Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Life is about dealing with the density of the physical plane.

I am back from my monthly Los Angeles/Santa Barbara work trip and so I am now playing catch-up in a multitude of ways.

This picture is from my old ballet days. This image in particular is from Giselle while rehearsing in the Berlin Ballet. I had just fallen and my friend was helping me up.

I thought this image suited the topic of this blog, which is about learning to deal with the density of life and picking yourself back up and continuing forward.

The trip went well and my clients were wonderful, as usual.

There was however one challenging moment.

There are moments when you work with clients and the steps that they need to do seem so simple. Yet, I know that each of us is challenged to grow in ways that may seem difficult to us individually. This was one of those moments.

I have been working with this particular gentlemen for about six years. He is in his forty’s and is a personable, likeable guy. He is full of ideas and is excited by the thoughts and perceptions that his mind can come up with. That in of itself is not a bad thing but the challenge is to find a way to ground the dreams and make them into a reality.

So, I have been coaching him about manifestation and the nature of how things are accomplished on this planet.

Now, I know that I am a psychic. (I prefer to see myself as a mystic and healer. The word, "Psychic" has such a bad connotation these days and is overused.) I know that most people see psychics as spacey and slightly out of their body. However the opposite is true for good and stable psychics. Most of us have worked tremendously hard at finding ways to ground our energies to be able to translate the esoteric patterns we are subtly detecting in others. We know how difficult, tedious, and frustrating being in the physical plane can be. We have tried and failed. Then made the corrections until we find the patterns that seem to remain accurate.

I know that that all of us are here to understand the nature of creation and manifestation in the physical plane.

In all of creation in the physical plane there is a huge element of responsibility and follow through. The third dimension (in which we live) is very dense compared to the light where we all originated. I like to think of this as a game in learning how to bring light and consciousness into the darker and denser areas of the universe. This is really a wonderful and exciting experience. But it is very difficult and hard to stay present in what you are creating, as well as, responsible in the creation process.

So anyway back to my story.

This gentleman comes in and proceeds to tell me that he had gotten the information from the guides and angels that he was supposed to buy a lottery ticket for $150.00.

In buying this ticket he was going to win an expensive home and then be able to afford to do his dream. He had talked to people that he was going to hire for positions and had begun promising that they would have jobs and salaries.

He was also $3000.00 behind on his rent and had promised the landlord the money next week.

He took one look at my shocked face and tried to explain that he had muscle tested and the muscle testing told him that it was all going to come about.

I sat there stunned at the absolute absurdity of the situation.

He was highly animated as he was in the energy of being in the idea without being grounded in the reality.

This is a type of manic state. Now, every one of us has done this at some time or another. We have all been so focused on the idea and dream that we forgot to deal with the physical plane.

He had no money and I had decided to give the reading for free when he told me what the situation was. No matter what, I needed to help him sort out how the physical plane works.

I am a psychic but I am a skeptic at the same time. I have seen amazing miracles and a lot of manipulative people preying on weak minds for money and power.

God blessed me in this life with wonderful intuition and a tremendous amount of caution and grounding within my physical body. It is probably why I was a ballet dancer for so many years. I learned the determination, strength, and commitment it takes to make things manifest in the physical plane.

Just so everyone is clear. There are no free rides in this life. We have all been brought up to believe that if we are good people, do our inner work and are kind that we are supposed to be rewarded, FINACIALLY!

I see this as the lower chakras attempt to manipulate GOD.

Guess what. It doesn’t work. History is full of stories of bad things happening to really fabulous people. Look at Joan of Arc, Gandhi, Jesus, Buddha, Nelson Mandela, etc. Somehow I believe that they were probably a lot better at inner prayer and guidance than many of us. Yet they suffered anyway. This is why the Buddhists believe that life is suffering.

You are on the physical plane and there are rules to staying alive here. Those rules can be bent at times and under rare circumstances broken.

But this was not one of those times.

This gentleman has had bankruptcies and has not been able to be responsible for himself in this life. If you were his parent (God) you would want him to take responsibility for himself and grow up and learn that through hard work and determination you can manifest anything you desire enough.

But it takes work. Lots of work! We are in the physical plane. That means it takes physical effort to make anything happen in this density.

This gentleman kept insisting that he wasn’t good at responsibility and grounding and he hated it. So why couldn’t the universe just give him what he needed to make all the money.

My first answer was that his request is totally selfish and all about him. Just because you ask doesn’t mean that you will get it. You have to look at what the lesson really is for you in this life.

Every time I ask for help, I ask for synchronicity and to be guided along the path. I know that I am going to have to do most of the work. But as I am willing to commit and grow, circumstances and people will appear along the path just at the right time to help me continue the journey.

The spiritual path to life is not about the outcome but the journey itself. If the focus is outcome then the person is coming from ego rather than essence.

You also have to look at the, “Is it all about me, pattern!” Which this fit into. He wanted God to save him and thereby prove that he is worthy.

This has nothing to do with worthiness. Everyone is worthy of Gods love and support, but each must learn responsibility and take responsibility as to how we try to manipulate God with our prayers and desires.

This is a developmental stage that everyone goes through as a child but you are supposed to mature out of it.

A dreaming, idealistic child is a wonderful sweet thing to behold. But someone who is almost 50 and still doing the same behavior suddenly looks off balance.

This gentleman was unhappy, distressed, and angry at God that he wasn’t getting the kind of help he desired. He wanted millions of dollars without knowing how to handle that kind of money in the first place. He couldn’t understand why someone who had money wouldn’t just give it to him.

I tried to explain that people who have manifested money know how much work it is and can read people on levels that are deep within the grounding and responsibility areas. This man did not come across as credible or grounded. People with money know that money is energy. You want to make sure that the person you are giving the money to can be accountable with the money. Otherwise it is just throwing money away.

Anyway, I told him that I didn’t think that he was going to win the lottery. If he did, I would eat my words.

But I know that the lesson for him is not about getting what he wants but to know how to be fully alive on this planet in a responsible way that can actually make a difference rather than live in his mind alone.

Living in dreams is fun and exiting but we all have to get back to the reality of daily living. The Native Americans have a saying, “Before enlightenment, chop wood – carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood – carry water.”

We all have dreams. That is wonderful. Just balance your dreams with the reality in which you find yourself. Stay open to all possibilities, stay awake for miracles, and stay present in your life.

As a psychic you cannot imagine how many times someone has come in and they were sure that they were winning the lottery, publishers clearing house, etc. None of those have ever come to pass.

Remember to be here now. This is where the magic is. If you spread your energy too much into the future without grounding it first in the now, you will not have enough energy to manifest the dream you desire.

Also, angels operate on, “when the time is right!” You do not get to decide when that is. That is their job. Your job is to stay awake, responsible, alive, and vibrating your love within the density of this physical plane. And most of us cannot do that impeccably all the time.

Stay focused on your responsibilities and learn to have fun while doing them. Then you are naturally more awake to the magic that is trying to happen all around you.

Have a wonderful grounded day.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Barnes & Noble Book Signing was a Huge Success!

The book signing in Salt Lake City at the local Barnes & Noble was a huge success!

Thanks to all of those who came and bought books or just came to support us and get readings.

The Director of the store was very impressed with the event and has invited us to come back and possibly do it once a month. She said that the energy in the store was the best that it has been.

And we sold books!

Every little bit helps create a buss. Hopefully this event will excite the other Barnes & Noble stores to do the event also. It was the first time a Barnes & Noble ever did a psychic fair at the store. Yea!

On top of it the 17th of October was a power day. It has been called a Cosmic Trigger Event, one of many that will occur between now and 2013. An ultraviolet pulse will cross paths with Earth and magnify the heart chakra energy during this 36-hour event. This is enhanced with group dynamics and I was pleased that Barnes & Noble intuitively picked this day for the event. I hope everyone had a wonderful uplifting experience during that time period.

This is what the channel Oceana in Boulder Colorado said about the event: “October 17th, 2006 is the beginning of the Blue Light Ray. We are from that. We are not the only ones, there are 24 in our cluster; but we have been studying and working with humans, meaning those with the souls of light that are within human forms, for 20 years. And tomorrow for the next, really 36 hours, you will be experiencing waves of love through the blue rays and the openings of a new beginning for your Earth‚s resonance to change. What I mean by resonance, is the vibration of the Earth raising itself to the 5th dimension; and those of you who are able to move fromthird to fourth to fifth will be experiencing a great upliftment and asense of compassion for yourself and all and everything that exists.”

The War on Terror

This is a long process and with the election. It will be interesting to see which direction the population of the US decides to take us.

The psychic impressions are that the Republicans are going to loose seats in both the House and Senate. The power of the House is probably going to shift to the Democrats. I believe that the Senate will stay in Republican control.

What we need to remember is to have compassion for all those who are suffering and remember that we need to learn to work together in this world. But it is never okay to believe that our perspective is better than anyone else.

Those in power need to be brought to accountability for actions that cause others harm. It would be wonderful if we could educate those who have money and power to also have conscience. I believe that we are slowly getting there. But sometimes I wonder if the elements of disruption will delay the positive changes that are possible for the world. We are really at a time of change. The momentum is building to assist us to break through the old established elements and create a new and hopefully better reality for everyone.

I hope that the US government brings many more troops into the Iraq situation to stabilize it. Otherwise the potential collapse is even more disastrous to the world situation.

Korea remains a pressure cooker and potential rogue wave that can and will try to disrupt the global situation. The best hope if for China to directly deal with the problem and keep us out of it.

On the Health Front – High Protein/Low Carb

I have begun the classic high protein/low carbohydrate diet for my self. So far I have lost 15 lbs. Yea! So yes, it does work.

What is remarkable is that your brain really runs on carbs.

Whew! There were some days that I felt as if I could not retrieve the right words. My brain felt in slow motion. The words would eventually come but it was frustrating to not be able to grab them.

But it has also pointed out that I am probably allergic to some carbohydrates. My health improved. My mucus in my nose lessened. My tongue improved (Chinese medicine thing). So I am going to try to stay on the side of the good carbs rather than the bad carbs. We shall see if it works.

The good news was that I am not really hungry. Just somewhat spacey. As a psychic, some might say, more spacey. Ha!

On A Personal Note on my Work Front

My father was definitely surprised by the family showing up for the anniversary. It is good to shock him every once in a while. We all need to remember to appreciate our parents. You never know how much longer any of us are going to be on the planet. So this month of November take a moment to genuinely reconnect to your family and those that are important to you and give of yourself and tell them how much you appreciate them.

Psychic Impressions Update

Tragically one of my clients had a daughter commit suicide this last month. Because of the nature of suicide and the energy that is so distressed, it is often difficult to connect to the suicide person immediately.

Years ago a person that I worked with committed suicide and about a week after the death, I dreamed that she and I were sitting in a wonderful white, clean, breezy room with two twin beds all with white comforters and white curtains. She was sitting on the other bed and she told me that she was in a kind of “time out”.

That made sense in a strange way. If someone decided to kill himself or herself then they might just have to sit for a second or two and take a look at their actions and see what might have caused them to make such a decision. They were in a good place but they needed to take responsibility for their choice and decide how to do it differently later.

I have never believed that God would have someone go to Hell that was in terrible pain, mental illness, or couldn’t find the doorway out of the place in which they found themselves.

However, most of the time when someone commits suicide they are fragmented and somewhat difficult to find or connect to until they realign with their true essence rather than their human condition from that life.

Anyway, my client called and was very upset and instantly I could connect with the dead daughter.

I was quite startled, as she had just died the day before.

Her daughter was calm, loving, and very coherent! That was unusual, at least from my experience. I know that souls evolve as they are on the other side. As they complete karma that was left undone by helping and guiding others.

She was crystal clear. In complete acceptance of what she had done and why. She knew the pain that it was going to cause everyone but she had been living in terrible inner agony for her whole life and she had tried to do the medical, therapist, route and it had not worked. She decided to take responsibility and allow herself to shift to another level and work it through another way.

This was a very different person than any I had encountered in the spirit plane. Usually there is some residue of the mental despair and turmoil. She was handling it very well and it was an extraordinary experience for me.

My client was able to get completion and to know what was really going on for her daughter and it eased her mind tremendously.

Two days later she called back and read the suicide note to me that had been left for her. The note repeated things that I had told her from her daughter the two days before. This was great for confirmation for both of us. Even small things like who was to get her fish and fish tank was accurate.

The police had kept the note until the autopsy had confirmed cause of death.

To find the November "Metaphors for the Month" article just click below. For those of you that are new to my website and work, the article "Metaphors for the Month" is a monthly article about the patterns that I see coming up for the month. It is prediction for the energies hitting all of us for that particular month. I have been writing this article for years for the Catalyst Magazine in Salt Lake City, Utah. I also have a new ad in the Catalyst. See what you think. Below you will find that article.


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Channeling is the art of learning to listen, feel, see, and connect to your guides and guardian angels. There are specific tools and skills that can be learned that assist each individual to open to the higher realms of consciousness. This class will touch on techniques to connect to the dead but the main focus is to open and allow the higher vibrations of the angels and inner guides to come through. The class will include guided meditations for the chakras and pathways to find the inner guides.

This class is very experiential in nature and each person needs to be willing to open and flow with images and impressions that come to them.

In the $200.00 cost of this two-day class you will receive a manual from Suzanne on aspects and exercises for channeling.

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