Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Intuitive Patterns for the Month of June 2012

Remember the Matrix's Red/Blue Pill Choice?

At the beginning of June we are still in the shifting tides of the eclipses from May 20 (solar eclipse in Gemini) and June 4 (lunar eclipse in Sagittarius). There are many of us that wonder, “What else could the universe possibly throw our way?”. But then if you have been following these articles, you will be aware of the looming Uranus/Pluto Square on June 24. It will be interesting to see what patterns will become revolutionary and revelatory for the next three years as these squares hit and point out where globally we have had enough. 

I am sending out my positive thoughts for the United States. I believe that we have made so many corrections since the end of 2008 that the negative hits might be minimal. And I understand that in the worldly sense, other countries are going to feel the hit much more.

This pattern on June 24 is really about how each of us internally handles the conflicts between our inner independent parts that want change and movement and then our more conservative parts that want things to go back to the old ways and methods. At this point I remind everyone that you rarely can move backwards under such situations and the more anyone tries to suppress the forward energy of change the more revolutionary it becomes. 

That last statement is a hint and a warning.

Our ability to adapt to changing circumstances and environments is what makes us amazing. Change is the pulse of life. Change is what keeps things exciting. Change is what makes all innovations possible. Change usually comes because of necessity. Change manifests when things are not working the old way and the majority is finally fed up with the struggles and upsets that are grinding on each of us.

Everyone has a snap point. Everyone has a line in the sand in which they finally are willing to stand up and say something. It is only through intense suppression and misery that we find ourselves uncomfortable enough that we choose a new path.

What I find so interesting is that stresses cause the energies to build up until there is a seismic shift that ignites a group, which then ignites the world. (I remember the fall of the Berlin Wall.) From places of intense suppression can come radical and sudden movement. That is where we are heading. 

Now I think we have taken such a huge hit financially in the Unites States that I hope and pray that we do not go further down. But when I look at other countries I am not so optimistic. In this modern world we are all so interconnected that a big shift in Greece could affect the financial markets everywhere. The collapse of the Japanese government trying to bolster the electrical company after the greatest nuclear disaster in the history of the world could collapse the Nikkei index and affect everyone.
This square should make all political situations very interesting over the next few months.

The strain has really gotten to everyone and I am grateful that astrologically there are some pluses that are helping to mitigate some of this intensity. I am also noticing that certain astrological signs are fairing better than others. (You would know who you are because you are finally feeling a bit better even as others around you are feeling the pinch.)

The way through this pattern is to stay open and kind to others. Be careful and watch your projections on others and give everyone the benefit of the doubt for the next few months. Everyone is doing the very best they know how and remember that loyalty to your friends and family and trust in yourself is essential right now. The waters of this ocean are going to be temperamental and rough for the next few years and so in moments such as these it is best to rely on the skills of your soul’s consciousness and the divine guidance that each of us has available to us.

Life is about synchronicity and timing. Believe it or not this is the time and this is the moment of great things. It is necessary to evolve beyond our old patterning and perspectives. How we do it and how much consciousness we can hold with each shift is the key to maintaining balance in such times. I personally do not want to regret things that I might say or do when I am under stress. The best way is to practice staying present and authentic in each and every moment. These times are not about getting what you want but about being present to the greater flow of energy that is moving everyone. It is difficult to step outside of the self and see the situations with the open eyes of love when we are afraid, angry, triggered, upset, and contracted.

But that is the best time to practice. When you can step out of the “Me” and look with the eyes of what the situation actually needs to move forward and open everyone, something inside shifts. It is childish to think that we should always get what we want. A mature person knows that intrinsically and relaxes into the raw truth of the moment and accepts what is. 

We all want to find a doorway to national peace and acceptance. We want to be a country that is the “way show-er” to new patterns that serve everyone. But it first starts with us.

The patterns of June are here to awaken us and help us reveal the truth of the upcoming changes that are necessary for universal acceptance and awareness. We are all one regardless of race, religion, money, power, culture, or sexual preference. We are being moved by something divine and greater than our beliefs and we are being moved together as a large group. Intolerance is becoming less and less acceptable. Venomous spewing of hate and voices that promote lies, confusion, and discord are not going to be allowed to continue. And it is not governments or officials that will regulate it. It will be a global voice of condemnation and disgust that will finally turn the tide. When we speak up together as one voice that is about love and light then the dark voices and energies recoil and hide from the revealing light of truth. 

In the month of June, step back from positioning yourself and look at the greater whole. Does your position serve to open others or to shut them down? Does it serve to expand tolerance and acceptance or does it create discord and dissonance? Do you need to be right to bolster your polarized past behavior and to validate your prejudices or do you want to cultivate being a person of kindness, love, and acceptance? 

What position do you want to be in during this historic time? How will the bright light of history see you in the future? Will you be proud of your position and the lineage that you give your children and grandchildren? 

The choice is yours. The shift will happen regardless and all positions in the field are necessary for change. Everyone will be the expression of love in whatever form he or she chooses. We are all pieces in a grand puzzle. All of the positions are essential to bring an awakening to the consciousness of humanity. Stay awake and practice peacefulness this month.


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