Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Upcoming Numerology for 2008

As we move towards 2008, I thought it might be fun to begin to take a look at the numerological significance of 2008.

If you add 2 + 0 + 0 + 8. You get a number 10.

Ten is a major milestone for the massive changes that the world is wishing to accomplish for the upcoming year. In the number system that I use, it indicates a year of Power and Radiance. So no matter what expect big changes and shifts in the coming year.

The number 10 is associated, metaphorically, with Alexander the Great. So 2008 is going to be a year of expansion and power struggles as different economic groups vie for power in the world. This includes negative power groups as well as positive power groups. Big shifts can happen quite suddenly affecting everyone as the world becomes more and more connected through the computer, Internet, and global financial systems continue to mesh.

The challenge is that the number 8 in 2008, shows the emotional process needed to accomplish this task. Unfortunately, the number 8 is associated with grief and loss. So there will be many that feel emotional despair and depression as certain patterns are exposed and need to be let go of in order to create positive change and movement. There will be moments of tremendous pain and suffering for some. This type of turmoil can emotionally affect us all. It can cause huge financial changes that do not seem positive at first. This will force us to reclaim our social and economic center and to become more responsible for our country and strengthening the political issues that are arising at home.

We will begin to see that we need to become strong within like a yogi sitting on a mountaintop. We need to know ourselves first and then from that power and certainty then reach out to help others with our perspective and awareness.

This will cause our government to make some sweeping changes politically as the voice of the people will reclaim power and reprioritize our government. So expect some heated political debates and a re-distributation of the power structures worldwide.

This environment creates the distinct possibility that Hillary Clinton may win the presidency as a major shift in power structure allows the feminine to rise and change how policies are dictated and how we are seen in the world.

No matter what the 10 will cause change in how we are seen and how others see our power influencing the world in 2008.

On a personal level you should be honest with the intense emotions you may feel in 2008 but do not allow the sadness to overwhelm you as the global situation creates upheaval. Find things that allow you to express your true self powerfully in the world in ways that create positive effects for your family and life. Keep your center and know that when you are present and clear, then any situation that comes your way can be handled with honesty and love. Take some risks this year to change jobs or to finally go for your dream. The number 10 is like a big wave that you have been waiting for all your life as a surfer. You need to grab the moment when it happens and go for it. Otherwise the moment is lost and you do not know when it may come again.

Pouring the Light- Poetry

Pour the light into the sky, become the eagle flying by.
Pour the light into the land, become the crystals in the sand.
Pour the light into the stream, become the tadpole yet unseen.

Rainbow body full of light, life so full of passion bright.
Rainbow body full of love, sweet caresses from above.
Rainbow body full of peace, within all hearts you do so beat.

I feel myself become the dawn, the sunlight beckons and I am drawn.
I feel myself become the moon, the darker light that holds no gloom.
I feel myself become the stars; there is no fear to go so far.

Awaken those who know the tune, of ashen dances to which they swoon.
Awaken those who hear the call, of spirit that enlivens all.
Awaken those who feel the flow, of love so strong that passions go.

Inside of you is the seed, of longing that desires to be.
Inside of you is the part, which knows that life expresses art.
Inside of you is the map, which shows the way and makes you laugh.

Joy is all that can be felt, through eternity and beyond the self.
Love is all that is on earth; this is the place of conscious birth.
Humanity comes to expand the light, but without love it becomes a blight.

Do you choose to take the path, beyond the egos endless traps?
Do you wish to love so large, that life becomes no longer hard?
Do you know your pure intent, was to become more than you thought it meant?

If you choose to listen well, inside of you will be no hell.
If you choose to feel the pain, you will transform and be born again.
If you choose to find the truth, your mind surrenders back to you.

I poured myself into the sky, to send the power into your eyes.
I poured myself into the land, to support your growth to find the plan
I poured myself into the snow, to cool your spirit and help you know.

I took the chance to find the place, where consciousness could not find space.
I took the chance to go below, to inspire others who could not yet know.
I took the chance to go within, to show the way back home again.

It is the balance that needed time, to come around and enliven mind.
It is the balance from the dark, that brings completion to lost parts.
It is the balance brought back to light, that allows the soul to find what’s right.

I beckon to those who feel so large, and know the truth is close not far.
I beckon to those whose hearts reach out, beyond resistance and want to shout.
I beckon to those whose minds are free, and want to step beyond this reality.

I feel you all within my heart; its tender touch will not depart.
I feel you all within my soul; we are connected to the whole.
I feel you all forever more, with this love we all can soar.

I am the air that breathes in you, the song remembered the song renewed.
I am the blood that flows so strong, it beats within to its own song.
I am the earth to which you belong, your unique rhythm, your unique song.

Awake I have come to view, something unique, something new.
Awake the dark inhales the light, deepening spirit, opening sight.
Awake the time has finally come, you are with me and we are one.

Middle of November Wake Up Call

In the Mayan Calender there is a major even in the middle of November to watch out for . Of course no one really knows how events will actually play out but it is good to get a heads up. This particular time period will determine how the rest of the changes for the earth might play out in Mayan cosmic time. The Mayan Calender says that a powerful negative event might happen that will disrupt money systems and the world economies. We are seeing many forclosures in the morgage industry, gas prices going up, cost of food going up, etc. All these are indicating an ecomony under tremendous stress and now all the baby boomers are beginning to retire. If we had a bomb threat or a major shift in the security of our country that might be the final blow to an already unsteady market.

My suggestion is to pay off the bills and not go overboard this holiday season.

I love looking at the prophesies of ancient times to see how they actually play out in the future as time is always changing and evolving. I am an optimist by nature. I believe that prophesies are meant to show us negative directions and the consequences of those events. Prophesies are not set in stone but designed to wake us up to the shifts that are necessary in order to evolve past the negative possibilities in our lives.

I believe that many things are supporting us to break through rather than break down. Fear is a tool that the angels use in order to get us to move and change. Unfortunately, it works very well and the higher forces will use fear in order to make us shift out of our ruts into a bigger and better reality.

I would ask the question, "What is it that you need to do before your die to give your greatest gift and love to all those in your life or the planet?" Then begin to move your life in the direction of that goal with compassion and presence. Once you get past the stage of neediness when you believe life is about getting your needs met, then past the stage of learning to communicate and create appropriate boundaries and feel safe, the only thing left to do is to give your gift and love to everyone in the way that serves the greatest good for humanity.

What would that look like for you? Are you ready to step into a more conscious way of living and feeling the connections to all of life in everything you do every day? It is no small feat. You have to let go of your own desires and look to what would serve those you love moment by moment. It takes a tremendous amount of responsibility and clarity to make those shifts. Friends are also very important to create a sounding board so you do not get off base and into illusion.

No matter what we are in an unusual time of major change on this planet and each person's choices and decisions can effect the pattern emerging. Remember you do make a difference, especially when you listen to the subtle messages coming into your consciousness. Feel deeply inward and find your uniqueness and gifts that you came to share with the world and choose pathways that allow you to expand those gifts in the world.

What do you have to loose?

All of us have failed at times in life but the process and journey is well worth the effort. Failures are not that you are bad but that you may need to modify how you are attempting to give that gift and grow through the difficult times in order to refine your gifts in ways that reach and touch others more clearly.

So keep your eyes open for November and have an open heart.

Changes in the November energy

You would think after all the stresses and changes over the last few months that we could catch a break for just a second. But as usual, life is rarely fair. After all, we are in the acceleration time of Cauac in the Mayan calendar and whether we like it or not we are continuing to speed up. Life is requiring more and more of our attention, concentration, and awareness to navigate through these amazing and transformative times. So, November seems to continue this amazing shift that we are all feeling planetarily.

What is interesting about these cards this month is the duality between the Cups and the Wands. Wands represent fire and the energetic bursts that happen to force us to shift energy and perceptions. Cups represent the deep needs and desires, as well as, the emotional tools we may need to move through chaotic and challenging times. The balance between these cards is attempting to show us how to get through this months intensity without feeling as if you are going to fall apart. You have choices to make. What choices you make will determine how you feel and how you handle this incoming energy.

The first thing to remember is that freedom is a choice. Not everyone wants it or knows how to be responsible with that level of awareness and accountability. As Americans we want everyone to feel our way of being. It is a wonderful thing to be born into this world and to have the freedoms that we are blessed with in this time. But in other places those choices do not always come easily and there are tremendous problems to overcome in order to achieve certain goals.

November really makes this duality more and more obvious in the world political game. It is difficult to not get caught up in the suffering and drama that we see played out in the world stage day after day.

Major conflicts are a given this month. How you decide to stay present and centered within those conflicts are the issue. Where do you stand up for what is true and right? How do you do that effectively without overriding others desires, needs, and personal wishes? Just because it is right for us does not mean it is right for others.

Stresses will be high and there will be the feeling of wanting to contract down and protect yourself and what is yours. You will find yourself at many impasses and directions that seemed perfect are going to require major adjustments as our ego will be required to let go some more and find other ways.

This month you will need some good healthy, strong, boundaries, as well as, the ability to observe with detachment from an open mind and an open heart. Everything is happening for a reason. Though at times it may seem as if the universe seems out to get you personally. Do not let the externals that you do not have control over break down the deep emotional connections you have with those you love.

If you navigate then tumultuous waters of November well you will discover that love and the deepening of emotional attachments can increase through the conflicts that are affecting this month. So you are not without support if you are willing to open your heart and share your deepest feelings with those close to you. You may feel as if you can finally trust your partner and that gives a feeling of renewed pleasure and comfort. Others can recognize your kindness, love, and honor and you can make some great headway towards a long-term goal on which you have been working.

October and the Women's Integral Conference at Omega Institute

October brings with it a need to re-evaluate the desires and dreams of the past objectively. These desires may be quite sincere but the energy of October brings with it many bizarre events and the feelings of becoming disoriented and confused. Because of this there is a huge need to temper fantasy with practicality and grounded perspective. Tensions are growing and when energy is moving this way it is important to be in the moment and to make subtle adjustments as you go along. All the plans you may have in your head may not pan out the way you had perceived, dreamed, or wanted.

Yet, the ability to stay present with such chaotic life force is a tremendous skill worth learning and integrating. As the world continues in the Mayan calendar of Cauac there will be no choice but to remember to make subtle shifts as the increase in energy expands our understandings and awareness’s. Cauac is the time period that we entered into in August of 1988. It is called the quickening. It is the time when the expansion of consciousness is tremendous and the speed of our society increases requiring all of us to make many adjustments in order to accommodate the tremendous energy coming into each of us. This continues until 2011 approximately. When you look just at the increase of technology, this increase is easier to understand. Computers and all of our electronic gadgets are infinitely more varied and complex. Information is being shared at a previously unknown rate. All of us are feeling the increased pressure, as we are being required to do more and more in one day than any of us ever predicted.

On some levels this is wonderful but on other levels there are those of us that are feeling overwhelmed with learning how to harness the power of our mind and then balance it with the practical applications of our desire nature. Learning to sort truth and worthwhile causes from the imaginations and fantasies is a great challenge this month.

The cards also indicate a potential conflict in the Middle East between the separate political and religious forces and governments surrounding Iraq. We may see the influence of Iran and Saudi Arabia begin to joust for more powerful positions within the Iraq conflict. Finding how to balance this energy will feel like navigating a canoe in rapids. Canoes do not work well in rapids. They do better in flat lake water. Therefore to navigate such a situation it will take the strength of a buffalo and the agility of a deer. This will require a tremendous effort with no guarantees, which is what the U.S. people want at this politically charged time.

The energy of October is highly transformative but we need to use all the tools available to us at this time to navigate these treacherous waters. Somehow with all this energy we also need to somehow keep out hearts intact and open to how we can share and give love to others.

Ask yourself the question, “What can I do this month to show and express my love to everyone?” This is a loaded question. Take notice of everything you do and become very aware of the subtle actions that you are doing that are showing your love and caring or are not allowing that love and caring to be received and perceived by others.

If every action you could do were a reflection of your love and devotion to your family and all of humanity, how would you energetically give that gift? How would you move through life if everything you did could show your caring and sensitivity to everyone around you? What would it take for you to become that present even if others are suffering and not receiving you?

It would require you to be so aware of your being and to know your truth and intent so completely that you would be unafraid of what others might think. You would be able to make those small adjustments and feel your love moving through every action and word.

Give it a try this month and see if you can become more of who you really are. Find those ways to express and share that totality with others. If we could get one percent of the world to become more aware of giving their gifts and love what a wonderful place earth could become. It could inspire everyone to open and become the gift they are also.

Woman’s Integral Conference at Omega Institute- Finding Your Golden Shadow.

The conference at Omega Institute was wonderful!!! The weather was cool the first few days but then it warmed up and was fantastic. I even had a small mouse visit me in my dorm room. I had to go to the Guest Services to check to see if they had live traps to catch and release him outside to where he belonged. They did and sure enough the next night the trap snapped shut and I had a pet mouse for the evening.

The next day I took him back to Guest Services and they released him out by the lake. This is a much better place for a mouse.

The workshop was on using Integral techniques created by Ken Wilber’s model from the Integral Institute and the work by Genpo Roshi with his Big Mind integration techniques. These systems use some voice dialogue techniques but it takes them to the next level.

The teachers were amazing. We had Diane Hamilton who is a student of Genpo Roshi what has become a highly respected teacher of Zen in her own right. She lives right here in Salt Lake City and works with the Zen Center of Salt Lake City. She was amazing and so able to handle the emotional intensity of a large group of women with power, grace, and focused clarity. Then we had Sofia Diaz , a Hatha Yoga teacher who has traveled and explored sacred dancing from India and she also teaches women’s groups in a variety of modalities. She was dynamic and a bucket load of energy. Her ability to move energy through bodies was nothing short of fine art. Then, we had Willow Pearson, a psychotherapist, music therapist, and a founding member of the Integral Institute since 1998. This group of women came from such a variety of backgrounds but it somehow worked. There were of course a few glitches as always happens when you get a large group of women with a tremendous variety of skills and levels of perspective and awareness together but it was the most fun I have had in years in group settings.

We did Yoga each morning at 8 AM and then meditation using a mixture of Zen and Integral Big Mind techniques. They we did processes and exercises to bring what we were learning into the feminine brain and patterning. They have done a tremendous amount of work in looking at the differences as to how men and women learn and grow. This retreat was specifically for how women tend to learn bodily, experientially, and through praise. It was quite fascinating. We danced and cried, expanded and let go of our old constructs. It was wonderful.

We did work on integrating shadow aspects and the most revealing to me was the work on the Golden Shadow. As an adept in many personal growth workshop and breakthrough processes, I have done a tremendous amount about integrating shadow but the Golden Shadow was something that struck me in a wonderful way.

Below is a poem I wrote about my experience in this process.

Golden Shadow

Do you feel the wind of golden wings, Caressing your heart from in between? Into duality you are thrust, To encounter conflict, shoulds, and musts. But deep inside a part knows, All that’s above connects below. It has always been a circle you see. What is up comes down to be. From a distance God tries to show, The golden light you hid below. In other’s eyes you seek and pine, For the parts you yearned to find. The door is open if you would just try, To find the power from the sky. She waits so patiently knowing you are near. She has always whispered in your ear. Why was it that you took so long, To awaken when you heard her song? Ever singing in your head, But so much louder when you slept in bed. In that place you could relax, The mind let go and forgot to grasp. In the dream you danced and flowed, Rejuvenated by feelings glow. But now you’ve come to the threshold of truth, Embraced by her light that knows she is you. Which humor twinkling her starry eyes, You merge with her and the old self dies. The illusion you believed is no longer true. You move in the light of the feminine moon. Temperamental with emotional flow, She expands the wildness and passion lets go. Your Golden Shadows expand the bounds, Of untapped resources recovered and found. What a gift to dance in the light, Of so many Golden Shadows merged in flight. A light so bright the sun was dimmed During those moments of the feminine.

The Integral Institute has decided to bring an Integral Workshop to Salt Lake City next Feb 8-10, 2008. I hope others can come and have as wonderful time as I had at this event.