Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Do you feel that funny energy in the Universe?

Finally the weather has broken and the tremendous heat wave has cooled. Whew! My tennis class has been cancelled due to rain and I have a moment to catch up.

As a psychic, there are times when I can feel a strange pattern in the world energy and I know that something is up. I felt this way before 9-11, before the Tsunami in Indonesia, before Israel and Lebanon took hits at each other last summer, and now again. I know something is about to happen but pinpointing it is tricky. It feels as if the US is the target especially as we get closer to the election campaigns.

Ugh! Figuring out energy is challenging. Knowing when and what is about to happen when all you have is a subtle energy vibrating out of sync with the natural flow and order of things. We shall see. Sometimes I get dreams about it right before it happens. I will try to keep everyone informed.

I am off to Idaho this week to do readings and to teach classes. That should be fun. I have not been there for about a year.

All and all, I cannot wait until we are totally past July. The energy is intense and the astrological patterns are difficult. August begins a better pattern. Maybe it is just me and I am just tuned into the biorhythm that it is my birthday month. After all, how could a Leo not love the energy of late summer.

My mother’s home is progressing slowly. I think I can have everything finished and redone by the middle of August. She seems to be settling into a new routine without my father there. We will all miss him greatly. My father was a pioneer in the aviation field and was never looking for the limelight. Even though he designed the SMART bombs that protect our troops today and knew presidents, generals, and international leaders he was always down to earth. When I was a child, he made business decisions that kept us in a safe place but stopped his prestige and power. Family and the safety of his children were paramount to him.

Even though he won the Haggerty Award, very few have ever heard of my father. He liked it that way. But growing up in a top-secret security clearance family was a great testing ground to become a psychic. There were always many things to track and try to find out about. You had to learn to read between the lines.

Just remember that everyone has chosen their family to be the energy and source of the skills and knowledge you wanted to experience. Sometimes that might mean that your family showed you by opposition what direction was actually important to your growth. Take a moment to appreciate what you have learned and why you needed to learn it that way.

Talk to you later.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Astrological Energies of July

July is a month of fun and play but this months astrological patterns may leave everyone re-evaluating the choices of the past.

This month heralds the beginning of the end of a tremendously intense 12 year cycle of Pluto in Sagittarius which officially ends the last week of January 2008. Though it comes back for one final hit from June of 2008-the last week of November 2008 as it goes retrograde. The Sagittarius's will breathe a true sigh of relief at the end of 2008 as Pluto has been brutal on them.

Though it also brings a heads up for the Capricorns, as Pluto will go into Capricorn as it leaves Sagittarius. Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth, transformation, and karma. Pluto tends to hit three times. The first time is the worst and you receive the harshest wake up call if you are not paying attention. The second hit is to check to see if you actually learned anything and to see how fast you can make the shift. The third hit is usually the lightest and is the checkpoint to see if you notice the pattern before it actually hits you. If you are awake then you can gently get out the way. So Capricorns need to look before this energy hits as to what they might be in resistance of learning. Pluto tends to bring up health issues that a Capricorn might be ignoring.

This month the astrological patterns give us the energy to handle extraordinary situations magically. This month would be categorized as intense. Finding ways to deal the the powerful pushes of energy without becoming obsessive will be the challenge.

Pluto being in Sagittarius has caused us to probe into our shadow around what we perceive is our truth. Pluto in Sagittarius has forced us to painfully look at the cost of fundamentalism and fanaticism in religion. Pluto makes us take a look at the incredible cost of cruelty, ignorance, and prejudice. As Pluto allows us to have a final look at the polarization of religion, the politics of hate, and where your fear has allowed you to loose conscious awareness in order to be right. Take the time to make a decision that now you need to keep grounded and notice what others need and feel.

Be careful with what you say, as the intense emotions may express as harsh, negative, and blaming words to others.

With these patterns, do not become surprised if old loves attempt to come back into the picture and try to reconnect. This energy gives you the opportunity to break out of negative energies that might be blocking your relationships.

Wait to start new projects until after the 9th of July as we are still dealing with a Mercury Retrograde. By the 11th the energy should be much more supportive for projects and change.

July will have a tendency to disrupt the old patterns and bring in the feelings of liberation and change.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Making it through the Heat of July

This picture is from my trip to Maui this year with my friends from LA. We were staying at the Kea Lani in Wailea. It was wonderful! We were staying in a villa on the beach and the views were great. As you can tell I was off to play tennis at the Wailea Tennis Club.

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July.

In Utah the heat was intense and the fire danger was high. I have been keeping an eye on the fire that is in the eastern portion of the Unitas as I own some land that I want to put a cabin on this year. Fortunately my land is not near the fire.

I have been getting all the contractors organized to work on my mothers home that she has bought in SLC. So I have been running back and forth from Home Depot, the carpet place, and working full time. Whew! Last night I finally ran out of steam. I cooked salmon on the grill and had dinner with my assistant Dave and then promptly went to bed. That is not the norm for me. I am usually a bucket full of energy but I think I needed a break. So now I have slept for eleven hours and feel much better.

I am really looking forward to having my mother closer. Since my father died March 5th, she and I both knew that it was a good idea for her to come here. My father told me years ago that I was in charge of mom after he left. Taking care of her is easy for me. She and I have always been close and we just do not have the issues that some have in families. I am grateful for that.

She is in the process of packing and moving all her things to Utah and emptying her home in Arizona to sell. It is a big shift for her and is a little overwhelming.

My friend Adam Sagers is the contractor for my mothers house and he is wonderful if anyone wants or needs a contractor in the SLC or Ogden area, call him. He is one of the psychics I have trained and he works at the psychic fairs also. His phone number is (801) 824-2641. He is honest and kind, intuitive and very skilled. You will feel very safe with him.

This last weekend I had a wonderful opportunity to be a psychic at a Girls Getaway Weekend up in Brighton. It was so much fun! The home was built by some of the women's father and they had come up with their friends and family for the weekend. They had scheduled massages and psychic readings. I was there from about 2:30 PM until about 7 PM. It was great and the women were thrilled with the planning and fun. I think things such as this are so refreshing and allow us to heal and grow.

I also received my Smart Publications newsletter and there is some information in it about some Corporate Medical companies that have known that the synthetic hormones to women have been shown to cause cancer. So anyone out there on them just know that the bio-identical hormones do not cause cancer. Once again it is good to go natural. There is less profit in the bio-identicals which is why big business is not wanting to push them.

I know from first hand experience that the bio-identicals have made a tremendous difference in my health, well-being, and stress levels. My favorite person is Marcia Scoville who is a nurse, midwife, practitioner in SLC. She turned me on to them and was instrumental in helping me loose weight and get more energy back. Most women do not know that in your mid-thirties you begin to have a major hormone shift and that causes women to gain weight and become more emotionally stressed. This pattern can last for years as you move towards menopause. So if you are in your thirties and feeling snapish and having problems maintaining your weight call Marcia Scoville and have your hormones checked.

You can get a saliva test from Jolly Pharmacy on the corner of 17th South and 11th East in SLC.

Hope you have a wonderful day. Keep cool!