Friday, March 24, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 3/25/17 - Plus Personal Blog

Numerology/Astrology for 3/25/17
3/25/17 is the number 2. Today can make you fall into a place of despair and hopelessness if you allow it. Do your best to lift the number 2 into an 11. The 11 is all about transcending the physical world and seeing things from an overview and clearer perspective. Sometimes wallowing in the mud with all the suffering is not recommended. Instead rising out of it yourself and allowing yourself to change perspectives is essential to the health and well-being of others. You cannot take anyone home but yourself. Only once you have achieved a level of wisdom and overview can you show (by example) a possibility.
The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius until 6:07 AM EDT, after which it moves through the sign of Pisces. The Sun and retrograde Venus align in Aries this morning, marking the middle of the Venus retrograde cycle and a new Sun-Venus cycle's beginning. Relationship matters are in high focus and can feel fated, with an emphasis on issues and people of our past. You are motivated by the desire to come to some semblance of balance in your relationships and your environment. Your desire to impress, charm, smooth over differences, and placate others is enhanced. You can be a bit in the dark when it comes to how you feel about your relationships as a new cycle begins. This is a time for redefining what you want and need, particularly from relationships but also related to your material affairs and goals. Early on Friday morning, Mercury opposes Jupiter. Communicate higher ideas in a way people can understand them, and do not be satisfied with superficial chit-chat. On Friday night and Saturday, Venus aligns with the Sun, indicating the halfway point in her retrograde cycle (March 4-April 15). Venus is also changing from being an evening star to a morning star, a more aggressive position for the goddess in asserting her needs and desires. Begin to act on internal decisions regarding who and what is in your life now. With the moon in Pisces, Saturday supports romance, movies, graceful music, and acts of compassion.
~Suzanne Wagner~

It is an evolutionary step in consciousness
to realize that words
can say and mean nothing at all.
It is in those moments that you realize
that the wisdom is in the silence.
In silence are all the answers you seek.
~Suzanne Wagner~


It is sad to see how a lie persists
beyond reason and blocks bliss.
I see so many pretend to be
happy because justified is all they see.
In the domain of karma is fear.
More karma is created when you intend to smear.
Hurt is hurt in all domains.
With each pain given you add more links in the chains.
In this moment do you add or subtract
to those links that you attract?
I prefer to look at love and hope
That all asleep can be awoke.
Love is the energy that breaks those chains.
Compassion is the heart that opens again.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Suzanne Wagner Quote - Words you Say can Mean Nothing at All

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Suzanne Wagner Quote - A Waking World Creates a Calm

As the world wakes up there is a new calm.
It glistens in the light and heralds a new dawn.
In such a place I can finally relax.
The storm peaked and found its max.
Now we have the pieces to pick up.
Lives were shattered like a tea cup.
In such a storm everyone has to pitch in.
Because everyone lost and nobody really wins.
But that finally puts us all on an equal page.
You have to let go of the gap that raged.
It is time to let the past go
Begin again and discover now what you know.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Suzanne Wagner Quote - In the Roar of the Ocean I Hear my Heart

In the roar of the ocean I hear my heart
which beats and pounds relentlessly in the dark.
Giving power and fueling my soul
to take this body towards my goals.
Do you listen to the strength within
calling you to try again.
It is only when you do not stop,
that life will give you more than a drop.
Sometimes it takes strength to wring out the best in life.
There are moments when you have to fight.
Fight for love and fight for truth.
And be aware of others that sleuth.
Only you can take yourself from here to there.
Only you can make your life become balanced and fair.
~Suzanne Wagner~