Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 2/1/18 - Plus Personal Blog

Astrology/Numerology for 2/1/18
2/1/18 is the number 5. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. During times of intense transformation, you learn that grounding is more essential than the projection of what you want. When you learn to deal with one thing at a time and to live in the moment, you discover the small victories are very satisfying. Life is life. Life has elements that want to pull you into suffering. But suffering is a choice and a decision to fall into a place of hopelessness and powerlessness. You can just as easily recognize what is happening in the moment and choose to believe that from this moment there will be a type of growth and new awareness. It is always about having faith in your ability to move through difficult times regardless of your circumstances. Believing in yourself and your adaptability is essential to find the hidden pathways that are in any type of situation or circumstance. The path is found by having faith and belief in this life’s journey. All karmic suffering can be worked through at a certain point when you give your heartfelt, authentic self to the moment and are willing to look at all moments with a compassionate eye.
The Moon is in Leo and Virgo today. The Moon continues to transit through Leo until mid-afternoon. You might experience a quicker response to your emotions and getting things organized and done. The Virgo Moon is exacting and extremely discriminating as to the process and progress that needs to be accomplished. Expect to feel tested by some life circumstances around the Moon's square to Mars in the evening. You are torn between wanting to take care of details and a desire to break free of old habits and patterns. Today is a constantly changing environment because you will need to make minor adjustments to your plan as you move throughout the day. You may feel that your judgment of what you feel you should do seems to be in conflict with your basic morals, values, and ideals. However, express that inner generosity to others and learn to be more accommodating of others’ needs, behaviors, and patterns.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Did you become what you used to dream?
Or did life carry you along a foreign stream?
Life understands that your hopes and fears
stop you from hearing the music of the spheres.
All you can do is align that dream
in the crosshairs of your hearts beam.
And project that light beyond this time and space.
and open your soul to the greatest divine grace.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I had my dream as a child, which was to be a professional dancer. And (thank the stars) I was able to achieve that dream in this lifetime. But when I was young I could feel intuitively the map of my life all the way up to 35 years old. But no further. I actually could see the sequences of my life and the major stepping stones that would get me from here to there. It gave me a great deal of confidence in the face of the harsh reality and potential disappointments of the highly competitive world of ballet. And I am very grateful for all that. But from 35 years old on, life was an unknown. I embarked on my own version of a hero’s journey into the darkness that was beyond my dream and into my soul’s potential. If anyone had ever told me I would be a published author, I would have laughed in their face. I had no degree in literature. I had limited college education. What on earth made me think that anyone would be interested in what I thought or what I had to say? As a dancer, I was used to pantomime as a way to express my feelings. Words seemed too easy to construe and to have others twist out of the position of their intention. Body language seemed solid, clear, and congruent. And yet, there was this voice inside that had to share and express and when the cycle of dancing had its natural death and ending there was still this driving force inside that wanted to share feelings and deep truths with others. So, the only way was to reconnect to that talent I had as a child in writing poetry and prose. I am grateful to all of you that enjoy my musings as I share thoughts, moments, feelings, and impressions with you. Thank you again for listening.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Astrology/Numerology for 1/31/18

Astrology/Numerology for 1/31/18
1/31/18 is the number 7. Only by looking at the past can you create better strategies for the future. The exploration of knowledge and information gives you the ability to compare and analyze objectively and come up with more unified and complete solutions. If you do not study history or the choices and decisions you have made, you are doomed to repeat patterns again and again. When people say to me, “Why does this keep happening to me?” It is always a lesson that they tried to push away and have not fully looked at and seen the hidden meaning or message. With today being a number 7, take a look at the repeating patterns that happen in your life and use that amazing mind of yours to seen and acknowledge the patterns that are repeating. Then notice why you keep falling into those patterns and repeating the same behavior. All you can do is learn to walk away from dysfunction and make a completely different choice and learn from that steps of that choice if the outcome improves your awareness and situation. Why do you do certain things? Why do you make that particular choice? What does that choice give you? Does it make you feel like a good person to keep trying again and again to do a particular action or make a particular choice. Perhaps you have to face being less nice and to be honest. Perhaps you have to learn that being nice all the time is the doorway to co-dependency. That choice creates resentment and more dysfunction over time.
The Full Moon on January 31 is both a Lunar Eclipse, a Blue Moon, and a Super Moon. This Full Moon is in Leo. Expect your emotions to be heightened and everything is going to feel more activated and intense. If you wake up early in the western USA and Hawaii you may get to see the total eclipse of the Moon. This eclipse makes you reflect back to last August 7 when there was another lunar eclipse at almost the opposite degree of this eclipse. Over this past six-month period, you have been pulled apart to gain perspective and to make choices that serve who you are becoming. You are seeking wholeness. Leo asks you to open your heart and express your passionate self and the creativity that is inside trying to get out. It is time to take back control into some area of your life. Aquarius steps back to see the bigger picture and then hold the higher ideal for all to see. Aquarius creates win-win environments and urges people to play nicely together for the greater good in spite of different philosophies (politics, religion, race, etc.). Also, today and going to February 17, the communications planet Mercury travels through Aquarius. This is a highly social time and a moment for reaching out to new friends and to consider how you can bring your invention to market. Because ambitious Mars recently moved into Sagittarius until the middle of March, you must assert your ambition to bring expansive ideas and dreams into reality. This eclipse occurs in the sign of Leo, pushing emotions to the surface and pressing you to look more closely at what you need, what you lack, and what you really want. Epiphanies are likely at this time as you become acutely aware of your true feelings on a particular matter. You may feel as if there is something you are missing, and this new awareness can propel you into some clarifying action. Eclipses are tied to changing circumstances. However, you are usually the ones to precipitate or to attract changes because your inner guides know that you need it. With the Moon full and bright in the sky, symbolic illumination is designed to occur in your own life. This Lunar Eclipse is part of a set of eclipses occurring along the Leo-Aquarius axis that will complete in January 2019. Also, today, Mercury enters Aquarius, where it will transit until February 17. When Mercury is in Aquarius, you seek new ways to see and do things. It is time to be more progressive and objective in how you think a problem through. Your communication and thought patterns are spontaneous and liberal and perhaps fragmented at times. Inventive thinking is at a peak during this cycle. The Moon spends all day in the creative sign of Leo, adding energy, illumination, and intensity to the already powerful light shifts happening.

February Preview
Valentine’s Day is the day before a solar eclipse in friendly Aquarius. It is best to not initiate important new projects days just before a solar eclipse. Choices made during that time are thought to have an unknown or karmic energy implication to them. So, (I hate to disappoint you but….) it is not the best day for marriage or marriage proposals this year. The Moon is in Aquarius on Valentine’s Day, and this is a better time for friendships and sharing the vision for your life. Be certain you are looking at your relationships (plus the rest of your life) for where they are now rather than getting caught up in fantasy thinking. Venus will be traveling through Pisces, February 10- March 6, so remember to not get lost in illusion. The positive side of this combination is to open your imagination to new possibilities and practice compassion in your world. A final note on the solar eclipse is that it is positioned exactly opposite the total solar eclipse in Leo last August. Consider where you are now compared to where you were in August 2017 and the emotions and choices that dictated your actions. An example is that issues with North Korea were fiery, dramatic, and prideful as they were in Leo then. Hopefully, this cool and detached Aquarian energy, will bring more level heads into the choices and decision making strategies going forward. February is a time to keep your heart open but stay detached from the drama.
~Suzanne Wagner~

The fears you don’t face become your limits.
The anger you don’t face becomes your prejudices.
The wounding you don’t face becomes your armor.
The rage you don’t face becomes superiority.
The shadow you don’t face becomes war.
And the unwillingness you have
to change becomes social collapse.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Monday, January 29, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 1/30/18 - Plus Personal Blog

Astrology/Numerology for 1/30/18
1/30/18 is the number 6. This is a number that asks for perfecting your life’s balance. It is a number of service through the cultivating of harmony, peace, and truth. You feel the desire to return “home” and to find that nurturing and caring that is a great comfort to you. This number is about knowing and applying the concepts of “right” and “wrong” in the proper context. There is so much fudging of the clear lines about what it is to be a good person right now and when a culture destroys their own principals they doom everyone to collapse in some way. There are universal principals and you are not allowed to manipulate those principals to hide your biases and distortions of the truth. If you do try, it always fails and backfires on you eventually. That is why you must cultivate the highest values that are humanly possible at this time. To do anything else is to feed the egos and distortions that want to pull you down and back into the karmic trap.
The Blue Super Moon and the eclipse is tomorrow. YOU might be preparing for this shift. Those in Hawaii and western US might be able to see it if you are up with the early birds. Lunar eclipses make you reflective and think back to times earlier that need to be healed emotionally and reconsidered. Only by balancing your two halves can you ever be whole. This world is in desperate need for that wholeness but it all starts within our self first. The lesson of this time is to only do what your heart and soul really want to do. Everything else is a drain on your limited resources and energy. Make you the priority. If you are exhausted and falling apart, you are good for no one. This morning, the Sun forms a semi-square with Chiron, and you have a strong desire to learn and grow through your relationships and experiences. Expect to feel a lack of confidence in yourself and fear being different. As the day advances, there is more astrological support to stand out and express what you feel with confidence. The Moon is in Cancer until it enters Leo at 1:53 PM EST. A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will occur tomorrow morning in the sign, and you are likely to feel the emotional energy building up as we move towards that Lunar eclipse tomorrow. This is a time of significant epiphanies. The Moon's trine to Mars this evening encourages you to gather up your courage and to be bold.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Welcome to this world.
There are monsters on all pathways.
Know that they fall in love with your fear.
So, don’t be scared.
Or they will follow you home.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I pray for the children yet to be born,
that they feel loved and not forlorn.
I pray that the sky will always be blue,
and the air that we breath is good too.
I pray for a world where fear and hate,
finally cease and dissipate.
I pray for minds to open up
and see that love is good enough.
I pray for those who wish to harm
to heal their wounds and disarm.
I pray for peace to be the norm,
and allow this world to heal and reform.
~Suzanne Wagner~