Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lisa Minden - Photographer Extraordinaire

If any of you have seen my new pictures on the web, those are the product of a wonderful photographer, Lisa Minden. Her phone number is (801) 634-4211.

In my life I have spent a fortune on photos and images to keep my site and advertising up to date. This is so important in my line of work because if I so much as change my hair style, clients will come in and say, "Oh you do not look like your picture". In general I attempt to shift image each year to keep up with a fresh look and my own shifts in personality and evolution of my spirit. Photos capture the essence of your authentic self in those moments. I find that as I evolve internally and spiritually my image become more alive and vibrant in response to my inner process and awakening.

I prefer how I look now to images of me younger and thinner. I look more at peace and open. Which is how I feel.

But finding a photographer that can capture those moments is more challenging.

Lisa Minden is a person who has such a bubbly, positive energy that she infuses everything she does with a fun aliveness that is infectious to those she works with.

Doing a photo shoot with her is full of laughter and play. She allows me to be silly and serious. She has a knack of knowing when the right moment is to snap that picture, capturing that moment forever on film.

So if you are wanting to upgrade your photos on your advertising or website, are planning a wedding or photos for the holidays, give her a call. You will love her.

Photography is one of her many talents. She also has her own business selling key cards for entrance into buildings. This allows only access to those carrying a card and it records when employees enter and leave. A great thing for business to keep track of hours and employees.

Do not hesitate to call her and get information about the many things that she does with her business.


Suzanne's Adventure with Street Construction and the Breaking Down of the Old Energy

I am noticing for myself the intense level of shifting that is going on. The last few months have been a tremendous change on so many levels. It got so complex that I finally had to just let go and laugh at the hilarity and pure chaos of the situation.

About 100 days ago, the city started tearing up my street to redo the curbs, sewer system, and driveways that are owned by the city. Let's just say it has been total noise and insanity ever since. I do not know how these men do their jobs. I think hearing all the banging and machines would make me go deaf.

As a psychic, I am so sensitive to noise that this has been like being in hell for 100 days. I have increased my meditations, Kryias, mantras, and positive affirmations. And thank goodness I did. Even with those tools it has been all I could do to keep a bubble of protective and clear energy around me.

My clients have been enormously patient. There has been no parking in front of my house and everyone has had to park a block away and walk. Not the most convenient.

But that was just the beginning of the saga. I got a notice from the water company that I had a leak. Somehow all the banging of the cement knocked loose some old plumbing and it began to leak. The leak was from my old 1935 air conditioner. It is something like a reverse swamp cooler, using ground water to create cool air. Anyways, so I have a huge (And I mean HUGE!) water bill and my air conditioner needs to be replaced.

I think, while they are at it perhaps they should take a look at the furnace. Guess what? Yes, it needs to be replaced. Now, we are at the tune of $7000! Only to find that my kitchen faucet is leaking, my toilet decides to break, and water begins pouring out of the tub faucet handles.

So, I get that fixed and then my modem on the computer breaks, of course right after I get my entire schedule online. Which means that I cannot make any appointments or get my schedule unless I go down to the coffee shop and use their WiFi on my laptop.

It took two days to get the new modem, upload it, only to find that now my phones do not work. Then it takes two more days to figure out what needs to be done to get the phones and the modem to work together.

I begin to think optimistically for a moment. Then my big Mac decides to slow way down and go blue screen. Never a good sign. I turn it on and off 5 times only to keep getting the blue screen. I have to walk away for work and come back 5 hours later and it is working. Yea!

I then spend the next 6 hours backing up things on disk just to be sure. I have an external hard drive but everything was going so slow that the computer would not do more than one thing at once without freaking out and going to blue screen again. I manage to get things backed up. Take it into the Mac store and leave it over the 4th of July weekend. When I go to pick it up they say there is nothing wrong with it.

I insist that they turn it on for me to prove their point and much to my amazement it seems to be working. I take the computer home at which it promptly begins to do the same thing and go very slow and go to blue screen. Ugh! Just as I am navigating that my PC upstairs in my office also decides to have problems.

We call the Geek Box in Draper/Sandy and they come out to fix the PC and take my computer to the store to run some tests. God love "Zack "the computer guy at Geek Box. He tested and tested it and was able to get the computer to make the mistakes that I described and finally had it breakdown at a moment when he could do a test, which indicated that the hard drive was going bad. Hopefully, I will have my Mac back within the next day, as I do all my publishing of my books and most of my work on it.

In the end, I have spent almost $10,000 on fixing things. At least I had savings to deal with this situation. But so much for the savings now.

I notice when I do major shifts in my energy field, things will tend to break around me. This situation was one of the most dramatic I have seen in years. I hope everyone else has not had such expensive shifts. But based on the clients that I have been seeing, everyone is going through a lot and finding ways to manage stress seems to be the name of the game.

The astrology will seem to intensify so keep your head as clear and calm as possible. Have a sense of humor and laugh at the dramas that are unfolding around you. You can either laugh or cry. Perhaps a little of both is okay also.

My New Favorite Thai Massage Therapist - Introducing Gaivitch Walker - (801) 706-1116

After many months of manopolyzing this wonderful 60 year old, Thai Massage Therapists time. I am willing to share information about him. If any of you love massage then this is the guy to try. I love massage and so I have had many wonderful therapists work on me and they are responsible for keeping me clear and balanced. I appreciate everyone that has worked with me. But every once in a while you come across someone that is special.

Gaivitch is an amazing skilled massage therapist and comes to your home with all the gear to work with you. Now, obviously he probably does not go up to Park City, Provo, Ogden, etc. But if you are in the Salt Lake City area he is a real treasure.

Thai Massage is more like accupressure points, vigorous movements, and passive stretching. But it is wonderful! It is great for moving lymph and getting toxins out of your body while simulating your internal organs. In Thai Massage you wear shorts and a loose top, so those that are sensitive to being without clothes can relax and have a wonderful massage with your clothes on.

Afterwards, I feel invigorated and ready to face my day. He charges only $40 but I give him $60 as he is really worth so much more.

He is a gentle Buddhist. He is soft spoken, kind, and very safe. I highly recommend him to those who are brave and willing to try something new.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Progress Report on my new Mindbodyonline Scheduling System

We are finally up and running with our new scheduling system and it has been fantastic. So many have commented that it is so easy to use and they love that they can make appointments at any time of the day or night. This system gives you an email reminder the day before your appointment and the ability to change your appointment 24-hours in advance. You can change workshop registration 3-days in advance.

This has simplified so many things in my office.

It has also allowed me to make gift certificates available for those wanting to buy a present for others on the online store section.

I have also created some special packages. There is a discount for new clients to the system. You can make a initial reading with me for the cost of $100 rather than the regular cost of $125. This is a one time offer but I have also created packages that are discounted for 4 - 1/2 hour psychic phone consultations or psychic readings for $200. Normally the cost is $65 per 1/2 hour segment.

I hope everyone out there takes advantage of these offers and packages.


Intuitive Patterns for the Month of August 2010

In the midst of perilous times there can be moments of clarity and understanding. In the month of August we are continuing to experience many changes and upheavals. The astrological transformations are extensive for everyone. You may feel as if you are compelled to abandon an old way of being. You may find that plans keep changing and that situations are not always what they seem. You may also feel as if you need to escape an unhealthy situation, thus taking the initiative and redirecting your life. You may find that you are correcting choices from the past that have not allowed you to find fulfillment. At the very least this month will allow you to rework priorities and find a way to enact a more congruent lifestyle.

In the process of telling ourselves the truth, this moment will bring a new inspired energy into your life and new projects and endeavors will emerge. Just be careful that your identity is not based on the material possessions that you want to create.

As you break down the old reality become hyper-aware of using this moment to create a new expression of your authentic self. Let go of old generational patterns that have not served you. Open yourself to life as a new learning experience rather than habits of your old way of being. Allow your core to find movement and breath on these winds of changing circumstances so your spirit can find a free and expressive way of being in this new flow.

Let go of the old patterns of how you isolate yourself from others when you are under stress and confusion. Let others into your reality in innocent and open ways where they can experience you as undefended and open to the authentic expression of your emotions that you are feeling now.

Take some risks and let other see the courage of your heart to find peace and freedom while in the midst of complete and utter confusion. This will give them courage to also jump when the time is right for them and it supports the expansion of permission for all of us to become our true self.

Life is about learning to dance with each other in magical and synchronistic ways. But each person has their own rhythm and way of moving. As we learn to dance together we will struggle at first to find the flow that authentically reflects all of us together. We must become more aware of each other’s space and patterns. We must learn to anticipate each other’s moods and energetic shifts. This is very difficult at first. We will accidently step on each other’s toes. We will bump into each other when we let go of awareness, if even for a moment.

This month is about letting go of our obsessive focus only on our self. We need to become more inclusive and aware of each person around us. Pretend to be a dolphin in a pod of dolphins. Feel the flow and rhythm of the ocean and the sounds and patterns all around. Become a part of that flow. This is not a time to cultivate our separate self or our differences. Now is the time to become a part of a cohesive whole. We are all one. We are all conscious magical creatures. We are all on a journey. We just no longer need to do that journey alone.

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