Monday, June 30, 2008

Patterns Ahead for the Month of August 2008

Politically, webs of intrigue try to surface in the heat of August. There is a way through if you are willing to hold true to what is most dear and precious to you. We will all feel as if we are standing between the past and the future. The personal and economic decisions made at this moment effect the coming months in huge ways. Change is coming. So clarifying and becoming specific as to what you want to manifest are important.

Nationally, we may feel nostalgic about the past patterns that we wish to experience again. But life is permanently changing regardless of how hard you want to cling to the past. How happy you feel in this moment will be related to how kind you have been previously to those you love and others in your life. It is a reminder to use difficult situations as moments to practice un-kinking that patterns of your body/mind. It is when you are the most triggered that you have incredible opportunities to open and love into the areas that have consistently caused pain or upset.

This is difficult to do. It takes time and discipline to not fall into the old habits of your personality but to recognize those as moments of tremendous growth. When you can recognize the moment and choose some other path or way of behaving then you begin to unwind the negative patterns that cause you and those you love suffering.

Some may find that they need to let unhealthy attachments go, as they are not allowing the free flow of change to manifest as fully as you might like. In these moments you may find that you are facing some old insecurities that are surfacing because past patterns and people are no longer serving the emergence of this new pattern you wish to create.

That is okay. Sometimes as we grow and evolve our friends and support people need to change or grow with us. But you cannot make others do what you want. Each person shifts and opens in their own perfect time.

This month let the past go. It was great! But don’t miss how marvelous this new pattern might be by holding on to feelings and people that have been a part of your past. Love them all. Appreciate them all and allow your heart to expand and open into a new place where others can also connect to your light and gifts.

You are creating a web of reality around this segment of your life. It is time to pay attention to the details but to not get so worried that you chew to pieces the thing that you are creating by becoming overwhelmed with this new energy.

You are attempting to find ways to merge your mystical intuitive powers and perceptions with your rational mental perspectives. There is a way for them to work together. Some things should not and cannot be rationally explained by the mind. They can work none-the-less. Within each realm are different rules of reality and perception. They are all valid and all can work to expand you beyond what you know or beyond blind faith. But you must be willing to be aware that you are more than just your mental constructs and beliefs. You are more than a bunch of magical dreams and thoughts. When you do not limit your experiences to what you want to be true and what you want to prove is correct in your reality, then something tremendous can happen. You begin to understand that you are a vast and varied multidimensional being that needs, wants, and desires all levels of experiences to find wholeness.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer is Here!

On Wednesday I had my Golden Braid Lecture which is a Psychic Questions and Answers Session. We must have had about 30 people. That was very busy for this event. It went great and I love when I can create win/win situations for bookstores and the public.

But at the end I was exhausted. I hope that everyone was satisfied with the process. It was a lot of fun!

If you have not yet read the book, "Finding Freedom", by Jay Jarvis Masters, I highly recommend it.

It is a true life experience of a man on death row in San Quentin prison. It is a story of redemption through the process of Buddhist meditation and spiritual practices while incarcerated.

I think anyone who has a child that is getting into trouble or having problems should read this memoir. It would be a wonderful wake up call and show anyone the tremendous challenges and problems that are in prisons. In prison, situations are more difficult and life threatening not less. It gives a wonderful representation of a life behind bars with no posturing or defensiveness. Jay Jarvis Masters does not complain about his situation. Instead, he has figured out how to turn this terrible life pattern back around into one of redemption and spiritual growth.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

This week I am just getting back to my regular routine after being in California working and playing. It was nice to have a break and get some much needed time in. I spent time in Santa Cruz along the boardwalk, went to the Redwoods in Mill Valley, had a picnic by Point Reyes. It was a lovely time.

I am attempting to put together a trip to go to Bhutan in the fall. I have always wanted to go. But it is a very expensive trip. I am hoping that I can pull it off. The Himalaya's have called to me for a long time. Hopefully this is the year to go.

I will be teaching a Tarot class on June 28-29 at my house so any that are interested please sign up soon as the space is limited to about 7 people.

Have a wonderful summer.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Take a moment to smell the beauty of the summer

In life we can get so busy that time can pass and we suddenly notice that another summer has gone by and we did not take a moment to get out and enjoy the light and wonderful things that are all around us. There is nothing like having a minute to relax and take in this beautiful summer.

By the nature of my job and all the travel that it requires, I have these opportunities to be in different spaces and environments. I think the contrast that happens so quickly is why I have the awareness to notice the changes that happen.

Presently I am California and the weather is warm and bright. The winds off the ocean call out. The birds are joyously busy raising their young. There is so much hustle and bustle all around. I am watching work being done on a building across the way from where I am staying and I appreciate all the effort it takes for life to exist and continue.

It is amazing to observe. Sometimes we get so caught up in the process of it all that we forget to appreciate the experiences that we are getting at the same time.

Take a moment to appreciate this experience you are having, the drama as well as the parts you dread. You have manifested this experience in order to learn something. What is it? Do you have the awareness to notice that gift?

Many experiences are there for us to stretch and expand love and consciousness into spaces where we have kinks and blocks. But when life hands us up a big plate of kinks it is not always fun.

I try to have a sense of humor with what I have created. It is especially funny when I can step out of my minds' judgement and opinion of the situation. Sometimes for me that can take a moment. It is not funny when I am in the trigger but later I realize how much my body/mind can store old traumas and upsets. I need situations to remind me that I have stuffed energy from negative experiences within my body. My ego does not like to be reminded that those blocks are there but it is helpful if you can realize that this is just energy that needs to be released.

Americans hate to slow down because as soon as you slow down you are going to begin to feel what you have been keeping buried within. As soon as you let go of the rush, rush, survival mode existence that is a normal life, you then realize how much energy it is taking to avoid what you are feeling and what is true in that moment.

I often wonder how much longer each of us would live if we could have permission within to be our authentic self moment by moment. That does not mean being in my habits that I believe are my core being. That is my accumulation of habituated patterns that I have learned in order to cope with this reality.

I am talking about a culture where it was supported and allowed to feel what you are feeling. That also does not me dumping that emotion on others in a negative or attacking way. When one is being authentic and coming from a deeply true place, it is actually easy for others to be with us.

But if you find yourself looping over and over again about the same thing. You are simply caught by a mental construct within your mind that is not allowing the expression of the true emotion to come out. You are often trying to get the answer that you are looking for rather than confront the uncomfortable truth that keeps attempting to break through the mind's control. My mind loves to create illusions as a way to stop me from knowing the truth. Thereby changing the situation. Minds love routine. Truth breaks through that routine and disrupts the homeostasis that the brain loves to fall into.

So take a moment to notice on what situation you are presently looping. Breathe, slow down, and begin to tell yourself the uncomfortable truth that is lying just below the surface of your mental chatter. Let that knowledge trickle in and allow yourself to feel what comes up for you when that happens. If you need to grieve, grieve. If you need to cry, cry. If you need to laugh at what is so obvious, do that. Simply allow in what ever is there. Give it some air time. Pay attention and see what new awareness and insight is coming into form within you.

All truth is good when it is embraced with love and comes from the heart. All growth is wonderful when it allow more freedom to be expressed in your life. When you are honest and open, everyone in your life will feel it and open in response also.

I am always amazed that when I open to a new truth or awareness how people on the street cannot help but notice and smile back at me. My beingness in that truth is enough to open others just with my presence. They cannot help but respond. Everyone of us is dying to be seen and to be given permission to express our deepest self with others. But we are afraid. When you work through your internal patterns, it allows others to feel into you and find the pathway within themselves also.

That is why being in the presence of a guru or teacher is so helpful at moments. When you are in their presence you are opened by their openness. You then like yourself more and their energy can stabilize the patterns that you are working with internally. The teachers presence can give energetic grace and acceptance. That is often hugely helpful to learn to navigate those spaces within.

But you need to learn how to do the process in order to convince yourself that you are good and whole. That is why often you need to move away from teachers at some point in order to navigate those spaces personally for true integration to happen. It is by taking responsibility for your personal journey that you move towards more wholeness. It is only through your own experiences that you can teach and gift others with your knowledge and trust in their divine presence.

Teachers can show the way but a great teacher allows you to find your own path through the jungle of your karma. It is through their belief in you that you become your fullest self.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Destruction, Flow, and Fulfillment

Today is one of those days where I finally have an opportunity to rest and regroup.  I love those days.  I don't get many of them.

I am sure all of you have noticed how life seems to speed up.  We are all in this boat together. It does not matter how much money you have or how good of a person you are.  We are in an amazing time and each of us agreed to be here to assist this planet's emergence into a new domain.  It is very exciting if you look at it that way.

According to the Mayan calendar we are in the time of Cauac, which means the quickening. This period will continue to speed up until 2010.  At that time we go into the period of Ahau.  Ahau is a time when consciousness will rapidly change and move forward in ways that are new to this human experience.

This time of Cauac is designed to accelerate things to the point where each of us will finally awaken out of the numbing stupor that tends to exist in this density.

Take a moment to look at how often you are spaced out and not paying attention to situations all around you.  Do you wonder what happened to your day?  Did you blink and suddenly find yourself older?  Do you still feel as if you are not accomplishing what you thought you were going to get done in this life?

Welcome to life.  And the numbing way it can suck you into a place of routine and density.

The challenge is to commit to getting un-numb.  This can feel like when your foot falls asleep and you finally become aware that you need to change positions.  As you move, blood flows into the foot and it begins to hurt.

As humans, we tend to hate that and want to avoid pain at all costs.  But pain is a process of life that is natural and necessary.  Without it, the joys in life would seem without color or intensity.

Americans have been raised in a theistic approach to life.  What that means is that we have been raised in a place where we have been told that when we retire from this world we go to heaven. Once we are in heaven we do not have anything to do  with this world.  We have no obligations, and we can live happily-ever-after.  We are content and at peace.  We are done and complete.  From this perspective we have an intense desire to be beyond all human pain and suffering.

Fortunately, in our more modern society, there are those who can feel that when they die, they might want to help those that they love.  Whether they believe in becoming a guide or angel to others, they want to have some connection to help and assist others.

This begins a nontheistic approach to life that opens new and exciting doors to other places and approaches to seeing life and death.  In a nontheistic way of seeing the world, we look at the possibility that even if we attain a state of liberation or openness, we still have debts, because the rest of the world is still suffering.  We desire to come back.  We cannot hang out in bliss while others are in need of help.  This is a kind of karmic debt.  But this debt is because of his/her great intense compassion for others.  It is a pull to serve those less fortunate.

But to have that kind of compassionate impact you must be willing to become awake and not numb to the constant chaos that is the habitual normal way of life.  When you decide to become not numb, you will tend to notice an intense feeling of panic beginning to rise up within your soul.  It is through panic that you begin to ask questions and want the answers to those questions.  Sudden panic creates an enormous sense of fresh air and a quality of openness.  It is that openness and vulnerability that is so terrifying.  Panic allows you to overcome your sense of smugness and self-satisfaction and it sharpens your clarity enormously.  But your old patterns of protection evaporate, leaving you feeling exposed and naked to the full force of the suffering on this planet.

From recognizing the panic that is constantly arising, you then need to observe that life is a constant dance of three principals; destruction, flow, and fulfillment.  These principals are constantly at work in your life even if you are too numb to notice.  These principals are the reasons that most of us want to run away to our happily-ever-after realities in which we want to escape the constant burning suffering that is all around.

It is a great challenge to learn to stay grounded when you are feeling panic and desire to run away from the reality that is confronting you at any moment.  It is about learning to surrender to groundlessness.

In the destruction phase you have no hope of being able to manipulate the circumstances to stay in your old illusion.  As soon as you allow your old reality to become ash, then you find a flow of energy that was not there before.  Then you will find a new form of fulfillment in which your eyes are opened to the miracle of the real moment in which it is perfect and complete.

Realizing that within you is a constant thread of openness that you could experience your entire life through, can be transformative.  In openness you begin to feel the energy that is life constantly expanding.  This gives the feeing of decentralizing your energy.  That causes expansiveness, which is very enlivening and energizing.  But that energy comes from the acceptance in the push and pull of duality.  That push and pull creates an electric charge that is what this world runs on.

Nature is dualistic  But there is also a place in which it is just the way it is and there really is no problem.  It is just the function of nature.  We should not be embarrassed by or see that we are separate from the natural universal flow.  When we begin to have a direct relationship with the world, we no longer need to make or define the world as a part of us.  Then the question of separation does not come up at all.  To see this world without a dualistic barrier means that we are not one but we are zero.

Letting go of the ego's "I" perspective and beginning to see that we do not actually exist and that we are zero allows the mind to open.  From this point of view energy or life is very simple. Energy is separate from you.  Therefore, energy is part of you.  Without you separateness cannot exist.  You have form, therefore you do not have form.  You cannot have form if you do not have formlessness.

We exist but this domain is a creation of our own mind arising from a need to experience separation and duality for some reason of growth and expansion.  In this way you learn to relate directly with the energy that is life.  We then must take a more direct and straightforward approach.  Things are not outside of you, they are you, and they are not you, all at the same time.  These Buddhist riddles force the mind to open and conceive of a world different from what our life has taught us.  Our mind has created this illusion in order to numb us out from the truth that is always present in life.  When you expand into your natural openness, life becomes alive, fresh, and vibrant once again.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of July, 2008

The story of Taliesin is an Arthurian legend of a great poet and singer. As a child he was assigned the task of taking care of a magical brew of knowledge from a witch. This witch was going to give it to her deformed son as compensation for his looks. Taliesin was to stir it for a year and a day to infuse the potion with his knowledge. But at the end of this time, Taliesin accidentally spilled some of the brew on himself and licked it off, thus giving him the full gifts of this potion. With this gift of total knowledge he knew that the witch was planning on killing him after his task was done. Taliesin knew that he needed to run away but the witch discovered that the brew was now worthless and pursued him over great distances to kill him.

Taliesin shaped shifted into many creatures but the witch became one bigger and able to eat him. Until finally the witch caught up with him as he changed into a grain of wheat. The witch changed into the shape of a black hen and ate the grain of wheat. When the witch came back into human form she realized that she was now pregnant with a child, the same person that she wanted to kill. When the child was born he was so beautiful she could not kill him and so she set him adrift upon the sea in a leather bag. A nephew of the king found the bag and so this child was raised and cared for in the protection of the king’s family. It was quickly discovered that this child was brilliant and magical. He eventually became the seer for the Kingdom of Britain and many people heard and were inspired by his words.

This story is an interesting one for the upcoming election. Each candidate must find the words that can magically unite the hearts of Americans. Their inspired songs and poetry will be the deciding factor in this election. One candidate will be that one with whom the majority of Americans can align behind and feel inspired to create a beautiful world in which good values can inspire others like the great songs and poems of ancient times.

We want to feel as if in our own small way we can contribute to the growth of a civilization and eventually the world. The pattern indicates that we all need to remember that Fortune is never fair. She is blind, and in spinning her wheel. Yet, change is always a good thing.

Either candidate will be inspired to make massive changes in our systems. We are in challenging times. They do not have to be bad but they have to be dealt with directly. The patterns of the past 30 years are shifting regardless of how much any of us want to be nostalgic of the past. We cannot go back. We must look forward to ways to deal with the growing problems before it is too late to manifest the requirements that are going to be needed for this new and shifting world in which we find ourselves.

This is a time of tremendous transformation. But we need to drop all of our past defensive postures and take off the armor and let go of the nagging clouds of self-doubt and guilt. Life at times will lead you to go astray. But there is no need to dwell in quilt. Challenges are how each of us learns lessons and experiences growth.

Look at the paradise in which you are living right now. How grateful are you each moment of each day that you are an American? Take comfort in that if you are allowing your mind to pull you under with guilt or fear. You are placed in a position of great safety and security by comparison to many other places on this planet. Appreciate the miracle that you are here at this time on this planet. You must have done something right to be here.

Drop the old feelings of disappointment and resentment and look to the ways to that liberate the joy in your life. Whenever your achieving mind becomes involved in your life you begin to loose contact with the paradise you are in. That leads down the path of misery.

Instead, look towards the opening of patterns and perspectives that allow a new manifestation of understanding. Be inspired by the heart within you that yearns for the giving of more love and connection to the world. Know that inside you is a depth that can touch the suffering of others with its knowledge and experiences. Recognize that with your willingness to reach out you become a bridge for understanding and the giving of loving-kindness.

For this month, surrender to the openness of your heart, let go of the illusions of the past, and be willing to actively weave the threads of your reality into the greater web of life so we can all connect and support the amazing process of living on this planet together. None of us can do it alone. Together we can become something amazing that is planet has never seen. We are co-creating it together. If you can give your gifts and allow others gifts to also be honored and integrated this world would become something truly unique and inspired.

June 15th Pluto goes back into Sagittarius for one final hit

How are all of you doing with the pattern or Pluto going back into Sagittarius for one final hit? Are you feeling the stress? You should be.

This pattern will create chaos and problems till November 28th of this year. Then it will finally be gone. Yea!

For all of you Sagittarius’s this will be a great relief. Pluto in Sag has created all of the terrorism and chaos for the past 12 years, as well as, a ton of problems and headaches for the Sagittarius’s and Gemini’s (because Pluto has been in opposition to Gemini). Pluto in Capricorn will allow new structures and patterns to finally firm up and expand our world into new governmental systems and structures that should empower and broaden the worlds’ concepts of global economies and how we support and affect each other.

Because of this trend we will see tremendous growth in environmentally friendly energy systems and this will ultimately free us from being dependant on others for energy.

Personally, it will feel somewhat tumultuous but if you keep your head on straight and remind yourself to not blame others for situations that you have ultimately chosen and created, then you will navigate this pattern better.

As we gear up for the major global events that will unfold over the next 6 months remember to allow the play of life to be enjoyable for all those you love. Step back from your old habits and take a look at what patterns you are doing that do not allow others to connect on a more intimate way with you. Walk down the street and see if you can look at people and see beyond their DNA, childhood, damage, or behaviors. Who is really inside that person? Can you see that they are doing the very best they can, even if it is in an ineffective way.

From that place, is there anything that you can do that would open them to the light that they carry within? How can you open a person that is very stuck and angry? Often it is by acknowledging their pain and pattern in a non-judgmental way of acceptance and love. Each of us want to be seen. We want someone to notice our pain. We want someone to also be brave enough to reach out. We want someone to know what our heart needs in that moment better than we know ourselves.

This requires great skill and openness to know how to navigate those tumultuous waters. Often we cannot be of true service if we have not navigated some similar patterns or have had the opportunity to learn through our life’s experiences.

So, do not shy away from stretching or learning about yourself. It takes time and effort but the freedom you receive is worth it in the long run. You come to understand that we are all one body and each of us have similar experiences. Only when you come from the place of understanding and compassion can you reach out and touch another. In those moments you can have a profound impact that can change the course of another’s life.