Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Listening to your Intuition When Selling and Buying Cars

So glad you checked in on my blog. I am still working on finding ways to keep this consistent. My schedule gets go busy that I forget to go write some new information on my blog site.

My latest interesting event being a psychic has to do with the selling of my Ford Explorer.

I have had this car since 1998 and I have loved it. I was not sure about American cars but I have to say that I had no trouble with the Explorer other than the Firestone tires that got recalled.

I got this car to drive from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles and back. I wanted a great road car and I always felt safe in it.

So needless to say I was suprised to hear the angels say all of the sudden that I was to sell the car and I was to sell it to a client of mine that was a contractor. On one level that made sense as he needed to haul lots of things. He would need a V8 engine and lots of space.

But I knew this particular client was saving money to go on a spiritual adventure to Peru in June. I knew money would be tight and I didn't want to sound presumptuous and say something like, "Well I am the psychic and I know that you are supposed to buy my car!" That would be rude and inappropriate.

So all day I hesitated to call him and I knew that I needed to buy something for my self. I realized that I wanted to get another Prius (gas/electric hybrid). (My husband and I had bought one in 2002 and have loved it.)

Finally I got the nerve to call and I started the conversation saying that I knew that he was doing this trip and I wasn't trying to put pressure on him but that I was going to sell my car and if he wanted to buy it I would sell it to him for the low Blue Book price and he didn't have to start paying me until the end of July when he came back from this trip. Also he could pay me $200.00 per month till it was paid for with no interest.

I figured that was the best deal going for him.

So after I said my peace, he told me that I really was psychic because his truck had literally exploded and was totaled. It had happened that day and he had spent the whole day trying to fix it but to no avail. He finally took it to the garage and they told him it was totaled. He was going to have to get another car and this was the best he could dream of.

I was so relieved! So now I wanted to get it cleaned up and check to make sure that the car was in as good of shape as possible.

I schedule the car to be detailed and steam cleaned and arranged to take it to the dealership to have everything checked.

In the mean time I heard the angels say that I was to go on the internet and check to see where there were Prius's for sale. In the whole state the only place I could find was the same place that I had bought our last one. I drove over on the Easter Sunday and found the place closed and sure enough there was one Prius out front in silver (the exact color I wanted).

I heard the angels say that I needed to go first thing Monday morning and buy the car. That forced me to rearrange my clients at the last minute (something that I don't like to do). But at this point I have learned to jump when the angels say to jump.

So as they are opening up I go in and find the salesman and say that I am preapproved for a loan and I want to buy that Prius. He told me that I was so lucky because that Prius was scheduled to go out to California that afternoon!

It seemed that someone has specially ordered it and when they called to let the person know on the Friday before they told the dealership that they had decided and bought another car! It seemed that there was an 8 month wait for Prius's in California and the cars were selling for $5000.00 over the sticker price there.

They gave me a deal because everything was all set and I had my financing and they didn't need to ship it to California.

I was thrilled!

I called my insurance person and let them know that I was selling the Explorer and had bought the Prius and I went to take my Explorer in to get checked.

As I was driving it I heard the angels say that I needed to replace the window as it was pitted from driving long distances behind semi trucks. But I didn't feel it was right to have the insurance company pay for it since I just told them that I was selling the car. The windshield wasn't really broken it was just not clear, as it had been dinged up quite a bit.

So I got the car cleaned and took it to the dealership where they told me that I needed to replace the front hood shocks (it seemed that when you opened the hood it wouldn't stay open on its own. I told them to replace what ever needed fixing. I wanted to make sure that the car was as good as I could get it. I didn't want to sell it to someone I knew and then have the car break down. That would be such bad Karma!

So I get the car to the toon of $998.00! Get inside and the window is cracked!!!

I immediately go inside and tell the dealership what happened. They admitted it must be their fault as the replaced the shocks that they had to lean the hood against the window and that must have cracked the glass. So I got a new windshield on their insurance! I knew that the angels had wanted the winshield fixed, but Wow!

So the car was beautiful and perfect and the guy who bought it is still flying on cloud nine. I told him that his angels obviously wanted him to have a great car and a new windshield. He loved the story.

So I am still flying high on the energy that this sequence was supposed to unfold as it did. If I had not listened to any particular piece I would have missed selling the car so easily and getting my new Prius before it was shipped to California.

The next week gas prices went up to four dollars a gallon!!! Nothing like great timing!

I encourage everyone to listen to the suble voice inside and follow the promptings of your heart. You will rediscover a magical world all around you and experience that you are always taken care of if you trust the voice of the angels.

Don't foget to check out my "Sylvia Brown" style Lecture at the T.A.O. Institute this Fri night. I am also teaching a Tarot Class in June. I had so many special requests that I added a class in. Also my Psychic Fairs are going great. Almost too great. We have so many people wanting readings that we don't have enough psychics for all the people or space to get everyone one in.

Hope to see you at an event or class.

Have a great month!


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Celestine Prophesy Movie and Streaming Video on the Web

Last weekend I helped a friend of mine set up the Celestine Prophesy Movie sneak preview in Malibu. It went really well. The movie is just like the book and everyone was impressed by the film. The scenery was beautiful and the story poignant. People were crying at the end and we all had a discusssion about the film for about an hour afterwards.

At the beginning of the movie I did a quick meditation for the group to bring the energy of each person into presence and connect them to all the others watching the movie throughout the country. It was amazing to feel the fabulous energy and consciousness within each person present.

At one point I could psychically feel that there were some people lost trying to find the house and I walked down the long driveway and out to the street were I found two full cars that were both lost and trying to decide were the house was. They were so grateful that I had come out to find them.

When they asked how I knew to come out to find them, I just smiled and said I was somewhat talented in that regard.

So all in all it went really well. We were chopping vegetables for hours as we made a vegan meal to go with the movie. Everyone loved the food! My friend whose home it was did the cooking, I just helped prepare and make it look gorgeous.

I recommend that everyone see the movie and take their family and friends. It is a good spiritual family movie full of intrigue and positive messages. If you liked to book you will love the movie.

I am home now and I have finally finished my two minute videos for the Integral Tarot and Integral Numerology books. There were many last minute complications as I was told that I was to do a 30 minute questions and answers about the books and as I was driving into LA I discovered that it was actually going to be a two minute promotion.

I had a full schedule in LA and then I somehow needed to find a way to create and learn a script about the two books.

This always seems easier than it actually is. I was almost able to memorize everything but at the last minute I put the script on posterboards as cheat sheets.

The video guys came and wanted me to do it off the cuff and I laughed and said that it would be better for them to hold up the posterboards. I had the first and last pages memorized by could not seem to get all the sequences in the middle all together. Oh Well! Such is life.

On the whole it went pretty well. When they are finished editing it then I will have it up on the web in a streaming video format.

I have set up two sites for the books that I am going to have my web friends help me with they are:


Hopefully they will be done within the month.

I am still trying to set up my internet marketing of the books and I sent about 2 hours worth of streaming video to the place in Canada that is hosting it and the video was blank. I contacted the video guy and the good news was that he did have a backup. Yea!

It is amazing how long all the small details take. Anyone who has ever tried to create anything from the beginning will know what I am talking about.

I am giving my "By donation Lecture" at the T.A.O. this Friday evening April 7th at 6:30 PM. The address is: 150 So. 600 E., Suite 2C, if you are interested in coming. Each person will be allowed to ask a few psychic questions of me during the evening. I try to make sure everyone gets an opportunity to jump in.

I am also teaching a Channeling Class April 22nd and 23rd at the T.A.O. Please register in advance so I know how many manuals to print.

For both events call Paige Paulsen at the T.A.O. at (801) 521-0055.

Hope to see you an an event.