Sunday, March 12, 2006

Swimming with Dolphins to TV Shows

TV Show Update

After much consideration I decided to not to the TV show.

It was close but I was unable to sort all the challenges of the show and be able to stay neutral and not attached to an outcome. It would have been fun but sometimes the universe tests you to see if you are willing to say "Yes" to life. I definately said "Yes" but this gave me an opportunity to refine what I am looking for and what situations would really work for me at this time.

In talking to the TV show I was able to communicate that my goal was to become the psychic on the "Ellen" show. I think it is time that the psychic's not look so "witchy" and bring a more modern look into the mystical realm of consciousness. I want to educate and bring more awareness to psychic phenomenom without all the scary stereotypes of the past. The Game Show didn't quite fit the medium that would work the best. But it did give me a chance to connect and give them ideas. You never know what can happen.

After all, I believe that everyone is psychic to some degree or another. Good psychics are able to dial into the more subtle realms of awareness and translate those into something that others can understand and relate to. I am going to submit my information to the Ellen Show and see what happens. I will keep you informed.

I often think that the perspective of the higher self is actually the conversation that happens between the DNA and the human organism. I believe that the DNA actually has energy and that energy can communicate with the physical body. Psychics can have that ability to have the deep internal conversation and give that information back to the person.

Dolphin Adventures in Hawaii

I also had an opportunity to swim with the dolphins in Hawaii when I was on vacation with my husband in February. It was so wonderful. I found myself completely in the flow of the heart pulse of the ocean with the dolphins and I could sense and feel the vibrations happening all around me. I felt completely safe and at peace in the complex patterns and clicks of the dolphins. I started clicking and whistling and they clicked and whistled back.

It was magical.

I didn’t even realize that I was way far away from everyone else and the boat. My husband John was a little concerned until the dolphins made a left hand turn and moved me back to the boat.

What was happening for me in the water was very interesting.

I was swimming more slowly than the dolphins (obviously), and so I had started at the head of the group and then swam with them until I was almost at the last of them. Up ahead I saw murky water. I suddenly had a split second impression that I didn’t like the murky water and I didn’t want to go in there. It seemed scary and I had an image of a shark lurking in the dark water below. The impression struck me deep in my chest like a deep tone of a large bell.

As soon as I had that impression, the dolphins turned and came back towards me and I was at the head of the group again and they swam me back to the boat.

When I got back in the boat the boatman said that it was unusual for the dolphins to come back towards the boat.

Then I told him what happened and my impression. He said that I was totally dialed into the dolphins. The dolphins don’t like murky water. They like to be able to see 50 ft in all directions. That is because sharks lurk in the dark murky water and strike them from below. So either I was dialed into the dolphin’s energy and they sensed the shark or I sensed the shark in the water also and we made the turn together.

Either way I know that I had an impression and it was strong enough to make me do something and the dolphins responded before I could make the turn.

It was fascinating and magical. I have not been the same since.

Another level of fear evaporated off me. I still feel as if I am in the water flowing with a pulse that is ever present and part of this planet.

When I got back to the mainland, I went to the Lymphatic Drainage Course by the Upledger Institute and I was noticing the flow of the fluid within the body to a new and deeper level of awareness. It is as if another world has opened to me through the dolphins. I cannot wait to see the continueing results. Now I want to go back and do other things with the dolphins.

The Upledger Institute also has courses that included swimming with the dolphins. I am going to try some of those eventually.

So much to do and only so much time in a day.

Borders Books

I sent off my books and CD's to Borders Books for approval to their stores. I am excited to get my books included in the big national chains. I am selling books slowly and surely. I have more many more companies to connect to but considering that I am doing all this myself I feel a great sense of accomplishment in the journey.

I am also going to be upgrading my web site to include some Flash and video feed. We will see how this goes.

Classes and Workshops

I am teaching a Integral Tarot-beginning workshop with the T.A.O. Institute March 18-19th, 2006. If you are interested contact Paige Paulsen at (801) 521-0055 to reserve your spot. Space is limited so make sure to register.

Many of my students have requested that I teach an advanced Channeling Workshop so I am looking at dates in order to coordinate it. It seems that it will be late in April.

The monthly Psychic Fair that I put on with my students was a huge success. It has finally caught on to the point that we are going to need to create a number system to moniter it. I have had to implement some new systems so everyone gets a reading and to keep the lines moving. Hopefully this will continue to be a great success.

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Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. It is snowing like crazy in Salt Lake City. Tuck in a stay warm.


Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hello Fellow Bloggers:

Today I am on my way to complete the Upledger Institute's Course on Lymphatic Drainage Therapy. It is very interesting and I am enjoying it.

To add to the occassional drama, I was called by a National television show to participate in a game show. It seems that they want a psychic to play the T.V. game. I considered it and called them back. I told them that I would do it on on condition, that all the money would be donated to a charity.

As a psychic, it is very difficult to stay clear when there are any forms of attachments. Obviously money is a huge attachment issue. When a psychic gets attached they jump into their left brain rather than their right brain. It is in the right brain that most psychics get their information. The left brain is the part that wants to be right and compete. The right brain is where spontaneous intuitive information can naturally flow. This is why most psychics won't do games of chance. It is difficult to stay neutral and objective.

I thought it would be interesting if the angels wanted to use my skill as a way to help others suffering in the world. Then I could approach the game from the place of my inner child where it would be fun and help the planet.

They want to do a video screen test (in order to make sure that I am not a nut). We are trying to negotiate that now. As with all TV shows they are in a rush and my schedule is somewhat difficult.

Most of you know that I work from about 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM each day and then I also work in LA, Santa Barbara, and Palo Alto. I also teach for the T.A.O. Institute in Salt Lake City. I always seem to be running around. So finding a time that worked for me was difficult. I sent them the times that I would be available and they may or may not get back to me.

We will see.

Also any of you out there that are in Salt Lake City, I am doing my Sylvia Brown style lecture for a $10.00 donation at the T.A.O. Institute tonight at 6:30 PM at:

The Arts Organization
150 So. 600 E., Suite 2C
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Contact Paige Paulsen to reserve your place at (801) 521-0055.

Or go to:

Each person will be allowed to ask a few questions during the lecture. This is not a Crossing Over style lecture, meaning that I am not going to contact the dead people in your life. You will be able to ask psychic questions and get answers that you need.

I also will be teaching an INTEGRAL TAROT CLASS March 18-19, 2006. If you are interested contact Paige Paulsen at the above phone number.

I just got back from my annual vacation and I spent the holidays with my husband in Hawaii. There I got to swim with the dolphins. It was magical and wonderful and I will fill all of you in later about that experience.

But for now I have to get to my workshop. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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Suzanne Wagner