Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ralfee Finn's Weekly Astrological Forecast for April 25-May1, 2012

Weekly Frequency by Ralfee Finn, Astrologer
Astrological Projections for the week of April 25-May 1, 2012

 It’s another week of planetary déjà vu so don’t be surprised if you feel as if you’ve been here (wherever that might be) before, or if you feel that you’re reading the very same column you read nearly two months ago. Mars is moving forward, and as a result we’re plowing through certain astral fields—again. But don’t let the familiarities or similarities fool you into thinking that this repeat performance is exact. There are too many variations on the theme to make it the “same old same old.” Pay careful attention to the details, as well as the differences, and use this time to make the necessary or desired course corrections. The skies are providing a strong current of positive energy, and as we are pulled along, there are real opportunities to make tangible progress toward your goals—whatever they may be. Just don’t expect instantaneous results. This dynamic signature occurs in Earth Signs, which are notorious for taking the appropriate amount of time to get the job done right.

The source of this powerful yet familiar pattern is a Grand Trine between the Sun, in Taurus, Mars, in Virgo, and Pluto, in Capricorn. We experienced a similar configuration in early March, when the gorgeous Venus/Jupiter conjunction, in Taurus, also formed a trine to both Mars and Pluto. While this week’s combination lacks the grace of Venus and the expansiveness of Jupiter, it is still extraordinarily vital, and has the potential to support whatever you are determined to bring into being. The planetary concentration in Earth Signs is the equivalent of a rich and fertile astral garden. The Sun and Mars provide the ambition, vigor, and determination to grow, and Pluto endows the entire bundle with the capacity to make exceptional efforts. You provide the seeds—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Make an extra effort to plant with a clear intention of what it is you want to grow. Also note: Pluto can tilt minds as well as hearts toward a ruthless attitude that wants success at any cost; the best way to avoid being sucked into a Plutonian vortex of fanaticism is to simultaneously cultivate a wholesome attitude toward the outcome.

As with any actual garden, those seeds will require careful tending: Sunlight, rain, and fertilizer are all necessary components for a successful harvest. So as you are planting your seeds, try to assess how much work will be necessary for your astral garden to grow. In some cases, all that’s necessary is a strong and clear intention. In others instances, a bountiful harvest is dependent upon time and energy. And in cases of collaboration, success relies on a combination of factors, some known and others often surprising. Whatever your personal garden plan might be, try to include an openhearted patch that grows genuine compassion and concern for the well being of your fellow travelers.

Ralfee Finn's Weekly Astrological Forecast


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