Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Suzanne is off to Salt Lake City, UT and Los Angeles the next few weeks.

I leave to drive to Utah tomorrow. I am feeling great, energized, and ready to go. Thanks in part to a wonderful weekend with friends at Harbin Hot Springs. The weather was perfect and the company fantastic. It is so great to connect with friends from workshops and life at such a wonderful place.

I will be teaching a channeling class April 27 in the evening and all day the 28th and 29th. It is going to be a great class. So much to share and a great group with which to connect and play. Any interested need to sign up immediately as I have only 2 places left in the workshop. It will be at the Season's Salon and Day Spa in Orem Utah. It is a fabulous location that my dear friend Jackie Brinkerhoff works. She teaches amazing classes, does healing work, and diet and nutritional counseling.. If you want to get into shape for the summer she is your guide. If you want to get on a diet that personally is tailored to your needs then she is the one to talk to. Her number is (801) 318-4500.

I will be working out of my friend Helen Schumann's home for private sessions at 1805 Severn Dr., Holladay, UT 84124, April 27-May3. I have a wonderful week planned and I am looking forward to seeing many of you then.

After that I am off to LA and I will finally get to be at my friend Janey's house in West Hollywood. She has been having a huge renovation and so I have not been able to be there for 6 months. My LA clients have been very patient and it has been challenging for everyone but I will be there shortly! Yea!

Then I look forward to getting back to my writing and organizing my new Relationships workshop that I will be teaching in June in Orem. The dates are June 30-July 1, 2012. I am so excited to bring this new work to Utah. I hope some of you are brave and come to experience a new way of seeing love and intimacy.

Just know that there is nothing scary happening at the workshop. We are going to be talking and experiencing a lot of things. All safe and nothing to be concerned about. We will be talking very openly and honestly about relationships and I will be bringing a new perspective to our favorite topic of love. So if you have wanted to break your relationship open to a new place of trust, truth, and depth, sign up and let us see what we can co-create together. As always it takes a village and each person's perspective is valuable. We learn from each others stories and struggles. It is through each other that we share and grow into our authentic expressions. You can sign up on my website directly.


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