Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Psychic Fair at the Golden Braid Bookstore – We Have Two New Readers with our Fair.

The address for the Psychic Fair is: 151 S. 500 E. in Salt Lake City. The bookstore’s phone number is (801) 322-1162.

The cost of a 20-minute reading is $25.00.

You may sign up for our different psychics one week in advance by calling the Golden Braid Bookstore. Appointments are scheduled in 20-minute segments.

Our popular psychics are:

Krysta Brinkley - Horary Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, and Tarot. 
Her phone number is (801) 706-0213.
Ross Gigliotti - Tarot, Past Life Regression, Intuitive Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis. 
His phone number is (801) 244-0275.
Larissa Jones - Tarot, Essential Oil Readings, Intuitive Counseling, Natural Health Intuitive, Chakra Balancing, Sacred Geometry, and Plant Messages. Her phone number is (801) 424-1217.
Melene Lake
- Tarot, Kinesiology, Essential Oils. 
Her phone number is (801) 451-8543.
Wade Lake - Tarot, Numerology. 
His phone number is (801) 451-8543.
Shawn Lerwill - Clairvoyance, Channeling, Angel Readings, Essential Oils and Balancing. 
His phone number is (801) 856-4619.

Cassie Marie – Tarot, Numerology, psychic mentoring, palmistry, healing arts, and yoga.
Her phone number is (801) 643-8063.
Mvanah Maloti – Card readings, Zulu Bone Casting, Medium, Palmistry.
His phone number is (801) 706-3448.
Adam Sagers - Tarot, Numerology, Astrology Art. 
His phone number is (801) 824-2641.
Nick Stark – Energy Worker, Shamanic Counseling, Water Breaths, Tarot Readings. 
His phone number is (801) 394-6287.
Suzanne Wagner – Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry, Channeling, Clairvoyance, and Mediumship. 
Her phone number is (801) 359-2225.

If you want a longer reading you may call the phone numbers listed above for each psychic and schedule a private reading with them. Or call the Golden Braid Bookstore to schedule a private reading with one of their psychics that are on staff regularly.

Dates for 2009: Dec 15, 2009.
Dates for 2010: Jan 19, Feb 16, March 16, April 20, May 18, 2010.
The fair is the 3rd Tues of each month
Time is from 6:00 PM till 9:00 PM.

The Psychic Fair Psychics are giving the following lectures: All information is available at: http://intuitivejourneys.ning.com/

Thurs Dec.3 Snapshot of your Essence with Adam Sagers 7-8:00@Golden Braid 151 S. 500 E., SLC. FREE Lecture. Come listen to Adam as he talks about combining Shamanic Journeys, Astrology, Sacred Geometry and Art. In Adam's original art work he uses a blending of your astrological birth chart, combined with Divine Geometry and the principles of shamanism to create a snapshot of your essence which guides you through your personality, past your identity and to your true self. Adam blends astronomical birth chart with Shamanism and Sacred Geometry into art and teaches us how to look at a chart and simply make sense of astrology. This art is simple enough for the beginning astrologer with strong enough metaphors for even the most advanced student to enjoy the depth. Adam offers guided tours to Havasupai, canyoneering, Topaz Mountain, and other Shamanic Journeys.

Sat + Sun Dec 5 + 6 Transformational Tarot with Cassie Lopez. 10-5 both days. Open to the mysteries and magic of the world around you by exploring the system of the Tarot. Learn the meaning behind the cards as well as the art of conducting a reading. With an optional practice offered at a later date. Space is limited. Cost: $200 includes a book and tarot cards. A $50 deposit will hold your space. Click here to register. www.cassielopez.com

Weds. Dec.16th 7pm New Moon fire ceremony in Ogden Canyon. Enjoy Nature at her finest and experience the power of the moon. Dress appropriately for outdoors. Potluck dinner. Limited space.
Call Nick Stark @ 801-721-2779 for reservations.

Thurs Dec. 31st 8 pm. Full Moon - New Years Fire Ceremony in Ogden Canyon. Enjoy Nature at her finest and experience the power of the moon. Dress appropriately for outdoors. Potluck dinner. Limited space. Call Nick Stark @ 801-721-2779 for reservations.

Numerology Class in December 2009

Suzanne will be teaching her Integral Numerology Class on Dec 12-13, 2009. Cost for this workshop is $200.00 and includes Suzanne’s latest book on Numerology. Please call my office to register for this class.

Numerology is the fascinating study into the complex patterns within nature and numbers that constantly surround all of life. Your birth date gives insights into the patterns you came into learn, the patterns of what you have learned in your last life, the gifts you bring from other lives, and the destiny you wanted to create in this incarnation.

We will also explore the number patterns within your name and how that reveals your driving forces in your life, your dreams, and your true self’s expression for this life. Suzanne's approach is simple but vastly insightful into the patterns that each of us carries through the number patterns that we were born with.

In this class you will receive Suzanne's breakthrough book on Numerology, which is included in the cost of the class. She has worked for years learning the patterns and systems of numbers, astrology, tarot, and mysticism in order to bring all this information together in a way that allows the learner to easily comprehend these complex patterns with ease and grace. You will be amazed at what the number patterns in your life reveal about you.

During this class you will also uncover the karmic patterns that affect your intimate relationships and family dynamics. You will learn if you have been in other lifetimes with each other and what each of you came into teach the other. You will be able to understand the most important people in your life in a new and expanded way.

This class is for all levels of readers. Beginners as well as those more advanced will find value and insight through the metaphorical information about Numerology.

Suzanne's method of Numerology is completely unique in its approach and perspective. If you think you understand Numerology, you will be amazed at the new insights you will receive from this class. Her number system is unlike any of the other systems out there.

More About December, 2009

In December, take some time to support and give assistance to those who you feel need and deserve your time and attention. Recently I heard that Volunteers for America at: 655 South State Street in Salt Lake City, run a day center for Homeless Youth. During the day those kids have a place to go and get out of the cold. Unfortunately, at night they are out on the streets or in homeless shelters.

So this weekend I went through my old clothes and purses (checking to make sure there were no valuable items in them) and gave them to the Homeless Youth Day Shelter. I also gave 10- $10.00 gift certificates for food to them also. It was clear when I went in that these kids really do need help.

As I went in there was a young man looking through clothes that had been donated. As he looked up at me, I saw that he had two black and blue eyes. His face looked like he had been pummeled.

My heart went out to him. He was barely in his body. His spirit was trying to survive and it was all he could do in that moment. I am always amazed by the strength of the human spirit. But I also want to support each of us in opening our hearts to those who are suffering.

Each of you will be drawn to help those in need in your own way. It is not hard. Just follow the impulses of your heart. You will know what to do. Remember, you cannot do everything. But every little bit helps someone in some way.

I notice for myself that when I get scared or find myself moving into feelings of lack, all I have to do is do something for someone else. That immediately pulls me out of my personal drama. By becoming present with others I can instantly feel the huge gifts and support that I have from the universe.

In Buddhism there are two forms of merits. Merits are the plus points that you have earned from other lifetimes that support you in this life. Some call it luck. Some see it as opportunities that magically appear just when you really need them. They say you only take your good deeds and love with you when you die. That is a great incentive for me to remember to love others as fully, deeply, and openly as is appropriate for each situation and circumstance. It also reminds me that good deeds the come from my heart will accumulate in other times and show up when I need them the most. So every place I can be supportive to those suffering, I am also magically giving myself that same gift at a later time.

So the two types of merits are: 1. Abundance merits. 2. Ability to hold on to the abundance merits.

The first one is easier to acquire. It is a merit that allows you to manifest money, wealth, opportunity, dreams, businesses, and the completion of projects and goals.

But the second one is much more difficult to acquire and to hold on to. This one requires you to believe in yourself enough to know that you can manifest but that you also deserve and have earned to feel the abundance. Not just to give it all away but also to know that you can create safety and security for yourself and your family because you are love and you are worthy of the infinite gifts that the universe is offering to everyone all the time. It is our unworthiness that prevents us from fully enjoying our self, our life, and our abundance.

Many clients come in and want to manifest abundance. I try to explain that acquiring abundance takes diligence, determination, and follow through. But knowing how to keep it requires you to know yourself so well that you know that you are abundance and that you are worthy of the tremendous flow that is available to everyone.

If you do not have abundance some part of you does not believe that you deserve it. By giving to others and opening your heart you will learn that your love and life is a constant gift to everyone you meet and connect to. Then there is no way to not know and accept that you are abundance and deserving of the infinite gifts that this world offers.

So this December, give of your heart and soul. Feel yourself manifesting merits for your future by openly and honestly giving your gifts. In doing that know that you are safe, supported, protected, and worthy of great things. Then allow the giving of your essence to breath life back into your being.

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of December

The month of December finally allows everyone to feel as if they are finally getting out of a rut in their lives. In the Arthurian legends, the term, “Eachtra” refers to an other world journey and adventure that takes you beyond the mind and ego. Such places existed in the “twilight realm” and in the direction of the west or the setting sun. It is only by letting go of what we think we know and allow ourselves to journey into unknown areas and adventures that we begin to feel fully alive.

The only way through is to know that this time is about not knowing the outcome but to go on the journey that has been placed in front of you. Destinations are never the actual goal. The journey to get to the destination is everything.

In the month of December, it will become clear that much effort and toil will be necessary but the journey has begun and there is a renewed flow of energy in anticipation of the adventure.

For those traveling for the holidays be prepared for delays or changes in plans and arrangements. This same energy can cause you to become obsessive over romantic relationships and it is important to find ways to stay balanced and to not pine for the past situations. If you can open and let go of the pattern that has allowed you to stay stuck you have the opportunity to find a valuable and balanced relationship.

Think of your life like a dance that flows in directions that allow you to connect to a higher level and deeper emotions.

In love it is important to not cling to each other but to feel secure within yourself enough that you choose to walk the path together but as equals supporting each other in the amazing unfolding of intimacy and love.

This month can lull you into a dreamlike state but there are always dangers in believing in the shallow veneer of romantic love. True love deepens over time and allows the truth of each person to be expressed. Love is not constricting and limiting. Love is supposed to be generous and supportive.

The burst of new love is always expansive and wonderful. But become aware of when the constriction and fear begins to contract the expansiveness of love into packages that are beautiful but traps none-the-less.

True love is willing to move moment by moment with all the changing flows.

So this month take a look at what you are committed to? Are you committed to love, being right, oppressing others out of fear, or to the truth as you see it?

Just because something is true from your experience does not mean it is true to others from their own experiences. You cannot give anyone your experiences or reference points, no matter how hard we try. If you try to impose what is right for you on others you create disappointment, isolation, and impasses.

As a global community, during the month of darkness, winter, and the diminishing light, remember that we are all united in a goal of peace, prosperity, love, and appreciation of each other’s gifts and abilities. Hold on to the truth of your heart and love. Know that by letting go of our personal history and stories you uncover ways that you could not see when you were egoically needing to be right. The winter is a time of sharing and coming together with loved ones. Appreciate the huge effort everyone is making during this holiday season and open your heart to a new place of generosity and grace.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Surviving the Intensity of Fall

As the emotional intensity has built up over the month of October, I hope everyone feels as if they have survived and expanded in direct proportion to the emotional challenges that you experienced.

I try to remember that whenever I expand I will also naturally contract as my body and genetic memory try to force me back into the patterns and habits of the past that have kept me safe.

No matter what, you either grow and evolve or you contract and constrict your life force. This is the process of life. We all do it at different times but if you take a look at your experiences, more often than not, the end result of upset is positive change. That change comes at a cost. Most of the time the cost is that of your ego.

Egos are a tricky thing. We have moments when our soul essence breaks through and our ego no longer has control over our reality. Then, somehow our ego finds another way to manipulate us into some small box of perception once again.

I was navigating my own upsets and challenges over the month of October and so one Sunday I spent four hours in meditation, calling out to any angel, spirit, being, guide, god or goddess to help create some clarity, center, and calm.

Ironically, I saw the Goddess Durga. Durga is a Hindu representation of the Divine Mother. Other names for her are Parvati, Ambika, and Kali. She protects mankind from evil and misery by destroying evil forces such as selfishness, jealousy, prejudice, hatred, anger, and ego.

She was exactly what I needed in that moment. I find that if you honestly and authentically ask for help in life you will always receive support and clarity in some way. The problem is that you must be willing to accept the help in the form that is shows up without judgment or fear.

What Durga kept repeating to me was helpful and calming. She said that I needed to let go and trust the Divine that patterns were in motion that I could not control. I needed to trust that something was unfolding on its own that was supportive of my evolution and consciousness. When things are out of alignment with your true nature, life will tend to show you where you have been in illusion, delusion, striving, attachment, and wanting.

Receiving what you want is not always what is best for your soul’s development and awareness. Confrontations happen to force you to realize what you really want from what you think you should want.

We often limit ourselves and sell out our bigger dream for qualities and patterns that seem pretty good. It is our lack of self worth and the pattern of not really feeling entitled enough that allow us to choose “Good Enough” over the fullest expression of our being in this life.

I notice if I do not have something in my life, that my mind wants. And I am in conflict with the fact that I do not have it. Ultimately, I have to face the reality that deep down I do not feel entitled to that thing or situation. Because if I did I would be creating that in any way I could. And I would have that thing in my life right now. Somewhere deep down I do not feel as if I have earned that right or place.

The “Hero’s Journey” is about how all of us need to challenge ourselves and overcome situations and obstacles to open us up to our deepest potential. In that way, we know we have earned the right to be standing in a place of certainty and clarity. Of course the big joke is that when you reach the goal, your ego will once again want to use that goal as a stopping point and a place where you can “rest on your accomplishments”. That is fine for a bit but the truly conscious beings attempt to remain open to every situation and circumstance that can allow them to open further, let go of another layer of ego or judgment, and become free and expanded beyond the limited concepts of the mind.

If you can remember that this whole experience you are having is an elaborate game manifested by you in order to grow, then you learn to not take your own opinion so seriously.

Everyone is being accurate from their perception and angle of understanding. So every person is being as true as they know how to be from their personality that is being dominant at that moment. The growth of consciousness comes when you finally see that you are not your personality. You are not your body. You are not your mind. You are not what you think. You are not your DNA. You are not the complex patterns of your nervous system that learned and came to conclusions based on fear, desire, or upset.

You are much vaster than all of that. The more you let go of what you think you are and what you think you should be, then you begin to feel the freedom of your authentic self merging into your physical body. You will know when you have hit upon it because clarity is calm. The chaos will stop and the mind will cease its endless seeking and chattering.

Just know that there will be many more moments when your ego will again need to be broken down and expanded some more. You are all limitless beings that want to explore the limitation of this density. Enjoy the drama. Enjoy the creative process. Enjoy the upsets and rigidity of needing to be right. And when you finally get tired of the internal justification and chatter within, you will step beyond the fear of being wrong and find the way to your true self.