Monday, September 02, 2013

You Can Now Order Suzanne's Book, "Integral Numerology" for your Kindle on Amazon!

I am so excited and grateful to Kim Mellin for helping me get my numerology book reformatted and up online through Kindle!

Now you all can get my entire book electronically. I am preparing to do my Tarot book also so keep your eyes open.

I am also in the final process of getting my "Confessions of a Psychic" also on Kindle, as well as, my fiction/fantasy, "The Prophesy of the Morian". I am waiting for the cover of that book and it will be exciting to see what it ends up looking like.

My new book, "Becoming Authentic" is at the editor and I also look forward to getting that up and out the door before the holidays. I am crossing my fingers.

I am in the process of getting the videos up and running for my new App, "Wild Women Life Series" I will let you know when it is all together and ready.

Thank you for all the support and love.


Suzanne Wagner

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Personal Note from Suzanne 8/19/13

Presently I am finishing up working in Utah and it has been so beautiful here. I do love the changing of the seasons in the Wasatch Mountains. The landscapes are so dramatic and full. 

It has been a wonderful month with so many well wishes for my birthday. Soon I will be off to CA but I will be back to Utah on Sept 12-17 to work and to teach a Palmistry Class. The class is almost full so if anyone is interested they should sign up right away. Space is limited to 7 people. 

You can begin to feel the shifting of the Grande Water Trine the closer we get to September. There have been so many squares, challenges, etc that have not fully allowed some of us to feel the easing from the Water Trine. 

I have noticed some exceptions to the rule. The first one being that people who have been in an addiction process before the Grande Water Trine on June 25, seem to have gotten worse in the sense that the Neptune in Pisces is magnifying the illusions. 

In the case of addiction the illusion seems to be if a little is good, a lot is better. That is a very bad choice at the moment. Wanting to escape this reality is understandable. After all, none of us have not felt hit by this astrological intensity. But you cannot escape the reality of the truth. As harsh as that sounds, if you attempt to take just about anything too far, you will find yourself in a situation that could make things worse rather than better. 

My word for this month would be temperance. Balance is the key to life and finding the ways to objectively look at your life and attempt to find where you are loosing energy can be very difficult. Can you sit in a place of clarity and see where you are spilling out your life force in areas that do not serve you?

If you are giving something more energy than it is giving back then you are leaking energy. Now sometimes this cannot be avoided. Such as, your mother is very ill and now in old age you need to help her more than you have ever helped. But if you look at the bigger picture, become aware of how much energy she used to raise you from a baby to an adult. There is a clear give that you can see. In this situation, I know that regardless of what I give her in her aging process it is probably not going to balance out the energy that she gave me to raise me. That is fine. It might be challenging but it is still okay. 

What I am talking about are those souls, (and you know who you are) who are always helping others when they need to stop and help themself.
This is a moment to learn to receive, to help yourself first and to become aware of those who are consistently draining you but you do not know how to stop that process because for some reason you feel responsible for them. 
Each soul has to find their own way. Each soul has to take responsibility for their choices and life. 
Your dreams are possible but only if you learn to focus your energy on what serves the evolution of your soul. 

In the light of September, feel that your dreams are possible and the more you commit to those dreams the 
them they become probable and the more you take action towards them they become very likely.

Fear is excitement without breath. So take a breath. Transform the fear into excitement. It is your choice. You can do it. There is no need for illusion or to escape this reality. You need to breathe in the truth of this moment. From there all things and dreams become possible.

Have a wonderful September.