Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 3/1/18 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 3/1/18
3/1/18 is the number 6. How are we going to spiritually move out of this distortion and chaos? I am very concerned that there are those whose rational mind has been taken over by the fear and manipulation that is being inflicted upon the American public. There are simple lessons that are about life. And those simple lessons are taught in all systems of religion and philosophy. They are about being kind to all. Loving all. Doing no harm to others. Being compassionate. Being honest. Loving your neighbor as yourself, etc. I personally do not care about anything other than the conversation that allows truth to win over lies. Cultivating that goodness is essential for a peaceful world. Cultivating tolerance in the face of your own projections and fear even more so. People are allowing certain things to feed that fear and justify the positions of aggression from a place of validating their patterns of hatred on this world. Such things destroy cultures and civilizations. Turn towards cultivating this world not destroying it. It is time to take the number 6 and move in the direction of a spiritual breakthrough that supports the expansion of love not the feeding of the hate.
Expansive Jupiter turns retrograde on the 8th of March in Scorpio and continues to move backwards until July 10. This is a time to consolidate any projects or activities that have been going on since October 2017. Do the work behind the scenes to plan for your future. Jupiter rules what you have faith in and your belief systems. It is time to look within to see where you may be holding yourself back from a larger world view and expansive projects that require you to take a risk. Mercury is slowing down at spring equinox on the 20th and turns retrograde in Aries on the 22nd. Take this moment to pioneer a new path during this three-week cycle. On an esoteric level, Mercury in Aries is about communicating right action. Venus is in Aries starting the 6th through March, so this is another indicator of the need to start working on new projects. Have the courage to take the necessary steps.
The Virgo/Pisces Full Moon is on March 1 (12 degrees, 4:51 PM PST). The energetic Sun is aligned with visionary Neptune now, so allow yourself time to drift off into your creative, intuitive place of internal insight. At the same time, the Moon is in practical Virgo urging you to come down out of the clouds to accomplish your extensive to-do list. The key is to open to your higher vision and then work in partnership with Great Spirit to bring it into the earthly plane. Talkative Mercury and relationship planet Venus are aligned now. It is an excellent time to have a short vision quest or heart-to-heart talk with personal or business partners regarding your vision for new projects and sharing needs. There is an abundance of planets now in adaptable signs, so practice flexibility and willingness to shift as the energy changes. On a more boring level, a Virgo full Moon urges you to clear your clutter, so think of this as the beginning of the garage sale season.
Both Mercury and Venus begin the month making harmony with expansive Jupiter. Talking about your future plans and desires with your partners is supported now. Don’t carve anything into stone right now; just lay out a general vision and general plans to direct yourself towards that goal.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Her halo and horns
were interchangeable.
Do you realize
how dangerous
that can be?
~Jordan Sarah Weatherhead~

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But they are not allowed to inflict their opinion on those who disagree. Especially when your opinion causes harm to others and goes against the principals and values that this country was based upon. And we are a civilization that works based on voting for things. Each of us over the years have not appreciated things that have been voted on and allowed into the systems. And each of us have felt personally attacked by those choices that were made by the majority. All any of us can do is vote for what we want and what serves the greatest good for all. And when those choices are made, we have to look honestly at the results and tell the truth to see if the vote we cast actually gave us what we believed we were getting. Right now, I don’t believe anyone is getting what they believed they were going to get and that now requires an adjustment of our own ethics and choices.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 2/28/18 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 2/28/18
2/28/18 is the number 5. When minds get to forceful in needing to be right it is the natural world that will always bring us back into balance. The power of nature and the number 5 forces us to our knees and shows us where we are not paying attention to the world around us. Weather is going to slap us around for decades to come and make us step up and change into this world that we have created and show us that what we think we want and what we think we like is probably not good at all and once again our ego and greed were in control of all logical functions. Perhaps we wanted nature to show us a challenge and bring out that inner warrior so that we could have something tangible to overcome in this world of so much mental delusion. Today, is that day where you have the chance to see beyond the veil of your own illusion and hopefully expand into the opportunity and choice for you to heal and reconnect to the place inside where you hold your mercy and kindness.
The Moon spends another day in the sign of Leo, but today, picks up some major aspects. The Moon's harmony with Mars and Uranus points to rather easy channels for expressing creativity and affection. Its square to Jupiter suggests some tendency to go overboard and take things to the extreme. A Mercury-Mars square today can stimulate impatience, hastiness, and disagreements. You may be competing to have your voice heard when it comes to expressing your ideas, thoughts, and opinions, making it difficult to engage in healthy dialogue. Mental agitation could dominate. You may stir up controversy with what you say, so be more careful in how you say things. Hopefully, this mental competitiveness will lead to new thinking and turn this into a more productive moment.
~Suzanne Wagner~

There are moments when the storm of love
that I feel for this world,
threatens to explode out of my body.
I learned that the force of spirit
that lives in this body
is a hurricane of emotions and music.
A tumultuous expression
of poetry and wildness.
And the mystery of a hidden potential
that connects with all living things.
~Suzanne Wagner~

You are more awake. So, you are in pain. The pain was always there, you had just become numb to it. When you fall asleep it is difficult for some to wake up. They just don’t want to get out of that bed. They want to hide from the “real” world. They want to pull the covers up and go back into that sleepy dream of the past where there are no upsets because all things are being processed in the deep subconscious. But sleeping is not living. Hiding is not thriving. And courage is not found under a blanket.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Monday, February 26, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 2/27/18 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 2/27/18
2/27/18 is the number 4. It is hard work to allow your ideas to manifest into a practical application in this reality. When you work towards a unified goal in a consistent and methodical way you exhibit the self-discipline and perseverance that is necessary to accomplish that task. This day with the number 4 is about systems and routines that illuminate a co-operative atmosphere and initiate change. It is one thing to create and another to maintain that creation. The world is in a time where the creative instincts are very expanded but the education necessary to maintain those systems is also needed to allow those amazing ideas to become a part of the mainstream. Change is less scary when there is a plan and that plan has structure and good organization. Change is also less scary when you have people in charge that you trust their honesty and integrity. When you believe in someone’s capacity to do what they say, and they seem to have a strong hold on the practical application to a bigger picture then movement is more organic. Unfortunately, at this time our government is lacking in this quality. That means it is now up to you and those in your immediate vicinity to accomplish the tasks that you need to do to maintain the systems in your life appropriately.
Venus forms a sextile with Pluto this morning. It is time for some new insights and creating a comfortably strategic approach to money and relationships. Your feelings can be more focused and intensified than usual, in a generally pleasant and positive way. You feel more able to appreciate the depth of feeling in this moment and not attempt to work towards more authenticity in your dealings with others. The Moon spends the day in the sign of Leo. Let that make you feel proud of what you have accomplished. Take the high road in all your dealings today. Creativity blossoms, you want to be more generous with your feelings. Take pride in your accomplishments.
~Suzanne Wagner~

There is still light inside a person
Consumed by their own darkness.
~Suzanne Wagner~

An army of hungry ghosts are taking over the souls
Of people who let go of their higher values and goals.
We live in an addictive world
That has fallen into the underworld.
A world where opinions protect the pain.
A world where success is all about personal gain.
I refuse to go with the delusion of this time.
I know there is a long way to climb.
As we have to deal with those whose fear.
Infects this world with hatreds veneer.
How can we move when the constriction is so strong?
How can we find the peace where all belong?
What will it take for such distortion to break?
Especially when so much is at stake.
It is not just you or your opinions that matter.
It is the legacy you leave and the suffering that you scatter.
In this world nature can survive
But not when those in power attempt to deprive.
When you do not allow all to learn and grow.
When you do not allow abundance to equally flow.
Then you cut off the hands that can make the change.
And you kill off those that want to re-arrange.
You stop the natural order of power and light.
And you allow this world to fall into the darkest night.
~Suzanne Wagner~