Thursday, November 23, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 11/24/17 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 11/24/1711/24/17 is the number 9. Completion comes from wisdom and wisdom comes from being able to have quiet and harmony in your life that allows you to pause and observe rather than react. True intelligence is not reactive but sits back, observes, and contemplates before it says anything. Intelligent people are the last to speak not the first to speak. Insecure people that are running fear will tend to defend a position rather than listen to all the positions. The loudest person is always showing their weakness. But weak people will tend to collapse in the face of this bullying technique.
Mercury forms a square to Chiron and a semi-square to Jupiter today, and you may be struggling with your past ideals, beliefs, and not matching the reality. Welcome to the club. Decisions may also be hard to come by, as you may doubt yourself or the effectiveness of your ability to solve problems for the time being. Monotonous mental tasks are harder to take under these influences as you are hungry for more meaning and motivation. Expect your mind to be restless. As well, a semi-square between the Sun and Pluto occurs midday, and you should watch for a tendency to try to force matters or to attempt to control others through manipulation. The Moon spends the day in Aquarius, and there is a strong emotional need for freedom and independence. Move towards intellectual stimulation, change, and unusual or unconventional experiences.
~Suzanne Wagner~

He who fears the wolf
is in denial of his own connection to the pack.
He who fears the mouse
is in denial of where you over think things
and in doing so you tear things to pieces.
He who fears the mountain lion
is afraid of standing up in the world
He who fears the rabbit
cannot tolerate his own frozen self
or his side that runs in the face of potential danger.
He who fears the bear
has lost touch with his own inner voice
and has disconnected from his dream self.
He who fears nature
has forgotten that connection
that makes life magical.
~Suzanne Wagner~

I see the denial of our inner predator is manifesting outwardly in a multitude of dysfunctional ways. I believe that when we deny reflections or aspects of ourself they manifest as fears and the need to kill those reflections. I believe that inside all of us is a natural hunter gatherer. But when we do not have a way to express that energy it distorts in ways that show perversion and scary obsessive patterns. When we do not own our shadow, our shadow owns us. Those that are not in balance with their inner predator then prey upon other people as in the sexual reflections of so many powerful people right now. And then in this insatiable desire to kill living things, as in the hunter issue. It is one thing to kill and then eat what you kill to survive. It is a whole other thing to have this uncontrolled need to kill to prove that you have power. Again, only powerless, weak people need to kill in such a way. Only deeply wounded and insecure people need to kill just for the “pleasure” of killing. How scary is that thought? Please understand I am not against hunting for food. My father was a hunter and we yearly processed; ducks, dove, and deer. But my father said, “If you kill it you have to eat it.” There is no need to kill an elephant other than power and a scary mindset that gets great pleasure over an animal’s pain and death. There is no need to kill a lion whose life is about bringing a balance back into nature by culling the weak and ill animals. All that person is doing is attempting to prove him or herself better that the King of the Beasts. It is all about ego. We need to begin to teach rules for hunting and the dysfunctional mental patterns that happen for some that are unhealthy and out of balance with our natural environment. As this world spins out of control, I can only in my small and feeble way attempt to bring alignment of the mind and consciousness back into center with my words. The problem is that those that are already addicted to causing suffering in other living things is probably too damaged to listen to these words. That is why education becomes so critical to create a stable society and a healthy abundant world.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 11/23/17 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 11/23/17

11/23/17 is the number 8. It is Thanksgiving Day and with this number 8, take a moment to appreciate all those that have passed on to the other side and observe a moment of gratitude to your ancestors that have allowed you to experience this amazing life from their hard work and effort. It is those before us that give us the drive and strength to keep going. It is in our genetic makeup to find a way through the challenging times. Appreciate this moment because all moments do not last forever and especially now that so much is in flux. Learn to bend. Learn to breathe. Learn to stay focused on your own karmic journey regardless of the external trends that seem to allow for terrible dysfunction and chaos. No matter what, you can stand separate from that reality. You have to stay awake to where those holding the energy of greed and power want to infect your consciousness with letting go of your own personal values. There is a huge potential for our humanity to backslide. Hold tight to your morals and values and know that you can change the world by not falling into the popularity trap and become the zombie like mass consciousness that does not require your cognitive skills of your mind. The mass consciousness and those in power prey on your reptilian brain to find fault and to knee jerk react without any thought or reason.
The USA Thanksgiving Day holiday has the Moon moving into friendly Aquarius at 12:14 PM PDT, making start times after this to your gatherings socially supportive. Aquarius likes idealistic and eclectic conversations, so invite unusual or new people to the table. This Aquarius energy continues through most of Saturday, and this is the sign of technology and innovation. That should give you a hint about holiday gifts if you are shopping. There are also pleasant travel planetary aspects for those who are traveling home on Saturday. Remember to pay attention to the rules, goals, and structures in your life. The Moon then moves into Aquarius, stimulating your progressive or revolutionary spirits. The Moon harmonizes with the Sun in Sagittarius this evening, promoting cooperation and reconciliation. You are idealistic and broad-minded under this influence, enthusiastic about sharing ideas and visions with others.
~Suzanne Wagner~

It took me a long time to grow out of the notion that my leaders needed to be perfect. Fortunately, I finally embraced the idea that my leaders have feet of clay because all humans have feet of clay. I wanted my heroes to be gods—or at least god-like. Now I want my heroes to have a brain, a heart and some courage—and if they’ve petitioned the Great Oz to get those qualities, that’s fine with me. I also want them to have common sense. I want them to have grown past their narcissistic tendencies so they can consider the greater good in each situation. Included in growing-past-narcissism—something we all should do—is the realization of our shared humanity with all its awful imperfections—that’s part of what makes good leaders. It’s why we identify with and love our good leaders—we feel the truth of their experience; they’ve learned the hard lessons of life through their successes as well as their failures.
~Ralfee Finn - Astrologer~

I am grateful for all the choices in my life.
I am grateful that my soul cannot (under any circumstances) promote those that cause harm to others.
I am grateful for this body and the difficulties that I have learned to face with courage and action.
I am grateful for this time that I live in where there are so many choices for healing and alternative natural answers to complex questions.
I am grateful to all the healers who have ever gifted me with their energy, time, and skill. Without them I would probably not be here.
I am grateful to my ballet teachers who would yell at me, “No excuses!” Because in life the ones that succeed are the ones that go beyond the known and the limitations that one experiences.
I am grateful for the karmic progression that this life has allowed me to experience. I am grateful that my soul deeply knows what is life fulfilling and cannot compromise that for any reason or in the face of those who cannot see the truth beyond their own suffering.
I am grateful for my mother’s emotional depth and the skills I needed to learn to navigate her intense lifetime transformation.
I am grateful to my father for his constant reality check that kept me grounded in truth and his powerful mind and verbal skill allowed me to grow yet stay in alignment with the natural order of life.
I am grateful for the camping trips, the backpacking trips, the heavy old packs, the terrible sneakers for hiking, the learning to move beyond the physical and into the spiritual in every moment, the lake house, the ski boat and the amazing water skiing adventures on Lake Texoma.
I am grateful for the encounters with snakes and animals.
I am grateful that the cougar decided to go around out tent when we were out in the boonies.
I am grateful for my sister throwing me down the stairs before the School of American Ballet audition causing my foot to swell so much it would not quite fit in the point shoe. And the teacher told me to sit down and take off my shoe but I refused. I learned to keep going towards my dream no matter who attempted to stop me.
I am grateful for being friends with some great dancers, musicians, and artists. I learned so much by being in their authentic presence.
I am grateful for my spiritual teachers who were very human and had feet of clay. That allowed me to see that everyone is down here working on something and everyone has karma. That there are no perfect people. But the great teachers are the ones who know their faults, admit them fully, tell you to not trust them in that area because that is where they are still working, and I learned that you can still be a work in progress while also having a great skill that can powerfully impact the world. They taught me that regardless of where you are at you always have a gift to share with others and to never withhold that gift.
I am grateful to being struck by lightning in Bolivia and changing my world.
I am grateful for all the times I almost died. It showed me that the universe is a constant miracle and that they were not done with me doing my work on this planet yet.
I am grateful for my friends that have walked the path with me. Some for only a short time, some for a long time, and some in one powerful moment of change that was transformational as well as, fleeting.
I am grateful for all those that broke my heart. It was necessary to shatter my ego and allow my authentic self to emerge.
I am grateful to all those that have ever loved me. Those are the spiritual family that are magnetically drawn to each other to share, grow, and support the evolution of each other’s soul.
I am grateful to those who take the time to read my blogs and articles. I hope that they inspire you to become your best and most beautiful self.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 11/22/17 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 11/22/17

11/22/17 is the number 7. Are you a part of the Collective Consciousness that is contributing to the greater good or are you contributing to the breakdown of the freedoms that you have been able experience? It is time to take a look from a logical mental analysis of your life and situations to decide if what you are creating is evolving into a place of refined stability or not. There are limits that need to be set and now that is become crystal clear on many levels. Saturn is preparing to go into Capricorn on Dec 21 and that usually requires moment of serious reflection and honest assessment. Today, you are getting an early warning to that potential future expression. When you see the writing on the wall and you don’t respond, then what comes next is your complete and total responsibility. The worst things in life that became the most difficult lessons were the ones that my intuition told me about completely and I chose to ignore or think I knew better than. Do yourself a favor. Listen to those whispers that are attempting to break through the chaos in your life. Respond to those promptings rather than react to the upsets later. Remember, you have been warned. Learning to follow intuitive guidance is always a fabulous skill to have.
Today you may want to keep your expectations realistic under the influence of this Capricorn Moon. Neptune is still in the sky and that may give you a hard time focusing long enough to really tackle any task of value and meaning. Neptune turns direct now after several months of retrograde motion. This will allow confusing situations to become clearer and your creativity will be released into a more inspired expression, or at least, you might be more inclined to apply your creativity in the real world. Instead of thinking of this period as a time of disillusionment, you can see it as a time of illumination. Things that have been hidden in the shadows are crawling out of the muck to be addressed and to force each of us to see truth. You have more faith in your own dreams and visions, in others, and in belief systems. You begin to see that you may need inspiration from new sources as old patterns and beliefs are being shattered in the harsh light of truth that is going to change the world as we see it. Jupiter is sesquiquadrate Chiron today. This can be a time when each of us is desperately seeking deeper meaning and understanding, but it can be difficult to align with a personal philosophy or belief system that truly reflects your core essence. It is important to look within and come to a greater understanding of what you truly need or believe, rather than blindly following something that doesn't truly serve your highest purpose. Recent business endeavors may require a closer look before pushing forward.
~Suzanne Wagner~

I love to watch the storms come in.
I love to feel the building of intensity
as a storm gathers up the energy for release.
People are much the same.
There is an energetic building up
of energy looking for an outlet
for the blissful explosion of clarity.
~Suzanne Wagner~

I look out at a world that is falling back.
Back to slavery and a lack of tact.
What happens when such suffering is allowed to create.
Fear, hatred, prejudice, and the continuation of karma-gate
No good comes from permissive denial
No healing happens when the guilty have no trial.
It is not that all of us have not failed at times
To control our emotions or the mental crimes
That run like illusion and dreams in our head
But some things are always better left unsaid.
Karma happens when you let the demons out
And allow them unfettered to have the space to hangout.
I can feel that we are in a terrible time
Where past deeds will ruin those in primetime.
Truth always comes back around.
Power only protects until truth breaks it down.
Truth is there to allow healing to take place.
Peace comes when you admit with grace.
I hope that those in power will come to see
That we live in a time that is no longer carefree.
Everyone has a way to record.
And instant karma waits around every door.

~Suzanne Wagner~