Monday, February 03, 2014


Maneuvering our way into February 2014 we are being taught some huge lessons related to the nature of expansion. There are moments when you know that you have to make huge life altering decisions and those decisions will tear down the safety and security that you had manifested and throw you into a place where you have to find new ways to define, protect, and create home. 
Home is always within. It is not a place or circumstance. It is not a thing or object. It is a deep place of acceptance and knowing of who you are, mistakes and all, warts and all. 
You will make choices and those choices may or may not work for others. They may not even seem to work for you either. But something is working. Something divine is attempting to realign you into a larger place for your growth and well-being. Surrendering up your old self and you old life can be trying and stressful. But there is a beautiful pathway beyond the egos definition of who you presently are.
In February, you cannot compare your path to another. You cannot assume that another person’s life is great when you are only seeing them from the outside. You are not privy to the intense upheavals of others personal pain and karmic hardship. So do not assume others have it easier when you are feeling exhausted, manipulated by circumstances in your life and want to find freedom when everything seems to be constructed to hold you back. They have been there to and perhaps are right now also. Your life is constructed in a way that supports movement in the ways you have decided are most important for you.
Now is the time to follow the path of grace and ease but what seems to be showing up is the opposite. Sometimes to follow the path of grace and ease you have to confront that which is not working. Why is it that we feel we have to struggle and make things so difficult? Why is it so hard to change and simply accept what is presented and move on? Why is it so hard to choose what you need and want when that choice might upset others? Is it true love if you are selling yourself and your own needs out in order give the other what they need?
These are big questions this month. February is a game of patience, communication, permission, and acceptance. That is what is required to make the shifts necessary right now. 
The key is really permission. I think love allows. I think deep love gives space for others to have experiences regardless of if we think they are right or wrong. I think when you love someone you allow them to make mistakes, make choices, try new things, expand themselves, and create options through experiences and trial and error. 
Often we have a good idea but it is not realistic, practical or doable in that moment. Then through the effort and attempts we learn how to refine it over and over until it becomes something unique and in alignment with our spirit.
This month you might find that you are tired of manipulating situations, people, and circumstances to get your dream. You might be feeling exhausted from all the struggle and effort you are using that does not seem to go where you think it should. You might have to recalibrate your dream and find a way that does not drain you. 
This is a moment to find the new center that is emerging. Know yourself and follow the love and joy. Allow the gifts that you are to be seen by others. Continue to search for more information and those who understand and are a part of your spiritual family.

You may feel as if you are caught in the gap of being neither in the old place nor in the new place. That can feel destabilizing. But you are okay. You are safe. You hold keys within that you do not yet understand. Money will come as you align yourself with the greater flow. But you are not there yet. Feel into the moment and let go of the patterns that limit your being from expanding. Know that change can challenge your thinking patterns are cause upset for others. Keep a compassionate heart for yourself and those being affected by this shift. Take your time. Nothing will move quickly and so you have time to find the most peaceful path to take.