Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, its the day before Thanksgiving and I hope everyone is going to have a fabulous extended weekend. I am going over to a friends house for dinner and I am looking forward to not having to do the whole dinner. Yea! However, I am bringing pies, carrot cake, and wine to help with the meal.

I am finally feeling better after about 6 weeks of battling getting the flu from the flu shot and then two consecutive bouts of a sinus infection. My energy is still low and so I am way behind on getting back into my tennis routine but everytime I started to sweat and get chilled in the cooler air of Salt Lake City, I went down again. So, I have just let it go for the moment. I am planning on playing on Fri and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will work out well.

I am excited to see how my new class on Sex, Love, Intimacy, and Relationships is going to go. I have been working on some information to give at the workshop. So far so good. At least I will have some time to work on it during the Thanksgiving holiday.

It is also my godson, Yale, birthday today. He is the big 18 years old! I called and gave him a crazy Happy Birthday song on his voice message system. My assistant heard me do it this morning and he started laughing. He said, "You are such a nut!"

I laughed and said, "Yep, that is why you all love me!"

Most people think that psychics have to be so mystical, dark, and intense. I believe that light, love, humor, and fun is the way to be. I think a sure sign that someone is not in an enlightened state is the loss of humor and light. Seriousness is a sign that you are caught in the drama of life and are not able to step into an objective perspective in order to find clarity.

Years ago, I was in Peru with 40 clients on a spiritual trip that I had put together. It was total chaos as we were checking into the hotel. The Peruvian shaman (three all together) were sitting down watching me deal with all the drama of clients wanting this or that. I was laughing and dancing within the chaotic situation well and having fun with the dramas that some need to create in order to feel special, important, or to just get my attention.

Anyway, I noticed the shaman pointing at me and whispering to each other as they were looking at me. When the situation slowed down. I went over to them and said with a smile, "Okay, What is so interesting!"

The smiled and said that in their traditions they believe that demons cannot hang out around laughter. They had decided that there was not a demon within 50 miles of me!

I laughed and agreed!

So during this holiday season with the natural family dramas that are sure to ensue. Remember to have a sense of humor and take yourself and others lightly! Recognize that some of the patterns within family are ways that some people need to get attention or love. They may not know another way. Try to look beyond the behavior to their true hearts desire. Then speak and connect to them in that way and see if their behavior changes. You might just be surprised!

Have a wonderful beginning of the holiday season!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Predictions for 2008

Just reminding everyone that I will be giving my annual Predictions for 2008 at the Golden Braid Bookstore on December 6th, 2007 at 7:00 PM. The Golden Braid Bookstore is located at 151 S. 500 E. in Salt Lake City. The phone number at the Braid is (801) 322-1162 if you want more information. Everyone is invited. I will be lecturing and then answering questions you might have about the coming year.

Hoping you are having a wonderful Sunday. I am taking a much needed break and trying to do as little as possible today. I just got back from working in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. I do this trip about once a month and I drive both ways which takes about 12 hours. Whew! It is a beautiful drive and I listen to books on CD as I go. So it is very interesting.

Here is another poem that I wrote while at the Omega Institute from a Yoga Class with Sofia Diaz.

Yoga Magic

Standing, shaking
Inward quacking
Breathing volcanoes
Feeling the dominos
Crashing down
As I go inward bound
Beyond the ego
Into the known
Where I can rest
In all that’s best
Of human love
The potential above
What the mind believes
Becomes falling leaves
Embraced by the earth
Dissolved into dirt.
Death is the truth that inhabits this plane.
Deny that fact and you must begin again.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

December Updates and California Schedule for 2008

December is a month of family, feasting, and gift giving, December brings with it a mixed bag of exhaustion, worry, and chaos. The cards indicate the sudden changes from November continue to affect Decembers forecast. There are indications of setbacks that force us to see the truth underneath our overly optimistic attitudes. The tensions that have been building since the summer are finally released in dramatic ways. This breakdown allows us to create new patterns rather than continue to try to reinforce badly constructed realities.

The darkness threatens to consume the light literally as well as metaphorically for this darkest month of the year.

Events create a change in stability along with a renewed determination and strength to accomplish the task. It will be important to balance the awareness of the impending dangers with skill and knowledge to defeat future attacks. These attacks can be from the expanding threats from the Middle East as well as from those who would undermine our economy and government. We need to reclaim the hidden resources that we all hold within to uncover new ways to address the obvious problems that are looming in the not so distant future.

This would not be the Christmas to go all out and spend until your credit cards begin to melt. This Christmas learn to appreciate the small and wonderful things about family and life. We really need much less than we realize to be happy.

This month it is important to do what you know to be instinctively right. Incorrect action or ignoring the truth when it is presented will cause continued chaos and upset. Remember, correct action is that which serves the greater whole and includes all truths and perceptions so that healing and transformation can occur. Just because your ego wants to be right or believes that it knows what is true for another does not mean that action would serve everyone.

Think of it like this, those who are in a first stage level of awareness are out to get what they want exclusively. They want to get their needs met quickly and immediately. They need to be right and they need to have their truth validated in the way that makes sense to them. The problem here is that often life is in constant flux and what we thought we wanted might not actually serve our expansion and growth. Therefore, the universe will often let events unfold that do not go our way. This can create misery and upset as we learn to let go of what others told us is truth. Then we must explore and expand our limited understanding of the truth to align with our inner self and purpose.

In a second stage level of awareness, we want to communicate and learn to become aware of others perceptions and beliefs. In this stage, we believe that we can all come to an amicable conclusion and fairness will prevail. This may not always work, especially if you are in a negotiation with someone who is in the first stage place of wanting to get what they want regardless of your feelings and beliefs. This only works if both sides are on the same playing field. As Americans we believe that discussion can lead to changes. Unfortunately, action often speaks louder than words, which leads me to the third stage of awareness and what is appropriate action.

In the third stage of awareness, one looks at what serves love and life moment by moment. Sometimes, that requires an intense, in the moment, response to external stressors that are authentic and heart felt. Examples would be situations when your children are about to do something that could hurt them like jump off the roof or accidentally get into inappropriate things. In such a moment, you do not quietly try to have a discussion with the child. You emotionally react with love. You yell to stop the child from doing the thing that may cause them harm. You tend to instinctually grab them in a mixture of anger and love to interrupt the activity. This is always done with an emotional explosion and force that can come across as anger but it is mixed with love and compassion. The child registers this and immediately integrates that moment as a lesson. Lessons learned this way will always be remembered by any child from that point on as something not to do.

It is important to note that each of us have all these experiences throughout our day. We shift from a level one moment, to a level three in the blink of an eye. So, none of these are bad, it is just that we need to become aware of what level our awareness is operating from and be able to objectively make choices that allow ourselves and others to grow.

If we constantly operate from the place of always needing to get our needs met by others, we will be disappointed, frustrated, and angry. That anger can turn to hatred and that hatred can become a blight on our soul that wants to lash out and hurt others without the developed awareness to feel and connect to others hearts and feelings. This is how people can become brain washed by beliefs and allow themselves to become pawns in powerful games that hurt and cause suffering to others.

So for the month of December, see if you can begin to choose to open your heart to a level where you serve others moment by moment. Let go of what you think you want and choose to feel into those who are suffering much more than you. Reach out with what you have and touch others. Even if that is in a small way. Each gesture can be the magic balm for someone’s soul who is hurting and potentially building up a charge that may lash out in anger and hurt others.

If we could just get governments to become that bolt of lightening of truth and love that will not tolerate negative behaviors that hurt others. How can we globally become a force that will not allow those who are operating in a stage one to not hurt themselves and others? How can we forcefully take weapons of mass destruction away from those who want to cause others harm. Yet, do it with intense love and power with the intention to serve all and minimize harm to everyone. This will be the great challenge for 2008.

Waves of change are coming whether we like it or not. Our environment is reaching a critical threshold and everyone will be forced to make adjustments and to look at how choices we make every day affect each of us. We are not alone. We are all intricately connected and that new awareness needs to create alternatives for how we all act and react in this new and evolving world.

Have faith that events unfolding are the lightening strike that awakens those who are apathetic to world suffering. When we all align to a higher calling that serves all, then the world will shift to accommodate that new perception.

Salt Lake City Updates

Suzanne has created a new workshop called, “Sex, Love, Intimacy, and Relationships”. It will be held in Salt Lake City, in the Murray area. In this workshop Suzanne will explore with the participants the new paradigms for relationships in the 21st century. How to uncover the true masculine and feminine within each of us. She will discuss new ways to rekindle passion back into your love life as well as many other exercises to open in intimacy with the one you love. The cost of this workshop is a suggestion donation of $60.00 for the weekend. Times are from Noon to 6 PM on Saturday and Sunday, December 8th and 9th, 2008. Participants are required to commit to both days of the workshop. Please call Suzanne’s office at (801) 359-2225 to register, get directions to the location, and pay in advance for this class. Registration is limited because of the workshop space so please register early.

Do you love the TV show the “Ghost Whisperer” or “Medium”. If this art form or channeling is interesting to you then you might want to check out my Beginning Integral Channeling Class, December 1-2, 2007. Times are Sat and Sun, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Channeling is the art of learning how to listen to ones intuition and to connect to higher sources. This includes: angels, guides, and the dead. Each of these connections is different and requires a different energetic access point. Some of us are more organically able to connect on one frequency rather than another. That is why each psychic connects differently and reads from different levels of awareness and skill.

In this class we will use exercises, meditations, and right-brained games to connect to the higher realms. Each person will learn how his or her energy most naturally flow, whether it is through the auditory channel, visual channel, empathetic channel, kinesthetic channel, or overview channel.

As a group we will be reading each other and learning how to ask internal questions that allow us to connect and find our way through the massive maze of the internal self.

This class is fun and full of surprises. You may just find skills that you did not know that you have.

If you want to be a part of this journey into the magical realm of Tarot, Numerology, Channeling or Palmistry, please contact the TAO to reserve your place at the T.A.O. at (801) 468-1212. Cost of all classes are $200.00. This cost includes a copy of Suzanne’s books or manuals on the subject being taught. A deposit of $100.00 is required to hold your place in the workshop. Sign up early, as the classes are limited to 15 people.

I have begun the Utah College of Intuitive Arts Community Project in Salt Lake City. Once a month my favorite psychics and I will give a Psychic Fair. This gives the community an opportunity to have psychic readings for a $10.00 donation to the T.A.O. Institute. Locations may be changing so please contact them at the above number to get accurate location information.

I believe that it is important to teach about abundance by having everyone, including myself, give back to the community with our gifts and love by donating our time to assisting those who do not have the money to come to a private reading with us. All of our practicing psychics have had great success in their work and we all look forward to seeing you there.

Our popular psychics are:

Krysta Brinkley - Horary Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, and Tarot. Her phone number is (801) 706-0213.

Ross Gigliotti - Tarot, Past Life Regression, Intuitive Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis. His phone number is (801) 244-0275.

Larissa Jones - Tarot, Essential Oil Readings, Intuitive Counseling. Her phone number is (801) 424-1217.

Melene Lake - Tarot, Kinesiology, Essential Oils. Her phone number is (801) 451-8543.

Shawn Lerwill - Clairvoyance, Angel Readings, Essential Oils and Balancing. His phone number is (801) 856-4619.

Adam Sagers - Tarot, Numerology, Astrology Art. His phone number is (801) 824-2641.

Nick Stark – Energy Worker, Shamanic Counseling, Water Breaths, Tarot Readings. His phone number is (801) 394-6287.

I am thrilled with how much joy and support this is giving the community. This event is on a first come, first serve basis. Numbers will be handed out at the door. This number entitles each person to get one reading from the first psychic available. If you want another reading, you will have to pick a new number after your first reading and begin at the back of the line. Normally in an evening we can accommodate approximately 25-30 people. We are unable to accommodate people coming in at the last minute. Often clients have signed up and waited for a while for their readings, so come and sign up early.

Remember that this is only an introduction to psychic readings. All of us normally will do readings for approximately one hour. During the psychic fair we just do not have the time to go into great depth with each person. So be prepared to ask a few specific questions to your psychic and they will be happy to answer them. For the $10.00 you will have approximately 10-15 minutes to be read. If you want a longer reading you may call the phone numbers listed above for each psychic and schedule a private reading with them.

Please be aware that for such a short reading it is a real challenge for each psychic to quickly get into your energy field and give you information of importance. Please do not try to trick the psychic. In such a chaotic environment it is difficult enough to maintain clarity without people trying to quickly get proof of dead people in the space, critical issues that are up for you, or other strenuous patterns that you are facing. That is one reason that psychics usually set there private reading spaces very carefully and create calmness and quiet to be able to focus and sort subtle energy.

Thank you for your understanding.

This program is for stretching the skills of psychics into new environments, as well as, educating the public as to the abilities of real psychics. Unfortunately, it does not work as it is shown on television.

There is a new location so please call to get that information. In January there will be another major shift as the psychic fair may move its location again. So check the Catalyst Magazine for updates and locations.

The dates for the Psychic Fair in 2007 are:
Dec 13.
Time is from 7:00 PM till 9:00 PM.

Please notice that there is a location change for my Sylvia Brown Style, by donation lecture. It will now be at the Myotherapy Institute at the Graystone Plaza on 1174 E. 2760 South, Downstairs, Room 6. Driving directions are: heading South on 1100 East (Highland Drive), turn right at Graystone Way 2760 South (1st small street south of 2700 South). Road curves over two speed bumps turn left into Graystone Buildings parking lot. Enter the east door. Follow signs to the lower level Room 6. The dates are: Nov 30, 2007. Please reserve your space ahead of time with the TAO. Everyone will be allowed to ask a few questions. This lecture fills up quickly so plan ahead.

All this information is on my web site at:

California Schedule

I will be in California on the following dates:

Los Angeles

1416 Havenhurst, #1-D (push button 10 for entrance)
Los Angeles, CA 90046

January 26-28, 2008
March 7-10, 2008
April 13-15, 2008
May 10-12, 2008
June 7-9, 2008
July 12-14, 2008
August 9-11, 2008
September 13-15, 2008
October 11-13, 2008
November 8-10, 2008

Palo Alto
September 18-20, 2008

Santa Barbara

Please call Suzanne's office for directions and location.
April 16-17, 2008
May 13-14, 2008
August 12, 2008
September 16-17, 2008
November 11-12, 2008

Also check my website for locations and directions or call my office to schedule appointments at: (888) 568-4402.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Shadow Dancing-Poem

Shadow Dancing

Sexy darkness consuming light.
Fear of truth embraced in flight.
Come dance with me, Oh dark shadow.
Hold me tight and don’t let go.
Show me the freedom your energy holds.
Merge with me and become my backbone.
With you by my side supporting me,
There is nothing that we cannot be.
Let us flow with passion’s delight.
Transcend this plane of aggression and fight.
Open the door so others can see,
Beyond the illusion that separates you and me.
Expose loves facets and colored jewels.
Adorn ourselves with our conflicts and duels.
Unafraid we no longer pine.
For just our view in this time.
When you know that love is all there is,
The shades do not matter only awareness and bliss.

The Flu, Ribose, And All About Your Tongue

Hello again:

I thought I would inform all of you about another product I have discovered from Health Freedom Nutrition. It is called Ribose. According to the information on their website it is a cellular energy enhancer. This means that this simple sugar that is produced by the body is essential for the cells to work efficiently. Stress causes ATP (the food for the cells) to be depleted. Primary areas are the heart and skeletal muscles. When you do not have enough ribose your body does not recover from illness and injury as quickly. So this supplement is great for those with chronic fatigue syndrome, heart disease, fibromyalgia, or just have unexplained low energy.

I began looking at this supplement because I had chronic fatigue syndrome in my 20’s. I think I am fine but every time I go to the Chinese doctors they shake their head and are amazed that I have the energy that I do. I do take supplements every day and I am very good at exercising 4 to 5 times a week for an hour and a half. But according to the Doctors of Oriental Medicine I have very weak pulses (one of the measuring tools for DOM to diagnose and treat disease and disorders). So I am always looking for things to support my weak system. So I ordered this supplement last week and I received it on Friday. I promptly put some of this powdered product in my ginger tea and Wham! I suddenly had a jump-start of energy. Really! It was shocking. I take supplements all the time but to have such a quick reaction to one product definitely got my attention. So if you are tired and don’t seem to have the energy to get going give this one a try. You can go to order.

Continuing on the health front. Three weeks ago I got the flu shot and promptly got the flu three days later. Ugh! What misery. I can’t imagine how bad the regular flu is if this was a weakened version of the flu. I of course went to the Doctor of Oriental Medicine to get Chinese herbs to help me heal. I prefer to go the natural way. I use the medical approach as the last resort. Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy we actually have all the medicines and tools we have now. But I believe that if I can kick an illness naturally, it is better for my overall health. I believe that we over prescribe antibiotics. Why do that when we have access to wonderful herbs that can kick out most bad stuff.

Anyway so I went to Dr. Minghua Zhang here in Salt Lake City. She is great. She is an MD in China as well as a DOM. In America she is a DOM because she cannot take the medical boards in English, even though her English is very good. So, she has all the medical as well as oriental medicine backgrounds. This makes her very well rounded and able to know where herbs work and where you need medicine. She will refer you to the hospital if she thinks that Chinese herbs are not appropriate in your situation. I greatly respect that. She can be somewhat more expensive than the average but her herbs have always kicked any illness I have out.

She gave me a first round of herbs and to my shock and hers, I didn’t get a bit better taking them for a week. That was a first! That flu shot must have had a nasty bug in it. A week later she changed the herbs and I finally started to get better. Yea! But the process has taken me three weeks to get back to a relatively normal place. Ugh!

Anyway, she kept looking at my tongue and saying that when she looked at my skin (one way to determine someone’s health), I looked great. Then she looked at my eyes and they were clear, bright, and sparkling. Also a good sign of health. But when she looked at my tongue she couldn’t believe that my tongue was in my mouth. It belonged to someone else. It indicated that I was very weak and that my energy was tremendously low and I had way too much stress in my life.

Now, I do have a crazy schedule that would put most people under. I work from 9 AM to 7 PM every day. I work weekends three weeks a month and only have one weekend off per month to play catch-up. This is because I work in LA and Santa Barbara. So I loose two weekends a month that way. The other weekend I teach a class. The fourth weekend, on the Saturday I usually work for those clients who cannot come during the week and that leaves me one Sunday to kick back and regroup. Then I also lecture and teach for the TAO Institute. I do holiday parties such as Halloween and New Years celebrations. Which often go quite late. And I manage to play tennis 4 times a week to stay in shape and handle stress. So I defiantly use up a lot of energy and stress.

Now, I am not the Chinese doctor but according to Ming, if you can see teeth marks along the sides of your tongue you are congested and your energy is weak. Congested can mean that you are not eliminating well in your body. American diets are full of glutens that bog down the gut and make us more constipated. Americans also do not drink enough water and we get dehydrated because of all the caffeine and sodas we drink.

I personally try to drink a gallon of water a day to stay hydrated. Most of the time I do pretty good.

Your tongue is also supposed to be pink without any yellow or white coatings on it. It is also supposed to be shiny and slick looking. So now everyone can take a beginners look at your tongues and decide for yourself how your health might be faring. If you think something might be off. Go to a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and see if some herbs might pick you up.

When I saw this information about the Ribose. I thought it might help and it is. I am also taking Red Ginseng from Dr. Ming and Cordyceps (another tonifier for the Kidney and Liver). So, I am slowly but surely getting stronger. I am finally off to tennis this morning. It is the first time in three weeks. I was just too exhausted up until now.

Hope you are healthy and happy in his flu season. Take care.