Thursday, July 16, 2009

Are you willing to move forward or are you willing to stay stuck in the old pattern?

Finally the energy feels as if it is moving in a more positive direction. So I am sure everyone is breathing a sigh of relief from the tremendous economic challenges of the past year. We are not out of the woods yet but any break in the tension is going to be well received.

I have just returned from my work in California and things seem to be in high gear. Which is great but now it feels as if the game of catch up has to match this accelerated the game of life.

I am sure everyone is feeling the same.

I have a game I play with myself when I begin to feel overwhelmed with life. I just say to myself, "Hello overwhelm." Or "Hello fear." It somehow allows me to acknowledge the true emotion that I am feeling and give it permission to move but to not get caught in the drama that my emotional body might want to drag me into. It seems to interrupt the excessiveness that can happen and yet allow myself to be honest at the same time.

I have noticed how often we will create busyness to avoid intense emotions. It is as if external life stresses have to naturally take priority. Especially if you can do something for someone else. Helping others also make us feel better. In those moments we are not focused on our experience but on someone else's issues or problems. It allows us to step out of our drama to assist others. This is a great skill to have but sometimes skills can also be used to avoid our own issues and what is happening for us internally.

Eventually you have to slow down, take a breath, and feel what you have been denying is true for you. It can feel very scary in those moments. But those are the moments when you can make changes because of realizing what is working or not working in your life. If something makes you miserable it is good to sit with that feeling and try to understand what some part or aspect internally might be trying to tell you.

Self worth issues are often the reason we stay in situations that do not work for us. Lack of good self worth makes us afraid to speak up and challenge the situation verbally or to be willing to physically make the necessary changes that will allow movement and growth.

Age is also a factor. When we are young our hormones allow us to take big risks. But as we get older we become more cautious and are less willing to make huge leaps into the unknown.

However, right now in history, I find that many of my clients are being forced to make huge financial adjustments, job changes, living situation changes, and ego shifts, all at the same time. Regardless of age most people are feeling as if they are up against their own personal edge in some way.

We live in such an accelerated time that each of us is being required to move whether we feel ready or not.

I try to trust the universe and assume that there is always divine guidance at work in our lives. If we listen and learn to move when the signs and symbols indicate that we should, then movement is more effortless and doorways of opportunity miraculously open. If we resist and think that we can keep doing patterns that are obviously not working for us then the universe has no choice but to make situations more and more awkward until we are finally so miserable that we are willing to change.

So my advice at this time is to get very honest with what you are feeling is working or not. Then talk to those who love and care about you. Use them as a sounding board and listen to suggestions and begin to define a new possibility for yourself. Often just deciding to take action will begin to open the doors of opportunity. Tell the truth to yourself and others about what you want and what your dreams are for the future. None of us can do it alone. We all need each other to support, inspire, and assist us to open to the potential that is within all of us.

Have a wonderful day.