Friday, March 26, 2010

Wanting the Winds of Change

If you hadn’t noticed, everyone is feeling tremendous strain on the planet right now. This pattern is going to continue throughout the summer and so take a deep breath and try not to take the global situation personally. Step out of the chaos that is all around and remember that your soul is much bigger and vaster than this small experience in time at this moment. Trust in the bigger awareness that is within you and allow that to guide your forward progress.

Sometimes there are no easy answers. The universe is not trying to punish you personally. There are always patterns of expansion and contraction. Know that expansion always opens us back up after contraction. The problem is that you do not always know the timing.

In this moment everyone is feeling contraction in different places in your life. If you are not feel contraction you might just be feeling no forward movement. You desire for they’re to be a shift. But things do not seem to shift. I have equated this time to feeling like we are all in a “Groundhog Day” movie. Things that would have normally worked themselves through are still stuck in almost the same place. This causes frustration if you define yourself based on external markers. It is best to take that pattern out of the equation for a time. Go deeper within and find the true essence that beats your heart and allows you to experience the preciousness of this moment.

If things do not move, that is an indication that you need to take a moment to stop and breath deeply into the present that is now. Take a look inward a have a chat with the internal parts that are unwilling to shift into this place that you want to go. See if you can find a way to get all the internal archetypes to be in agreement. See small steps towards movement as great wins. Love and appreciate the parts that are afraid of the changes that are on the horizon. It is okay. You will be okay no matter what evolves if you believe in the strength of your souls ability to adapt. If you know that these tests are just experiences for your soul to grow and evolve, then the importance of them lessens and you will be able to see in a more clear and calm manner. When you can observe chaotic change with the awareness of calm detachment then your choices will not be made out of fear and the patterns of the past but from a place of what is appropriate for your growth in the now.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of April 2010

In these interesting times it will be important to look to see if you are dismissing indications of trouble, not paying attention to details, feeling as if things in your life are in an erratic phase, or find you are having an inability to adapt and meet new challenges. If you are, then it will be important to shift that energy into finding ways to successfully handle the fluctuations that are happening in your life, make adjustments to unforeseen difficulties, directly deal with the obstacles which are pressing for your attention, and find humor in minor mishaps that would otherwise cause embarrassments. This is a month of reassessment, which calls for creative maneuvers to avert the potential of trouble ahead.

I have been noticing that with the people that I am dealing with there is an awakening of each soul to the connection to the collective unconscious or the global mind. Each of us is feeling the trials and tribulations of the planet as collectively we all shift into the new pattern that is evolving at this time. The problem is that the end result is an unknown and as humans, we do not like feeling blind as the river of life makes its twists and turns. We are all in uncharted territory. Because of that is seems the stress and worry is causing us to psychically and energetically reach beyond our own knowing and attempt to connect to a bigger awareness and connection.

On one level this is great. I am seeing many people have huge psychic openings and expansions of their consciousness. But this is also causing some confusion in others, as they do not understand that what they are feeling is not so much personal as a global malaise that is affecting all of us.

It is challenging to find balance when you are in a torrent of angry water that threatens to pull us under and ignite our fight or flight survival mechanism. But energy is energy. And all energy can be molded and transmuted into other things when you are willing to not judge or recoil from the present moment. This is difficult to do and yet each of us in our own way is noticing a form of suffering that we are experiencing at this time.

Suffering is just an indication of where we are stuck in the past of old wounds, beliefs systems, or patterns that need to be unraveled. Once you are willing to let the old perspective go often the suffering shifts into action, movement, and excitement. Just because something was true in the past does not mean it will be true in the future.

So if you feel yourself contracting and withholding, practice taking full and deep breathes and tell yourself to let go. Take some time to go within and find your personal center and inner clarity. Know that that winds of fate and life are always guiding you towards your soul’s potential in this incarnation. Others do not need to agree with you or follow your path. Your path is yours alone and others also have their own inner guidance and lessons that need to be learned and experienced.

In a chaotic way it is all perfect and wonderful if you let go of what you believe you want and deserve and learn to appreciate the moments in which you find yourself. The universe will not give you more if you do not show some gratitude for the journey and what you have been already given.

This is a month to be careful of over-indulging in substances, such as: alcohol, drugs, and any excessive behaviors such as over-spending to feel better. This is a time to take care of your health, learn to nurture yourself in healthy ways, and make adjustments to your self-image.

Create and cultivate balance by finding your own inner flow.

Within you is a teacher who has an awareness of what is your next step along the pathway to your awakening and soul’s potential. It can be terrifying to learn to trust these shifts that can seem to destabilize our life for short periods of time. But the constant lesson of this universe is to let go of the old and make way for the new. You can never go back. Ice cream is never going to be 5 cents for two scoops, ever again. So just let it all go. Be in the now and find the beauty and diversity that is this time and place. There is a miracle unfolding and it is you.