Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 10/19/17 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 10/19/17
10/19/17 is the number 3. The negative side of the number three points to the exhaustion so many are feeling and that is manifesting as a lack of stamina and a fractured and fragmented ability to concentrate. If you feel a bit all over the place you are not alone. It is as if the world is having one giant global manic moment. The game is going to require a lot of concentration and mental discipline to control the external chaos from impacting you internally. It is clear that this number is going to require of you more effort than you were anticipating having to use to make progress forward. You are walking in a stormy river going upstream against the current. It is going to take concentration to stay standing much less to make progress forward. You are being tested. You have more power inside than you have had to use at this point. These moments are meant to test each of us to discover the power and reserves inside that have not yet manifested outside.
The New Moon at 27 degrees Libra arrives at 12:12 PM PDT on the 19th. There is the combination of Libra diplomacy and Scorpio toughness going on, a blending like a velvet covered hammer. In other words, this is a good New Moon to communicate difficult topics in all types of relationships because you can be serious and kind at the same time. It is also a good time to communicate both your higher goals and aspirations, as well as fears and vulnerability about taking a risk on manifesting those goals. Adding to this Moon is a challenging relationship between Mars (I want it now), Saturn (be patient), and Chiron’s wounded/healer/teacher, making you feel “caught between a rock and a hard place”.  Be willing to assert your needs in a plain and simple way. Also be willing to understand that things and people do not change overnight, but at least you will feel as if some things are moving. Centaur Chiron helps you to heal and create alternative strategies to help you get through the challenges, rather than wanting the solution now and  only the way you want it. That is a nice way of saying that you must adapt and practice flexibility. Entertain the idea that the universe knows what is actually best for you. Still, this is a great time to work on your relationship needs and patterns. The Moon is in Libra until 9:42 PM EDT, and it reaches the Sun at 3:13 PM. This New Moon launches a good cycle for committing to personal goals that express the positive energies of the Libra sign. This is your chance to build your negotiating skills and work on re-balancing your relationships. The weeks ahead are excellent for learning to make peace with those you are in conflict with, establishing a sense of order and balance in your life, and recognizing the value of partnerships. Libra has an innate ability to synthesizing opposites. Peace and harmony are the goals, but there's a delicate balancing act involved along the way that requires some commitment and effort. This New Moon brings fresh and creative energy into your life. Negotiations may be especially productive. However, with the New Moon opposing Uranus very tightly, you are likely to encounter resistance from others and from within. Surprising events may be part of the picture now, particularly through your relationships and the illumination of a different perspective. This energy is rebellious and touchy, especially if you feel constrained by a partnership. The lunation's sextile to Saturn suggests that there are opportunities to make alternative setups work. The Sun's opposition to Uranus and sesquiquadrate with Neptune today point to the need to deal with distractions and feelings of discontent which could lead you to along unexpected tangents. The Moon transits Scorpio from 9:42 PM forward, prompting a desire to explore motivations and understand meanings.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Everyone disappears,
just at a different speeds.
~Nay K~

You either stand for life and love or you are complicit to the suffering and trauma of this world. May conscience prevail. May those that are blind awaken and see the truth.

~Bob Dylan – Masters of War~

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 10/18/17 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 10/18/17
10/18/17 is the number 2. Watch out for the negativity and judgment as the emotional thresholds are reaching a boiling point once again. Look at both sides of an issue and notice how one person judging another is a reflection of an unhealed aspect within themselves. Then look to their beliefs and prejudices that are their protective mechanism to not look deeper than the superficial answer to which they blame someone or something. Things are never as black and white as we often want them to be. There are many layers of damage that each soul lives through in order to discover who they really are. You are not your damage. Damage is a part of life as you move through this world and this density. Situations create pain in order to wake us up and move us in other directions of more awakened consciousness. You are not your body. Your body is the vehicle that allows your soul to have this human experience. But that wear and tear and natural aging process will break us all down in the end and we will move beyond this form into another form. Enjoy the journey. See all sides of an issue. Recognize that those that create suffering for others will suffer in other moments and in other lifetimes for their choices and actions. It is not up to you. It is just the nature of the rules of this planet and the karmic regulations that each of us live and learn through.
Early today, Mercury and Jupiter reach alignment in Scorpio, and this supports gaining insight into the present problems, talking through issues, and seeing solutions or reasons to feel hopeful. Your opinions are strong and you are feeling more decisive now. Even so, the Sun quincunx Chiron aspect later morning introduces a continuation of the uncertainty that is plaguing the world. Expect to doubt yourself and effectiveness, as well as, guilt for not facing important issues in your past, can subtly undermine your confidence under this influence. You are moving towards a point of full exposure, especially about where you might have given up you independence and past close relationships, with the Sun and Uranus approaching an opposition, occurring tomorrow shortly before the New Moon. You will refuse to conform. The drive to do something new is strong, but you may not have a direction or purpose yet, and it's best to avoid making hasty major decisions. A New Moon will occur tomorrow in the sign of Libra, pointing to the benefits of personal reflection rather than new initiatives..
~Suzanne Wagner~

“The Only thing
that can be truly known
is Self.”
~Ken Wolkoff~

The good news is that one of my friends who has been waiting for over a week to find out if his house is still standing in Sonoma after the fires, has finally found out that his and 3 other houses are still standing. I am so happy for him as so much devastation has happened for so many that to have a bit of good news is such a relief. Thank you to the firefighters who are clearly making a difference is a huge way. There are always little miracles to be found. Now is the time in life to actively look for those miracles and the miracle workers who put themselves into those dangerous spaces because it is the right thing to do. It is the bravery of humanity in such difficult times that continues to give me hope for the potential to make major change in the toxic and destructive patterns that have clearly gotten out of control.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Monday, October 16, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 10/17/17 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 10/17/17
10/17/17 is the number 10. There is power in change. There is a power in choice. There is a moment when a line is crossed and as you take a breath and cross that line you know that you know that you can never go back. We are globally at the point of change and then there is a growing momentum of frustration that has hit a boiling point that is blowing up and igniting a power that this world really needs. You and all of us are going to change. You are already across that line whether you realize it or not. The chaos while capable of manifesting confusion and a big spin cannot stop truth from exposing the issues that have been hidden and under the surface for too long. It is time. Warning to all those who have been doing things that cause harm to others in the shadows. The light is becoming so bright you will be exposed for what you really are. It is time to tell yourself the truth. To move toward healing and integration with all the good and bad parts of yourself. There really is no other way.
On Tuesday, Mercury moves into Scorpio and then aligns with Jupiter (that just entered Scorpio on Oct. 10). This supports deep thinking and research, or it can manifest as sarcastic and dark humor. If you need to get focused, the next three weeks will help you. It is also a good time to bring deeper and/or hidden emotions to the surface. You seek deeper meaning in all that you do. The Moon continues its transit of Virgo until 1:36 PM EDT, after which it transits Libra. This morning, a Mars-Uranus quincunx may temporarily drain your energy or lead to restlessness and impatience. So, watch your temper. Many are already on the edge, do your best to not push them off of it. Snap points are very close to the surface and that energy is going to last really for years. This forces each of us to use some other tactics rather than to just come from a reactive place. Mercury enters Scorpio today and then moves into conjunction with Jupiter in the sign. Mercury will transit Scorpio until November 5th, and during this cycle, your thoughts and communications are probing and intense. While Mercury in Libra urged you to find balance and to arrive at fair solutions, Mercury in Scorpio instinctively knows that life just isn't fair. Mercury in Scorpio seeks truths in all that is hidden and undercover. This is a time to probe, investigate, observe, and focus. Look for what is motivating someone. This pattern brings to the surface the more deeply buried issues to the conscious awareness and that satisfies an intellectual need to understand what is moving us forward. Throw away superficial manners of communicating in favor of deep conversations. Scorpio is exceptionally sharp, profound, and analytical. Thinking tends to go one a one-track minded and perhaps obsessive direction. Mercury is applying to its conjunction with Jupiter, exact tomorrow morning, and this will make you inclined to think in big terms. Communications are grand, enthusiastic, and perhaps exaggerated. You are optimistic, which can help you attract more positive circumstances. This is a time of long-range planning and thinking on a grand scale. Details and mundane affairs do not interest you as much as the big picture does. You should watch for overstating and promising more than you are capable of doing. It's a good time to stretch your mind to include new ways of doing things, new ways of seeing things, and new possibilities. Verbal expression becomes more organic and effortless. This is an excellent time to come to agreements and resolutions.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Out of destruction
always emerges new worlds.
~Suzanne Wagner~

There is an explosion of energy where people think that because of our leadership that they suddenly have permission to express the darkest energy and thoughts that they have held in. The result is a society going out of control. The darkness inside each of us needs to be faced and understood. When it is not, it comes out in horribly inappropriate ways that are toxic and cause harm to so many, thus creating a continuation of the karmic loop of suffering. Such behavior cannot be tolerated and must be faced directly with wholeness and personal power intact. Those doing such things have never been told how inappropriate they actually are. In their life, they had people who did not call them out again and again for their toxic hate speech and thus have never been confronted in a calm, clear, and a place of righteous indignation. It is time to not be quiet. It is time to be brave. It is time to teach, not avoid. It is time to show that the actions and beliefs of a few that are on the fringe will not and cannot ever define us.
~Suzanne Wagner~