Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Barnes & Noble Event and All About Trans-Channels

I hope everyone comes to the Barnes & Noble Book Signing on Saturday the 23rd from 7-9 PM. I am also having a free Psychic Fair with my friends for the event. I hope this event is fun and exciting for the community.

It is my goal to educate the community as to the skills of psychics and to see us in a positive light. Television has done much for our profession but it also distorts our skills into places of unreality and that creates unrealistic expectations on normal psychics.

I thought today I would briefly discuss the skills of channeling. When people think of channeling they think of the TV show “Medium.” Allison DuBois is a fabulous medium but there are other aspects of channeling that are different. Today because of show such as “Medium, Ghost Whisperer, etc.” many see all channeling as a side aspect of channeling called “Mediumship”.

Mediumship is where a psychic medium is able to contact and hear the dead. This type of channeling is extremely helpful to those who are grieving about lost loved ones or those who are attempting to get proof and validation that there is something beyond this life.

There are also channels that speak to guides and angels. Within this group there are channels that stay in their body and translate the information from the angels and guides to the client. This requires them to remain clear and free from their own issues that might cloud the information being translated.

Another aspect of channeling is Trans-channeling. This form of channeling requires the actual person to leave the body and another soul to enter into the body of the channel. This makes the body language, verbal patterning, energy, and brain waves of the channel change. It is often a quite fascinating thing to observe. Those who have been tested actually have their breathing and heart stop for a brief period as the transition happens. When the channeling entity comes into the body the brain waves actually change and it literally appears as if there is another personality in the body.

I was fortunate enough to have worked with an amazing trans-channel years ago. What I appreciated the most about this person was that the channeled entity did not pretend to be completely enlightened and to have all the answers. He explained that he had actually done some terrible things in past lives and this was his way to heal them and assist those he had harmed in other lifetimes. He was attempting to fix his own karma by guiding others. He felt that it was safer for him to do it this way because he had more perspective and awareness when he was not in a body. He did not want to create any more karma with others. So as a guide he was able to see more clearly and support without causing harm.

At one point he told me that he needed to fix some energy blockages in my body and asked if he could hold my hands. When he took my hands it suddenly felt as if the channeled entity was a giant vacuum cleaner. It felt as if all this dark smoke was being sucked out of my body. I could suddenly see in a fast moving movie all the struggle, hardship, suppressed pain and suffering I had experienced in all the lifetimes that was blocking my god connection and aligning me with the divine. In about a minute the smoke cleared and I felt wonderful. So much light was flowing out of me and I felt finally at peace and content.

Another amazing story happened with the same entity. One day, I was with a group of other seekers. We were all talking to the channeled being and he had been playing with a large bowl of marbles that was sitting on the coffee table as decoration. As we talked and finally finished up with the lecture the entity said goodbye and left. Suddenly we realized that the bowl and marbles had disappeared right in front of us. We were all startled. All of us began looking for the marbles. I was sure they had been moved under the coffee table but there was nothing there. Just when we decided to give up on the mystery we began to leave the room following the person who was the channel. Suddenly, the entity jumped back in and simply said quickly, “Oops! Sorry about the marbles!” and promptly left again. We turned around and there were the marbles and bowl back on the table! It was shocking!

It is still one of those unexplained mysteries that make me believe in magic.

Some of the well-known channels are Lazarus and Ramtha, for those of you interested in exploring the aspects of this type of channeling.


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