Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Palmistry Book Cover is done.

Hello again.

I have been very busy helping my mother look for homes in the Salt Lake City area. We are going to sell her home in Tucson and move her closer to me. Since my father died in March we have been preparing her home to sell. The markets have slumped in Tucson so now is not the best time to sell so it may take a year to get everything put together. The markets here are going up and the Arizona market is going down. I am amazed at how expensive the homes have become in my area of Salt Lake City. It may take us a while to buy something that she likes in this area.

On the book front I have my Palmistry book cover finally done. My friend Jim Rengstorf, a graphic artist that also worked on my Numerology book, did this cover. We are going over the final graphics now for the rest of the book and then it will go to the printer. I am going to print a smaller amount for this book as I have limited space to store them.

I have worked for so many hours to try to get all the pictures correct. It is amazing how much time things take to do. I am finally to the point that I don’t want to look at it anymore. So I will print up one round and see if I get excited and want to attempt to put more into the book.

I had an uneventful Memorial Day weekend. I gave myself permission to do nothing on Sunday and it felt great! Anyone who knows me well knows that I am in constant motion between; teaching, my normal work schedule, psychic fairs, lectures, working on books, going to Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, and then trying to have a normal life and just get to the grocery store and do the bills. So taking the day off was great!

Sometimes people think that you can be psychic 24 hours a day. I have tried it and it is exhausting. No matter what I know that I need down time to let my brain take a rest and regroup. I have trained myself to work during normal work hours from 9 AM to 7 PM. After 7 PM my brain just turns itself off. That is why I do not pick up the telephone after 7 PM. It is extremely difficult for me to be psychic when I am exhausted.

Because psychics seem to make their skill look so easy some think that it is effortless and easy to just dial into the higher realms and speak. But as with all of us we are only human. I have my own personality quirks and exhaustion is just part of being human. I learned many years ago that I cannot be perfect for everyone. I do not have all the answers and no psychic can be100% accurate all the time. Yet I have a gift and that gift can be of tremendous help and support to others. But most importantly, I love my work.

There is something so magical when all the energy aligns between a client and myself and somehow I know things that seem miraculous. It amazes me every day. There are days when I doubt myself and then suddenly a person comes in and everything is energetically perfect and something transcendent happens. You feel the presence of something that connects us all and that energy guides and allows a release of knowledge and information that is exciting and wondrous.

I believe that all of us can connect into that level of awareness. But then our emotional issues cloud our awareness and disconnect us from that higher truth that is right there for us to tap into when we allow it.

So today, allow yourself to open to the magic that is all around and see what miracles you can create for yourself and those around you.

Have a wonderful day of miracles.