Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Energies that Transform and Amplify

I am noticing how so many people are definitely feeling pushed to make changes in their priorities and patterns during this intense astrological time. The Uranus moving into Aries is making energies explosive on the planet. There is an energetic tension and stress that everyone is feeling. How that is manifesting and how that is focusing will depend on your personal astrological pattern and lessons. But globally the changes will be transformative and profound.

No matter what, it requires everyone to reprioritize and take an honest look at what is working and what is stagnant. Being honest with yourself and others is a very challenging thing to do. Because many of us would rather not look at the truth and just keep going in the rut of our creation. After all, ruts are comfortable and we know how to navigate that pattern. But it is important to look to see if that pattern is serving the greater good of everyone. If it is not then it takes a tremendous act of bravery to surrender and let the old go to see what new pattern might emerge.

So I would like to have everyone explore the energy of surrender rather than pushing during this transformational time.

Surrender is a charged word for many people. Most people equate surrender with a loss of free will or personal power. I prefer to look at how Margo Anand defines this word. She says, "Often people confuse the word surrender with submission, which is a passive attitude that implies giving up responsibility for one's behavior - wanting someone else to do things for you. The word "surrender" has significant roots, in which render has the meaning "to melt" and sur means "super" or "highest." In other words, the true meaning of surrender is to melt into that which is higher than yourself. True surrender is a conscious choice made from free will. It means opening your heart and trusting the person you are with whether it is your beloved or your teacher. By surrendering to the practice of opening, regardless of circumstances, you will allow yourself to be deeply touched by a new reality."

As you attempt to surrender, you will encounter others who's egos will not want change. They will become agitated and angry at the fact that you are making their life shift also. As we are all connected, it is impossible to not have an impact on others as we attempt to bring the truth to light. It is all part of the natural process and to be expected. It is important to allow others to work through their blockages as they come up in the way that they need to without judgment or expectation.

When pieces begin to crumble, it is wise to just allow that pattern to naturally unravel and find its own next perfectly balanced place in each person. You do not get to decide how that will look as it is impossible to know every one's karmic pattern or lessons in each and every moment. It is next to impossible to follow your own current when your ego and will want to make things certain, so we can have the illusion of control and safety. So do not expect to be able to predict or understand the pattern or growth of another. Trust that their soul knows the way and the intricate in's and out's will manifest perfect balance for them. As growth happens, trust that understanding will soften the ego allowing the love and gifts you offered to be understood and appreciated at a later date. After all, there are moments when all of us must let go and empower others' souls to step into their place of power and clarity.

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Saturday, May 08, 2010

What is a Chiron Return Astrologically?

A Chiron Return is that around the age of 50, or thereabouts (for some, it is 49; for others 51) marks a new paradigm, as Chiron returns to its natal position. This moment delineates the end of the heroic youth, as we enter the realm of "elder. At this moment in time the task was to care for what is meaningful to us, not what others judge as important, but which is intimately creative and restorative to the individual.

Here, we have the opportunity to go back to the source of our deepest, unresolved wounds; to heal them, so that we can live the remainder of our lives in keeping with our true soul purpose.

During this time, we may relinquish that which is inauthentic; we may re-order our priorities; or liberate the unlived passionate expression of our spirit, and become our true selves. Through this process we can contribute to the fundamental healing of family, our society, and our planet.

Chiron’s fate embraces both the pain of incarnation and the fires of spirit. In reality, the spirit is often chained up in the cellar, buried under ancestral rubble, until the wound of living has reached its density then spirit bursts through. At fifty death is no longer just a psychological process or metaphysical metaphor; it is a physical reality. The pain of living is peeking. While death may seem unreachable, on a faraway horizon, nonetheless, it is visible, more visible that ever before. Moving towards that inevitability seems to also hold the key to a renewed release of spirit. The authentic aspects of the self that are still buried may still be alive under the rubble. In writing on this period, Jung suggested that ‘too many aspects of life which should also have been experienced lie in the lumber-room among dusty memories; but sometimes, too, they are glowing coals under grey ashes.’

Fifty marks a new paradigm. And this new state has immense possibilities, but the map needed is different than the one used in the first half of life. Chiron returns in the period post mid-life. The mid-life map, with its potent astrological cycles, looked back; it took a psychodynamic approach to understanding the self. Childhood demons were exorcised, the inner child liberated, adolescence was revisited, and the road less travelled was explored. The decade of the fifties, however, looks forward into an uncertain yet brave New World. Spirit is unleashed as we turn towards the western horizon of our life. The quest for meaning has a different hue. And what was a priority in the morning of one’s life is not as important in the evening. Erica Jong expressed it this way: ‘All the things you suffer from when you’re younger become far less important at the age of fifty.’ Priorities are shifting, a redirection has been seeded.

Chiron was mentor to the solar heroes who came to his cave to be initiated in the mysteries of life. Chiron’s return marks the end of the hero’s worldly quests, the death of the embodied mentor and the entry into the elder phase of life. The Chiron return is followed by the second Saturn waning square at age 52, then the fourth Jupiter opposition at 53, when the process of reinvention is starting to take hold. While a lot of reshaping and reinventing is occurring between 50 and 55, the individual may feel they are in a liminal state, suspended. Yet an orientation to a new life is occurring.

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of June 2010

In June we will feel as if we are up against the old wall of our most cherished illusions. We have come to the edge of what you have known yourself to be. There is no longer any choice but to move from patterns of separation into reunion. But the intensity of the feelings around this apparently insurmountable wall is the fuel that will propel us through this perceived block.

Situations will present themselves that call us to becoming our awakened self. The keys are within you. Love is neither taken nor given, it is explored and allowed. It is now time to explore the potential that you have been holding within you. There are no more excuses as to why you cannot be the expression of your authentic self.

I love the Medicine Cards for this month, the Skunk and the Buffalo. I laughed when I picked them. Buffalo is about gratitude and prayer. Skunk is about reputation. Skunks are stinky, smelly creatures that have a way of not apologizing for what they are or how they smell. This month take a look at your disgusting side and be grateful for that aspect. I know that sounds strange but a skunk cannot pretend that it is not a skunk. Yet, how often in our life do we pretend that we are something that we are not? How do we try to cover up our stinky-ness in one way or another?

Perhaps we should be more like Peppi Le Pue, the cartoon character. He is totally oblivious to his negative qualities and is just running around being his authentic self. Some will want to play with him and some will run away. Yet, he never stops trying to give his gift regardless of the reactions of others. And every once in a while, someone sees beyond his smell and chooses to accept his love and gifts just as they are.

How wonderful it would be if in this world we could somehow look beyond the disgusting aspects of others and just see the gifts that are being given instead. How much happier we would be if we could step beyond our judgment and just receive what is being offered with gratitude and acceptance. After all, the skunk part of yourself is not trying to hurt anyone. It just wants to be loved. Each of us has a skunk within that wants to be loved by others and our self. That skunk part is wanting to be integrated and healed.

If we could look with laughter and love at all the aspects that trigger us within our self, then perhaps we could finally learn to love and accept others, the world, different religions, different cultures, and transform the conflicts of this planet.

When we are at war with our essential nature and deny that, then that conflict externalizes and we contribute to the world chaos that we see today.

Personally, I do not want to do things that add to the suffering that is on this planet. This is a tremendously difficult thing to know how to navigate but I know that we are part of a collective whole. Each of us is energetically dialed into a certain frequency. It is part of our gift to assist in releasing that energy for the planet.

You can tell what yours is by what types of stories draw you in the most. Your energy is hot wired to that frequency and you will see and notice it more than other things. So take a look at what types of movies, stories, news articles, etc you are the most drawn to. Then look inside as to where that story is playing out within you. Take responsibility for your own inner conflict or drama. Choose to mature that energy into a more functional, responsible place. When you do, you will find that miraculously the external will also shift in some way. Sometimes those shifts are small but sometimes they will seem amazingly big.

That is because each of you are a miracle. Each of you have amazing amounts of power if you will learn how to harness your energy with discipline and clarity. If you do not like what the external looks like then notice what that reflection is telling you about some denied internal part. Then go within and listen to that parts fears, issues, and conflicts. Negotiate something different and allow these frozen internal parts to begin to grow and develop in new ways.

Know that you will not do it perfect. You will make mistakes. But you will also learn as you go and life will begin to feel much more magical and open. Your energy will feel freed up and you will feel more at peace because regardless of any situation you encounter you will be whole and complete within you. Then it will not matter what the world does. Because the game of this planet is to be your total self, regardless of excuses or circumstances.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Dow Drop

Sometimes as a psychic I hate to be the voice of concern. As one of the many seers or intuitive messengers on the planet attempting to warn humanity, we do not tend to agree with the illusions of the masses. This can cause tremendous strain on those of us who have been attempting to warn about the economic challenges that we have been moving towards. This pattern has been one of the more challenging aspects that I have been dealing with over the past 2 years with my clients.

I am not the doom and gloom expert. In fact I am quite the opposite. However there are natural cycles of life that we cannot always control. No matter how powerful we feel as human beings. Our egos want to take these times of downturn as personal affronts to our choices and how we have been living our life. But sometimes it is just life waking us out of our false self and forcing us to look at the real world rather than what we want to be true.

As a psychic, I can feel the energy when it is unstable and in a flux position. These energetic periods are hard to translate especially when you have governments trying to stop the downward spiral by printing more money and feeding the masses need to have the illusion that everything is fine.

What has been so interesting to observe is that everyone has been feeling this energy that is so off. The strain has affected everyone. We might be translating it in different ways but everyone of my clients has been noticed and been dealing with huge issues.

It has been hard to pinpoint exact timing of when things are going to go skidding into downward trends but at least this one I did have pinpointed pretty close. I have been telling everyone for the past two years that even though 2008 was a bad moment the bigger moment was going to be May of 2010.

Today, we began to see this pattern finally unraveling as the Dow took a nosedive of over 900 points in less than 10 minutes. There are many excuses and everyone is looking to blame someone. At the moment it is Greece. But the global economic system is like a person with fifty different holes in them from which all of them are oozing blood. One hole will not take down a body but enough holes will cause a total collapse of systems. You can try to pump more blood into the body (as money) but if you do not stop up the holes it is a lesson in futility.

We want to blame Greece, Portugal, Spain, Iran, the war, the financial bailout, our president, the past president, the list just goes on and on. Instead of looking to find who to blame, it is now time to take action and look at the truth that we have created a situation that is killing all of us in different ways. And we must finally do something different. We all need to get real that the expectations and standards that we have on ourself and our governments are unrealistic. Everyone is going to have to take a bit of loss in order for us to not fall completely. It is not comfortable for anyone. But it is better than total collapse.

Regardless that the market is recovering at the moment, the instability and volatility is still there and we have not really seen the low yet.

As these astrological shifts continue we are going to see erratic behavior out of all the economic systems and governments as everyone attempts to stop the bleeding of the system. This is good but it is sort of like when a person is in an accident and the EMT's are stabilizing a patient. That patient is not out of the woods. They still need a doctor, probably surgery, and a recovery period, and finally some rehabilitation. Right now everyone is calling 911 and attempting to get the EMT's there as quickly as possible. This is good. We need this step but do not believe for one minute that that patient could not take another nose dive as they are on their way to the hospital. There is still much to do. There is still a lot of meticulous skills that are going to be needed to make this patient well again. It can be done. Some things just take time. So this is a moment when we all get to learn patience and become realistic as to what can be done and what are reasonable expectations.

I remember a friend of mine was in an accident and was very badly injured. The top surgeon came and and looked her in the eyes and told her the truth. He said, "I will do my best and it will take about 10 surgeries but I will be able to get you looking more normal. You will have scars. You will never look like you looked before. But you will look relatively normal and most people will not be able to discern what about you seems different. But they will know that something is very different."

This is how I see this pattern that is unfolding. We are going to have to go through some challenging moments but we will be able to get back to a more normal state. We will have scars that will affect how we see the world and how we handle things in the future. We will be more compassionate to others as we will understand their suffering better because we have weathered our own. By having compassion for ourself we will become more compassionate to others. But everyone will notice that we are different. That is because the world is going to become different by each and every choice we make starting right now.

So, what do you need to do different? Take action now before things get more stressed.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Welcome to the Times of Intense Transformation

We have finally entered into May. With this shift into spring and Beltane the intensity of the transformational chaos is intensifying. Astrologically we are coming into a phase where many issues will reach a critical mass and something will have to shift. These intense shifts will continue for at least 4 months but the constriction will be felt by everyone till about 2015.

As things radically shift out of one astrological sign into another, the new mood and tone of that planetary change will be felt by everyone.

Uranus (the disrupter planet) is going into Aries (the God of war) on the 28th of May. Even a novice in astrology would know that this pattern does not sound good. What it will look like is any one's guess but it will herald a time when energies will become more easily inflamed. You can see this pattern beginning to emerge right now. The Greeks have become inflamed with the tax increases and have begun to express their disapproval with riots. Volcanoes are erupting in Iceland. The volcano is affecting tourism in Europe and potentially affecting the plane industry that is still recovering from 911 and the financial struggles of the past few years. Earthquakes have intensified. Financial systems are under stain. Politics are becoming more and more heated. Money systems are strained worldwide. The stock market is at an unrealistic high and taking vertical leaps which is what caused the great collapse before. Many people feel as if they have just had about enough of the old way of politics. Everyone wants change but what kind of change is where there is disruption and conflict.

A friend of mine and I have an ongoing joke that we are going to create a political organization that it's only message is to "Not Pick The Incumbents". Just pick anyone new. We need to get the life long politicians out of the system and it is time for some fresh approaches and new ideas with people that are open to working together towards a common good.

The particular pattern also has the potential to hit the Middle East. That is because when Uranus moves into to Aries it will directly affect the chart of Pakistan. What that looks like, again, is any one's guess. But I expect some major change in the priorities of the people in that country and there could be huge upsets related to terrorism.

On many fronts I expect to see major leaps forward into change. But sudden changes are often violent and aggressive in nature.

During this time these energies are also affecting you personally. So you will feel the global hit, as well as, how these energies will be affecting you in your daily life. Keep them separate in your mind. Begin to realize if you are being affected by the bad global news or if this particular energy is more personal in nature. Screen out the bigger global things as you may have less of an impact on them. That is unless you want to politically jump into the fray and that is part of your life's purpose.

So stay aware of the energies hitting right now. Stay responsible and on top of the small details in your life. Do not let things get our of control because this energy is wanting to do just that. When you deal with what is on your plate each day, you have the opportunity to stay on top of this wave of change rather than get pulled under by the energies that are affecting all of us.