Wednesday, December 06, 2006

December Updates

Hello Everyone

I thought I would give some psychic updates for the month of December and the world situation. So here we go.

The War on Terror

It seems that there is going to be some sort of terrorism at the beginning of the month of December. The cards indicate violence and hardship. I think this will be compounded by the emotional upsets over some of the election results. Sometimes we become so attached to our emotional position that we believe that the sky is going to fall if we do not get outcome.

December is a month to remember to stay calm and not overreact to any external stresses that are going to come up.

There is an acceleration of pressure from the situations happening in Iran and its missile and nuclear program. This is going to stir the United Nations and decisions will not be made quickly. The world is very divided as to how to respond to threats and problems.

Changes in dealing with the Iraq will continue and the debate will force the Iraqi's to make adjustments. The entire situation is completely unstable. Many forces are playing out ancient power struggles within the Middle East. Balance will take years. However, the US may not be a part of all of it. Diplomatic patterns will be changing in how we deal with the UN and other nations. It is long overdue.

The cards indicate that much of the ambivalence is financial. Many countries cannot afford their own country’s challenges and dilemmas, much less, get pulled into conflicts with other countries. The Financial Markets especially the dollar will be rocky or down for a while. This helps inflation stay down but still makes things seem unstable.

On the Health Front – High Protein/Low Carb Diet continued…

The diet seems to finally be working and my system has made some sort of adjustment. My brain seems to be working better. My cravings seem to be gone and my hunger is greatly diminished. It is amazing how long it takes for the body to shift. But I am feeling better and have more energy. Hopefully this will allow my genetic family pattern of high cholesterol to lower as well. So any of you thinking about trying this, I would say go for it and remember the first month is slow for the brain but it does eventually shift.

On A Personal Note –Surprises in uncovering my family genetics.

There is a company in Salt Lake City called Gene Tree DNA Testing Center.
You can find it at:

I was interested in taking a look at genetics for my ancestry. There has always been some sort of family secret on my mother’s side of the family. No one could remember exactly what it was but there has been some speculation as to the family genetics. The rumor was that there were dark headed, darker skinned, brown almond shaped eyed, short, fine boned genes running through the family. Many had assumed that it was Native American because that side of the family came from Kentucky in the 1700’s. When you look at pictures of my sister, mother, and her father it is easy to see this pattern.

I, of course, look like the two sides of Irish from both sides of my family.

As it was my parent’s anniversary, I thought it would be fun to do the genetic test on ancestry to finally shed some light on the truth. The test was easy. All I had to do was to take a swab on the inside of my mouth. Then mail it back to the testing facility.

It took about six weeks to get the results and much to my shock I discovered that I have Eastern Asian blood in my gene pool!

Why that is so weird is that I have many characteristics of the Eastern Asian population. When I was in China I always wanted Hot and Sour soup for breakfast. In truth, I would have it every day if I could. But in China, the Chinese would say laughingly, “You must be Chinese!” I laughed and asked them why? They said “Because that is what we always eat for breakfast.”

I would rather have Asian food than almost anything. I love to eat things that most Americans would find revolting. I love seaweed salad. I love raw fish. I love octopus, squid, sea urchin roe, etc. On top of that I cannot seem to digest milk products. (Neither can the Chinese.) I also cannot digest wheat. Yet, rice is fine.

I also discovered that the percentage of the Eastern Asian in my genetics tells me that it is four generations back in my family. That is interesting because during that time America was building the railroads and they used a lot of Chinese labor.

Needless to say, I am definitely going to try to find where it is and hopefully uncover whom it is. I will keep everyone posted as to the results.

Psychic Impressions Update

This last month, I had an interesting experience with a gentleman client that came into my office for cluster headaches. He had started out as a child having migraines and they progressed into cluster headaches that never let up.

I have a lot of compassion for anyone with migraines or cluster headaches because in 1998 and 2000 I had two head injuries and after the second injury I suddenly got migraines.

For anyone who has never had these they can be quite debilitating. These types of headaches are no joke. You cannot think clearly, you cannot open your eyes because the light makes them worse. In my case, I get nauseous and cannot keep anything down. All I can do is lay down in a dark room with no noise and hope they eventually go away.

Of course there is medication for these situations but some people, like my client start becoming so overloaded with medications that they stop working as well.

This gentleman was in terrible pain when he came in and I decided to do a combination deep tissue massage and craniosacral therapy.

As I was working on him I began to notice a person showing up as an image in my mind. I would get a glimpse and then it would quickly move to another location. I felt like I was chasing something around his body. Finally I got a good look and it appeared as a joker archetype (pale face, three-pronged hat with balls at the ends, frozen smile with a sinister gaze).

I finally got up the courage to tell the client what I was seeing and he opened his eyes and looked at me in a startled way. I asked him if he had seen this image before. He said that he would notice it often when the headaches were the worst. He had always wondered what it was. Because his headaches were so bad, he wondered if he was hallucinating.
I like to deal with such things as archetypes that are locked within us or past life trauma that is appearing as an image so we can integrate the knowledge or wisdom into this conscious memory.

As I began to track this energy within his body, an image from a past life began to emerge. It was a trauma from a past life where he had been tortured into giving up others in a terrible time of war and conflict. He was broken mentally, physically, and spiritually. He wanted to die and they told him that they would kill him quickly if he would give up others in this conspiracy. He did, but then they allowed him to stay alive and watch the others be tortured and killed before he was finally allowed to die.

This past life experience influenced him to now never say a bad word or never hurt anyone, even if he was hurting himself. I realized that his headaches were coming from his inability to hurt others this lifetime. He was still torturing himself for the pain he had caused others in another time. I told him that this archetype was the part of him that was trying to torture himself but not others. I worked with him to let go of the old pain and guilt and to forgive himself for the past. I told him that it was okay to speak the truth and to say what he was feeling in this lifetime.

It was amazing to watch how the understanding and information went into his consciousness and began to rearrange his beliefs. After the massage and craniosacral therapy he had no headache. I will be seeing him again to make sure that all the pieces are unraveled and aligned.

I am always amazed that the body is our indicator that something is out of balance. Stress and headaches are usually a warning that we have become out of touch with something in one of the worlds, whether it is the physical world, emotional world, mental world, past lives, or spiritual essence. All you have to do if find a way to access that information and allow the healing and integration to realign.