Friday, April 27, 2012

Back in Utah Again. Channeling Class Starts Tonight

I made it to Utah driving 12 hours in rain, snow, and wind. It was entertaining. Fell sound asleep exhausted and now I am up and running.

We have the class on channeling starting tonight at 6 pm at the Season's Salon and Day Spa.

Thank the stars for Jackie Brinkerhoff pulling it all together. We have a full house of 14 people in the class. Yea! It is going to be a great group. I can feel it.

I am looking forward to seeing so many of you this next week. I can't believe how the weather here is a month ahead. Weather is being really strange at the moment. All that Uranus in Aries is really heating up everything.

I am hoping to really get going again on my new book. I was on a roll and then work got really busy. I am not complaining. It is great. But I love the process of writing.


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