Thursday, November 24, 2011

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday

Happy Thanksgiving and Have a Wonderful Holiday Season.

Wishing everyone all the best for the holiday season and let the coming year be the beginning of things wonderful, expansive, and fulfilling.

Suzanne will be in Salt Lake City, Utah, Jan 5-13, 2012.
Then again, Feb 22-March 1, and April 27-May 3, 2012.

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Personal Note From Suzanne

It has been such an intense year astrologically and it seems that we are all going to be put through our paces right up to the end. On December 9th, Uranus will come out of retrograde, which is then followed immediately by a lunar eclipse on December 10th.

Uranus entered Aries on March 11th, 2011. This energy urged us to make fresh starts and helps us break through restrictive attitudes or circumstances. It supports us in gaining freedom through independent thoughts and actions. Uranus is associated with electricity and sudden bursts that change our direction.

On one level that sounds great because everyone and the economy has felt stuck. So we all are seeking ways to break free from the past restrictions. You may have noticed a place or circumstance in your life that needed to shift. You have probably thought that you could plan to have that pattern shift next year.

I am afraid that the surge of energy of Uranus will probably make the problem in your life unbearable sooner rather than later. These energies will cause decisions to be made that will radically change situations in your life this month.

Uranus went retrograde in July and with all the other aspects that hit in August we have all felt lost and confused as to what to do. So needless to say when Uranus gets its feet underneath itself again, things are going to surge forward.

The challenge comes in with the eclipse hitting the next day.

Lunar eclipses make you look at things that are not working, realize where things are not stable, and force you to look at the things you have not wanted to see. When a lunar eclipse happens, if things in your life are not stable and you have been trying to keep things from falling apart with your mind or the illusions that you have fabricated in order to cope, let’s just say those illusions are going to fall apart and things might deconstruct rather rapidly.

Right now, it is best to have a back up plan.

Therefore I am sending this email early to give as many a heads up as possible. Multiple plans and options are going to make this time of change feel bearable and less chaotic. There are always many alternatives to any situation. Look at best and worst case scenario and see if you can also find a pathway that is more in the middle.

Fortunately, since we are in the time of Sagittarius, the expanded quality of Jupiter allows us to understand and become more aware of the world around us. We will have great courage this month to expand and break out of our old ways of thinking.

And we cannot forget that Mercury becomes still in the sky Nov 24th and begins its retrograde motion until Dec 13th. This allows us to go inward and take another look at things that matter to us. This is a time to be more careful with money and to deal with paperwork as it comes in. Try to not let things slip through the cracks. You will regret it later.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of December 2011

Well, here we are knocking on the door to 2012. Can you believe that we made it? I find that often odd years are odd and no one could say that 2011 was a normal year. But 2012 being an even year does not mean that life will level out.

Quite the contrary.

We are coming into the year of intense astrological configurations. We want to be in the holiday spirit but the Solar eclipse of November 24 at 2 degrees Sagittarius and the Lunar eclipse of Dec 10 at 18 degrees Gemini have forced us to look in the rear view mirror again and then kick us through more doorways.

As we enter into the fading light of winter, energies around friendships and connections from the past may also alter and change. Sometimes it is about learning to let go gracefully and allow the divinity in each person to freely move and grow in the pathway of his or her life. People are sometimes like pages in the book of your life. Others are chapters. We are blessed when there are those who journey along with us for long periods of time. But that is not always the case.

This energy is forcing some major upsets as the old patterns come crashing down and new players come onto the playing field of your life. Don’t worry. It is going to be beautiful and amazing.

You can feel it. Something has changed within. Something is not the same. Many of you are tried of playing by the rules of someone else’s game. It is too late for second chances. It is too late to go back to sleep. It’s time to trust your instincts, close your eyes, and leap.

The bear, the guardian of the winter sleep, is guiding us inward. We are finally feeling a flow. That flow has woven a thread of reality together and that reality is coming to the surface of our consciousness. The intensity of the flow is so great that the minds negative ability to stop the progression of change is finally halted like the freezing of the ice in the winter.

After all Pluto is a frozen water planet and Pluto is sitting in Capricorn till 2023. Sometimes destructive patterns have to be stopped. These eclipses will force governments and systems to take another look at what might work for the future. What becomes clear is that the past patterns need to be adjusted again. But it is not just the external situations that will be re-evaluated. Internally each of us is being rewired and upgraded to make the shifts into the next developing phase of our life.

In the quiet that follows there is an acceptance that opens into surrender. Sometimes we need to be trapped in order to feel beyond what we think. Sometimes we want situations to not allow us to do our old pattern. But we may fight right up to the very end.

You will find that the conversations begin to take on a different tone. People have had enough and they need to see the politicians and governments doing something other than the old rhetoric.

Balance is restored when there is an integration and understanding through acceptance and sharing with others.

When we can look into the eyes of our “enemies” and see the divinity in each perspective and pattern, only then can we come home to a place of peace. Then that peace radiates outward to everyone we encounter and they too will begin to awaken to their inner potential.

Nature is so clear that there are moments to expand into the light and to see the beauty. Nature is also very clear when it is time to slow down, surrender into what is and come together with others to find new ways to become more whole. We are in the later.

As winter’s darkening sun begins to enter our awareness it is time to drop inward and go deeply into understanding our reactions to life’s circumstances. There is another answer, one that you may have missed in the heat of the moment. There are always other doorways. The question is will you take one of them?

December is a month to look and listen to the shifting sands of time. What role do you play in this complex dance? What is your next move? You will feel shifts to the tempo and flavor of your life. Let those shifts be spectacular and compassionate. See the unfolding of your new self with appreciative eyes. Love what you are becoming.

Friday, November 18, 2011

I have so enjoyed my time in Salt Lake City!

It is Friday the 18th of Nov and I have one more day in Utah before I have to take off again for California. I have appointments in San Francisco on Sunday so I will be leaving tomorrow for California. There is a storm coming in tonight and I hope if blows through by the morning as I want to leave to California as soon as the weather permits.

So send energy to the weather guides to make this storm blow through as quickly as possible.

I plan on being back to Utah Jan 5-13, 2012. So those that I did not have a chance to see me because my schedule filled up, you can look ahead and plan for your New Years reading.

The energy and astrology has finally begun to clear and I am so grateful that Neptune finally went direct. When Neptune is retrograde I feel confused and lost as to what the future plan is and what steps I should take to get there. When Neptune went direct on Nov 9th, I personally felt a positive uplifting of the intense energy that has been swirling for over a year.

The joke is that I still cannot see the direction or what plan is that the universe has in store for me but emotionally and energetically I feel better.

I notice that many of my clients are also experiencing the same thing in their own version based on the patterning of their life.

On Feb 4th, Neptune goes into Pisces. This is a huge moment because when Neptune goes into Pisces it is finally going home. Neptune takes 156 years to go all the way through the zodiac and so it has been a very long time since this planet aligned with its natural vibration. The Pisces should feel a welcome relief to all the disruption that they have been through in relation to Uranus messing with them from 2004 until March of 2011. So Uranus has left Pisces and when into Aries but that gives the Pisces a moment to regroup. With Neptune going home to Pisces this will give the Pisces a great surge of energy that will create new beginnings and opportunities that have been held back because of this astrological configuration.

I look forward to the revelation and clarity that Neptune in Pisces will bring to the planet. All of us have felt as if we are swimming in an ocean but navigating with only our sonar. Now we will feel as if we can see because the water has cleared. This will allow our political situation to also sort itself out as the lies will be revealed and the people who have the balance to lead will become clear.

So have a wonderful holiday season and get ready for an exciting year.