Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Tapestry of Your Life is Changing- It's time to mix the colors and metaphors in new ways.

Sometimes I just have to admit that there will be no easy way through these difficult energies. With that realization comes a degree of calm as the acceptance of the present moment shifts us out of our preconceived notions and forces us to deal with the reality slamming us in the face.

Yes, life is about change and adaption. In personal growth workshops there is a very constructive place that comes when you confront and acknowledge the “White Elephant” that is obviously in the room.

In speaking the truth there is finally an ability to find creative solutions to the very real problems surfacing in your life. The belief that you can somehow make it work for everyone is absolutely not going to manifest at this time. So now you have to tell the truth about what is not working for “You”! That is very difficult, as we often want to find a win/win solution. There are times when the growth edge is more personal and less cosmic.

This is one of those moments.

You may feel as if you have tried and tried to make something work. And it is still not working. You may be noticing that you have been using your valuable life force energy to keep something together that actually needs to break down and fall apart. Perhaps this is not about everyone else. Perhaps this is about claiming what you need in this moment. At what point do you get to make “You” the priority in your life?

This is actually very difficult to do. In societies, we need to learn to work together. This is very important for keeping stability in governments and systems. But there is a point when “Enough is enough!”

We have hit that point on the planet. For some of us it is political and for some it is more personal.

But this edge is presenting itself strongly in our life to make us pay attention to what we have suppressed. Suddenly, all the resentment of not being heard, not getting our needs met, and selling out to keep an illusion of calm in our reality is crumbling around us.

This is a good thing. But also miserable as we realize that no matter what we have tried we have failed and so now huge changes are manifesting.

People and things we have loved and cherished are going away.

Situations at work are forcing us to make very difficult choices.

We feel unsure, as we cannot see the outcome for the future. This is wonderful because most of the time, it is our egos need for control that creates the pictures or illusions of our future. Sometimes they are real but sometimes they are fabricated by our mind to keep us in situations and circumstances.

Let’s face it. We are frightened of big changes. These energy waves are huge right now. Who would not be a little concerned and unsure?

What if there is another way to live? What if there is a place within that we could find that allows us to trust that our authentic emotional expression in the moment will guide new and magical things to become a part of our life. This is about finding the spontaneity and bringing air and light back into that box we have been calling our life.

That box is crumbling and breaking down. The safety and stability was an illusion.

Don’t panic! It is going to be okay. In fact it is going to be wonderful! It is just going to take some time.

How can we create systems that work if you do not express what you are feeling in the moment? That does not mean that you will get what you want but you will feel better by feeling heard and acknowledged. When everyone is expressing his or her authentic feelings, it is very messy and stressful for everyone. The intensity of this moment requires a big release valve to prevent situations from getting completely out of control. People need to find ways to discharge what they have been holding. Finding constructive ways to do that is going to be critical for maintaining balance internally and externally.

So much misery has built up in the sewers of our reality that they are now spilling out into our conscious reality. It is going to be a mess for a bit. The good news it that we know we need a better system. The reconstruction of our self takes time.

So be patient with yourself and others. Do not fault them for their issues. Just express what you need also. Do not expect them to have the answers for you. They do not have their own answers right now. Each person needs to stay accountable for his or her own experience. Each person’s process is very personal. You cannot make choices for anyone else at this time either. This is how each of us grows. We make choices and we learn from those choices. There are no bad choices.

We are creating a tapestry of our life and sometimes there is a wild moment, which flips over the old game board. Your style will change, your flow will change, and your color preferences may not match the old weavings in the tapestry of your life.

How do we make it all work and blend? There is a way, and it is going to be a gorgeous new creation! You are going to find how amazing you are. It is worth taking the risk to break out of the old you.


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