Wednesday, May 30, 2012

By the Ocean and Loving it

What a beautiful day it is here on the Mendocino Coast. The weather is perfect, the ocean roars at a constant pace of fluid intention as she touches the land, caressing her into aliveness. I am here for two days. Still working on my book but also taking a lovely break and just having some fun.

What an amazing gift life is right now.

We are all in this amazing shift of consciousness and how we focus the energies will be magnified right now. My intent is to make that a blend of joy, light, love, peace, awareness, illumination, trust, acceptance, guidance, bliss, passion, and play.

I am sending out that thought and intention to all of you so we can continue this amazing dance of love and light together. Feel into the reality that all shifts and transitions are divinely guided and a wonder to behold.

You are a key in the doorways into the new reality. You may not be able to see it but it is the small things that allow for larger things to unfold later. It is our attitude of hope and the dreams that we intend that shape the reality in which we find ourselves.

Practicing peacefulness and conscious loving under these energies is like learning to ride big waves with enthusiasm and joy. You can choose to be afraid but why? You are here. You are on the wave whether you like it or not. You are going to have to choose a way to get back to shore. So why not choose with energy, gumption, vitality, love, compassion, trust, and courage?

The pulls of the universe are strong. They are forcing you to awaken and open your awareness and see the limitations in which you have placed yourself. They were good ideas at the time but eventually you will outgrow all safety nets.

In the unified field there is a consensus energy that is pushing everyone to open to another possibility. What is yours? How does that affect the greater design of life? How gracefully can you move into acceptance and trust?

You are safe and loved. Let go and allow flow.


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