Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Barnes & Noble Event and All About Trans-Channels

I hope everyone comes to the Barnes & Noble Book Signing on Saturday the 23rd from 7-9 PM. I am also having a free Psychic Fair with my friends for the event. I hope this event is fun and exciting for the community.

It is my goal to educate the community as to the skills of psychics and to see us in a positive light. Television has done much for our profession but it also distorts our skills into places of unreality and that creates unrealistic expectations on normal psychics.

I thought today I would briefly discuss the skills of channeling. When people think of channeling they think of the TV show “Medium.” Allison DuBois is a fabulous medium but there are other aspects of channeling that are different. Today because of show such as “Medium, Ghost Whisperer, etc.” many see all channeling as a side aspect of channeling called “Mediumship”.

Mediumship is where a psychic medium is able to contact and hear the dead. This type of channeling is extremely helpful to those who are grieving about lost loved ones or those who are attempting to get proof and validation that there is something beyond this life.

There are also channels that speak to guides and angels. Within this group there are channels that stay in their body and translate the information from the angels and guides to the client. This requires them to remain clear and free from their own issues that might cloud the information being translated.

Another aspect of channeling is Trans-channeling. This form of channeling requires the actual person to leave the body and another soul to enter into the body of the channel. This makes the body language, verbal patterning, energy, and brain waves of the channel change. It is often a quite fascinating thing to observe. Those who have been tested actually have their breathing and heart stop for a brief period as the transition happens. When the channeling entity comes into the body the brain waves actually change and it literally appears as if there is another personality in the body.

I was fortunate enough to have worked with an amazing trans-channel years ago. What I appreciated the most about this person was that the channeled entity did not pretend to be completely enlightened and to have all the answers. He explained that he had actually done some terrible things in past lives and this was his way to heal them and assist those he had harmed in other lifetimes. He was attempting to fix his own karma by guiding others. He felt that it was safer for him to do it this way because he had more perspective and awareness when he was not in a body. He did not want to create any more karma with others. So as a guide he was able to see more clearly and support without causing harm.

At one point he told me that he needed to fix some energy blockages in my body and asked if he could hold my hands. When he took my hands it suddenly felt as if the channeled entity was a giant vacuum cleaner. It felt as if all this dark smoke was being sucked out of my body. I could suddenly see in a fast moving movie all the struggle, hardship, suppressed pain and suffering I had experienced in all the lifetimes that was blocking my god connection and aligning me with the divine. In about a minute the smoke cleared and I felt wonderful. So much light was flowing out of me and I felt finally at peace and content.

Another amazing story happened with the same entity. One day, I was with a group of other seekers. We were all talking to the channeled being and he had been playing with a large bowl of marbles that was sitting on the coffee table as decoration. As we talked and finally finished up with the lecture the entity said goodbye and left. Suddenly we realized that the bowl and marbles had disappeared right in front of us. We were all startled. All of us began looking for the marbles. I was sure they had been moved under the coffee table but there was nothing there. Just when we decided to give up on the mystery we began to leave the room following the person who was the channel. Suddenly, the entity jumped back in and simply said quickly, “Oops! Sorry about the marbles!” and promptly left again. We turned around and there were the marbles and bowl back on the table! It was shocking!

It is still one of those unexplained mysteries that make me believe in magic.

Some of the well-known channels are Lazarus and Ramtha, for those of you interested in exploring the aspects of this type of channeling.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How does Palmistry Work?

As to the subject of palmistry, many have the perception that it is an art that is mystically translated to the reader as they gaze into the client’s palm. There are aspects of this that do apply to the advanced reader as the patterns within the hand coalesce and create images that are translated. But palmistry was created from a very grounded and practical approach originally.

For thousands of years all cultures have understood the mystical qualities held within hands. In the modern age we associate palmistry with gypsies and fortune-tellers, yet the history is actually much more complex and amazing.

It is possible that palmistry originated in China and/or India around 2000 B.C. The roots of which probably began with the intense study of the human body to understand and diagnose illnesses. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine were sciences that developed slowly through years of observation and study of the human body. By practical application and careful observation, the subtle changes within the body were recorded and carefully monitored. Patterns began to emerge and those patterns began to be verified and found to be helpful and accurate.

Poisons, illnesses, and toxins were noticed to have affects on many aspects of the body, especially the eyes, tongue, skin, hands, and feet. But more importantly these systems also began to understand that there were different constitutions that also effected how someone would respond and recover to illnesses and external stresses.

Ancient doctors noticed that certain body types had certain characteristics. Those types could be determined by clues that the body naturally showed to the doctor if one was being observant. The classification of those different types of bodies also came with patterns of similar temperaments and emotional responses to different external patterns. It is thought this is how palmistry originated, as an extension of the differentiation of the body types and temperaments. Through centuries of trial and error, palmists have uncovered certain core truths about certain body temperaments and how those temperaments move through time and space.

Buddhism emerged also during this time; and the science of Chinese diagnosis combined with the spiritual influence of Buddhism helped to expand palmistry into a complete practice of divination and spiritual growth.

The earliest known reference to palmistry came from an ancient Vedic text called “The Laws of Manu”, from 2000 B.C. Yet, the art of reading hands has been popular throughout all cultures and civilizations, from the Babylonians, to the Egyptians, to Greeks, Hebrews, Romans, Tibetans, and our modern day society.

When people begin to study palmistry they think the focus will be on the lines of the palm. While the lines do give much information, it is actually the temperament of the shape of the hand that uncovers the true nature of the person and allows the lines to be information that expands the reader’s awareness of the bigger patterns and challenges.

It is important to know the core temperament of each hand and then to know how to connect and translate that information in ways that the people can understand and integrate.

Palmistry is about connecting all the patterns and areas of the hand within the way in which the person naturally moves and flows.

Aspects and lines taken out of context can cause confusion and may allow you to miss the bigger picture being unveiled in the hand’s temperment.

Great teachers and leaders from Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Hippocrates, and Julius Caesar used palmistry to assist them in making decisions for their respective futures. Many people do not realize that the famous, Le Comte de Saint-Germain was a palmist and wrote some of the most comprehensive books on the subject, synthesizing many teachers information bringing palmistry into scientific credibility. In the modern age, Paracelsus, Robert Fludd, and Cheiro brought palmistry back into fashion and rekindled its rebirth lasting even today.

What is remarkable is that palmistry has not only survived but it has continued to grow and adapt to the changing environment and cultures it encounters. Even our modern police departments use fingerprinting as a way to identify criminals. Psychologists continue to look to the patterns of criminal behavior and that includes facial diagnosis techniques, hand analysis, and handwriting analysis.

So Palmistry has an amazing future that will continue way beyond this time and place.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Step out of Boomeritis and Relax

June is bringing with it some complex dynamic energy that seems to be affecting everyone. It seems as if things are in a holding position waiting for something. There is a sense of stuck anticipation hanging in the air.

As a psychic, I tend to see patterns that influence each of us along our path. I believe these are at times global astrological energies that are naturally affecting each of us differently as we progress along our respective pathways.

The pattern for this month seems to be challenging to everyone in a financial way. I notice that many are feeling tight in the pocketbook and everyone seems to be trying to find ways to cut back and become more fiscally responsible.

Astrologically there has been a desire for expansion but a deep despair at believing that any one person can actually make a difference. This energy will ease up by the end of the month. In the meantime it is good to stay practical and grounded. You may find it difficult to keep a positive attitude for the projects that you want to manifest. Things may seem to be discombobulated and chaotic, exacerbating the despair and frustration that anything will actually happen.

Take a moment to breathe and believe in you. Do not expect the universe to give you your pictures. It is good to have the dreams and to learn to move in a positive direction towards them. And it is also good to remember that just because your mind can see an event does not always mean that you will get that exact picture down the road. I know that is frustrating but it is just the nature of being alive and on earth. We are here to grow and learn though challenges. Growth sometimes comes in the form of disappointments that help us refine the difference between our illusions and the manifestation of our true potential.

What is important is to remember to continue towards the expression of your gifts and abilities. Learn to be in the present moment and find the joy in the simple pleasures rather than getting caught up in Boomeritis.

Boomeritis is a term that was created by Ken Wilber (writer and philosopher) in his book by that same name. The term comes from the changes in our society over the last hundred years that have shifted human perspective radically.

Before the 1950’s humanity had been very preoccupied with survival. We went through two world wars, the Great Depression, the Korean War, etc. Our parents and grandparents did not have the luxury to dream of a life of fulfillment. They could only deal with the tremendous day-to-day reality that was right in front of them. In the 1950’s suddenly we entered into a new world that had more peace and freedom than any culture previously and that comfort and prosperity brought with it a new generation of humanity that instead of just trying to survive wanted instead to find totally fulfillment, money, and success. So the entire baby boomer generations have been on a spiritual, financial quest for MORE.

This is why Ken Wilber referred to it as Boomeritis. We now have an unprecedented expectation for our lives. Normal life seems to have little value. We expect ourselves to do something miraculous, marvelous, and special. This puts a tremendous burden on each of us and does not allow us to enjoy the small things that allow us to be human.

There are now companies that actually have vacation police.

I think that is so interesting. Corporations now know that if their employees do not actually take vacations they are less productive and more irritable.

We have trained ourselves to find value in our work and what we can accomplish in a day. We have chosen to believe that when we work harder and with longer hours that we have more value and others will notice our contributions more.

In actuality we seem to be shooting ourselves in the foot.

So now companies have vacation police that actually force employees to take their vacations. This is an excellent trend to hopefully untrain our baby boomers to find more joy in simple things and taking time off.

So since we are in the time of summer vacations, why not take one. Step back into the simple pleasures of life. Let go of all those expectations for a moment. Allow the true self to breathe for a minute and relax. Who knows maybe another door will open that allows more ease, flow, and grace into your life.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Printing of Books and the Cost to Run Business in America

I am at the moment analyzing the financial numbers for the printing of my book on Palmistry. Needless to say the numbers are strained at best.

It is amazing to me how close the margins for books are. Truly! I don’t know how the publishers can make any money at all. At the moment the cost for shipping books has gone up because of fuel prices and normal operating expenses. The shippers have also changed the way they analyze the shipment between weight and size. The effect is one of causing small publishing houses such as my self to almost be unable to compete in the bigger arena of the publishing industry.

My palmistry book is about 70 pages long. The cost problem is not about the printing of the books but always in the shipping of the books from my office to the distribution networks such as Amazon or Baker and Taylor. It is amazing that the shipping takes more of the cost than the printing of the books itself. It would seem that the most labor intensive part would be in the printing of the books. But it is not.

Maybe I should go into the shipping industry. Someone must be making money there. Ha!

The truth is that my life seems to be about following my passions and gifts rather than in making money. It seems to have always been so.

As a dancer with Ballet West from 1982-1988, the most I ever made as a soloist/principal dancer was only about $22,000.00 per year. In all of the artistic arenas, the directors and boards know that to dance must be a calling and passion. You do not do it for the money. You do it for the joy and fulfillment you receive from the expression of your soul.

The same is true for being a psychic and author. No one gets into being an author for the money. On average there really is no money to be made in it. Especially in the subjects that are interesting to me. Yet, you are driven to give back and share your skills and gifts with others.

I know that producing the books and CD’s has been an act of love and sharing with others. I would do it again. But the work and energy that it takes to create such a thing cannot be translated into money.

As a psychic, people think that I make so much money per hour but when you break down all the costs such as; advertising, teaching materials, rental of space for workshops, cost of running a corporation for the federal and state, sales taxes, insurance, accountants, etc. You are amazed that you can still function as a business.

Yet I love people and I love my work. There is nothing more profound than to see the emergence of an soul opening to the magic that is within them.

My husband received information from his company as to the actual cost that companies pay for each person. The easy to translate this information is to round out the numbers. They went something like this. If you make $100,00.00 per year (don’t we all wish!) the corporation will spend an additional $70,000.00 per person in fees, taxes, insurance, space, retirement (social security), etc. Amazing isn’t it!

So when you get concerned that you want to feel valued in your company remember the number breakdown and realize that you are making more money than you realize.

Talk to you again soon.