let go of the shallower level of romantic love and be forced to reach deeper within to find the true meaning of love.

One of my great teachers said, "Love is Choice."

What that means is that you choose love in each and every moment. You choose to practice love when everything in your mind wants to scream, fight, blame, and hurt those who you perceive as not loving you.

There are moments when our perception is flawed. There are moments when someone is loving us by not giving us what we want or by not allowing a distortion in our perception to continue. In the moment that they tell us the truth, it does not feel loving. But under the trigger it is very loving.

What is even harder is when you feel as if someone is not loving or seeing you. And yet, you choose to practice love regardless of the other person's behavior.

This is what I personally find the most challenging. I have spent a year with many people having situations and circumstances show up that, in my mind, seemed to be not loving in my direction. They either were not seeing me, not seeming to care about my feelings and situation, or were making their circumstances more important than my feelings.

I must admit that rarely in my life do I get hit with a lot of people that care about me doing this all at the same time. Especially those that I call "family".

It was a great test to stay open and to choose to be loving regardless of what others were saying or doing. I must admit that it was tremendously difficult because I had also gone through one of the biggest shifts in my life by moving, selling my home, starting my business in a new way and trying to find my pathway in an entirely new circumstance. It is in those moments when you think you need the most support and love. But what the universe created for me to learn was for me to instead be dropped into a hole and regardless of how much I asked for help, I got nothing.

It was quite startling.

Over and over again, I was left with no one to talk to and no one to share with. Everything I attempted to share was either rebuffed, taken out of context, or ignored as inconvenient to them.

I think part of it is that in my line of work most people come to get help and support from me. Rarely do I ask and truly need support. It is in those moments that you realize who your friends really are. And it is often shocking as to who is really there for you when the chips are down. It is a good wake-up call.

There were all sorts of excuses and ways that people minimize others feelings and situations. The variety was amazing.

But in the midst of sorting all this out, I once again realized that the core pattern of my personal wounding is also the core strength of my gift.

In my case, my wounding is not feeling heard in my family. In this situation I was once again, not feeling heard by my spiritual family. Then I realized that my gift is that I always hear others. I spend all day listening deeply to peoples words and stories. It is my gift. When someone is in my presence, I allow them to feel and experience being heard. That is because it is so important to me. I have learned to manifest my entire presence and to bring my consciousness in its full awareness to the moment in which I find myself.

The problem is that it is not appropriate to expect others to do the same. Each of us has a wound. And that wound creates a particular gift. The wounding is the fuel for the desire to give the gift that we never got in our life.

That piece of awareness allowed me to step out of my personal upset and begin to look at giving my gift and to discern what others were attempting to give as their gift. Because in the giving of their gift they were being as loving as they knew how in that moment.

That allowed me to see that, once again, we are all love in many forms and perspectives. We cannot expect others to give us what we want. We can only allow them to give the gifts that they have to give, given the present state of awareness in which they find themselves.

And eventually love wins. Though with some of my friends it has taken over a year of me being and working on being conscious love for them to finally step out of their distortion and illusions and finally see me. I am finally seeing that they have a new awareness that I am being love. Even if my love is filtered through my wounding. I am being as much conscious love as I know how to do in this moment. And moments change. Through practice I will become more and more aware of how to be the expression of conscious love.

Love is not easy. Love is a choice. True love expresses itself in times of challenge and hardship. True love never goes away. In my heart I love each and every person exactly the way that I have always felt them. The love I feel for everyone and every thing never really goes away.

It is easy to get mad and cut off love. To just say, "I am over you. I am done with you. I claim my power back and I don't need you any more."

But that would be a lie. In the deeper places of true love, love is eternal. It is unchanging. It is a connection that is beyond time and space. Just because someone chooses to not reciprocate that love does not mean it does not exist.

I find it take tremendous energy to deny or not notice love's presence. I choose not to do that. I choose to feel the pain of someone not loving me. I choose to love anyway. I choose to not discount the love I have shared with anyone. My heart is solid in that.

But it is very painful to stay present with that love. It hurts to feel the anguish of that love or the experience of the loss of that love and still choose to be the beacon of hearts presence and the timelessness of love regardless of what anyone else does or what anyone else says.

I have learned a lot about my heart and the strength of my love. So can you.

Take the risk and live as love and light, not anger and heat. You will grow in ways that astound you.