Thursday, January 18, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 1/19/18 - Plus Personal Blog

Astrology/Numerology for 1/19/18
1/19/18 is the number 4. The world is coming to a place where the recognition that each person in this world deserves certain rights. When each person has food, shelter, clothing, a job, and the capacity to take care of themselves and their family then there will be no need for war. This world is demanding “peace”. Only in allowing all of life to have a place and to have that place honored and respected can we have a world without conflict. To do that you have to look at the bigger level of balance that is needed at this time in life. But to have external balance you need internal awareness of the cultivation of harmony within your own soul. Souls that are wounded and seeking healing are still not yet in balance. Souls that are angry and want to blame are also not yet in balance. Balance is a very difficult thing to achieve. But it is possible. The first step is respect. Without respecting the journey of another and attempting to understand their path that they have walked, you cannot fully be open to the value of that person’s life lessons. It is those lessons that become the wisdom and voice of that person as the move past the wounding and into the healing. It is in the healing that the suffering becomes wisdom. But for each person that is a person journey that can take time. In our world of instant gratification, there is an impatience to do the hard work. It is much easier to blame and shame that really look and feel what the other person has gone through. We are in a moment when there is no choice but to take the time to get to know others on a more personal and deeper level than you have potentially ever attempted. Because if you don’t this world becomes a ticking time bomb of emotional chaos that is preparing to erupt. Balance is achieved either by doing the hard work or by allowing nature to swing the pendulum from one extreme to the other. I decided a long time ago that I was willing to do the hard work that would eventually allow for my soul’s healing and evolution into wisdom. It has not been fun at times. It has not been pleasant in moments. But it has been highly productive and allowed me to burn off the karmic judgments and projections that needed to be exposed and seen so I could release those “Hungry Ghosts” within me and find peace.
Mercury forms a sextile to Neptune today, and there can be notable compassion or gentleness in your communications. Your imagination is easily stirred and you naturally tune into all sorts of layers and levels of any given situation as you have an increased appreciation for subtleties. You feel inspired and you can encourage others with your words. There can be psychic openness in your interactions. You are likely to experience a sense of knowing and understanding with minimal explanation or instruction. Intuition is highlighted or awakened. Nevertheless, you can be quite particular with your tastes and money today. Tonight, the Sun enters Aquarius, where it will transit until February 18th. During this month-long cycle, you are motivated by your hunger for knowledge, experience, and originality. Innovation is more important than convention. You are becoming more aware of what is outdated in your life and strive to find new perspectives and new ways to do things. The class distinctions, structure, and order that Capricorn finds appealing now seem rigid. You strive to free yourself from some of the restrictions, inhibitions, and limitations that now feel constraining rather than safe. The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius until 3:28 PM EST, after which the Moon is in Pisces.
~Suzanne Wagner~

There is a difference between
kissing someone because they
are attractive and kissing
someone because words can no
longer accurately express your
feelings for the person.
~Via Poetic~

In a moment, in a flash
You can be gone because this life will not last.
You have to walk with presence in this time
Because love lives and grows beyond this lifetime.
Without warning, you can be gone
And all that will remain is what you made into your song.
I hope you love so deep and strong
That your life is a symphony where others can belong.
I pray for the moment when you have passed and can see,
that all the love you gave became your marquee.
It was sung so loud it was captured by the trees,
And now the birds  and the bees
Have taken it up and continue that song
And all your relations have become the energy that will prolong
This infinite wisdom that you did gather and grow.
This gift of love that will forever contribute to the flow.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Astrology/Numerology for 1/18/18 - Plus Personal Blog

Astrology/Numerology for 1/18/18
1/18/18 is the number 3. Choosing to cultivate joy in the face of external negative forces is where your determination is centered and grounded into this world. Life will always throw curves at you when you least expect it. That is just life. Those moments show you where you are in alignment with your truth and where you are still growing and learning. Those moments when your dark side comes out is not a problem. It is a moment to do the work necessary to reclaim that alignment and balance. Chaotic and scattered times are to help us learn discipline and focus. Laziness and boredom are reflections of suppressed anger and rage. Learn to let out the anger in creative ways that “Do no harm”. Learn to use words consciously and constructively. Allow others to discover their own spiritual insights and to find what ignites their inspiration. You can never give another person your own wisdom. You can only lead them to discover their own.
Mercury semi-squares Mars early today. Therefore, expect to be a little on edge, snappy, and perhaps argumentative. Do your best to not get dragged into an argument. This configuration may create you working under stressful or hectic conditions and you will feel pressure to get things done quickly. But don't allow this energy to distract your focus or distort your ability to follow through. Conflicts of interest are possible now. Remember, follow your heart and your moral values. And live the motto; "Do no harm!" However, a Mars-Chiron trine today will assist you in having a natural confidence which can help some of the tensions to subside. If you have the opportunity, take the lead or take action, regarding matters are most important to you. That can lead to healing, cleansing, and teaching someone who might need your wisdom and experience. Drop into that feeling of fearlessness as it arises. Especially, when it comes to addressing problem areas that you may have been avoiding. You may be defending and helping others. Use this energy to promote cooperation and purposeful action. The Moon spends the day in Aquarius.
~Suzanne Wagner~

The difference between giving up and letting go
is that giving up is because of anger,
and letting go is because of love.

I am so grateful that I have learned the lesson of the quote above. Age and grace have given me a place to stand where it is no longer about getting what I want. Instead it is about giving what I have to offer and some may take it and use it wisely while others may not have the clarity to use it in a kind and constructive way. It is not about getting accolades it is about simply sharing what I have inside that has matured into wisdom. I never give up but I have and will continue to let go. Life is about constantly exercising that lesson and muscle of letting go. When you die you will have to learn to let go in the biggest way possible. You have to let go of everything that you have used to define you. Your body, your money, your status, your fear, those you love, etc. That is why it is good to practice letting go. In letting go, you grieve the loss of the person or situation. You allow them to walk away and continue the journey of their own karmic lessons for this life. You recognize in letting them go that certain people are only here for brief moments in your life and you allow that gift of those moments to enhance you for the rest of your life. You know that in reality, they will be a part of you forever. Knowing that their presence in a particular moment, changed you and made you into who you are now.
In giving up, there is a pushing of that person away mixed with a bit of a “f**k you”. It is you that is walking away. You cannot handle the present emotional upset and instead of processing the loss and grief you are feeling, you choose to be angry and make them wrong so you feel vindicated, right, and more powerful. From this position, you lose a lot of time and energy that could have been used for other more amazing energetic expressions. You deny the gift that they person offered and you choose to refuse the shift and change that this person offered up as their gift of love.
There is a moment when you know yourself so fully. You know your intention. You know your own heart. You know your own limitations. You know your personal power. You know that while you are here, your job is to give and share that love in as many ways as is possible and appropriate. Not in a pushy way. But in a moment-by-moment way. The universe always calls you to do and say the right thing. Egos react and say things without thinking them through. When egos rule a person, that soul is doomed to create more karma and burdening their soul again and again with the pain and misery they inflict on others until they awaken and shift out of a self-involved place of consciousness into a more unified global space of compassion.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 1/17/18 - Plus Personal Blog

Astrology/Numerology for 1/17/18
1/17/18 is the number 2. This number is associated with the karmic journey of many Aquarius energies and that is gifting everyone with a pattern that is intended to free things up and allow for a more unconventional approach. Expect the unexpected and know that disruption always proceeds growth. To make changes you have to see the dysfunction and the duality in action. Today that becomes clearer than it has in a while but with a more productive direction and choice of action.
On Wednesday, Venus enters Aquarius until February 10th, and the Sun moves into Aquarius on Friday for a month. This is a friendly, networking combination. Explore new groups, friends and organizations to determine if their ideas are in harmony with your needs. The Moon continues its transit of Capricorn until 3:33 AM EST, after which the Moon moves through Aquarius. The Sun is semi-square Neptune, and you may experience that your willpower is low and you might stray from previous goals and temporarily lose your center and focus. It's difficult to formulate and stick to your plan during this transit. Concentrating on artistic or spiritual pursuits is better than focusing on matters that require straightforward, factual thinking just for now. Mars is quincunx Uranus today. It will now be necessary to make adjustments to your goals. This can drain your energy and leave you feeling restless and impatient until you figure out what seems to be missing in your life. While efforts to satisfy desires will probably miss the mark, you are also ready to learn from your experiences as Mars is approaching a trine to Chiron. There is finally movement towards unconventionality, independence, and freedom with all the Aquarius energy. Experimental relationships, entertainment, purchases, and pursuits are especially intriguing now. Allow one another freedom of expression, and treat others fairly, unselfishly, and impartially. This influence also affects your tastes, interests, and pleasures, which can incline towards the avant-garde.
~Suzanne Wagner~

(n.) a place from which
one’s strength is drawn,
where one feels at home;
the place you are your most
authentic self.
~Poetry Language

There is a dream that the bulk of humanity continues to dream despite the obvious chaos and darkness that attempts to take over sanity and the evolution of humanity as it moves towards a higher potential. I find it interesting that we get close to those doors where a new standard of equality and balance is right there, the door is there and our hand is on the door … when something shifts and the darkness radically changes the reality and points to those who wish suffering on those that are not like them. It is the differences that make us great not the similarities. The differences force us to adapt to changing life circumstances. There are those out there that believe that they can control everything but they cannot. There are greater forces at work constantly attempting to move all of life forward. The only direction is forward. Those that become uncomfortable with progress are still living in the past. They have stopped growing and are looping in a pattern of comfort and one that allows for their illusions to continue. But it is not real. They are not really living in the real world. They are already dead but they just do not know it. And they attempt to kill all growth off in a ridiculous attempt to keep their comfort and illusions alive. But those illusions are not real. The past died a long time ago. And no matter what, those that cannot or will not change create fewer and fewer options in their life because life is not here to match your expectations. Life is here to teach you where you are caught in a lie and where your choices are slowly killing you.

~Suzanne Wagner~