Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Energies for the month of May

Involuntary psychic growth is inspired by the energies of this month. The theme seems to be the influence of dreams (waking and sleeping) on your life and the new patterns that are now emerging.

Moon phases are often associated with patterns of growth and regeneration. This month catapults the moon’s energies up a notch to levels in which you have no choice but to notice the synchronicity happening all around you.

This month not only do you have inspiration from the dreams. But those dreams are motivating your conscious self into action. You now have the life force to finally energize your physical body into action and manifest the changes you have been desiring.

Most of our desires are built on a shaky molten sea of fear. That fear can feel like an unsatisfying sea that leads you nowhere. This causes us to attempt to find safety, security, and comfort in order to assuage those fears or at least make them manageable.

However, there is another way. That way is presenting itself this month. It is a leap of faith in which you learn to transform your most base desires into freedom. When you take those leaps of faith you unleash hidden energies within the body that give you renewed strength. This can free you from your lower darker impulses, which are often the way your ego attempts to mitigate the fears within.

You have a body. Within that body are chakras and energetic centers that you identify with or those that you attempt to deny and avoid. But your body is a whole being. You cannot deny that which is naturally occurring. Often you must learn how to use and harness those energies effectively and that can take time. It is always the lower, darker aspects in which we are the most afraid. But all energy can be constructive when it is integrated properly. The example is that lust can transform into love and love can transform into totality. A totality where everything is connected and aligned in bliss.

Wouldn’t that would be wonderful?

This month take clear notice of your deep desires and dreams and notice the fear that is underlying it and preventing it from expanding into your physical reality. It is time to befriend your basic instinct and allow the true wonderful life force within you to move and open your world to a new possibility. Most people either are enslaved by their own passions and energies, they try to control them (which never works all the time), or they feel swept along by their desires.

Instead, become more conscious and present with all of your energies. Create a daily check in with all of them. Start by going through all your chakras one at a time. Start with the upper ones and work your way down into the lower and baser life force energies that you hold. See them all in your mind as archetypes. Give them personalities and ask them what they need from you and the other archetypes in order to feel whole and appreciated. Listen to the answers and incorporate those answers into you daily life patterns.

Awareness is the key to healing on all levels. When something is denied it will surface in dysfunctional ways that are often inappropriate and out of context. When you are aware and conscious, you will notice that energy. If you are not in denial of it then you learn to sit with that energy and allow all the information, wisdom, and messages to come to you naturally. This will allow you to feel more whole and complete.

Remember, you are not just one individual archetype. You are all of them together. Learn to communicate within and you will be amazed at how those archetypes that you have denied will become huge energetic allies in the forward progression of your dreams.

Personal Note from Suzanne

As spring comes in with its flurry of colors and scents, I hope that you are allowing the natural energies of life to open you to your hidden potentials within. In the game of consciousness it is often in the hidden parts of our shadow that hold the greatest potential. Just like seeds in the ground waiting for the perfect moment to spring forth into life.

In the journey of life, it is often those who love us the most that can see what we are unable or unwilling to integrate. It is by addressing the parts that cause us the most fear that we can find the freedom and love that we are so desperately looking for in others. Our cultural conditioning and our genetic patterns can feel like shackles on our ankles holding us back from our potential.

But how do you get those off?

The first thing to do is to identify those cultural patterns that are within and loosen them by finding ways to do some of your life patterns differently. That gives your soul some wiggle room. Then notice how freeing it is when you simply try on another person’s perception and step out of yours for a moment. I have done this in many different ways in my life.

One way was to simply dress differently than I normally do. It is fun to go out and notice what others do around me if I am acting out a different aspect of my personality. It has always been a fascinating experience to see what happens when you are no longer fitting into the standard norm. I have grown a lot in this gentle, fun way.

I think I first learned the value of it when I was a dancer in the Ballet. As a dancer, I had to be characters in the ballet. There are some characters that your ego just does not want to do. Such as: the angry witch, the slut, and the murderer. But it was in those characters that forced me to reach deep into my shadow and find the part within that were those characters. Within all of us are all the archetypes. The dark ones, as well as the light ones hold equal potential for growth. It is much easier to integrate the pleasant ones. But those darker ones we try to avoid at all costs.

When you can allow those darker parts to be and breathe within your being they become allies in the dance towards conscious awareness. Any aspect that I have firmly embodied and integrated has always served me. They are especially helpful when you are wanting to not judge others who are unconsciously embodying darker archetypes in a less than healthy way.

Think of it like this. If you are friendly with your angry parts and you have listened to them and learned to work with those intense energies within, then when someone in your life becomes angry, it does not really bother you. If you are comfortable in observing your own anger and know how to not let it explode in inappropriate ways, you will remain calm when others are very upset. Then you can coach them in effective strategies to shift and they will intuitively know that you are not feeling damaged by their bad behavior. So maybe, just maybe, they can trust that you might know another way through the anger maze.

But this is true will all emotions. We can only have true compassion for aspects that we have touched upon within ourselves. So take a moment and allow the integration of darker energies within to become a game for the full exploration into the self. When you are willing to play in those energies they become less frightening. Then when they show up in your life, your association with those aspects is one of fun rather than suffering.

Enjoy the springtime.

Relax into the Flow

While I was in Hawaii on vacation, I once again was lucky enough to be snorkeling as some dolphins decided to cruse by. About 300 of them. No kidding! It was so amazing to be in the water with these lovely creatures of intelligence and fluid fun. I am always amazed by the energy and power of nature and how when you relax and align with the rhythms that are everywhere, how magic can happen. It is when we are the most open and unattached that miracles appear as if out of nowhere.

So, this month take a moment to just let go of the mind and open into the life that is always living you. Relax into effortless flow like the dolphins. Be awake, be in the flow of life, make everything play, let go of judgment, and appreciate the magic of bodies that are able to feel and experience in this realm.

As I am writing this newsletter, the Feds have cut interest rates again and the markets are going crazy with the changes and upsets. This is a time of tremendous change and everyone is going to feel it in some way or another. Even with all the upsets and problems, including China cracking down on the Tibetan’s (an insane thing to do for any government), I am still hopeful that we will find ways through this chaos and implement major changes in governments that finally support humanity in conscious ways. I feel that everyone in America is trying to tighten up his or her belts. This is good and needed.

I am so grateful that I still have my small quaint house that is affordable and mostly paid off. Overextending at this time is going to get everyone into trouble. For the next few months, just find joy in picnics, outdoors fun, and spending quality time with those you love. Let go of needing to be entertained constantly by life. Learn to sit in the silence and be with who you really are. Trust me it is not so bad. You might just find that the constant chase for life is no longer as important as you once thought. Even better, you might just finally decide that who you are is really fabulous if you just took time to be with yourself.

The only constant in the universe is change and whether we like it or not it is time to adapt and grow. But see it as a wonderful perk of life. It really is a wonderful bonus. How boring would it be if everything just stayed the same?

I don’t know about you but my brain loves to learn new things and it becomes much more awake when change gives it new challenges. So feel the new rhythm that is happening in life and gently flow with it rather than keep trying to do the old pattern. The universe might just be telling you something important that just might save you down the road if you listen today.

Salt Lake City Updates

Suzanne will also be teaching an Integral Palmistry Class May 31-June 1, 2008. The hours for the class are 10 AM to 6 PM each day. For information on each class please check them out on Suzanne’s Home Page.

Please call Suzanne’s office at (801) 359-2225 to register, get directions to the location, and pay in advance for this class. Registration is limited because of the workshop space so please register early.