Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Economic Stimulus Plans and Keeping Your Life On Track

Well the economic stimulus plan has passed Congress and the stock market continues to tank. I know that a lot of people are very stressed about the economy and admittedly it does not look good over the long haul. I have been warning about this for a while and psychically and astrologically it will get worse before it gets better. We are in a pattern of a slippery slope downhill for about a year and a half. I know that is not good news to anyone but I tend to look at the bright side of things.

In this particular situation I see this as an opportunity for everyone to become very financially aware of where they might still be wanting to keep playing the game of excess. Pluto in Sagittarius (from 1995 till 11/25/08) was a pattern of excess. Pluto now in Capricorn is conservative by nature. If you are willing to restrain your emotional impulses and to take a brutally honest assessment of your personal financial situation, learn to cut back, do what it takes to keep jobs, and become indispensable for your company, then you will be fine during this economic shift.

This can also be a great opportunity for those who have not been happy working for others to start up small businesses. The trend in America is that it will be the small home businesses that will lead us out of this crisis. Large corporations with huge overhead and expenses are going to feel the hardest hit. So look at what you might want to do as a business from home. What do you love to do? What have you always wanted to do? I know that sometimes making an attempt in a down market looks crazy. But if you are out of work already and having no luck finding a job, get creative. See it as an opportunity to do a dream. Take the initiative and risk and give it a shot. It will require a lot of responsibility and attention to detail but you might just find that you love the freedom it gives you. Being your own boss can give you a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

I know that I have said this before but I am constantly amazed how in my office everyone just does not want to believe me when I say that this pattern of excess is really, really over. I explain everything and clients become upset that they cannot continue the lavish lifestyles, expansion of houses, granite counter tops, big expensive trips, etc that they have been doing over the last 12 years. They keep pressing me to tell them that it is okay to keep doing what has gotten them into this situation in the past.

As a psychic I am always attempting to show the patterns and trends of life for the individual as well as in the global community. In some situations the global situation affects everyone and everything. We are in one of those situations.

I have had people tell me that they believe that someone cursed them or their family. And the genuinely wanted me to confirm their assessment of the situation. My response is that if that was the case than everyone in the world is also being cursed. I know that we want to find someone or some situation to blame for our bad luck. It makes it easier to cope with. But sometimes global situations are so large and transformational that they can and will eventually effect everyone. This is where we are.

This level of a economic downturn none of us have seen in our lifetime. This astrological pattern was last here during the Great Depression. Now I am not a gloom and doomer. I believe that we do have resources and systems in place that can make an enormous difference during this time. But we need to take some responsibility and also make major adjustments along the way.

I do expect there to be a rally at some point. Because stock markets always need to do a re-tracement at some point. I believe that this is going to be over the summer. But it will be short lived and the downward spiral will continue. So play it safe. Keep money in places that are not at risk. If you have extra cash to spend wait for the Real Estate market to hit the bottom and then put money in there. But that bottom will probably not be until the fall of 09 or into 2010. Try to have 5 to 8 months of cash to cover expenses. Things can happen unexpectedly.

Remember to work hard and to do some overtime at work without expecting to get paid for it. Keep track of those hours so that you can have some ammunition if there is a lay off. Do not expect all the perks and extras from companies. Many are down 30% at the moment and if you are causing a problem or complaining you may be one of the first to be let go. Companies are looking for ways to cut expenses and if you get mad and want to quit often they will not be replacing your job with someone. You also really do not want to be the low man on the totem pole of a new job. If you do not have seniority you could also one of the first to be let go.

So, stay focused. Do your job well. Do not complain. Be pleasant and uplifting at work. Try to not let others stress get to you. Learn some new coping skills. Learn to handle anger more appropriately. Keep a good attitude. And everything can work out.

If you do loose a job, look to see if the universe is actually giving you an opportunity to go for your dream. But in this time of tremendous change, be smart. Look carefully and crunch numbers to make sure that you know what you are getting into. If it seems real and a good idea, not just to you but also your best friends and family, then take the risk. Now, sometimes family and friends are in more fear than you might be. But listen to their issues and attempt to find ways around their concerns and keep going towards your goals.

So, this month, stay positive but realistic. Do not over do or over spend. Let go of that big vacation this year. Wait until you see which way the wind goes by the end of this year. If I am wrong you can always do that big trip next year. If I am right you might just need that money you would have spent on the trip for more important things, like starting your own business.

This is a year to play it safe and to keep your cards close to your chest. Limit risk and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of March

The Medicine cards seem to sum up the feeling of March in a nutshell. The Elk is about having the stamina and the willingness to go the distance. The Rabbit is about dealing with fear and not freezing into a place of no movement. And the Raven is about allowing and following the magic into a new place that connects this world with the next.

So in March, we need to know that situations are going to take all of our stamina and energy to make it through to the next levels. We need to be willing to do what it takes moment by moment and find the place inside ourselves that knows that sometimes you need to head straight up the hill like an elk, rather than take a easier route to get to the goal. This is a time when we need to find the determination and strength to be willing to take the hard but more direct route to get to our destination. When it comes to our economy that may be the safest and quickest route to take but it will also be the most difficult in the short run. We need to find our own inner determination that consistently and steadily takes the more difficult path in order to make the pain a shorter length of time. The road ahead is rocky and a steep uphill climb but we are Americans and we are nothing if not determined to find the innovative pathways to reach new heights of awareness and skill.

We also need to take a good look at our fear and know that if we freeze in this moment and refuse to take action then we may find ourselves in a very bad position. I have heard from many clients that they have friends, family, children, or spouses that have gotten caught up in all the 2012 apocalyptic negative news and have literally decided that the world is coming to an end so why try to worry about the money or retirement. These individuals have stopped working and have fallen into a frozen state of waiting for the end. Not only is this an inappropriate way to think of our present situation but also it does not allow for the growth that is always present if we are willing to take a good look around and work on the places that we need to evolve. Even if (and it is a highly doubtful possibility) the world was going to come to an end, I would want to grow as much as I could and continue to expand my awareness all the way up to the end. I would not want to die feeling as if I did not reach out and touch as many as I could with my heart and awareness. The world has always had gloom and doom predictions. Every century thinks that this will be the one. I have loved to study history and you would be amazed at how this pattern has repeated throughout history and yet we are still here. Humanity is amazingly tough. Consciousness and love is God manifesting through our experience of these bodies. I personally do not want to waste this most precious of gifts waiting for the end and contracting so far down into fear that I become of no use to my family or friends. Fear is incredibly debilitating and if we justify not moving because of information that we have chosen to believe from others we are not expressing our godlikeness in this world. If we were made in God’s image, ask yourself, “What would God do?” Would God just collapse and not try to make a change. I do not believe this universe would have been created if that were the case. So, take a moment to get up and get going. Stop allowing the fear to destroy all that you have worked so hard to create. Do not freeze like a rabbit and wait for the coyote to come and eat you. You can move and you can move quickly when you put your mind to it.

And finally we come to the message of Raven. Raven reminds us that we need to learn about our inner fears and self created demons. Raven gives us the courage to enter into our own darkness and find the part of our spirit that has been hidden away from us until we were ready to be responsible with the power and magic that we all carry within. To the Raven, the color black is not evil. It is the indication that we are seeking answers and have embarked on a spiritual journey into the nonphysical. It is by our looking into our own darkness that we find the way to awaken. Raven shows a tremendous change in consciousness is possible if you are willing to bring your hidden gifts out of the darkness and into the light.

So March is full of opportunities to expand, participate, and to deal with conflicts in totally new ways. Notice where you are making things more difficult than they need to be. Notice if you are one of those people who revels in conflict and enjoys sowing the seeds of discord to validate the negativity that you have not released within. Or would you rather be a person who is choosing to act on intuition and is willing to have the courage to try some unconventional ideas. Hopefully, you want to be the later.

Something amazing is happening. But it will require a great deal of sensitivity to find the ways to reclaim your inner and outer mastery. We cannot do it alone. We all need each other to reflect the patterns that we are blind to within us. We cannot change something if we cannot see it. Often others are of great help because we tend to perceive from the way our brain likes to integrate information. But there are other perspectives and ways to see things. It is through the insights of others that I have found most of my breakthroughs towards growth and wholeness.

There are levels of awareness that you must learn to trust yourself. If you are on that level, that is wonderful as you cannot do the next level without knowing how to navigate and trust your higher self. But beyond the concept of “Me needing to be right.”, is a possibility to allow others to share where they think you might want or need to grow in order to feel more fulfilled.

As a country we are stepping beyond the childlike, narcissistic pattern of needing to be right and the belief that life should revolve all around me, towards a more mature place of knowing that others might just be holding the truths and perspectives that could allow for a greater awareness and feeling of completion if we learn how to communicate and work together.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Navigating the Intensity of the Astrological Patterns in February

I hope all of you are recovering from the Saturn opposition Uranus that was on February 5th. It was a hum-dinger! (as we say in Texas.) I spent the entire week putting out emotional fires for all of my clients. On the 5th of February I didn't even manage to get a lunch break as clients and people were in tears or tremendously stressed out.

Just to mark your calenders, there will be three more oppositions. Sept 15, 2009, April 26, 2010, and July 26, 2010.

I like to know the dates so I don't think that I am going crazy on those days when the energy gets intense. I believe that things are easier to navigate when at least you understand and become aware of tendencies that are happening globally. After all I believe that we are one heart and one mind. When something begins to affect everyone, there is no way that I cannot feel it. The more you become the more you feel. So it is important to notice what might be coming your way and find ways to be prepared or to move with the flow of the energy that you encounter.

This particular opposition attempts to find an inspired, creative solution to the disintegration of structures that are no longer working in your life. All of us are attempting to reach beyond the patterns that seem to keep us locked and unable to manifest to our individual potential. You will feel the wobbliness of the uncertainty right now and the air is full of anxious people around you.

Try to remember that this opposition can illuminate what needs to shift in order to open up blockages that have previously been constrained. You have the capacity to grow beyond what your ingrained patterns have up to this point created in your life. Find new ways to appreciate yourself and know that when you fully let the potential that is within you out, you are safe.

Things are going to remain challenging for a while. So, it is critical to find ways to de-stress and relax. I have many clients that are having a very hard time sleeping right now. This is the moment when learning meditation, getting some really strenuous exercise to diffuse the situation, or take some herbal supplements to sleep is a great idea. Probably all together would be the best. It might take all of those options to feel relaxed and whole.

Just another reminder that there will be a lunar eclipse on Feb 9th. This will have an effect of making you feel as if you cannot quite grasp situations or get clear in your head. You may feel as if your enthusiasm is very low and you may only want to deal with the real problems rather than the emotional dramas that seems to be coming your way. If you are a Leo or Aquarius you will feel a continued shift in your personality. You will notice that the questions you will be asking yourself have to do with: What do you really want? Where you are going long term? And how do you want others to perceive you?

Personally, I have been feeling a tremendous exhaustion hitting me from many angles. Part of the nature of my work is to deal with people during times of stress and strain. But the global level of this economic trend downward has everyone in a panic. People who have had businesses that were successful for decades have been going bankrupt. Finances are amazingly tight for everyone. Even the wealthy have been hit hard. Realistically this pattern will take at least a year and a half to gain some of the ground back that has been lost. So play it safe and try to relax.

I have had a number of clients that have been hit so hard that they literally asked me if their family had some sort of curse on them. I told them that if there was a curse, it was hitting everyone. So no, I do not think the universe and angels are trying to make everyone suffer and be miserable.

In life there are just global trends and patterns. We are unfortunately in a particularly difficult one. Try not to take the twists and turns of life personally. Instead, take responsibility for your money, life, and safety. You cannot change what is happening but you can change the patterns that make your life more or less difficult.

Responsibility is something that everyone has to learn. If we are baby Gods, learning about creation, then we need to learn to take responsibility for the patterns in which we find ourselves.

You are the product of your ancestors that were survivors during much more difficult times than this one. Within each of us is a part that knows how to keep going when the going gets tough. Feel into that part and know that this is but a bump on the normal pathways of life. You can make it. You can find an answers that you seek. You can recover and find the strength within to succeed in difficult times. You will have to think outside the box and stretch your consciousness into new areas. But that might be fun. Don't knock it until you have tried it. Let go of the old. Embrace the change that is here and find a way to enjoy the process.